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Chalee Tennison lyrics

Easy Lovin' You

Original and similar lyrics
The best thing that I ever did At the time was my worst mistake Seventeen and just a kid I was seventeen when I threw my childhood away for a hazel eyed quarter back Senior year and eight months pregnant I've never felt so fat Wishin' I could go to prom But they don't make dresses for girls like that (girls like that) I should've been cheerin' for the home team Top of my lungs sayin' Go big blue Should've been marchin' with band Instead of cryin' in a delivery room Thoses things were all worth goin' through Lookin' back it was hard lovin' me But it's easy lovin' you School all day and worked all night Granny watched you play and sang lullabies I got home just in time to watch my baby fall asleep Watch my angel fall asleep I'm the youngest mom at PTO You always keep me on the go Between basketball and ballet class And I can't believe you're growin' up so fast Yeah we're growin' up so fast We're finally cheerin' for the home team Top of our lungs sayin' Go big blue It's funny how you're life can turn out How time can make those mountains move Everything is worth goin' through It's not so hard hard lovin' me Cuz it's easy lovin' you Yeah it's easy lovin' you It's easy lovin' you It's easy lovin' you

Inside of a Gangsta

ICE-T "VI - Return Of The Real"
(feat. Jell) Yeah This is Ice-T I'ma slow it down for a minute I wanna talk to all the ladies out there I got my man J-e-ll in the house I got a message I wanna send out to all the fly ladies, yeah Check me out [ VERSE 1: Ice-T ] It's time for me to kick game And if I can't do it, then ladies, Ice ain't my name Now real brothers ain't easy to understand And it's a long hard road to become a man Drama seeks and chases him through every year His homie dies, you might see him shed a tear But mostly hardcore feelings are all you see Cause you gotta be raw to be called a gee But every man slows down You'll see this side when there's probably no one around And there's no safer place Than if you ever are some gee's homebase But it ain't easy, these brothers got barricades around the hearts It's gonna take time before the trust starts But girl, you must be true Cause if your man's a gee, he'll definitely die for you Look him deep in his eyes, let him know you're there Show him that you really care Trust me, you move with time Through the darkened halls of his mind You just might find [ Bobby Ross Avila ] The me inside of a gangsta Yo, Jell You know what I'm sayin I try to represent for all the brothers out there And I know my latin homies have the same drama with they girls, man Won't you let em know how it's goin down [ VERSE 2: Jell ] Man, I'm lookin for a hina that's down But you don't have to be brown If you wanna hang around All you gotta do is stay in check Cause if you're rubbin me right Then you can bet you'll get respect And that's why I guess my feelings will have to show How can you hide somethin that's in your soul Cause there's more to the l-o-c Than all the violence, baby, that ain't who I be I know my dogs and me can still pull straps But I rather have you rollin in my Cadillac Cause when we cruisin, thangs is all good And that goes for every vato in the hood Now sometimes it's hard to show the other side Especially when my crew is caught up in a homicide Cause East L.A. don't play And if I had my way I'd kick it with you everyday [ Ice-T ] Whether black or brown, the situation's the same Different hoods, but the same game Some girls won't take their time Others will stroll through our souls and find [ Bobby Ross Avila ] The me inside of a gangsta

You Want This

You know you want me You want this My girls Been goin 'round talkin They say that you been Watchin me boy I know By the way you're talkin That you're really tryin To get to me boy Not anyone I'll just let in my heart You have to be hungry for me Girls may have been easy But you have to please me What makes me think that I can say this to you I know how bad you want this [CHORUS:] If you want my future then You better work it boy No it won't come easy no I know you want this By the time I'm through with you You'll be beggin me for more You want this I know Your whole story Because you're fine and And you know it You think That you can have me Just listen closely No it ain't so easy Every word You've said I have heard before Girls may have been easy But you have to please me One thing I've been told Nothin else compares To this lovin body [CHORUS] So you want my lovin no I know you want this [CHORUS] You want this Don't you You want this Say it You want this You know it's just true You want this You know it You want this You know it's just true You want this You know it You want this? You want this? Can you handle this? Well come here then Early in the mornin (you want this) Late in the evenin (you want this) Just about around midnight (you want this) Cause you know I'll do you right baby (you want this) Ooh what's my name boy? (you want this) Cuz you gotta say my name boy (you want this) Just a little bit louder now (you want this) Just a little bit softer now (you want this) I am... Nice and easy

