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[Featuring Guru] INTRO [YlooK] Uh..T dot O to the N dot Y That's how we do it Choclair, Kardinall hooked with my man Guru And YlooK bitch? What the fuck? [Choclair] Yo, T-dot rocks y'all We smoke and mix up in your face, you weeded So you drop y'all, leaving y'all hired skills depleated 'Cause you lockjaw, Chocs and Guru begin Can you believe this how we lock y'all Niggas who be talking how they bigger How you figure? You can spark with or talk with This raw artist You talk heartless but game straight harmless Snatch your mic out your hand Leave your fingers harmless We rottweilers, while y'all be the tires You need to retire Fucking with Toronto, get your pink slip you're fired Kicked out the Thompson Hall through Apollo doors Guru be the bre-the-ren Bless the man, slide like the doors on the Caravan [Guru] The ill format, the skills all that Twist enemies Jack Let's counteract, plus build and all that In fact, take a flight to Toronto and back Be over there with Choclair, Kardinall with the track In the year born born, suckers have been forewarned Take you higher than hydro or Moet ?? Word is bond, it's on in this rap game I slap mens, mack dames, yes I'm a fly black king Stacking paper now, packing flavour now Hit you dead in the head now My hunger gotta get fed now My style's similar to a fierce knuckle hit Or like hollow-points to pierce your whole fucking frame CHORUS X2 [Choclair] {Guru} A-yo witness the fitness Who's next on the hitlist? Rap so exact that you can't do shit {Witness the fitness} {Who's next on the hitlist?} {Rap so exact you catch the shakes like a sickness} [Choclair] Now it's the skinny man dropping this Lock your brain, lock your lips Talking shit? Bust your game Career flops? I'm to blame What's the name? [yeah] Guru and the Chocs will reign Wild like the lion's mane walking through the rain Or walking through the pain of critic suffering Got my eyes on the prize with the red dot locked That's to keep it hot My hungry-ass niggas be down for the figures Green in the jean, Cruise like some act figures You fucking with some raw, suave, dog ass niggas Look into the eyes of the man that will be detrimental to your career If you even touch the micstand, nigga 'nuff said Verse 4: Guru Hear the battle cry Niggas getting herded like cattle to die Why? [why?] What the fuck you think? [what the fuck you think?] You know they want our type of species to become extinct Still we multiply, they can't really kill us They're upset, we're a threat 'cause their kids really feel us They think we're drug dealers, and some of us maybe are But I be the G-U-R-U of the Gang to the Starr I'm going far baby pa, dipping in a fly car Getting eyes from the honeys, parking up at the bar Always up to par when I spar And yo, while your protecting your neck I be like breaking your jaw Yo trizzack, your shit's wizzack I took that shit thizzack, it shouldn't of even been up on the rizzack Straight like thizzack, motherfuckers CHORUS A-yo witness the fitness Who's next on the hitlist? Rap so exact that you can't do shit Cut and scratched by YlooK My attitude on the hoes.. -- Choclair I wreck the mic like a pimp pimps hoes -- Guru

