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Chagani Umair lyrics

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But, I keep seeing her face Girl, I don't want to lose In love's Imaginary race I keep telling' myself Don't wanna love her again But, I keep falling for some reason It's so hard to be a man (chorus) It's a reason unknown But, not new to mankind And not a man in this world Has found a cure or a sign This feeling won't let me live Won't let me die with the pain I'm so damn confused Hope I'm not falling again (bridge) I'm thinking of you but, I keep feeling her pain Girl, I don't want to fall For a blackheart again (Repeat chorus) (Ad lib fade)

Hold On

EN VOGUE "Born To Sing"
intro When I had you I treated you bad Wrong my dear But since, since you went away Don't you know I sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder who's loving you Oooh, my first mistake was I wanted too much time I had to have him morning, noon, and night If I would of known then The things that I know now I might not have lost the time I complain about chorus Don't waste your time Fighting blind minded thoughts of dispair Hold on to your love You gotta hold on Hold on to your love Ooh, ooh, baby hold on Hold on to your love You gotta hold on Hold on to your love The art of playing games now Is not the hearts you break It's bound to good love you make When it's heart's on fire Give him love evryday Remember he needs space Be patient and he'll give his heart to you chorus Trust and honesty too Must be the golden rule You'll feel the strength of passion in your soul Burn so deeply within Ooh, the magic that you share So sacrifice and show how much you care chorus ad lib: Keep the ties Hang on tight And don't let go No, no, no, no If you need him Just keep on Just keep on hanging on Little trust, honesty, golden rules Feel the strength of passion in your soul It's burning so deep Have faith Just keep the fire burning at home Hey yea He'll come home to you He'll be there for you He'll want to have you fade

Keep Each Other Warm

BARRY MANILOW "Because It's Christmas"
If you're looking for the dream you dreamed of, open your eyes. If you're looking for the one and only in your life, oh darling. If you're looking for a friend to turn to, someone to care, when all the world is out to hurt you, I'll be there, oh darling. Reach out your hand, reach out for me, I'll be walking beside you through it all and we'll stand tall. When we're blown by the wind, torn by the storm, we'll always find the love we need to keep each other, keep each other warm. Well you talk about toleration, well I know the score, and if you ever want liberation there's the door, oh darling. Living in love is bittersweet, you've got to have faith on a lonely street. But I'll be walking beside you through it all, and we'll stand tall. (repeat chorus) (2nd chorus) come sail into my arms, the harbor of my heart, and trust that love is all we need to keep each other, keep each other warm. (repeat 2nd chorus twice) We'll keep each other warm, we'll keep each other warm, we'll keep each other warm, we're gonna keep each other warm

Cold Sweat

5IVE "5ive"
Girl you're kinda freaky got something bout your smile and when you bounce it up and down I can't believe my eyes I got to give respect cos you know how to tease keep on walking I'll keep talkin' you would not believe what I would do [Bridge:] With a girl like you keep your body rockin' I ain't gonna stop I just want you and you know it's shockin' when you rock it I'm a sick sick man cos [Chorus:] Girl I get dat cold sweat creepin' up on me I ache when you shake it Girl I'm just a freak Yeah, you set dat cold sweat trippin' on me Burnin' with the fever Girl, you're killing me Girl I'm just a freak in need of therapy I count the ounce in every bounce And I just want to feast I love the way you work it I love the way you grind Ya got da funk in every pump If you could read my mind What I would do.... [Bridge] [Chorus] Down, you're burnin' me down You're burnin' me down You're burnin' me down I love the way you shake now love the way you break now keep it comin' baby I don't wanna hesitate now You got me hooked every look makes me freeze 180 degrees you make me buckle at my knees crazy rumpshaker, sexy move maker baby bring it on better sooner than later I feel a cold sweat creepin' up on me we gotta get it on tell me what it's gonna be [Bridge] [Chorus]

Give It All You Got

ARLO GUTHRIE "Power Of Love"
by Steve and Carol Ide Let's not sit here, talk about it baby It's got to start in your heart or else it'll pass on by It's what pleases you when your love seems new That puts the light back in your eyes You got what it takes, and I know it make it through CHORUS: You've got to give it all that you got Honey that's the thing to do You've got to give it your best shot Even when the world's closing' in on you It's not an easy life we're livin' But in the end if it's love you're givin' Don't be afraid, don't give it up Give it all you got There's people around who are standin' right by your side Walkin' hand in hand, they could follow you up to the sky But if you leave 'em alone, they'll be on their own And then there'll be reason to try, What's the use payin' dues when you got no reason why CHORUS What do you do when there's so much in you You can't feel the road that you're on Say what needs to be said, get it all out your head And you're back on the road before long CHORUS

Something In Common

VERSE 1: Sung by Bobby I know I may have made mistakes before But now I understand what those mistakes were for Throughout my travels girl I realized What you see, what you get don't always coincide A bird in the hand beats two in a bush But just one look was all it took Could it be that we're the only ones thinking of Harmony, ecstasy, there's something about this love CHORUS: Bobby sings indented lines on the first chorus We, we have something in common Girl (Boy) you mean so much to me it should be plain to see that we... We have something in common It's the way we feel about each other when we're together VERSE 2: Sung by Whitney Now I'm the type of girl who understands my man I'll be strong when he's weak, I will hold his hand Now I believe old fashioned rules and old fashioned ways Courtesy, honesty, like in the old days You're my man and I'm your girl There's nothing better in this whole wide world I'll stand by your side till the very end All in all, best of love, we are friends CHORUS: with Whitney singing indented lines (see above) BRIDGE: Bobby: Girl you know it's you that I adore Whitney: And there's no one in this world that I love more

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