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Chimaira lyrics

Lend A Hand

Original and similar lyrics
You are god's most beautiful creation From the moment i set my eyes upon you I knew i wanted to be near To feel your arms wrap around me And to share myself with you Would be nothing but ecstasy Knowing you will make me whole again Then she said No I cried out to help you My friend who does nothing I watched you high i watched you low Never falling to far I am glad to have been here To help you get through her I know i didn't fulfill, but i helped somehow I'll take your pain Create with me Chim was a way for you to breathe I hope it was enough To help you through this war called love Take our hand Before you leave One more time, reaching our dreams We feel incomplete I know one day You'll solve that mystery And make them feel The way you did me Lend a hand, AE To you my friend

The Promise Of Agony

Dark Angel
(Hoglan) You tell me What will become of us? Are the lines so drawn and the stage so set That as we age what remains is burdened sufferance? My mortality looms, in its visage is doom And it's speaking to me alone The years will unfold but what is the use? In solitude I'm left to atone The sins of my past Are returning to gnaw at my core The scars I have left And those that have been left on me My purpose in life Is it unfair to assume I have one? I'm not fooling myself What now awaits is a nightmarish end What I'm saying, do you understand? Do you know what it's like to feel inadequate? And the future ahead has no place for you As if you ever thought it did Alone in my shell, if I come out I'll die I don't want to escape though I should No, just leave me alone, I don't want your help!! Yeah, if you could ease my pain you would (right!) No, you don't even know me! And your words of comfort fall upon deaf and frightened ears I lament my bitter fate Lachrymation upon examining my fears I've built a fortress around my soul, impregnable the door I refuse to admit you to my netherworld You're correct, I've absolved my self-control This spiraled course depression has me on Ag only!! I'm a study in despair Domineered by the promise of agony! And the happiness is bound And the hopelessness is found I'm in agony!! Can't you understand Despondency commands my agony!! And I'm waiting to die alone As I'm drowning in sea Of abused visions and shattered dreams A chilling descent into a phobic hell Insanity's blade performs it's correctional surgery Impending doom in this blackened room I can give this all away It's all so easy to capitulate Nothing is making me stay Retreating within And hiding behind my wall Dealing without There's no escape from this moribund state Awaiting deep sleep We don't care if I don't wake In darkness' hands Though terrified, I feel safe I don't fit into the scheme of things! These years as an outcast are quickly wearing thin My carefree days are a thing of the past And I welcome the fact that I'm coming to an end Melancholy, my bride, I devote unto thee My, breath, my mind and my soul As silence washes over me I've never been so tired, so cold Confusion seizes onto me! Manacled and beaten, chained up by its frozen vice This is killing me But my mind is set, and I'm too weak to fight Have you any idea what It's like to want to die? Then you will know from where I speak This winter in my soul This winter in my soul And I want to be left alone Yet again, I have no answers The confusion of my fate takes its toll Symbolically speaking, what's another life That lists ending itself as its one and only goal? I've examined my options and I see nothing in sight Is there an avenue I've yet to explore? As of now, I'm decided I have nothing to live for Defeated, alone Yet you laugh at the state that I'm in! I can't help what I am But you think this is all in my head I'm not asking for help But I want you to understand That I'm going away You guess if I'm coming back You wish I had a will to live? This condition I'm in didn't happen overnight I've hated myself for an eternity Now I finally feel that I'm doing something right As darkness descends I behold the candlemass I seek intimacy with death Again, you're correct, these feelings will pass When my memory is all you have left My life has metamorphosed Into a marriage of the twisted and macabre I'm sitting here now feeling the effects of my words Trying to see a reason why I should go on I have to wonder, do I still believe in God? 'Cause God no longer believes in me I lay myself down for my final peace I welcome death, my spirit is free And I'm pleading to die alone


Banton Buju
M. Myrie/C. Dodd Murderer! Blood is on your shoulders Kill I today you cannot kill I tommorow Murder! Your insides must be hollow How does it feel to take the life of another Yes, you can hide from man but not your conscience You eat the bread of sorrow Drink the wine of violence Allowed yourself to be conquered by the serpent Why did you disobey the first commandment Walk through the valley I fear no pestilence God is my witness and He is my evidence Lift up my eyes from wenth commeth help You will never escape this judgement Chorus I tell you, all men are created equal But behind the trigger its a different sequel Some are murdering people just to collect medals Stop commiting dirty acts for the high officials You could wash your hands until you cant wash no more Its like an epidemic and you won't find a cure Upper class you could be rich, middle class whether you are poor Only the righteous won't feel insecure Have you ever thought about your skill getting bored Chorus Drinking sulphur bitters wont be bitter like your end Only God can help you, no family or friend Don't let the curse be upon your children's children Abednigo, Shadreck, Meshek, Daniel in the den Jonah in the whale's belly, but he was never condemned Job with the leprosy, and he still reached heaven He will do for you everything He has done for them

The Leveller

Inkubus Sukkubus
He comes as a darkened knight Upon the raging storm And as an angel of love he reaps the harvest corn He comes as a leveller to make one and all the same His song on the western wind to deliver us from pain Take his hand For only he'll lead you on to the promised hand He is the only true friend of the poor Can you not see that only he can ever set you free He is the only true friend of the poor And all the kings and the queens and the generals Dread the gaze of his eyes But to the sick and the cold and the starving He's a blessing in disguise For his sweet kiss brings release And they shall suffer no more So they don't fear when he comes A-knock-knock-knocking on the door

Falling Out

Craig's Brother
I'm sure you're in a lot of pain, But it's supposed to feel this way I never did this to you Despite the beauty we create I just can't stand beneath your weight And I don't know what to do I'm sure you need a helping hand But you're stuck in sinking sand And you're pulling me in with you Look at the mess you drug me through Look at the pity you pursue I'm falling out with you Help me I'm falling out with you So make my instincts leave me be Cause I don't want to fight or flee But there's not much more you can take from me Despite the pleasure we invoke I'm so sick of being broke Will it hurt this much when I've broken free? Well I try But I can't understand Why I have to hold your hand Every step of the way, Day after day, you depend On my strength to pull you through But I'm just as weak as you Help me, I'm falling out with you

Just Friends

Only Human "Nothing I Can Do"
2. Just Friends Sitting on the beach, The night makes no speech. Just the waves break the silence, And the moon lights the darkness. So close still nothing to say, We're trying to find our way. To express that we feel, To know what is real, To know what is real. Walking hand by hand, And wondering where we stand. Watching a falling star, Reminds us who we are. Soon the sun will rise, A new day will come And we'll still be just friends, Just holding hands. And each time we think We feel each other's pain, It's like the same blood running through our veins. And my mind is free When you are with me. This is the way it should be, This is the way it should be, This is the way it should be.

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