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Choclair lyrics

Suave Dirt Dogs

Original and similar lyrics
Umm, for all these wild niggas (umm, yeah) Some bullshitters, know what I'm saying (yeah) Straight runnin. wild (realize) doing their thang, yeah For all those Nino Brown niggas (yeah) John Gotti niggas, know what I'm saying (yeah) Niggas trying to run shit (trying to run the game) Don't know (Don't know) It's all a game... [Verse 1] Yo, it's like night life, ball fights, brothers getting sliced Lay niggas, up on the floor, for people acting hardcore (yeah) And others caught in the crossfire, and dying at age young They leave .em by their loved ones People wondering, Toronto Sunday saying, we acting like some savages (savages) People acting it, pulling triggers and they stabbing kids (stabbing kids) They pose as bad boys up in club scenes Keep the grill screwed, leaving blood stains on blue jeans Then Po-Po, rushes through the entrance, he hits the exits Hops into his act, wheels spinning on some next shit {*tires peel out*} Now we got our G-stripes, bragging rights Little kids with no direction, look at him right Cause he got my car to style, Medina robber style Yeah, he bad now, but remember, what comes around, goes around (shhhh) Who be blind to the future You need to understand You need to understand, my man (Yeah!!) Chorus: Peoples get themselves caught up, and then shot up Bucked to the head for all the shit they done brought up The situation, got them iller than an AIDS patient Wild niggas, who be acting like they free-pacing [Verse 2] Now, as time goes by He's looking out his window, see some people outside With dark clothes and dark shades And all around is pure clouds packing rain He calls his man Jermaine, and tells him that Shit's going down and meet him at his home, he packs a 4-pound (4-pound) He waits around, with the sweat dripping from his brow Where the law be now, nervousness has his head swinging side-to-side Checks the door, he's see his man up in the ride He's rolling outside, first looking all around The sniper fire from the roof, it makes him drop and hit the ground He makes a mad dash to the car door Tells his man to move, he slams the pedal on the car floor {*tires peel out*} Now bullet-proof windows, they be reflecting it Now he's thinking back up to the party, he's regretting it But he's deep in it, and there's nothing he can do, but to call his boo Who be at home, taking care of his one year old He says, situation's thick, there's niggas after me It ain't no stopping them, until they capping me (naw) Hold the fort down, I.ll be aight, I.ll give you a call in the morn She says there's two up on my floor, with one kicking down my door He calls his man Nick, to check the situation (situation) When he arrives all he sees is an assassination (assassination) And when they one step ahead, so now an ambush is in the waiting Understand, you need to understand, my man (You need to recognize and realize, boy!) Chorus: [Repeat 2 times] [Verse 3] Now there's vengeance on the mind, time for him to take back what's stolen He tells Jermaine to meet him at the docks At 5 o.clock, keep the glocks cocked I got the blueprints, to run up on these niggas (Word up dog!) So when the time comes for them to meet He sees the car, but finds Jermaine slumped in the driver seat (what to do) People cut themselves off of him, cause if they down they be shot too His mother's in the rage, face on the front page Now the man's after him, the clan's after him, mob's after him He's still at damage son, last thought's killing (uhhh) The only thought in his head, now to do is run Buys his ticket at the International pier son Not, knowing that there's man Standing behind .em with, 9-millimeters in hand (He turns around to his surprise) Feels the burning on the inside, cold on the outside And the people did the shooting, got away up with his life-time (Ah-yo) Chorus: [Repeat 3 times] (You fucking with your life boy) Yeah, (uh-uh) wild niggas (uh-uh, wild niggas) You fucking with your life boy (You fucking with your life boy) Uhhh, You fucking with your life boy Uhhh... Chorus: [Repeat 1 time]

