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CHARLOTTE CHURCH lyrics - Voice Of An Angel


Original and similar lyrics
Pan fyddair'r nos yn olau A llwch y ffordd yn wyn A'r bont yn wag sy'n croesi'r dwr Difwstwr ym Mhen Llyn Y tylluanod yn eu tro Glywid o lwyncoed Cwm y Glo Pan siglari'r hwyaid gwylltion Wrth angor dan y lloer A Llyn y Efridd ar Ffridd y Llyn Trostynt yn chwipio'n oer Lleisio'n ddidostur wnaent i ru Y gwynt o Goed y Mynydd Du Pan lithrai gloyw ddwr Glaslyn I'r gwyll, fel cledd i'r wain Pan gochai pell ffenestri'r plas Rhwny briglas lwyni'r brain Pan gaeal syrthni safnau'r cwn Nosai Ynys for yn eu swn A phan dywlla'r cread Wedi'i wallgofddydd maith A dyfod gosteg diystwr Pob gweithiwr a phob gwaith Ni bydd eu Lladin ar fy llw Na llon na lieddf Tw-whit, Tw-hw. When night was lit by moon-glow And dustly roads lay white The empty bridge bestrode the stream O'er water's gleam so bright The owls were heard, each one in turn From Cwm y Glo across the burn When wild ducks swayed at anchor Beneath the moonbeams bold When moaning wind it's woe did sing Whipping the wavelets cold Pitiless was their hooting then From Myndd du across the glen When gleaming Glaslyn glided Through dusk, like sword to sheath When distant mansion's windows glowed Through shadowed woodland's wreath When sullen silence woodland's wreath Ynysfor's night to their sounds And when the worlds shall darken Ended their frantic day And when the stealthy stillness minds All mankind's work and play Still shall their Latin sound, 'its true Nor glad nor sad, Tu shit, tu whool

Death Trap

Gravediggaz "Six Feet Deep"
Intro: Masta Ase The Masta, the Ase-Inc Lost is the ghetto dweller trapped in a cage There's no way out of the death trap Chorus: Gatekeeper You can't come back [back] no matter what you do when you fall in a death trap You can't come back [back] no matter what you do when you fall Verse One: Gatekeeper Time and time again life's getting shorter Fear in the air what appears is the border A nigga named Stef, was shootin up meth with some coke, had a stroke, so I chilled for his death Time has arrived, four-in-one mind All the sin steppin in on my face there's a grin Another dumb vic once moved now step Grabbed em by the wrist, come to the abyss Meet Katie, abortion was known with this lady A Ph.D. many degrees had Mercedes car She took it to a bar got lit Like a skunk got drunk, danced rather bumped Boom, she took the car to the nigga's pad She didn't want to kick it so the bitch got stabbed Wrong place and wrong time don't exist no more or for, according to the Gravedigga law So watch what you do 'fore a fool talks back and behold, riding on your shoulders a Death Trap Chorus Verse Two: Ryzarector This crab named Black, brother sell up crack And it's a natural fact, in his pockets he had stacks Bad ass beemer he drove, cause he sold his soul to get ahold of the chrome and gold True, he felt good as he walked his hood Bein hunted every night, like a bear in the woods See cops play the role of a fox if they catch your ass out on the block, ock it's back to the penalty box But Black was the type that was like Yo fuck the C-cipher I got to get papes, every night Trailed but you came for kills See cipher, ain't the only niggaz on the bill He had like a quarter mil stashed on him With the click, came through, and he blasted em So perhaps you're catchin mad snap like that nigga Black, smack, but you caught by the death trap Chorus - 2X Verse Three: Grym Reaper Bitch she had a body like a Lexus Coupe Her step-father, was robbin the cradle bangin the boots her heartbeat increased at night she couldn't sleep Daddy dearest, was bringin her grief between sheets Deep scars invaded her soul force and mind Six years of torture started at age nine At age sixteen already an old maid deceived, she was caught like Freddy in a bad dream Meanwhile her body is being defiled Tellin her mother, only brought a stage of denial Moms followed pops on the low-down led to a showdown, for a week shit slowed down But one night overcome by lust Father Dukes tried to score just one more thrust He should've held back the RZA got an axe Gave his dick forty whacks and threw his ass in the death.... [You can't come back]

