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Celly Cel lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Silkk The Shocker] S: Fuck tha world C: Yeah S: Yeah C: You got to sick with it hoes S: Sick with it C: The No Limit Soldiers S: North South to tha West C: Celly Cel S: Celly Cel C: Silkk the Shocker S: Uh huh C: In this motherfucker S: I'm in this bitch C: Mob shit nigga S: Mob shit C: Respect S: A'ight check it C: Fuck tha world S: Fuck tha world C: Fuck tha world S: Celly Cel tell these busters by theyself Celly Cel: They got no time to be trippin' on Niggas that's tryin' to keep me down I put that bumpin' on your trunk and Lace the nation's underground Let them know about the ghetto mentality Niggas get smoked for nothing at all They want you up our of the game When they see you get on your feet and ball Faulty niggas never run me off my cellblock I always kick it I ain't never had it I wanna see every black man In the world with a meal ticket Eatin' steak and lobster Crackin' crab, sippin' Don P 'til they hurl But in the meantime Speakin' for all my niggas Fuck tha world! Silkk: Man, I just touched down Me and Celly think up on some plan Until we got lip on the bud 'Fore this shit get up outta hand Fuck niggas hatin' Fuck niggas lovin' I deal with it See, I'm a No Limit Soldier When it tops I get sick with it Niggas better stop like a sign Or they drop like a dime Fuck the 4 1 on the trunk Already got mine See fuck you Fuck the click Fuck the girl that you with Nigga, man, like fuck the whole world I'm tryin' to get rich Bitch! Celly Cel, then Silkk Chorus 4x: Fuck tha world (fuck tha world) Fuck a bitch (fuck a bitch) Fuck these haters (fuck these haters) Get rich (get rich) Celly Cel What's up with it man? You got a problem With the way I'm doin' my thang? I lets my nuts hang Then put these niggas the flash to go insane Oh, that be me Let's kick it Just don't pull your check late We ride up on you and catch you slippin' Checkmate! Lie down and best watch out Every thang nowadays you can't trust Now one of these niggas They coulda been paid to put a head out on us You understanding' me like I say Keep it in the family, man You can't miss Eliminate them haters and you mix Fuck tha world Bitch! Silkk: Be and watch your money Nigga all about your scratch Everyday I gotta plot and Make it 'til I'm on top To make my dollars and stats On the real We big time fuckin' ballers Niggas, shot callers Lay in 'em drop tops Gold thangs and M-40's Well you gotta have Big paper, nigga Just to fuckin' kick it Ain't no bitches in the streets, nigga This motherfucker get wicked See, a multi pet nigga But I be TRU to this shit First of all, about my money Fuck a bitch I'm tryin' to get rich! Chorus: Celly Cel: Crept from the bottom Man, I struggled all my motherfucking life Use to have a razor blade Sliced through solid, eh, one Why not? The only way to get some scrilla If you knockin,' then fuck what you talkin' Broke ass nigga Owe everything in the hood owe thangs If you walkin' You the same type of niggas That hate on everything a playa do Always talkin' about I woulda done this I woulda done that Fuck you! Wark ass nigga don't wanna see They don't get nothing' Don't wanna give me no props Smile on your face When you post-up Stab you in the back When you need a bluff Silkk: Well, fuck 'em! 'Cuz, see, we be all about our payday From South to the West Bitch, we connect, bitch We wreck this like an AK I get bang like some hoes I get hang like some clothes When I get done I'ma slap you Like some motherfucking dough But if only you blow Nigga, red like some rose I hope your whole click pick you the bitch You like some motherfucking F O I'm all about my paper, nigga I'm rowdy, bitch I'm 'bout getting paid So, I'm bout getting rich Chorus


