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featuring K.C. Thomas and Afrolistic (Choclair) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup the Choclair brother represents the T dot the O dot chiznock rocks it non stop so come and take a ride on the parinormal side (Afrolistic) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup Afrolistic represents the T dot the O dot Afro rocks it non stop come and take a ride on the paranormal side (K.C. Thomas) aiyo wassup yo it's me yo wassup K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot the O-dot K.C. rock the block come and take a ride on the paranormal side (Afrolistic) yo catch the feeling of the sub-human being forever seeing things you can't see cause I was born intraverdly cutting wind with my lyrics like the sword of Shinobi was on the down low (but now people' bout to know me) the signifigance of this is get you bliss and keep you hungry my style never duplicated it metaphores constently while other brothers be actin real phony I be wettin' ladies with my punchlines beggin for me tony (Choclair) now you never seen this brother comin' from the Eastbound (Eastbound) to coin a phrase and have the shhh locked down (locked down) to throw a show an clock the reds and the browns clown people get clowned and jack-fakers beat down I rock it from the borough break down to Doomstown and milk some ----- out in 'Saga city and laughin' with my cousins up in Brampton stylin' profilin' while East York calls down the fort peace to Julie Black who lives out in North York yo these people try be dissin' me I ask 'em what for you got no credentials or potential to step into the realm of the sexual (K.C. Thomas) now first things first k-c-t h-o the m-a-s bring it to your face brother or to your chest I'm nice times twice I use this mic as a lyrical sacrafice got you in my grips like vice I represent the T-dot and I'm known to keep a hot spot flows like blood clots know my abc's and what-nots from a to z including p's and q's and if you's rhyme alarming your's is on snooze I'm addiciting like booze like Parker Lewis can't lose your lacking a smacking my rhymes are known for beat-jacking and brain-cells for packing persona full of lady-macking stop acting like you're shifty Jack be nimble K.C. be nifty this lyrical hit can dis the and make a grown woman miss me come on now I see why you actin' kinda sissy (Choclair) ha ha ha I laugh when I kick ass sometimes I wear my contacts sometimes I wear my glass now don't be confused 'cause of my body mask and tone dark skin body shape slim fast sit down and wonder how a brother like I can stick out and penetrate like I'm between two thighs people gettin' hog-tied they riled up droppin' more shhh than stars paranormal big (ahhhhh) smiling on people think they rule like Castro they run around the board but they never pass go Choclair the ill flow sexual chiznock that represents the T-dot (K.C. Thomas) now this be the fifth verse different from the first leave you ice cold like a body in a hurse I likes writin' hip-hop use me innovate your thirst I'm bright like the sun with the flavor ready to burst I run with two in this rap game three including moi mabye three joining a freaky setion menage-a-tois this bomb shock heavy loading explosion K.C. quiet but causin' up comotion smooth like lotion imagine hot baby oil where you want it (right here baby) how you want it (right there baby) you know you like being spoiled temperature risin' and now you're folding up like foil next week the same place the same time the same staton the same climax of elevation baby (Afrolistic) yeah check out my stats I throw more bombs than quarterbacks never surronding myself with fictional description only facts freestyle on a daily is my aerobics no impaired vision clear focus stretch my lady's limbs like if she was warmin' up for gymnastics I leave you adolescent like pee in your bed matress I'm way beyond the year of '96 you still stuck in '86 stick to your tricks and porno flicks bruise the knicks and leave with my goal of makin' my scriputes aincent like startin' a fire with two wooden sticks (K.C. Thomas) it's like cocky style 1-2-3 we got what it takes Chiz, Afro and me we roll by the trio east coast all the way past Peurto Rico we smooth it out like my vedos what up taqino to bubble this track like splimate bambino you know what I mean-o yo check this my style moves non-chelant sometimes reckless gleamish eyes from the jetta to the lexus may God bless this ya know I mean (whoomp there it is) like Tag Team we keep it tight like the firm got plans like A-Team no black van we'd rather cruise by in a triple-beam one day for now we chill and pave the way we pickin' up ??? of baileys and alazhay memories that make me happy yeah reminisce like Mary J it's all that real love in my blood that keep my lyrics tight like my butt and my nuts brother what I'm all eternal like your guts and that shhh that's caught up in your butts what up (Afrolistic) oh let me get my groove on now ill scripts and heiroglyphs is my motto burn the word tommorrow watch the way I catch wreck on my plantation paranormal illa sub human-being's what you're facing mentally blazin' with my squadron as we take turns givin' mc's thrid degree burns anybody who is a decipticon will be laid down by this autobot with a peiricing verbal shot now who I be is someone who you can't see rockin' with my paranorms and f-o-s we be the circle bangin' kootchie walls so hard it be turnin' purple my moves so caseful balerina style graceful (Choclair) forget the nonsense it's all about shocks I makin' movements with verbal interacton with people who pop the cool shhh Chiznock sexual who breaks it down got some ladies that'll go downtown so fellas hush it always sayin' how you wanna bus' it talkin' but when it comes time you're skywalkin' now listen you better start with --- kissin' cause when it comes time for confrontation you'll be beggin' intermission I gotta moby dick in my ward now I'm fishin' yo people claim they hard rocks but never stop ------ they either hate it or then ya love it some girls say they don't do it huh shut up and ---- it you need to understand Ill B breaks it's down as un-deux-trois baby (Afrolistic) yeah once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup Afrolistic represents the T-dot the O-dot Afro rocks it non-stop come and take a ride on the paranormal side (K.C. Thomas) once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot the O-dot come on rock the spot come and take a ride on the circle that's inside (Choclair) once again wassup yo it's me yo wassup the Choclair brother represents the T-dot the O-dot chiznock cold rocks the block now you got the fix with the Ill Behaviour mix