Tamburitza Lingua

ANI DIFRANCO "Revelling / Reckoning"
A cold and porcelain lonely In an old New York hotel A stranger to a city That she used to know so well Bathing in a bathroom That is bathed in the first blue light Of the beginning of a century At the end of an endless night Then she is wet behind the ears and wafting down the avenue Pre-rush hour Post-rain shower Stillness seeping upwards like steam From another molten sewer Summer in New York They've been spraying us with chemicals in our sleep Us / they Something about the mosquitoes having some kind of disease Them / me CIA foul play If you ask the guy selling hair dryers out of a gym bag Chemical warfare 'I'm telling you, lab rat to lab rat,' he says, 'that's where the truth is at' That's where the truth is at That's where the truth is at And everything seems to have gone terribly wrong that can But one breath at a time is an acceptable plan She tells herself And the air is still there And this morning it's even breathable And for a second the relief is unbelievable And she's a heavy sack of flour sifted Her burden lifted She's full of clean wind for one lean moment And then she's trapped again Reverted Caged and contorted With no way to get free And she's getting plenty of little kisses But nobody's slippin' her the key Her whole life is a long list of what ifs And she doesn't even know where to begin And the pageantry of suffering therein Rivals television TV is, after all, the modern day roman coliseum Human devastation as mass entertainment And now millions sit jeering Collectively cheering The bloodthirsty hierarchy of the patriarchal arrangement She is hailing a cab She is sailing down the avenue She's 19 going on 30 Or maybe she's really 30 now ... It's hard to say It's hard to keep up with time once it's on its way And, you know, she never had much of a chance Born into a family built like an avalanche And somewhere in the 80s between the oat bran and the ozone She started to figure out things like why One eye pointed upwards looking for the holes in the sky One eye on the little flashing red light A picasso face twisted and listing down the canvas Of the end of an endless night 10 9 8 seven six 5 4 three 2 one And kerplooey You're done. You're done for. You're done for good. So tell me Did you? Did you do Did you do all you could?


T.I. "I'm Serious"
(feat. Too $hort) [T.I. (Too $hort)] Ay shawty (Whussup playa) Ay, you 'memba dat broad we met back on da road last year, bout '99 (Da one up in NYC) Nah, nah, not the one from New York, I 'memba her too doe I'm talkin bout the one from L.A. lil bad bitch I met in da mall wit da big azz (Oh, oh, dat bitch) Here wha she said (Whussup) [Chorus] I'll meet you at the hotel, we can fuck all night Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody (Shit, let'z do it... where u at) I said, meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody (Shit baby, keep yo mouth shut we can do it, sho nuff) [Verse 1 (T.I.)] One day in L.A., I'm at the mall Pickin me up a coupla pairs of silk drawls And I ran into this fine azz well built broad She was in hard from a long way So I'm finna go on swing shawty way Just like da song say, cuz I don't play Miss lady built like a amazon A 5'9', light brown, wit some sandals on Da kinda azz dat make you wanna grab a handle on And fuck her all day in da hallway with the candlez on So I wave, and I speak and conversation coo She asked my name, where I'm from and why I talk the way I do I said 'Cuz I ain't from round hea, I'm from Atlanta shawty, but anywayz We can still get togetha, cuz I'm gon be hea fo a coupla dayz' And then she say, she never been ta Georgia, she was dyin ta visit Well, I'm in room 312, at the Sofatel, I'm sho that they listed She got the digits, say she like me, and that we can be friends If I ain't welcome shawty, don't invite me, ain't no need ta pretend I'm wanna lick on ya neck, kiss ya earz, and make yo knee bend Put ya azz in positionz you never thought you'd be in Now, I'm tellin you shawty, fuckin wit me, like divin of deep end Have you sneekin, creepin in Georgia, freak on the weekend [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2 (T.I.)] This time, it was me n KP, in NYC On some Quevo and Hennessy, and 2 sweets with two freaks Some of da baddest thangz in Times Square wit some long hairz, cute feet One of'em say she wanna drive me to Coney Island so she can show me the new beach Couldn't nobody ride wit me doe, cuz da car only had 2 seatz Lil' cute freak, in da Z3, remind me of one of my hoez in da GC Told me her name was Sharell but all of her friendz call her Cici Say she up hea goin ta NYU, but originally she frum DC Say she'd love ta freak me, reminisce while listenin to mah CD Lay me out on the beach feed me strawberriez n kiwi Shawty say she like wha she see, can't wait ta get down hea n see me Round Freaknik, say soon az you hit da city all you gotta do iz beep me And let me know whut itz finna be, the Four Seasons or the Embassy Get a voice mail round 10 ta 3, and then wha she said ta me... [Repeat Chorus] Tell'em how you did the broad shawty (I fucked the bitch... and forgot the bitch) [Verse 3 (Too $hort)] I'm havin fun... gettin pussy on the run Bitches comin to mah room, tryna make me cum In *Cleveland* last weekend, O-High Hoe, whuz really goin on She said 'Stick it down my throat' A lotta yall married... to mah ex trampz She shouldn't worry, I sent the bitch to sex camp Taught her how to fuck, she made you fall in love I fucked her real tough, now you can't get enough Knockin on mah door fo yo hoe, das no game pimp I fucked all them bitchez DMX was namin Fuckin hoez from Milly, bitchez out in Philly Puerto Rican, Dominican, New York pussy, ya feel me I been nationwide since '88 So don't clown when I'm around, keep yo lady straight Cuz I'ma... beat her pussy down in the worst way You waited six months, and I fucked her on the first date, at the Hotel [T.I. & Too $hort talkin through Chorus] Meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night (Hoe, don't tell nobody... BIATCH!!!) Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody (That'z right... we runnin' up in deze hoez... Trackstarz baby, real playaz, ballin in da ATL) I said, meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody (You betta ask yo bitch about us Take the game from Timbucktoo to the Kalimazoo You know how a playa do... ... and one mo thang baby... Check out time... Arivaderchi, capeesh Bishhh...)

