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CHRIS DE BURGH lyrics - Beautiful Dreams

Say Goodbye To It All

Original and similar lyrics
We took a boat over Lake Geneva. It was raining all night long, We were lucky and we saw no enemy, And came from Switzerland poor refugees, Far from the guns of war, We said goodbye to it all; They brought us in to a nurse's station, Half a mile behind the lines, Oh Lord, how my heart was breaking, To see the children, and the walking wounded, Hoping for a ticket home, And say goodbye to it all; I woke up on a cold blue morning, To see her there, standing right beside me, Long years since I left her at the borderline, And how she found me I'd never know, But we decided there and then, To say goodbye to it all; Say goodbye to it all, Say goodbye to it all.... Took a train from Paris to the ocean, Found a small hotel by the coast, As we walked along the beaches of Normandy, We came to Juno, Omaha and Gold, And whispered a prayer for the boys, Who said goodbye to it all; Now we've got our own place by the water, And I have a job in the old hotel, She is ready and she's hoping for a daughter, Well I don't mind, we've made our choice. We've got all the time in the world, We said goodbye to it all, We said goodbye co it all. Say goodbye to it all, Say goodbye to it all, Say goodbye to it all, Say goodbye to it all.

Frisco Depot (San Francisco Depot)

WAYLON JENNINGS "Ladies Love Outlaws"
Frisco's a mile long away You can afford to fly But it might as well be the moon, Lord, when you're as broke as I. Here I sit with my head in my hands Watching the trains roll by Lord, the Helping Hand Mission man warned me That the nights here got cold. When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine When you're dry there's nothing as welcome as rain When you're alone there's nothing as slow as passin' time When you're afoot Lord there's nothing as fast as a train. Old Frisco's a mighty rich city Now that ain't no lie Well, they have some buildings That reach nearly a mile in the sky. Everyone's so busy they can't tell me the reason why Here's a world full of people so damn many people alone When you're alone life just don't seem worth living While you're alive gotta learn to live with the pain. You've been grown for so long There's no one left who'll forgive You find yourself searching your mind For the links to the chain. When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine When you're dry there's nothing as welcome as rain When you're alone there's nothing as slow as passin' time When you're afoot Lord there's nothing as fast as a train...

Just Like The Moon

Kim Richey "Kim Richey"
I sat outside one afternoon in an old lawn chair And I watched the sun set off for business west somewhere And the sky turned water color pink and gold and blue And the stars all showed up one by one and we waited for the moon And I thought about you and I wondered why It took so long to say goodbye Oh, you shined so bright you blinded me And left me so I couldn't see That I was the moon chasing the sun There was never a prayer of ever catching up No matter how fast I would run Like the moon chasing the sun Just like the moon chasing the sun The crickets called and the moon peeked out of the eastern sky They both start up about this time each night And the evening breeze dropped by and brought some sweet relief And in the silver light I finally let go of the heat [Repeat Chorus]

Galway Races

THE POGUES "If I Should Fall From Grace With God"
(Traditional) As I went down to Galway Town To seek for recreation On the seventeenth of August Me mind being elevated There were passengers assembled With their tickets at the station And me eyes began to dazzle And they off to see the races With me wack fol the do fol The diddle idle day There were passengers from Limerick And passengers from Nenagh The boys of Connemara And the Clare unmarried maiden There were people from Cork City Who were loyal, true and faithful Who brought home the Fenian prisoners From dying in foreign nations And it's there you'll see the pipers And the fiddlers competing And the sporting wheel of fortune And the four and twenty quarters And there's others without scruple Pelting wattles at poor Maggie And her father well contented And he gazing at his daughter And it's there you'll see the jockeys And they mounted on so stably The pink, the blue, the orange, and green The colors of our nation The time it came for starting All the horses seemed impatient Their feet they hardly touched the ground The speed was so amazing! There was half a million people there Of all denominations The Catholic, the Protestant, the Jew, the Presbyterian Yet there was no animosity No matter what persuasion But failte hospitality Inducing fresh acquaintance

In Sadding Around

Sleeping off the last five years takes another five. Recovery in lieu of being here right now. When I throw myself at your feet, You know it's to be walked on. We're breaking up every single night. If I had a choice don't you think I'd make it? I lost my voice. Hope I didn't break it. Little demons by my bed whisper secrets. The kind you never hear. I dip my toe in this cold, cold life. I want to dive but I can't find your feet. You with a view so unlike my own. I'm trying on your eyes. So I let go, fall to the ground. It's a long way down again. Petty cons keep peeling back my ears. We make plans. Collaborate and give to you my better half. Until now just dead weight, A prisoner of doubt. In a cell we kiss and tell all our keepsakes. Sore, hit the floor. Got my first glimpse of the sky. The stars were on your side. Who would've thunk the thirteenth fell on Friday? I say hello and it's goodbye again.

Never Is A Long Time

ROXETTE "Tourism"
You build it up and tear it down, there's no reason to follow you. You left the song without a sound, you left the story I made for you. Softly angels bow and cry in the stillness of the night. Never is a long time - goodbye. No answers for the asking. It's a long time - goodbye. No mercy for the aching. It's a long time - oh I see no light on the forsaken. Never is a long time - goodbye. Let's spend the night when this dream has come to an end. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and yes, I've cried over you. You've left me blind in paradise. You've left me hungering for the touch of you. Snow white angels run and hide in the blackness of the night. Never is a long time...

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