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Cherry Poppin' Daddies lyrics - Ferociously Stoned

You Better Move

Original and similar lyrics
I learned the lessons of survival of a rival When l'ze ten years old I was so bony that I had to get the lead out He made a muscle and I realized You're Doomed It's a piss poor pair of legs that let's its ass get kicked You better move You better find out something better to do People dig the peace sign With the one finger But it's not the one that You use to pull the trigger I don't think you're funny Kissin' ass for money Ten pins up your colon and my bowlin' ball is rollin' I almost chilled in my jammies when he said Your hair is red white and blue Reached in my pocket and I offered up a peace pipe This man would not oblige and not listen to reason Feet don't fail me now because it's freak hunting season You better move You better find out something better to do Like Michael Jackson say you gotta beat it Homeboys big yeah give him the slip That big dummies lust not worth a shit High step stepchild this ain't heaven I'm small and poor but I refuse to lose I'm one of 13 kids my hair is red white and blue I been runnin' all my life I sharpened my wit Now it cuts like a knife You better move You better find out something better to do Stop crying in yo' coffee fool You got sneakers baby make 'em move You got soul and you're super bad They're all alike and they're sappy and sad Don't let 'em cross you up Don't let 'em put you in jail You're not a garbage dump You're not a garbage pail You got a right to feel alone


FAITHLESS "Reverence"
Watch me ride... Take the words and the bass, Taste, and then swallow me, You're chasing the devil Cos you're level if you follow me For quality, and I make no apology For linking my thinking with computer technology. Cos this is like a modern day hymn For the new church, I search for the truth, I've got a hole in my tooth, I'm uncouth, yes sir, I'm from the street university Where we learn to earn even in times of adversity. And I will find it a easy when you're out a hard time, Petite crime sometimes, But now I'm inclined to find A fresh direction, kiss me neck, Check out the funky section. Cos this is the part where I start to rip up words, A comfort coming straight from my heart, I'm not a mystic, My views are realistic, simplistic, One special brew I get pissed quick, And get sick so I don't do it no more, I won't find peace of mind Rolling around on the floor. The point I want to make, The mistake is to take without giving, From within, You know how I'm living, I'm cool, I'm looking after myself, And I could never place wealth before my spirit, I feel it's unhealthy, The devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy 'Till you get bold, rush the gold, And before you're much older, You're soul is sold, where's it getting ya, Competition starts swearing ya, Gold-diggers setting you up, Soon be forgetting your existence, Do you need a for instance, I have to admire your persistence In sticking to a game plan, That brings you pain man, And at the end of the day nothing is gained, So listen to the voice within, I'll see ya later, Pay heed to the Grand Oral Disseminator. Quite still you feel there's nothing going on until you realize the space behind your eyes is filling up with something like peace as your thoughts cease some pleasure grows in your soul. I aint a Christian Sometimes I feel like diss'in em But listen I'm just trying to tell you what I know if you would once relax, chill to the max these words on wax will cause sweet bells to ring in your soul. If I say God is alive I know you'll want to know why babies die, food don't grow. Why? Trains smash, plans crash, situation mash and slam bam your fellow man - money's in fashion it aint rational, because dammit, he didn't just give us the planet and its wealth, inside your soul he left a piece of himself, his voice is small I keep lying and trying, Denying the call from inside You can't hide responsibility So decide from today just who it's going to be, Thou shalt have no other God but me, So set you free see, But you'll have to listen, And who's that false idol I see you kissing? Money, success and untold wealth, good health And all you have to do is love yourself. It's a fact you'll attract all the things that you lack, So just chill And get off the race track And take a pace back, face facts, It's your decision, You don't need eyes to see, You need vision, Continue to view the lord as being separated And you'll be living a lie that's being perpetrated, For many centuries, I'm on a mission I want to mention these facts, These facts in my rap, I don't sing, But I want to share the peace that they bring, My name is G.O.D. The Grand Oral Disseminator.

Amy In The White Coat

you take your clothes off right after school the tv's on the flame is blue and you hope it won't take all afternoon the tv's waiting to talk to you it's your naked body on white valour but there's no feeling, just weight on you but you get nauseous now, as he speaks to you such proper language, for acts so cruel he says we all follow the rules we can't go and break them now can we? for you... your older sisters, i had them too but you're my favorite, you know its true you look like your mother, in that thin disguise your parting mouth, your shining eyes and the way that you hate me and the length of your hair it's the reason i make you it's the bond that we share 'cause you were all turned to indoors you could easily go and make your own life somewhere couldn't you...? with the sun beams bright but you keep your eyes shut with the alarm clock lies get to school on time but you're a bag of warm fluid or you're the coarse in the class you walk near to your locker you lay so low in the grass did you get that coat from the principal? did you get that bruise on the bus? you should wash your hair more you should look more like us but i saw you walking once, under powder blue skies you look cold still, your collar was high and i tried to talk to you, but you walked right by i don't know which i said then...hello or goodbye? well we're all trying to be pure but it isn't a very easy thing now is it? to do...isn't it?