It Could Happen Again

COLLIN RAYE "Christmas-The Gift"
Johnny Cash intro.... One frozen night in 1914, at the height of WWI, the unthinkable happened. All along the entire western front, the British and German soldiers lay down they're weapons in an unofficial ceast fire to celebrate Christmas Eve together. They exchanged gifts and saw each other as brothers. And that piece lasted for two more days, when they were ordered back to battle. In those few days, though, men remembered the true meaning of christmas amongst the devastation, and it's a story that should never be forgotten... Through the smoke-filled night Silence rolls from both sides Aross a bloody battlefield It was a cold Christmas Eve In 1914 For those who were there it seemed unreal As time was still the Spirit moved the soldiers To lay down they're arms Raise they're voice in song And pretend for awhile The war was over If it could happen then, It could happen again A world torn apart To join hands and hearts To celebrate His birth And peace on this Earth If for one magic night We could finally give a reason not to fight Maybe there's a chance .. This time it might last As opposing sides approached Through broken words they spoke It wasn't long before they felt at ease They shared they're cigarettes What they had they used as gifts They didn't feel like enemies. With candles lit, They stood shoulder to shoulder And on that field they found True common ground And as they prayed They dreamed the war was over If it could happen then, It could happen again A world torn apart To join hands and hearts To celebrate His birth And peace on this Earth If for one magic night We could finally give a reason not to fight Maybe there's a chance .. This time it might last If it could happen then, It could happen again...

Ballad Of Yarmouth Castle

Well, it's four o'clock in the afternoon And the anchors have been weighed From Miami to Nassau, She's bound across the waves She'll be headin' south through Biscayne Bay Into the open sea Yarmouth Castle, she's a-dyin' and don't know it Now the many years she's been to sea She's seen the better times She gives a groan of protest As they cast away her lines And the grumble of her engines And the rust along her spine Tells the Castle she's too old to be sailin' But the sands run out within her heart A tiny spark glows red It smoulders through the evening There's laughter overhead Now the men are served, and the cards are dealt And the drinks are passed around Deep within the fire starts a-burnin' Now it's midnight on the open sea And the moon is shining bright Some people join the party And others say good-night There's many who are sleeping now It's been a busy day And a tiny wisp of smoke is a-risin' Oh Lord, she groans, I'm burning! Let someone understand! But her silent plea is wasted In the playin' of the band Everybody's dancin' on her deck And they're havin' such a time Then a voice says Shut up and deal, I'm losin' Deep within the Yarmouth Castle The fire begins to glow It leaps into the hallways And climbs and twists and grows And the paint she wore to keep her young Oh Lord, how well it burns And soon that old fire is a-ragin' Up beneath the bridge it's climbin' fast the captain stands aloft He calls up to the boatswain, 'n' says Boatswain, we are lost For the ragged hoses in the racks No pressure do they hold And the people down below Will soon be dyin' All amidships, oh she's blazin' now It's spreadin' fore and aft The people are a-scramblin' As the fire blocks their path The evil smoke surrounds them, And they're fallin' in their tracks And the captain in his lifeboat is a-leavin' Oh then the ship, Bahama Star Comes steamin' through the night She sees the Castle blazin' And 'tis a terrible sight Jump down, jump down! the captain cries We'll save you if we can! Then the paint on his funnels is a-fryin' God help the ones who sleep below And cannot find the way! Thank God for those we've rescued Upon this awful day. Now the heroes, they are many, But the times are growin' slim And now from stern to bow She's a-blazin' Oh the Yarmouth Castle's moanin' She's cryin' like a child. You can hear her if you listen Above the roar so wild Is she cryin' for the ones who lie Within her molten sides? Or cryin' for herself, I'm a-wonderin' But the livin' soon were rescued The ones who lived to tell From the Star they watched her As she died there in the swells Like a toy ship on a mill pond She burned all through the night Then slipped 'neath the waves In the mornin'

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