Set It Off

JUVENILE "Project English"
[Juvenile] I'ma T.C. solja, New Orleans stunna If a bitch leave me, I'ma take every thing from her Leave while ya can, or ya mom will pick ya rum up I'ma find me some new pussy, and buy me a Four-Runner I walk wit a limp, cuz my nuts heavy And I like it from tha back so hold your butt steady I know I got some big lips, but I ain't trippin Lil Momma I love pussy, but I ain't lickin Now prepare yourself for some new dick'n You don't want it girl, you don't know what u missin I'm tha baddest boss nigga walkin You ain't heard I got a team of head busters waitin to give me tha work I gotta few in tha East Coast, a few in tha West Down-South to Mid-W, wassup to tha rest Can't forget about tha ghetto, where they strugglin in debt No matter what I do dawg, I love my set [Hook (Juvenile)] Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup Set It Off in this muthafucka Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup Set It Off in this muthafucka Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup Set It Off in this muthafucka Wodie, Wassup, Wodie, Wassup Set It Off in this muthafucka [Juvenile] That Nig-gidty Nig-gidty Nile's in this bitch, get right Fuck what u heard on tha streets, it's CMR for life Still ridin on dubs, sippin brown and white Jump stupid if u want, bitch we gone clown tonite We got 25 choppers in tha V.I.P. Cristal () and a pound of weed And I know u waitin for me to get drunk, and follow me home Picture what I'm gone give to u, a shot to yo dome Fuckin wit yo boys and all that talkin, they gone get hit too I'm really not givin a fuck, as long as I get u Jamie, Fresh, Joe, Bubba Ya gotta admit ha, Juvie a motherfucker I'ma general, executin tha plan Got a vision of that 3rd Ward rule'n tha land Comin up on hoes, tellin them to jump in the van Mommy please come break off just me and my man [Hook] [Juvenile] 55% of these niggas is fake, tha other 45% be handlin they weight 55% of these women is hoes, tha other 45% be playin they role Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer, take these muthafuckin cuffs off of us We kill nobody in this car, but us And ridin on 20's is tha law for us I ain't from France, but excuse my french Fuck ya if ya hatin, nigga save that there I been dealinw it u bitches from why way back then Plus I kept a fire ducked off to lay back in You say my momma played me and J be tight Juvie takin care, so everything alright Bitches see tha sliver () wit tha phat ass pipes Bein followed by some niggas on some bad ass bikes [Hook]