Nuthin' To Do

Common Sense "Resurrection"
Intro: Check it on the one, you Com is gonna come (X3) And check it out, ha. Verse 1: My raps do laps around tracks to the days The idiot vibin', I'm the comma comma Chamelion I use to pop the willy on my blue and gray sting ray It had maxed, I was with bitches that had coochie Bassum wasn't rollin' Starters, looking harder than niggas Hoes wore clothes, that exposed their figures Ain't 7 steps in the jam, next the police come Heist there would be one, numbers I would get at least one We come to the get together with whatever You wouldn't know how deep it was, we all did shit together Eat up all your vittles, drink your brew and then step to The next cue, let's do it again y'all That was when mad was tall and phat was cold The days of Old Chicage and Fun Town and shorties we run round Play strike outs till sun down, but the shit ain't as fun now And the city is all run down, we troop down to Jew Town Talking cat down on some gear, have enough for a Polish incom fair I stare, at what use to be Bubbles and think about who use to cop our liquior (Who) Our neighborhood father figure Hook: I'm out with my crew, ain't nuthin' to do but ah, Niggas be rollin' - Ol' Dirty Bastard from Protect Ya Neck Ain't nowhere to go, so I hook up with a hoe while I Niggas be rollin' Gotta make a stop take a leak and get some chops cause um Niggas be rollin' We gonna hit the streets for some brew and some eats cause um Niggas be rollin' Verse 2: I got more rhymes then the Manor got folks had style Since I went to McDowl, wearin' boats And penny loafers know I had the nickel in mines We use to hoop in my yard but now I dribble the rhyme It's like rain drops couldn't make our game stop Skeeter will hit from the SAME spot Torla tore my shit down, get down, put your body in motion Only the strong survive, but on the 6 or the 5 Live as hot as sex use to be at the Racket Wrong club with music by Andre Hatchet Or either Beat Box Ferris at them country club parties Would be hot as hell and house stud would get Find a body! Sawyers I would go there, hip hop clubs were so rare I like the music anyways and it was always hoes there Was said to have the best chicks but mostly High Park and V hoes Is who I mess with, the best shit was troopin' to the loop With your posisions held class crooked ass but still go the division (I remember that) Over Yamela's crib while his old girl was at work Bust a smoothie on the spread, but sill have some on your shirt Hook Verse 3: I tuned into BMX and taped Farly on the tonemaster I took the 6 instead of the 28 to get home faster Then HBK was the only station that would fuck with rap You was on the shore by yourself castin' stay up your act What you could make of it, you was a gump they was takin' shit Either fight or break for it, we go to the lake and get full My drink there was Boons and Red Bull I remember swimming in Avenlon, and being in a pool I thought I was cool, with my members only and a bold fade Wall to wall greens to get the sport gray and palmade And soft breasts, as we got older we would star crush and bang fags Go to Marshals and change tags, I snagged nuff niggas And games are off the wall, in softball, Piggy one I would call When I first got my three way callin', I caught Marsh tryin' to lie Home of the original gangbangers, and ain't nobody shot Hook

