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CHICAGO lyrics - Stone of Sisyphus

Cry For The Lost

Original and similar lyrics
Something I forgot that I used to know keeps on coming back around. Somewhere in the dark right before the dawn like a light from down the hall. Suddenly some old familiar music songs I know I've never heard before. I gotta play along I can't refuse it I hear the call. We've all been so proud of our blindness no kindness to share I used to cry for the lost until I had to turn away. Then I looked inside, past the fool, and found some deeper words to say to bring us together. We can make it better We can make it right. We hide behind the veil of our own success, while we're following the rules. Our eyes refuse to see past our little hands to the never changing truth. Freedom needs to speak a little louder, justice needs to try her other arm. Some of us could push a little harder to sound the alarm. And I see children marching And I hear the drums again I used to cry for the lost until I had to turn away. Then I looked inside, past the fool, and found some deeper words to say. If we hope and pray, it will come, give it half a chance. Everyone, understand in our hearts and our mind, you know there's nothing left to hide, we're already there. I used to cry. Cry for the lost I was walking away. I used to try to find a reason. Then I looked inside, I used to mind everytime I was walking away, I gotta find what I'm feeling to bring us together. repeat chorus

I'd Just Be With You

JULIANNE HOUGH "Julianne Hough"
We could spend the day maybe melt away On some romantic coast, out in the tropics Oh baby, we could disappear Wintertime is almost here You'll stay warm with your hands inside my pockets [Chorus:] Nobody says we've gotta stick around Sometimes you've gotta look inside And find your own way out Somewhere you'll find an answer you can use But if it were me, I'd just be with you You find it hard to sleep You fight the dark and try to keep some distant light To hold it all together Turning circles on your Ferris wheel Aren't you tired of climbing that hill? I could be the rain falling in your desert [Repeat Chorus] Oh baby, we could run away Search the world for a better place But me, I'll always wanna stay with you [Repeat Chorus] Oh, if it was me, I'd just be with you

Low Self Opinion

Henry Rollins "The End of Silence"
I think you got a low self opinion man I see you standing all by yourself Unable to express the pain of your distress You withdraw deeper inside You alienate yourself And everybody else They wonder what's on your mind They got so tired of you And your self ridicule They wrote you off and left you behind You sleep alone at night You never wonder why All this bitterness wells up inside you You always victimize So you can criticize yourself And all those around you The hatred you project Does nothing to protect you You leave yourself so exposed You want to open up When someone says Lighten up You find all your doors closed Get yourself a break from self rejection Try some introspection And you just might find It's not so bad and anyway At the end of the day All you have is yourself and your mind The self hatred that blinds you Binds you grinds you keeps you down The world falls down around you You build up walls around you You wear disgust like a crown If you could see the you that I see When I see you seeing me You'd see yourself so differently Believe me I know the self doubt that runs inside your mind I know the self that treats you so unkind If you could see the you that I see When I see you You would see things differently I assure you

Ladies And Gentlemen

I know our time is precious So I’m hoping this’ll last I keep runnin’ towards my future Can’t focus on the past But this reminds me Of the first rhyme I ever wrote for you Here’s what I hope to do Make every line a quotable Thats just me Being overly ambitious I do this for the people Not the bloggers or the critics Wait could it be Maybe I’m just in denial Been cravin’ for attention Ever since I was a child Is it really a surprise I feed off of your adoration When I step on stage I’m just seekin’ validation This type of transparency is Quite new to me Never felt free enough to Speak truthfully Learnin’ how to live And I’m no longer Stressin’ fam Life is a teacher But don’t expect no lesson plans This is for the Dreamers the thinkers The believers The lost and confused The followers The leaders Yeah They say you only get one shot To make a first impression Thats why I’m twice as grateful When I think of all my blessings Great company Great minds Great times Wouldn’t trade it for the world If you need it take mines See the big picture I’m just here to play my part You are now watching history unfoldin’ In the arche Many have tried Many have failed Full steam ahead Only to see their dream derailed As for me Ain’t no telling if that ship has sailed I’m alive and well The details of my Of my tale There’s joy And there’s pain Victory and defeat What I lost What I gained The bitter with the sweet Feel free to stay a while Take a tour inside my mind Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to XIV:LIX Feel free to stay a while Take a tour inside my mind And I present to you XIV:LIX


JOHN MAYER "Inside Wants Out"
Midnight Lock all the doors And turn out the lights Feels like the end of the world This Sunday night There's not a sound Outside the snow's coming down And somehow I can't seem to find The quiet inside my mind 3:02 The space in this room Has turned on me And all my fears have cornered me here Me and my TV screen The volume's down Blue lights are dancing around And still, I can't seem to find The quiet inside my mind Daylight is climbing the walls Cars start and feet walk the halls The world awakes and now I am safe At least by the light of day

Lost Ya'll Mind

Ali Kilo "Organized Bass"
[chorus] Lost Y'all Mind Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (Oh Lord) Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (Oh God) And it made me cry, cry, cry (4x) Alright, once again it's me Kilo-Ali with positivity ?? so you got to hustle Drug dealers ain't nothin but trouble Do the crime, you gotta pay the price What you gonna tell Jesus Christ He don't smoke, and he don't get high Where ?? after they die Cause it's a sin to sell Brother you can go to jail, you can go to hell What about a brother be thinking he a pimp though When he calls our mother a pimp hoe Or his cousin, or his sister, or his auntie Boy, you better learn to love the ladies I think your slippin But you think your pimp, pimp, pimpin For a nickle and a dime, some uh y'all lost y'all mind(2x) Chorus (4x) Since i made White Horse they think I hate white folks Oh man thats gotta be a white joke It ain't what I done to my country It's what my country's done to me Red, white and blue the flag again I'll burn it, black American I gotta stand up for myself Brother give me freedom or give me death When I rap for the blacks White folks don't like to hear me talk like that Black cop will lock me up faster He'll be uncle tommy for master, And I'm looking for a brother He called me a black mother (sigh) So I looked him in his eyes And he made me cry, cry, cry I know you gotta make you a livin But why you gotta hurt my feelings For a nickle and a dime Some uh y'all lost y'all mind (2x) Chorus (4x) See the world is a zoo And if you live in the world i'm talking about you You try to touch somebody's hand They just run a better place And if you can See, all we need to do is keep the love in our hearts We all survive Without Godwe have nothing And with God we have everything Yes, that's why I always say I say Money and clothes and beamers and bowls I'd rather go to heaven then any of those (5x)

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