Trust Issues

No I don't drink but let's all get faded Call up the team... Hands in the air give a fuck about a nigga, give a fuck about a bitch too The top is a lonely spot, Friends in a phony slot all that shit true I ain't even got the energy stop pretending like you're into me You don't even had a dose yet, shit don't matter, We ain't got the chemistry I... need a little time just to breathe, Just to kinda get my life on the right track I can give you my heart for the night but when it's over you gotta give it right back Hell yes It's like that, Sick and tired of falling in the right traps It a cold world out here bitch, I'm a keep my heart frozen til the ice crack Feels like something's missing I feel fucking distant, I don't trust no one, Especially not these niggas, I don't-I don't trust these niggas, They might-They might catch me slipping, I don't trust these niggas or none of these bitches, Call up em' I'm drinking I wanna get wasted, Call up em' Call up em, I know I don't smoke but I wanna get fade, Call up em' Damn, Seems like my head is in the wrong spot, Cells on overdrive filled by the wrong thought Any battle worth winning is the one fought So my logic beat emotion by a long shot These nigga recycling the same line Bitches getting played hard like overtime Guard up gotta hurdle to get over mine Eyes closed cause I see you better with an open mind Damn that's all right, That's all right, I ain't know, I fell for it, I caught on, I got that, You came close And I got some hidden feelings that I can't show So I can either bury the hatchet Or just keep digging the same hole Feels like something's missing I feel fucking distant, I don't trust no one, Especially not these niggas, I don't-I don't trust these niggas, They might-They might catch me slipping, I don't trust these niggas or none of these bitches, Call up em' I'm drinking I wanna get wasted, Call up em' Call up em, I know I don't smoke but I wanna get fade, Call up em' Swag me out, Swag me out, Fuck the words while they are coming out your mouth Let them words have a fuck you baby Watch my middle finger push it out Whispers to the side Fiction and some lies But I really ain't surprised Cause everybody know there ain't shit I gotta hide Well you tell me that you love me when you see me, affff Feels like a billion motherfuckers don't like me no more Ooh yeah they hate me now Feels like they really wanna break me down These bitches ain't on my level In result they hate themselves You being everybody but tell me why the fuck you still ain't yourself Sometimes I feel a need to just thank myself Cause I'm real as fuck ho even when I ain't myself I wish I could say the same for you But we all know that shit ain't true That phony shit just make me laugh Damn y'all bitches must hate me bad All y'all niggas so fake it's sad And my ex boy gone make me spazz Let go, Let go, Let go til you don't feel that shit Hanging from your fingertips Tingles down your spleen and shit Friends are gone be separated Feelings gone be freedom stripped That's the fucking life we live... full of inconveniences Feels like something's missing I feel fucking distant, I don't trust no one, Especially not these niggas, I don't-I don't trust these niggas, They might-They might catch me slipping, I don't trust these niggas or none of these bitches, Call up em' I'm drinking I wanna get wasted, Call up em' Call up em, I know I don't smoke but I wanna get fade, Call up em'

Payback Iz A Bitch

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie Raw, raw, raw...Retaliation is a must, nigga. The enemy must suffer the muthafuckin' consequences. Deadly{gunshots, ticking} Yeah, I want all of these muthafuckers dead. I don't wanna see one muthafucker left breathin'. Kill all these muthafuckers. -Refrain- Them niggas be killas.... Payback is a bitch, and the bitch is on the period, period. (Bloody, bloody murder...) Payback is a bitch, and the bitch is on the period, period. (Killa...) Krayzie I'm thuggin off in my house out in Cleveland/ Weeded, I'm sleepin', P.O.D.'ed/ Dozed off, but I was awakened by the telephone ringin'/ I picked it up Hello? At first, nobody would answer me, so I said it again Hello? Somebody starts breathin'/ Not thinkin'; I hung up the phone/ Niggas be playin' jokes, I payed it no mind/ It could've been just my fuckin' friends/ Then I sat back and closed my eyes/ No more than 4 seconds, it rung again Hello? And why in the fuck is you playin? Somebody yelled out You die! Before I could even reply some nigga jumped right throu the window buckin' a pistol/ I jumped out of the chair, grabbed the bullets on the way to the stairs Feelin' hot bullets fly over my head/ Thinkin' for sure that I'm gonna be dead/ Scared? Oh yeah! So I turned around and ran out the backdoor instead/ Them niggas was steadily buckin'/ Whoever was dumpin', they surely did want me in the red Continued to fled; hit a couple of fences/ Thinkin' 'bout who could have did this? Retaliation; I'll handle my business, kill 'em As God as my witness/ I called up my niggas; they ready for war/ Kill 'em's the way that we even the score If you did not come for war, what in the fuck you come here for? -Refrain- Bam Five infrared dots, trail by these steel toes runnin' in your spot/ You smokin' hot/ Gather troops, destinations be your block The stakes is high since '94/ Got your tightest G for ransom/ Maybe unhand 'em and let him go/ Hell no, you shouldn't've chanced it/ It's not essential/ Got smoked, only death threats on your boast/ So take it as a quote, get violent if you see me Loc/ We deadly/ Step, pay your sins, you'll die a thousand times/ He's found with open eyes, and mesmerized, no vital signs That's 50 mercenaries that blood money can't afford/ Jump out of new Accords/ Deep run in; got two swords A deadly ho, fate been chosen/ Get your eyes swollen/ I roll and dreams we're golden, and now your hood we controllin' You tellin' lies/ Caught you slippin' up at your Mama's house/ Should've took you out, but I told my homies throw you out Better thank your stars, relocate anywhere close to Mars, and stop actin' hard/ You got more than you bargained for -Refrain- Bam We leave 'em shell-shocked, 40 glocks and dirty looks and pop shots. We verse 'em twice; murda books police Cuz scared of heights. It's cowards versus niggas, been shook, didn't recognize the way your body hangin' from a hook. Thugline don't play. Krayzie Shit, Dog, I done told 'em. We'll erode 'em. Ho ain't got no scrotum. Slippin' in a clip and reload 'em, and when they jump yeah, we gon' unload 'em, and hit 'em wherever, however they want it. We gon' make sure no one's alive or left to identify me It ain't over until you die. -Refrain-