Johnny Clegg
Hawu baba ngashada intombi yami esikolweni emoliva (Oh father I married my girl at the school on Mooi River) Kwashunqa uthuli kwandlovu madoda silwela lobuhle (The dust was rising with all the preparations at Ndlovu's home) Usipho wakipha izinkomo ezamalobolo ezinamasondo (Sipho paid the bride price with a motor car) Wadlala umukwa wami, wadlala engalindile (And my father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance on the spur of the moment) Wadlala umukwa wami engalindile kwakhikhiza abafazi (My father-in-law performed an unexpected war dance and the women encouraged him with shrill cries) Ngisho izulu eliphezulu lalihleka kancane (Even the Heaven above - i.e. the Zulu King - gave a small laugh) 'Zulu eliphezulu lalikhona lalihleka kancane (The Heaven above was present and he gave a small laugh) Emoliva, emoliva (At Mooi River) Chorus: Yamnandi lendaba ngaze ngashada emoliva ngiyabonga webanguni (It was a wonderful event, for I eventually got married at Mooi River and I thank you people of the chunu clan) Ngaze ngashada ngaze ngathola nowami (I eventually got married, I eventually even got my own wife) Wemzila wangincelisa amasiko ngaze ngaba wumuthu (Mzila! you suckled me on the traditions and customs of the Zulu and I became a person) Hawu wemakhabela nangikhulisa ngaze ngaba wumuthu (Oh you people from Makhabeleni you raised me until I became a person) Kungathiwani ngani banguni nahlanganisa zonke izizwe (And what can be said about you, Machunu people, for you brought together all the nations) Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ubesehlulekile ubotha (You brought all the nations together, Botha long having failed to do this) Nahlanganisa zonke izizwe ngobuhle ubesehlulekile ubotha (You brought all the nations together in good spirit, Botha having long failed) Emoliva (At Mooi River) Chorus (Here I call out the praise names of various people who have been important in my life, most of whom were present at my marriage) Chorus

People Keep Talking

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Verse 1:] I'm gonna talk when I wanna talk I don't need the long distance to plan this shit Did it on my own with no management Must be why nobody can manage him A&R's always want to take advantages Find a poor kid, sell him on a fantasy But I've always been way above the average That's why nobody else can compare to me Other rappers don't offend me Cause I got more drive than a Bentley In the driveway with a Hemmy, dream girl Rossum I'm just tryna get an Emmy Fuck that, I just wanna get a Grammy Then add three more for my family Got a plan but I never had a plan B If you think you'll fail then you might as well drive in a Camry And I may never get the cover of that Rolling Stone Didn't fit the vibe they were going for But it's XXL, but I couldn't excel They said we really don't get it but we're wishing you well Oh well, LOL, ain't got time for no print Fame come and go when you rhyming so shit Ain't gotta sign on no dotted line But if I do, fuck you for criticizing When I pick up the phone, they don't even call back They just leave me a voicemail They gon' tell you you changed and shit ain't the same Like this shit was a choice, hell My haters are kicking the bucket It must have been hard to be wrong all along But isn't it love when they memorize every damn word of your song? [Hook:] Cause they be calling my phone but you already know I be hitting ignore cause you late I just throw it away, I don't care what they say at all Cause people keep talking, people keep talking But I don't hear nothing when people keep talking [Verse 2:] One shot, two shot, three shot, super drunk Four shot, wrong shot, jump shot, no fucks Even when I spit it I'mma be the spitting image Of somebody you recognize when you watching television I'm just trying to be like Jordan, I'm tired of being Pippen I've been coming off the bench and watching my haters get it It's a young Jake Gyllenhaal, drop the beat cause I kill 'em all Grab a seat cause I fill them all Go hard motherfucker, ain't a pen involved Y'all try to get up any way that you can Step on the back of your favorite fan Charging like 50 to take a quick picture You scummy ass rappers are not in demand And you certainly ain't in it for love I'm just saying this shit cause it's true I know that all of y'all wanted a bus cause the image important to you Well I guess that's human nature Selfish motherfuckers never do you favors Till they all get dropped and they sent to waivers Go shop get shelved like it's Lord and Taylor (what?!) I'm the man in the city, well I guess that'd make you the miss These rappers are acting all over the mic nowadays and they ain't Ludacris You tell me you hate I exist while your girlfriend is grooving to all of my songs She made you a Spotify playlist and there ain't no room for you dog? [Hook:] Cause they be calling my phone but you already know I be hitting ignore cause you late I just throw it away, I don't care what they say at all Cause people keep talking, people keep talking But I don't hear nothing when people keep talking "Hello? um Hoodie I just wanna tell you if you’re listening you’re my favorite artist ever, and I've just watched you come so far and you’re just so amazing and I love your song ‘No Interruption’ and oh my god ‘Two Lips’ oh my god. I can’t wait for the new music to come out and um I was really wondering will you follow me in instagram? um, my handle is PattyMayo565 um and oh underscore. Heh, I’m so sorry. oh my god yes and you have to come back to Wisconsin because I made you a bracelet and um oh my god I’m so nervous I’m sorry I’m like a little girl okay um I gotta go take shit but it was really great to I guess talk to you ok. Bye Hoodie."