Holla At Me

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(Niggas out there jelous cuz we be bailin' with Death Row They try to playa hate but they can't fade us tho' We be mobbin' through tha neigborhood Yeah with that funky sound *so funky* we be throwin' down) This goes out to you playa you know who you are [Chorus: repeat 3X] Gotta be carefull, can't let tha evil of tha money trap me So when ya see me nigga Ya better Holla at me [Verse One: 2Pac] Are you confused ? You wonder how it feels to walk a mile inside tha shoes of a nigga who don't have a thing to loose When me and you was homies no one informed me it was all a scheme You infiltrated my team and sold a niggas dreams how could you do me like that ? I took ya family in I put some cash in ya pocket made you a man again and now you let tha fear put your ass in a place complicated to escape It's a fools fate without your word your a shell of a man I lost respect for you nigga we can never be friends I know i'm runnin' through your head now what could you do ? If it was up to you i'd be dead now I let tha world know nigga you a coward You could never be live until you die see tha mothafucken bitch in your eye Type of Nigga, that let tha evil of tha money trap me when ya see me nigga ya better holla at me (holla at me) can't let tha evil of tha money trap me So when ya see me nigga Ya better Holla at me [Chorus: 2Pac] (You better beware where you lay We better not find where you stay) So I gotta be carefull, can't let tha evil of tha money trap me so when ya see me nigga ya better holla at me (You better beware where you lay We better not find where you stay) [Verse Two: 2Pac] courious spittin' lyrics on tha verge of furious i'm addicted to currency nigga that's why we're doin this I got shot up, I surprised tha niggas tha way I got up and then I hit the studio It's time to blow tha block up No hesitation this information got you contemplatin' heartbreakin' and eliminatin' with this conversation break him and let him see tha face of a mental patient it's a celebration of my criminal elevation with the participation I want members across tha fifty states to keep tha nation anticipatin' until we break will I be great, is it my fate ? to live tha life of luxury some niggas bought my tapes so much jelousy it scares me so be prepared cause only tha strong survive life isn't fair (fair) probably never knew tha way it feels to die so you figure fuck with me I give that ass a try Nigga, Holla at me [Chorus] (You better beware where you lay We better not find where you stay) (Ohhhhhh....) [Verse Three: 2Pac] I shoulda saw tha signs I was blinded criminal minds of a young black brotha doin' time so many brothas framed in this dirty game it's a shame so much pressure on my brain while she blame me Secrets in tha dark only her and I know now i'm sitten' in tha state pen doin time for slow guess she made a bad decision that got me livin' just like an animal i'm caged up in state prison my niggas dissin' cause hell have no fury like a woman scorn A cemetary full of mothafuckers got not knowin' picture my prophecy tha cops are attacking me, on top of me i'm runnin' from tha coppers but never let'em stop me cause i'm a soulja hell, ever since I was a little nigga havin' fantasies of one day getting older Niggas is paranoid trust a no no love is a mystery Fuck tha po po, Holla at me..... So when you see me nigga you better holla at me.... [Chorus] (You better beware where you lay We better not find where you stay) (Niggas out there jelous cuz we be bailin' with Death Row They try to playa hate but they can't fade us tho' We be mobbin' through tha neigborhood Yeah with that funky sound (so funky) we be throwin' down) [Chorus] (You better beware where you lay We better not find where you stay) (Ohhhhhhhh, heeeeyyy, ohhhhh nooo noooo noooooo)


MADONNA "I'm Breathless"
Once upon a time I had plenty of nothing, Which was fine with me. Because I had rhythm, music, love, The sun, the stars and the moon above, Had the clear blue sky and the deep blue sea. That was when the best things in life were free. Then time went by and now I got plenty of plenty, Which is fine with me. 'Cause I still got love, I still got rhythm, But look at what I got to go with 'em. Who could ask for anything more , I hear you query. Who would ask for anything more Well, let me tell you, dearie. Got my diamonds, got my yacht, got a guy I adore. I'm so happy with what I got, I want more! Count your blessings, one, two, three I just hate keeping score. Any number is fine with me As long as it's more As long as it's more! I'm no mathematician, all I know is addition I find counting a bore. Keep the number mounting, your accountant does the counting. [More! More!] I got rhythm, music too, just as much as before Got my guy and my sky of blue, Now, however, I own the view. More is better than nothing, true But nothing's better than more, more, more Nothing's better than more. One is fun, why not two And if you like two, you might as well have four, And if you like four, why not a few Why not a slew [More! More!] If you've got a little, why not a lot Add and bit and it'll get to be an oodle. Every jot and tittle adds to the pot Soon you've got the kit as well as the caboodle. [More! More!] Never say when, never stop at plenty, If it's gonna rain, let it pour. Happy with ten, happier with twenty If you like a penny, wouldn't you like many much more Or does that sound too greedy That's not greed, no, indeedy That's just stocking the store Gotta fill your cupboard, remember Mother Hubbard. [More! More!] Each possession you possess Helps your spirits to soar. That's what's soothing about excess Never settle for something less. Something's better than nothing, yes! But nothing's better than more, more more [Except all, all, all] Except all, all, all Except once you have it all [have it all] You may find all else above [find all else above] That though things are bliss, There's one thing you miss, and that's More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More! More!

Soul On Ice

Me'Shell Ndegeocello "Adam (Instrumental)"
We've been indoctrinated and convinced by the white racist standard of beauty The overwhelming popularity of seeing, better off being, and looking white My brothers attempt to defy the white man's law and his system of values Defiles his white woman, but my mum, Master's in the slave house again Visions of her virginal white beauty Dancin'in your head Your soul's on ice Your soul's on ice Brother brother Are you suffering from a social infection mis-direction Excuse me does the white woman go better with the brooks Brothers suit? I have psychotic dreams Your jism in a white chalk line You let my sister go by Used to be customary to bow one's eyes at the sight of a white face konks and fade Creams sad passion deferred dreams I am a reflection of you Black and blue pure as the tears of coal-colored children crying for acceptance You can't run from yourself She's just an illusion Black love anthems play behind white-skinned affection New Birth stereophonic spanish fly let her cry. But you no longer burn for the motherland brown skin You want blond-haired, blue-eyed soul Snow white passion without the hot comb

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