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CHICAGO lyrics - Chicago XVIII

I Believe

Original and similar lyrics
I used to be the first one to cry So afraid of a lonely tomorrow. Heartache was all that I had To call my own- so all alone. You came along and gave to my life Something more than the pain and the sorrow. Now that you're with me, we'll never be alone, In love, in love. CHORUS: I believe In the love that you gave, I believe In the life that you saved, I believe how you make me feel Today I believe in you Night after night, I waited alone For something deeper than yesterday's feelings. Never believing that love would ever come To me- oh no. Then there was you, and out of the blue, Once a heart that was broken was healing. Love is the reason we'll never be alone, Oh no- oh no CHORUS I still believe, Believe in something right. 'Cause I love you for believing in me. I believe in you. CHORUS

Adam Eve

EMILIA "Big Big World"
When he touches you Heaven opens up It feels like magic and you don't want it to stop The need goes on and on forever Until he is gone The one that you hold close you treat with grat respect Give me all your love And I will give you so much back But trust can hurt so bad If you let me down Chorus: I thought that you and me that we were Adam and Eve Together as one, joined for ever I thought that you and me That we were Adam Eve Felt that you were the one But I was wrongso wrong, so wrong Like a loving friend He gave me life and joy That's why I opened up in body, mind and soul But with a lie he ruined all A lie called love Chorus. Bridge: Take my hand, take my soul Take my whole life 'cause I don't need it, no, no You might as well take it all Just take it all 'cause I want it, no, no

You Lift Me Up

Racheal Lampa "Live For You"
Climbing on a cloud, dancing on a daydream I don't have a doubt just how good this life can be You lift me up Running in the rain, singing in the sunshine Telling all the world why I'm so in love with life You lift me up You lift me up, And I'm touching the blue sky You lift me up, I'm on top of the world You lift me up, I'm getting closer to heaven In every little thing I love You lift me up Headed for the stars, riding on a moonbeam Taking me so far, farther than I've ever been You lift me up repeat chorus And it's so crystal clear I'm in love All I'll ever want All I'll ever need is right here repeat chorus

Every Woman In The World

AIR SUPPLY "Lost In Love"
Over night scenes, dinner and wine Saturday girls I was never in love, never had the time In my hustle and hurry world Laughing myself to sleep, waking up lonely I needed someone to hold me, oh It's such a crazy old town, it can bring you down Till you run out of dreams So you party all night to the music and lights But you don't know what happiness means I was dancin' in the dark with strangers No love around me, when suddenly you found me, oh (Chorus) Girl you're ev'ry woman in the world to me You're my fantasy, you're my reality Girl you're ev'ry woman in the world to me You're ev'rything I need You're ev'rything to me, oh girl Ev'rything good, ev'rything fine That's what you are So put your hand in mine and together We'll climb as high as the highest star I'm living a lifetime in ev'ry minute that we're together And I'm stayin' right here forever oh (Repeat Chorus)

Come Into My Life

EMILIA "Big Big World"
Love is a feeling That can make you blind You've got all this love inside And it makes you warm Will you believe me Not put me aside For every day that passes You mean more to me Chorus: Come into my life right now And I'll make you complete There is no one else I'm for you entirely Come into my life right now Let me touch up your day There is no one else I'm for you entirely, entirely Can you forgive me For my empty words Now I will be a queen And you'll lay down your sword Tell me you see me With your big blue eyes See the woman in me now That cherish you so Chorus Bridge: And I will stand by you Forever more I'll be right there, oh yes I'll be right there, I will I'll be right there for you

Fly By Night

RUSH "Disc 1"
Why try? I know why The feeling inside me says it's time I was gone Clear head, new life ahead I want to be king now not just one more pawn Chorus Fly by night, away from here Change my life again Fly by night, goodbye my dear My ship isn't coming and I just can't pretend Moon rise, thoughtful eyes Staring back at me from the window beside No fright or hindsight Leaving behind that empty feeling inside Chorus Start a new chapter Find what I'm after It's changing every day The change of a season Is enough of a reason To want to get away Quiet and pensive My thoughts apprehensive The hours drift away Leaving my homeland Playing a lone hand My life begins today Chorus

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