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CHICAGO lyrics - Chicago XVII

We Can Stop The Hurting

Original and similar lyrics
What has happened to our town There's people sleeping on the ground Cold and lost, they fear the night Left alone, they'll lose the fight Hadn't we better reach for more than just a dime Shouldn't we try to talk that boy out of his crime Haven't you had it knowing nothing's getting solved Maybe we'd better, better get involved Chorus: We could stop the hurtin' for awhile We could stop the hurtin' for awhile If we found a way to reconcile We could stop the hurtin' Families livin' in their cars and kids run numbers out of bars Knowing pride won't pay the bills, men work jobs beneath their skills Hadn't we better hand out more than just a line Shouldn't we try to find solutions with our minds Haven't you had it knowing nothing's getting solved Maybe we'd better, better get involved Chorus

Better Days

It's a heart attack a minute In this life down here on earth We're all stranded right here in it Wondering what it's worth There are always threads of trouble In this tangled web we weave But tomorrow may just be ok See here's what I believe (Chorus) Better days are on the way my friend Just a ways on down the line I believe that just around the bend Everything's gonna be fine Better days are just a dream right now It's like all you do is pray But the world keeps turning Bringing us better days Well the storms won't stop descending And the rain won't cease to fall And there ain't no use pretending Cause it's bound to find us all Well it's easy to get hopeless And drive yourself insane But before you stop and set up shop In the middle of the pain Remember (Repeat Chorus) I know you've heard all the platitudes About attitudes and positive thinking But time just keep marching on So just hold, on this too will pass I know you'll see your face in a smile again (Repeat Chorus X 2) I believe in better days

You Crack Me Up

Huey Lewis and The News "Sports"
Oh my god, I can't believe my eyes Underneath that ghostly pale is that you Someone in your shape shouldn't be driving Someone in your shape shouldn't be doing anything at all You should see yourself in the mirror With your leather lips and your snakeskin shoes Do you have to shout in my ear Do me a favor, just stop talking for a minute or two You crack me up, you really really do With your sunglasses on, acting so young Only I know what you're really up to You break me up No, I don't want to sit in your sports car No, I don't want to hear a tune All the locals say you'll go far That's funny; they don't know you like I do You crack me up you twisted wreck Shouding in the parking lot, think you'll give it one more shot Better hope they'll cash a check You break me up You better ask yourself a question Cause you cant live like this for long You better listen to my suggestion Before you wind up in somebody else's song

Better Than This

Edwin "Another Spin Around the Sun"
She tripped on her words again She stopped trying to make sense By laughing at me I feel sorry for her she doesn't know better I ask her to stay away She tries to say something intelligent to me (chorus) Any place would be better than this all hurts hanging like a specialty fish Never been born you don't even exsist Trade in your days to the night to find the light comes through and haunts your brain So you walk on water to save your soul again last night couldn't turn away your dogs who bite Hey i i must rise to face you shakin all over the world tonight and i'm stuck in this room (chorus) say i save a second to fly over the moon tonight you profit from the pain if it feels right hey i i'm waiting to come why don't you take somebody home and take it from me you know (chorus) Feeling too good for the mood for i know there's a goodbye coming me all the time

Fish 'n' Chip Paper

When Sunday morning dandruff turns out to be confetti And the cost of living in sin would make a poor man out of Paul Getty The girl in your dreams would have you up on an under age charge And the man of the moment is the lifer at large Chorus: If you've got something to hide, if you've got something to sell If you've got somebody's pride she might kiss and tell Or wind up with a fight fan in the Hammersmith Hotel You better speak up now if you want your piece You better speak up now It won't mean a thing later Yesterday's news is tomorrow's fish and chip paper Your girl says she's leaving and this time she really means it You can just look at the pictures, you don't actually have to read it Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh There's a man in the launderette and he's looking through your underwear for clues And the milkman is working through the News of the Screws He says... Chorus

Big Shots (G-unit Diss)

JOE BUDDEN "Mixtape Kings"
its that on-top music!.. (Chorus)(Big Shot) ..Yea Yea its cha boy boy listen to'em I think finally the steroids is gettin to'em or maybe if people believe in all his hard raps, or maybe its the tangtops with the bra straps maybe he's really believen he's a heathen like the dude he stole his name from, dude ain't the same none nothin's hard body about'em, he's like pudding, so here we are beat the floor it's dwight goodman so i can sit and wait while ya team gets soft, or i can go get u picked, no screens involved I can get you offed for a clip no fiens involved, or we can take it one further and get Queens involved Where they no he went to jail, never over a banger He went to boot camp, not to pop wit the gangsters sorta like Yayo who staid in D.C. and you can ask anybody up in J.D.C. so i guess he's a tough guy now that he's free, but doin that kind of jail time is easy but it's not beneath me, really i gives a fuck I can put the whole unit on the next flip and tuck, BUT! If he keep his dudes in check, I keep it real wit'em punch Banks in the face if he still wit'em i don't worry bout puttin the clips in the 40 (why?) pistol whip Lloyd when Fifty'll do it for me (chorus) Far as the kid Game, he's lame lets say the least Mad he's from the west so he converted to the East Always talkin about him n' his mans that'll blast pounds but when you see him, he's just dancin in the background I tore Game apart, i thought by now the asshole would have a change of heart Especially since i got the tape, but it's gangster on 'change of heart' Teary eyed cause his shorti had a change of heart, But i smell somethin fishy theirs a con in the air slacks, his tongue peirced, streaks blonde in his hair Who's he playin wit? Keep sayin shit and ya body'll take the same tour Regan's did Still tryin to get a buzz, embarrased, the kids hurtin Reachin, he's losin his head, he's Nick Birdman And as far as Banks and Buck i'm done discussin'em I only beef wit niggas who own publishin Curtis your a bum and your almost done Same artist that you were dissin, is exactly what you've become Saw'em at Summer Jam and all he did was stare Walk off stage and all you heard was 'Geah!' (They through the chairs at'em!) Dont be seen no more, he's a Queen no more and he can't even step foot in Queens no more Sellin his soul, Banks I hope your proud of your father Now we all see the 'Power of a Dollar' (Chorus) ..fade out with quarter drop..

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