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CHRIS DE BURGH lyrics - Best Moves

The Traveller

Original and similar lyrics
In from the coast, riding like the wind and racing the moon, Shadows on the road, dancing and a-weaving like a crazy fool. A horseman is coming, death in his heart, for a rendez-vous, And where the traveller goes, nobody knows, Where the traveller goes, nobody knows.... A candle in the night, fear on every face when he goes inside (Maybe he's on the run?) Get back from the bar! A stranger in town is a dangerous sight (Maybe he's got a gun?) Bring a bottle of whisky, ladlord, I wanna talk for a while. And where the traveller goes, a cold wind blows, Oh, where the traveller goes, a cold wind blows.... There is something in his eyes, something in his hands, You can almost smell his revenge! And whoever he is after, it will be disaster: This man is gonna take him to the very end.... Well, the landlord he trembled, staring at a face he'd seen somewhere before. (You laid him in the ground) Suddenly remembers a killing, yes, a murder, many years before. ('Twas you that shot him down) He said to a boy: Saddle me the black, I'll meet you down below. With this man I must talk, yes with this traveller I'll go, With this man I must talk, yes with him I must go. There is something in his eyes, something in his hands, I can almost smell his revenge! And it's me that he's after, it will be disaster: This man is gonna take me to the very end.... And they were never seen again!


ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro:] Every January 16th, it's 'The Dreamer, The Dreamer.' And all of you say, 'I have a dream; The Dreamer.' And what did he dreamIt stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls will one day hold hands together. Shit. Is that where it's atIs that where it's at now Them little blacks hands are yours. You can't hold the black brothers' hands But you gonna grow old holdin' crackers' hands before you hold each other's hands You gonna walk with your enemy before you learn to walk with one another How sick can you be (Enemy) [Verse One:] Where you gonna go when the brothers wanna bust a shot where you gonna go when I wanna kill bloodclot Supercat said that the ghetto red hot bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it listen what I say after 1995 not one death will be alive god will survive, him protect the civilized who really cares if the enemy lives or dies not me, not me me never eat from the tree with the apple I'd rather have a Snapple do you know where you're going to do you know where you're runnin from scared of the sun, I live in the sun You shrivel up like a raisin and burn like the blunt that I'm blazin Ku Klux Klan scared of my nutty beats cause them nutty beats equal bloody sheets out number you somethin like 15 to 3 see, don't love your enemy [Chorus] Enemies, enemy runnin from the G enemies, enemy, you're my enemy enemies, enemy, when will I see enemies, enemy R.I.P. [Verse Two:] Where you gonna run when God wanna do ya J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda knew ya with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire me not afraid, cause me know Elijah goin to the East but straight from the Westside swing down sweet chariot nad let me ride through the fire, through the fire that will please us I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus devil don't you know I'm a soldier in God's name and the baby claim I'm gonna hold ya like Folger's Crystals feds I'ma pick your ass like Juan Valdez you don't care if me die from the cracka you don't care if me have a heart attacka you don't care if me get car jacka you don't care cause you're nothing but a cracka now it's Judgement Day, and Allah'll never play 'freedom got an AK,' them Guerilla say Bobby Seale said, 'please make it rough, bro' when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo through your neighborhood, watch me blast tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass you shoulda took heed of my word and became a friend of me now you're just a enemy [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now I change my style up, my style up,bodies pile up just to trouble you, throwin out the W sent me a subpoena cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze - govina each and every day out a siz-tre Chevrolet with the heavy A to the muthafuckin K now you treat me like a germ cause your scared of the su - per sperm please don't bust til you see, the whites of his eyes the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies nappy head nigga with the bone in his nose ya scared I'ma put this bone in your hoes but I don't wanna, I've been to cona from the cavebitch with the nasty persona hit me with the big black billy club cause you white and your hoe than a silly nub three men in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub and it's really scary, now they're in the military Sodom and Gomorrah, devil read your Torah, Bible, Holy Qur'an once again it's on, got the hollow point teflon and the brother Ron [2X] so who's next (devil) with Dub C, Brother G Crazy Toons is a crazy coon ready for the enemy high off the Hennesy hundred ten degree, no it's not Tennesee West L.A., what the hell can I say niggas wanna play, each and every day pass me the pill, a nigga shoot the J rougher than the roughest rough muthafucka, had enough muthafucka handcuff this muthafucka with the duct tape, tie it to the bumper grab his bitch, dump her, cause nobody wanna hump her they call me Thumper cause I thump til it hurt knock your dick in the dirt, puttin in work Master Farad Muhammad comin like a comet when they see em, they all start to vomit 1995, Elijah is alive Lewis Farrakhan, NOI Bloods and Crips and little ol me and we all gettin ready for the enemy