Cock It

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
[Juvenile] Uh Huh, Uh Huh Mic check one, two it's Juvenile coming through Uh Uh c'mon, c'mon [Verse 1] Who the man if I ain't it nigga can't claim it I can take a small name and make it famous I reason with no one homie I got fa sho cliental I'm a XL out here in the streets or lyin in jail I'm quick tempored please limit ya words I will send you in a hurry down south with the splurge it's kind of hard to understand me cause I speak with a slur but my guns speak a language all the people done heard streets sense gon' keep me in it for a minute you fuckin with a general salute me lieutenant I'm not too particular with lies I look e'm in there eyes say a pray before you die this ain't about me this about somethin thats spoke you know runnin with a nigga while you cuttin his throat oh them loose lip bitches get hung from a rope you know bagged up and throwed off the side of a boat, oh! [Chorus - repeat 2X] Cock it, take berrata then pop it give me that out ya pocket cause the best can't stop it East coast whassup, Down south whassup West coast whassup, Mid West whassup [Verse 2] Keep on makin ya laws, I'm a keep breaking them I can move a package in any city I'm stationed in if ya son touchin my shit you better pray for him bust his head and catch me a flight to where the hatreds been I ain't the only solider they got alot of these all of these children make me know who dropped alot of seeds I smoke till my eyes shut stay strapped so if you think about sneakin you better wise up hit you with the traqualizer let it fill ya head paralyze you have ya screamin 'I can't feel my legs' regardless of what a nigga or a bitch done said the shell around ya get poked like eggs I'm from the M-A-G-N-O-L-I-A my bitches gonna listen to what the hell I say you niggas gonna respect it or get out my way or the coroner's gonna happen to ya all time sake [Chorus] [Verse 3] You old niggas on ya last limb move over let some niggas who really want it come cash in suppose to get killed for cock blockin in cells solider bet you can't get no chronic up in hell fresh off the porch where the stash spot I'm hungry tryna get the same respect that my Dad got got the chopper cut the wieght, nice in the stash box nigga be on paper so himmed up from the bad cops how the hoes be actin hopin for child support I need to snatch me a coat and endorse it with dope I ain't even gotta speak on it I put my G on it niggas gon' let us get that whenever we want it beef is beef whenever the shit occurs if it's real it's gon' resolve into metal for sure but hit the right one he ain't respectin my bad my only satisfaction will be poppin your ass [Chorus - till end]

Supply And Demand

AMOS LEE "Supply And Demand"
Somethin' gotta give with the way I'm livin' Seems I'm gettin' down everyday The more I strive, the less I'm alive And seems i'm gettin' further away Oh well all my superstitions And my crazy suspicions Of the people that I care about I've been doin' more screamin' Than I've been doin' dreamin' And I think it's time I figure it out Baby i need a plan Oh, to understand That life ain't only supply and demand I've been goin' joggin' in the park after dark Draggin' 'round with me my ball and chain Took southern skies to make me realize That I'm causin' myself this pain Well the woman that I'm lovin' Yeah I'm pushin' and shovin' Getting further on by the day And I can't understand How the heart of this man Ever let it end up this way Baby I need a plan Oh to understand That life ain't only supply and demand When the road gets dark and lonesome dear You can find me here But honey you don't know where I am You need a friend, yeah Life ain't easy In fact I know it's sleazy When you're the big man in town Shakin' religions And makin' decisions You never get to slow on down Well your wife and your baby You tell them yeah well maybe “I'll meet y'all at a weekend resort” But your eyes on the prize And you can't realize That your little girl's life's so short Brother you need a plan Oh to understand That life ain't only supply and demand Yeah sister you need a plan Oh to understand That life ain't only supply and demand Hey, you better figure it out now You know you ain't comin' back down, yeah You better figure it out now You know you ain't comin' back down


Yeah my sole purpose Long hair, speak Turkish Twisted sisters out like the UniverSoul Circus About to cop the crib furnished Wood burning brick oven shit with the furnace Quattro fromage Big plate look like a lobster collage I'm on the art and the food scene Fuck rap, laying back, eating poutine Matter of fact, couple raps'll make a coupe lean While you see me in the shorts all weather Whether Puerto rica bitches chilling on the boardwalk Rockaway smelling like Georgi Ready for orgies, slightly retarded Breading the porgy 20 seconds dead in the forty All this money to be gotten Hailin' from the rotten Scotch make it neat, no socks on the feet When I'm stepping the loafer Creamy like the robiola Guaranteed I'm getting box like an old controller Baby momma catching cases High speed chases Fiends rocking the ID bracelets You only live once, so fuck if I'm a waste it I'm in France, stepping on grapes, you can taste it Yeah, make cheese like the fromagia Tatted chest cover pain wash the scars Daddy disapprove of my life just like I'm Marvin Gaye Keep the Dodge, I want the '87 Saab in gray Stuff a shorty like the man a gut Light tan on the shoe like banana nut Strong odor off the weed like your grandma's butt No attempt to disrespect, but my grandma blunt But I'm known to eat expensive lunches From the farm right to the table Aired straight to the plate I doubt you could relate Figs at the peak of their ripeness Money off this music, motherfucker I like this So cut the check Ayo, the kush get flipped to a swan origami Floating in the water North of North Dakota Dip to Barcelona Algeria connection Pussy like a leather jacket Been to hell and back They tried to sell me back but they couldn't Hookers by the hold chilling with Doc Gooden Top is up for grabs so why wouldn't Bronson be the one coming through with the gold belt