Kill For Your Lovin'

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko] She keep switchin' that ass and she know she playin' Lick her lips when she walk past, she know she playin' Bad as hell, I know, she must have a man I got to have you's what I'm sayin' She gotta be the baddest, marital status don't matter Hit it like a batter and dickin' up in her bladder She diggin' the chadder, the way that I'm comin' at her Too many get the number, get out of her little lighter and I Up there like [?] down and hope she stayin' I got to have you's what I'm sayin' [Hook: Krizz Kaliko] I kill for your lovin' (Say it) I will for your lovin' (Tell me) What to do with my lovin' (Nothin') I won't do for your lovin' Now give it up to me I kill for your lovin' (Say it) I will for your lovin' (Tell me) What to do with my lovin' (Nothin') I won't do for your lovin' Give it up to me [Verse 2: crystal watson (krizz wife)] He tryin' to holla-ho-holla, no, he trippin' But he got them kinda lips that was made for kissin' Maybe he packin' and he got somethin' with him I think I'm goin' with him He gotta be a winner and gotta take me to dinner And then he goin' in [?] gonna deliver I never let him in her if baby is a beginner Cause this'll be the [?] to put you off in a blender He's like a player and got a lot of women I don't care, I'm goin' with him [Hook] [Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko] Your man ain't no problem, off him, it's automatic His hands up to you up off him, it's automatic I'll come, call me, it's automatic You know I gots to have it And I'll be Focused on pokin' you on a regular-regular Ready to take at any competitor (I'll stalk you) And ain't nobody better that can piddly-diddly you Man, I'll make you bite the piddle a little (I got you) She can make me do the fool and I ain't playin' I gots to have you's what I'm sayin' [Hook]

Running Game

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[20 second instrumental to open] [Chorus 2X: John Cena] We roll by in the pimp ride (then we) Walk through with the pimp slide (y'all know me) Crew heavy on the thick side Everybody feelin this, y'all know we serious [John Cena] I'll be makin you move so quick you can't see me in slow-mo Get your throat cut when you step in the dojo Y'all got no flow, we be makin hits You like a proctologist, you feelin my shit Yeah - you all hype like a street team I spend more time holdin a mic than Mean Gene Makin beat fiends scream, they be lovin the click Roll solo to the party but I leave with ya chick Cause she know that when I'm flowin it's hot There's a party in my pants, she be blowin the spot Buck naked in the old school drop, givin me skull again She give me free strokes, that's why I call her a mulligan See me on TV, knows everything about me You can't fuck with me, she can't fuck without me And if you think she don't be lovin my thangs That's like sayin you eat at Hooters for the buffalo wings, what? [Chorus] [Tha Trademarc] Fuck record execs, promisin checks I been cleanin tables now I'm seein labels, these chicks sayin "haven't we met," man holdin my breath Feel like the lesser of two evils that I haven't seen yet I got girls runnin game with a pimp strut Big butt booty bitches tryin to link up They walkin toward me, conversation and they body bore me I got no game, it's just some bitches understand my story Nas said it before, that's raw If you leavin the club your clothes'll end up on the car floor Man, I got no time for words after sex I just kick you to the curb and be laughin next Cause Trademarc is a clingy chick's nightmare Even though you took me home, I won't spend the night there I've had hookers to virgins, on they back Wild sex all the way to dead lays like necrophiliacs [Chorus] [John Cena] Johnny Cena got the girls, girls but I'm not Jay-Z I play the field, I never let the field play me You see my Chevy? You know there's ten chicks aboard Plus the whip got more switches than the mixer board I'm stickin your whore, while you flossin your Range Gave her a dollar, she gave me back a buck and some change She tried to swallow me whole, I brushed the back of her wig She called my dick Frank White cause it's +Notoriously B.I.G.+ [Chorus]

Hard Time

Kik Tracee
(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux Music: Rob Grad, Mike Marquis) Over here drifting to a place in space, over here Over there, sexual rejoice, my choice, over there She's looking so damn easy, easy It gets me so damn hard, yeah, yeah Don't you know I'm doin' hard time livin' with all your ways Hard time dealin', got me in a daze Hard time waiting for your coffee to brew Hard time, hard time dealin' with you, you, you Yeah On the rise, ride the pelvic twist It kicks, picture this Trojan cries, a herd of horses comes And runs down a thigh Dealing with you I get so hard, so hard Dealing with you, over here or there My place in space Coincide, we're in space

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