Defari Herut

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
[Xzibit] Yeah, uh, what, worldwide Yeah, Im forever, ever lastin, spread the wealth Procrastination like masturbation, your fuckin yourself So we gonna move on em quickly (what) No chance to think about coming back Chain smoke em, turn they lungs black See I was raised to love black, but sometimes Black folks wanna sweat you harder than the one-time Never participate in dumb, def and blind shit Plus I got my little man, so daily I'm reminded The ride only gets rougher (right) But I'll be damned if me and my niggas suffer Smuggle this motherucker with the raw shit, I'm blessed wit Lookin at the world, burned for the young and the desperate Showed heart, but got cardiac arrested More than a nigga with an image and a press kit The wreck hits, creates desert land, desolate The whole intent to rock the shit, keep the herb lit [Chorus: Xzibit (Defari)] Handle your business before your business handles you Mister X to the Z (and Defari Herut), one two (Remain true, regardless what we go through) Yeah, handle your business so you can stand on your on two [*repeat*] [Defari Herut] Everyday I puts in down in LA, hustle in this Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck We blaze shows, never no Half Step Tactics, B-Boys, no games no antics No false images, no bullshit semantics We planned this, for hundred of thousands Reignin/Rainin on they brains with lyrics, from the mountains Don't contemplate what you can't even demostrate Defari lottery draftpick, never the second rate Nigga who wanna hate but front like its all great I gots no time for these emotional niggas, I gots to motivate Moves to make, best rhyme straight That's for the old school, this here's our year, it's time to elevate Handle this, don't hesitate got money to make Push maximum levels from the Golden State [Chorus] [Defari Herut] This combination's high calibre Hatians stay amazed and confused like this was algebra I'm scoutin the, best land for property Never sloppily, picture someone stoppin me From gettin mine, line after line And you wonder why I call these fake niggas Miller they think they Genuine; I'm startin to shine, imported Italian With a custom made Herut charm as my medallion [Xzibit] Seem like, I recite the same prayer every night Watch my folks, make sure my dogs stay tight And fully prepared to gunfight in broad daylight Till then, lick it to the chin, let it begin We could break bread or break skin; and watch me send it Try not to break the law, sometimes I gotta bend it And my directions, suggest for your own protection You motherfuckers keep it movin like an intersection [Chorus] Serious business [*scratched in background*] Fuck you, like that Mr. X to the Z, Defari Herut. Yeah, yeah right [3X] What, keep it movin like this y'all

We Did Dat

[Trae] We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat [Verse 1: Dum Dum] Ain't no cappin when I'm rappin I'm all bout dividends Pull up in a bigger Benz I know you feel adrenaline Don't be mad cause ya man made it Ya ain't dedicated If I'm speakin anotha language than let me translate it It was early in the mornin Repos got the Volvos Now I'm standin at my door Smokin them Marlboros Thinkin my lights be out tomorrow And I can't beg or borrow So if you ainb't from our side It's day one of that horror Now get in where I fit in Sit down and listen I hate startin from the bottom but hea go the new mission When I'm in too deep I don't believe my shit stank No if's, and's, or cant's to get back to my old rank Can I turn into a robber Cock back revolver Takin what you got Than I'm hittin for the border CD's, tapes, stereos Here we go Droppin 16 in the studio But ya don't hear me though [Chorus: Dum Dum and Trae] [Dum Dum] Overloaded Wells Fargo [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] 40,00 at the car show [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] Dope House Records is my studio [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] Houston Hard Hittas video [Trae] We did dat [Verse 2: Lil E aka Da Genius One] I think like McGiver jsu to figure things out I got these million dolla hands that'll outlast Boy Scouts Now when I'm gone off dat drank I move slower than molasses Smart like Urkel without the glasses Now undastand how da game go It's the same ol same ol Make the crowd dangle Than shine like a rainbow Take it there Bring it here Cause they ain't no damn stallin You put it down We pick it up cause together nigga we ballin We ballin all the time Grippin cnady Leavin stains My roof popped up Now my trunk doin the same And you ask why these bitches wanna ride wit me Cause I done did that Bently Street smarts is in me Da Genius baby I'm the nigga that approve yo credit I'm dat situation that get drastic if you let it So if you been there and done that We da niggas that did dat Bezatines and baggets Yellow hoes and flaggets [Chorus: Dum Dum and Trae] [Repeat 2x] [Verse 3:Trae] Speed racer be the name destroy the rap game Dividends and benjamins Constant flow on pocket change Got a nigga facin fame Smokin weedies to ease the pain Tuck yo shit in or get put to shame My whole click shine We bling and blang H-Town chop and swang Grab yo bitch she feel me maan She see a playa ballin givin thanks If you say I did dat than I did the same Huh What Yeah Dope House 2000 baby [Chorus 2: Dum Dum, Lil Papa, Trae] [Dum Dum] Lean harder than the Eiffel Tower [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] Flip the big bird and pop my coller [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] Now you know bout the Joel Cormona [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] We da shit Do you smell the aroma [Trae] We did dat [Lil Papa] Spittin game on tracks for stacks [Trae] We did dat [Lil Papa] Can't fold my wallet cause that bitch sittin fat [Trae] We did dat [Lil Papa] You want ya shorty you can have her back [Trae] We did dat [Lil Papa] Calm ya nerves and blow yaself a sack [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] 30,000 independently owned [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] Introduce blacks and whites to chromes [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] BBBBBBOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYY!!!! [Trae] We did dat [Dum Dum] MMMMEEESSAAGGEEE!!!! [Trae] We did dat ['we did dat' repeats til fade]