L.a., L.a.

Capone-N-Noreaga/Noreaga/N.O.R.E. "The War Report"
L.A. L.A. big city of dreams but everything in L.A. aint always what it seems you might get fooled if you come from outta town cuz we comin from Queens and gets down Jose-Luis gotcha holdin guns in tons general, Emanual rock emerald government out to get me, tryin to stick me move quickly, yo the god study swiftly Indian style, knees bent, hands together Regulate, drama kickin like East state money to make, 1st of the month son chop the wait break the law and gotta score like before Armageddon, mary-tree smoke wettin if thats jeddy, shoppin sprees are ready My crew in the front got it lock my live niggas in the back got the gat so were true to this black 4-4 like some more 1 to the dome, lubricate your thoughts black mask stole the ride to avoid up north jeopardize my freedom, blink out when I see you but nine out of ten niggas wouldnt wanna be you rob him for his cash and spend it like B-diem(echo) Ah-yo the rap shit is ill kid you make mad dough but still hit your crew off it aint slink-real show some love kid aint no selfish shit here Chorus: repeat 4X Im in too deep, losin sleep I can't call it in love wit this drug shit, loyal and all for it whats a nigga to do? wit no cash at 22 take it, or find the best way to make it fast my mans rakin cash, fuck bein lieutenant Im in it to win it so it might just take a minute to gain grams, put my game plan in action ways to make it happen, to days to get the jack-son once the weight comes, I'm outta state triple sums count my funds, I got guns that cripple sons What's the use of heat, wit no dough to flee the streets caught a trace of no chaser and your dead meat Legal aid type of rider, have you shppied in greens 10 thou for a lawyer now who splits your cream Game is deeper than the sea itself agile moves to make fragile crews deflate under pressure take it to the next measure wit all pleasure and stack treasure....Illegal life forever Yeah all together, like a butter soft leather Been on this planet for 25 years and still strong the worlds rotten like the veins in my fathers arm I remain calm, study Isalm, read the Torah world goin in flames like Sodom and Gomora Niggas dried up layin in the box from the virus commercial thugs tried to bust gats at the livest its like in crime, only will shine real survivors yall hallf-way niggas, I'd advise you not to try this so brace yourself before you get yourself laced fuckin wit them sick Arabic scarface La ellah illa Allah illa Allah your fuckin wit the god Escumar Asdubar Official, my missle rips through your bone gristle why you sneak leavin niggas get locked and blow the whistle for the jake, my mouthpiece remains my new team made my bail, scooped me in the Lex-Coupe now I'm out back to the galaxy of Queens live between the crimes scenes servin fans like fiends....fiends....fiends.... so it seems Yo, eternally the game reverse and burn me my man turn states and took the 1 to 3 snitchin on me, how could it be we was team I guess it got divided by the cream FBI, raided my crib where I live snatch my wife, child welfare took my kids yo I can't live I got hit wit double life bid From the stress, my head throbbin like a tumor its 1 o'clock niggas are lock I catch shuma lay down my towel slide off my suede pumas the rumors spread around the jail like that been down for 6 joints holdin down this flat Latin Kings do they things, ice pick for gats tryin to lay my garbody gats all on they back but never that.... yo..Q-B-C, 2-5 and Mobb Deep mami rest in peace its Allah one love to that nigga Marley Marl

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