Black Cloud

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
Nothing stays the same forever.....not even me Check this...check it [Joe Budden - Verse 1] Something must’ve changed me, niggas might defame me But things that used to taint me, no longer seem to restrain me Strangely I’m no longer sad, mad or angry Shame-ably it pains me, feeling like this just ain’t me Mainly what do I tell all the people that thanked me Mainly those who ordain me, aside from can you blame me Motivation again was supplying me is no longer providing me Jason Williams something killed whatever was driving me Worrying less about the past more about the now Less about what I’m going through more about the how It’s for certain it’s been 30 years being fit for hurting Now I’m a different person with nothing to overcome in the mist of burdens For certain, got 6 figures in my sock drawer And honestly this year I expect to make a lot more It’s hard to live without a budget when life is corrupted In a house thats so peaceful that I’m trying to disrupt it Scream fuck it not because I have to but because I love it Which makes me as fake as the puppets that I speak of disgusted Without a paddle up shit’s creek Dig deep and see it ain’t life it’s just me So be warned as I’m putting on like I’m deformed Only so y’all can accept it as being my norm Maybe I quit working on me, maybe I given up Maybe I been lying to myself maybe I give a fuck. [Chorus] It’s enough to make you black out, pull a mac out Aim it at the sky while I’m running from a black cloud Every day we playin cat and mouse as I watch it hoverin over my glass house It’s enough to make you spazz out, pull a mac out Aim it at the sky while I’m running from a black cloud Tired enough for me to pass out, tired of running from the black cloud. [Joe Budden - Verse 2] I say it loud hoping someone can hear me clearly Trying to make my girl get it she don’t know that it’s very scary But she’s a nympho she can come barely near me She still want the God in her, think she’s mary mary The prettiest bitches just want to service me While niggas prettiest bitches wouldn’t get a word from me Some of you haven’t heard from me, some of you wouldn’t mind murking me Found that news funny likes its straight from Ron Burgundy These niggas ain’t never seen dough They can’t dream though I bump into ‘em in between shows People say I’m emo, what that really mean though? Is though the song can’t breathe I actually make it seem so I lost loved ones because they couldn’t deal with me Cherish whoever still with me though the marriage be killed in me Normally it’s just me and my lonely mind Everyone storm is different so this forecast is only mine Fans recognize my misery uplifted me Shifted me to my epitome, guess the curse is a gift to me Maybe it’s serendipity, maybe it’s weighing on me physically Maybe I should man up and tell God not to solicit me Been medicated, meditated Sedated, hated Character assassinated, all theses years I masqueraded Hard headed, if it was on my mind I had to say it Tongue on the devil’s pitchfork to see how disaster tasted Rap is fabricated, rappers are so exaggerated Wouldn’t be scared of the truth if they weren’t castrated Grab a mag, spray it, surrounded by people to shoot it before me Better unconditionally love my beautiful ugly Now lemme speak to who I cater to Would you love me to sang before my weeks were not favorable Promised to maintain being unique but relatable All while suffering from a disease that could do away with you Poetry on the beat, spoken-word for the masses Therapy over pro-tools, every word is on acid Consonants on Kush, every vowel is blunted Highly wanted this whole organization privately funded This is bigger than the Eiffle, this is alert to public Had a cop us by our tunnels and our bridges with the rifle Sentences meant to stifle, this is a man aching This is the dam breaking, contraband in the making This is panic unveiling, got potential but I never met it He be trying to come over, it seem like God won’t let it Either he never got my invite or he jus dismissed it But if all I’m hearing are the sounds of blackness, why am I pessimistic? You’ll never progress if you’ll never try All I ask, let every word I birth never die My wings spread, but when I’m at the sky Weather didn’t change like I thought and had me petrified. [Chorus]

Don't Look Down

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah You're crashing in right now It's Making Waves By your new favorite crew Hoodie Allen We gonna start it off right now With out further ado We're coming live to you People start to listen and they wonder if the beat break I'll be rolling rich even if I rock the cheap skates Life's a yearbook, never get a retake And all the good times going faster than a speed date You wonder why we late? Good question Never thought we'd make it here now who'd guess it? New lesson: Treat these moments like a blessin I'm trynna find direction and you trynna GPS it And no BSing on this roller coaster we thrilled We just cut the line trynna get the seat filled And now you're strapped in acting like we chilled I know you love it when we go and let the beat build We feel better then we ever been I need to clear my head excedrin I'm taking off to somewhere big and I be hoping that you getting in But if you don't I know I'll see you when I get home They say the road is just your favourite place to get grown So for the people that I dissed and I led on You can be the people that I miss when I head on I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down, don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down Ain't no better time than the present Maybe if we never count the future And I promise if I said it then I meant it And I never meant to be the one to shoot your Dreams down, see clouds and the sounds just opened up And if they looking for a change then I hope it's us I know it's tough, so is anything that's worth it I'm making it my business to deserve it I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down Don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down

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