Watching Driving through the night I'm all alone Empty Endless road A thousand miles to go Midnight Five million thoughts Passing in a row Will you Still be waiting there God only knows I can still see your face in my mind With every turn I take And the wind through my heart feels so cold As it calls out your name [Chorus:] Melanie Nothing but the touch of your hand can rescue me Melanie Reach inside this emptiness and you will set me free Morning Sun's in my eyes I'm tied to your soul One chance One solitary life How could I let you go Got a phonecall or was it a dream A voice spoke to me I could swear it was you that I heard Crying desperately [Chorus] [Instrumental break] I can still see your face in my mind With every turn I take And the wind through my heart feels so cold As it calls out your name [Repeat chorus two times]

The Tree Of Life And Death

standing upon the portal where my eyes have become weary, the cold winds from the south bring ghastly fragments of the forgotten land, where, once, the spirits stood along the desolate shore to disappear into the silenced murk, some by the seven gated Thebes in the land of Kadmos There, for these, the end of death was misted about them , as my eyes slowly descend, the dust transcends into my frail structure, the wind, the cold wind breaks my complete silence, the portal for which I stand upon collapses, no fear I shall feel, transcendence into the peripheral, and there they have their dwelling place and hearts free of sorrow, in the islands of the blessed, by the deep swirling stream of the ocean , the hypnotised sound of Boetian harps, created by the force of the spirits, the faraway lands no longer seem so distant, nirvanaesque serenity as the hills become unclouded, the spirits embrace my soul, as I envision the neutral spectrum before me, the harp echoes and echoes and..... my wings take me to the bewilderment

Baby It's Cold Outside

BARRY MANILOW "Because It's Christmas"
(Talk) Well honeybunch it's been fun but gotta run oh sweetlips stay a little while longer won't you no it's very late baby I really got to go but look at the weather you'll catch cold out there and I would never forgive myself oh you come on just one more night cap no I shouldn't come on (Sing) No well I really can't stay but baby it's cold outside I got to go away but baby it's cold outside this evening has been and hoping that you drop in so very nice I'll hold your hands there just like ice my mother will start to worry Beautiful what's your hurry and father will be pacing the floor listen to the fireplace roar so really I better scurry beautiful please don't go well maybe just a half drink more put some records on while I pour the neighbors might think but baby it's bad out there say, what's in this drink no cabs to be had out there I wish I knew how your eyes are like stars tonight to break this spell I'll take your hat your hair looks swell I oughta say no no no sir mind if I move in closer at least I'm gonna say that I tried what's the sense of hurting my pride I really can't stay baby don't hold on ah but it's cold outside (Talk) well I must say this couch is very comfortable it's not a couch puddin' pop it's a love seat oh how you talk oh Barry I simply must go (Sing) but baby it's cold outside the answer is no but baby it's cold outside the welcome has been how lucky that you dropped in so nice and warm look out the window at that storm my sister will be suspicious gosh your lips look good my brother will be there at the door like waves upon a tropical storm My maiden aunt's mind is vicious gosh your lips are delicious well maybe just a cigarrette more never said your blues will be for I've got to get home but baby you'll freeze out there say darling can you lend me your comb it's up to your knees out there you really been grand I thrill when you touch my hand but don't you see how can you do this thing to me there's bound to be talk tomorrow think of my life long sorrow at least there will be plenty in life if you caught pneumonia and died I really can't stay get over that hold out ah but it's cold outside (Talk) Well I don't know I don't got to go home Hey look it's starting to snow oh you arranged that didn't you? see now you gotta stay well, I guess I won't be able to find a cab no cabs and the buses they never run they'll never run in snow like this let me take your coat well tomorrow is Sunday isn't it? and I don't have to go to work see isn't that better and who knows how long it will keep snowing it can snow for a long time, Kate what are you doing? well now yeah

Three Simple Words

FINCH "What It Is To Burn"
Open up my eyes, Flooded with daylight. Another sleepless night turns color black and white. With all the things I've said, There is just regret. A beating in my head. Hands into a fist, Static in my head. Now I'm sitting face to face with loneliness. What did I expect Did I see forever in you I never wanted it to hurt more than it should. I hope your satisfied, I never could. Time to close my eyes Forget about this mess. Tried to fix this tragic loss of innocence. But how can I forget, The things I haven't done. When everything is dead With my hands around your neck who will stop me now With my hands around your neck who will stop me now with my hands around your neck who will stop me now with my hands around your neck who will stop me now WHO WILL STOP ME! (WHO WILL STOP ME NOW!) Can't you see that you left me here on my own. Give me one good reason why I should let go now....

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