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CHICAGO lyrics

Only Love

Original and similar lyrics
(Cetera Peter) One more sad tomorrow And I'm not very good At hiding my sorrow It's not the same without you So alone and so afraid I thought we had it made What about us What about the way We were so in love When we were together I thought you'd never leave Now I know this time you're gone, forever (CHORUS) Only love can break your heart Fill you with desire And tear you all apart Only love can make you cry Only love knows why One more night without you I'm just trying to pretend That you're coming back again You know I never meant to doubt you (Oh no ..) We were young and we were free Now I can't believe this could happen to me What about us What about the way We were so in love When we were together I thought you'd never leave Now I know this time you're gone, forever (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Tell me who will I turn to When I get in trouble Oh babe I don't want you to go Tell me who can I turn to When I get in trouble Baby please don't leave me Can't you see you must believe me (CHORUS) What

I Meant To Do That

A rose in a box, wrapped up in dreams A card that explains how much your love means A table for two with soft candlelight The words I love you, somewhere in the night CHORUS I meant to do that Does that mean a thing If you wanted songs Then I meant to sing I'd give you the world If you'd give mine back What I didn't do I meant to do that Late in the night, nothing to say Maybe a call to talk anyway A letter or two with some words that rhyme To promise you love, for now and all time CHORUS Hold onto the love you gave until the end of time And love you more everyday, until you know that CHORUS

Starting Over

CHER "Heart Of Stone"
Spent a lifetime Finally found someone Gave him all that I had In love till the dream was gone I was losing myself Out in the darkness alone But the night made me strong And I learned to let go Time mends a heart You turn the page somehow Oh, there's no looking back The hurt is behind you now CHORUS: Starting over again From the second time around Coming back to win Starting over again Take the first step And let it begin Starting over, starting over Memories haunt you Feelings you won't forget Learn to live a lesson in love Walk away without regrets We'll never deny Feelings your heart demands Ah, find your way out Just when you reach the end Starting over again No one's gonna count you out When the heat is on Starting over again Gotta come back and turn it around Starting over Take another look inside Where you always have a fight Never dream of giving up, never No looking back Chorus

Fly To Heaven

This song is not a BAckstreet song, althought Howie sings it with his sister. I think it's important to say that Yesterday is now a memory Just a picture on the wall Of a life I once shared with you Someone who listened when I called (Bridge) So many things I should have said to you I had the chance and let it slip away If I could fly to heaven (if I could fly up) Just to see you one more time (just to see you one more time) I'd fly all the way to heaven (to heaven) Just to say that I love you The last three words you said to me I love you Remain an echo in my mind (remain an echo in my mind) Never imagined that you'd leave so soon I will miss you sweet Caroline (Bridge) (Chorus) If I could fly to heaven (vuelvo a cielo) Just to see you one more time (quiero verte otra vez) I'd fly all the way to heaven (directo al cielo) Just to say that I love you (Angel de la guardia) Now I lay me down to sleep (Dulce compania) I pray my heart and soul I'll keep (No me desampares) And if I should die before I wake (Ni de noche, ni de dia) In your arms my soul you'll take (Chorus) Te Amo (Chorus 2 x's) (This song is in the album of Pollyanna. written by Howie D and Pollyanna Dorough)

A Little More Love

(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris) Measure for measure Your love's so much pleasure Like a haunting melody It came inside and captured me And I'm so happy You're the rhythm of my life You and I together will stand the test of time (You know how to love me) Give me more love, give me more time I can't understand it Maybe you've found someone new Tell me what did I do wrong What did I do Looking into your eyes now I don't see the love we had I don't see compassion I don't see anything (Chorus) Give me just a little more love Some more to tide me over Give me just a little more passion Give me just a little more love And a little more time I don't see the reason Why you should be so unfair But I have seen it coming Seen it hanging in the air Baby when you hold me You don't touch me like you did But still I want you by my side Baby I'll do anything (Chorus) I can see you're slipping away from me But I still feel the magic sometimes When we touch You and me, it has to be 'Cos baby without you I don't think that I can carry on (Chorus x 4 and fade)


[Verse 1] Lying alone in my room Don't know what I'm gonna do Trying to figure out If this is it, this time Just can't stop thinking About the way you make me feel inside I just can't get you off my mind No matter how hard I try [Chorus:] Could you be the one for me Could we dance the night away I wanna give you everything Though I don't have much Could you fall in love with me Could you love me the rest of my life Could you forever be The one for me, this time [Verse 2] I walk around in a daze The ice is melting from my heart Can I ever know if you feel the same Are you the sunshine that's begging me Come in from the rain Or have you come into my life To turn around and take your love away [Chorus] [Bridge:] When I look into your eyes (Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh) They tell me that you're mine but I keep asking myself [Chorus] Could you forever be The one for me This time

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