Same Block

Gangsta Boo "Both Worlds *69"
[Verse 1] If you buck then say so, push a nigga off With the quickness of my glock fo sheezy, blast a nigga off! Smoke you like you dro', fuck a sissy hoe, since you wanted to know Gangsta Boo ain't scared of you, I'll walk up to yo' fucking do' Na- Na- Na- Na- Na, you can't touch me silly trick What's the business bitch? I'm the lady of this Memphis shit Yes I got the hollow words, secret follow words, where the dollar words Crazy lady yeah, millionaires, sporting Cartiers Why don't you come around here, let me put you on some fuckin game You bitches be lame, dope game, my game hoe! Yes you, yes you bought, fuck what you haters be thinking or saying Yes you, yes you bought my CD anyway I'm a come on out, gold and diamonds in my fucking mouth What you talking 'bout? So so scandalous stay representin the South Riding on them thangs, tryna dodge you player haters man I'm a stay the same, fuck whoever talking 'bout I done changed [Chorus: 4X] I be at the same block, same hood Same house, same sto', same folks Looking good bitch, I ain't changed hoe! [Verse 2] Can I ask you something, what you bitches tryna prove? Acting like you buck, when really you look like a damn fool See me in the streets, you try to chief, and smoke all your weed I don't want that babby-jazzy shit, I don't speak seeds Nigga, nigga please I'm Miss Pimpin-Villain Gangsta Boo Fuckin with my niggas, paper chasing tryna get this loot I ain't tryna take no shit, or be labled as a duck Never will I go out like that, you got me fucked up! You bitches be talking that shit, do you think that you can handle me? Raised in B.H.Z., slash North Memphis Tennessee I don't think so, go and call yo' mother fucking crew I know where yo' mama stay, I'll send a bullet straight through Staying high, oh so, oh so high, I'm quick to lose my temper Bitch, smack you, stomp you down bitch, it be that simple You know that I be riding in fast cars, quick to hit the strip bar Sippin on some syrup (sippin on some si-zzurp) [Chorus] [Verse 3] Nigga come and take a ride, what you bitches know about? Fuck you bitches, stick a mother fucking gun in yo' mouth Hoes be hating cuz I made it rich, oohhh...lucky bitch! Been down and for years, I still remain untouchable bitch! Always be the one mean-mugging me, you groupie hoe Then after the show, you be the one on the flo' Why you mad at me cuz i chose to, chose to keep it real? Bitch get bout yo' cheese, stay about yo' hustle only for real Niggas wanna fuck when they see me on the B.E.T. Riding in my truck, I pop a flick up in the DVD Balling through Black Haven, deep as hell in that Suburban man You silly ass bitches, you wish you could see the shit that I be seeing man Still I stay the same, ghetto diva known as Gangsta Boo Undergroundin' clownin', upside downin', bitch I thought you knew Catch me on my corner burner undershirt, some heat If you got some questions, catch me in the mother-fucking streets (Bee-yotch!) [Repeat Chorus to end]

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