ASAP FERG "Ferg Forever"
[DJ Drama:] This one here This is for Harlem 2014 was easy We going back 2015 hard on you niggas Suckas [Hook x2:] I can't stop, I'm ambitious Fucking hunnids of bitches Put a meal on my plate Hunnid mill on my dishes They screaming fergsomnia Fergsomnia, fergsomnia, fergsomnia I won't stop till I die I got a natural high And I won't stop till I die Cause I got a natural high Now I won't stop till I die Because I got a natural high And I won't stop till I die Because I got natural high A got a stack to the sky Next to the heavens I see my daddy say hi He rolling dice with a Reverend He conversate with Jimi Hendrix He said you used to be hot He snuck a blunt through the pearly gates Nigga look at his eyes I used to hang with them drug dealers You see his new ride? I used to bang with them thug niggas Salute to the sky They screaming fergsomnia Fergsomnia, fergsomnia, I can't sleep (yeah) Come eat with a trill nigga My boxers Tommy Hilfiger You figure that you that nigga But nigga, you ain't that nigga My niggas come in with triggas Bigger than two Roman pillars And your peel on your nigga Give you the piece like J Dilla Getting cake like Matilda Put you in graves like the thriller My team will give you the chillers Tooth fairy, don't touch my pillow Cause I got fergsomnia Fergsomnia, fergsomnia, I can't sleep [Hook x2] [Twista:] Now they be asking me "Twista how come your style be so vicious?" The OG in the building but still our flow so ambitious With the pro pimpin' from off the block It don't matter if you spit it from off of the top I be coming with some shit by busting the Glock And I only fuck a bitch if I'm off of Ciroc Everything I know I am, I know you ain't I be doing all the shit you probably can't Spend another green, hunnid dollar bills And the blue is how they keeping them up in the bank Tell em in my own words I'm the-a Superb and I be-a Lettin' her slob me up Fergsomnia We could bet a hunnid, can you match it? Take you by the bitch and wait, call it magic Now have a look in this and why ya finna tap it Come into me room, what ya bout trap it And they be endin' up in the cemetery Get up with them niggas like I got a military Kicking it with bitches like I’m Adam Vinatieri Any opposition to rhyme, I kill and bury And you know I'm making drop-top figures Everyone with the block hot niggas And the cuz, and the A$AP Ferg They be calling me Chop Chop Twista Im just a lyrical vampire Who be hunting paper seven days of the week And you know that I'mma never be back into end up be calling me Dracula because a nigga don't sleep Wooh!

Killa Klan

JUICY J "Chronicles Of The Juice Man: Underground Album"
Killa Klan [x8] [Chorus: Killa Klan Repeated] North Memphis, South Memphis, ATL, Chicago [cities differ for each chorus] [Juicy J] Late last nite, I was in the bed, eyes red Thinkin' about project pat, and what the fuckin jury said Givin' him what they gave him, then they put him in handcuffs Motherfuck dem laws, I'ma make you put yo hands up Don't cross the line, yellow take the police brand up Outside the court, Norf Memphis and we klanned up I can be a leader, bring the heata, like a farakhan I can be a terroist to the government like a taliban Long as ya black, and ya wrist they put they targets on Watchin' niggas every move, tappin' niggas cell phones Don't, Fall, for the okay, Don't, Call, and I'll bring the dope And we gon' smoke we till the break of dawn Trapped in this hood where there ain't no motherfuckin bon And to that officer I know your stompin' ground here But If you ain't from my hood, get yo ass from round here [Chorus x2] [Crunchy Blac] First I'm gonna catch the bitch Then I'm gonna beat the bitch Then I'm gonna bury bitch Shouldn't of been talkin' shit You knew who you was fuckin wit Fuckin wit the fuckin best She who you fuckin been Now I'm aimin' at yo chest This goes out to all of y'all All of y'all be talkin' shit Slip the clip up in the gun Then commence to bust a nig Bust a nig, at ya dawg Watchin' you niggas fall Screamin' out like a bitch Mane that's just some petty shit [Lord Infamous] I'm into blood baths, I don't, fine I'll punch ya I'ma hit yo ass wit the fuckin rocket launcher Can you stand the pain, insane, bounty hunta Stop long, see ya pulp, till ya unconscious Throw you in the dumpsta, lord catch a conquer Lord don't, pistol play jump up, if ya want ta This is the unda, buried by yo momma Not only do I murder mane I also am bomb ya [Chorus x2] [Juicy J] Picture this, you a juror and you on the stand And you about the judge the life of a black man Young brotha from the hood made it rappin' and Wit a knot in his pocket weighin least a grand Here's the story he got caught wit some fire arms By a crooked ass cop wit his siren awn He was known as a felon made it bigga than state The whole case turned fed made him lose his faith Picture this, now the judge he got hatred for crooks Because ten years ago he was appointed by bush Republican white man, and he don't give a fuck If the guns wasn't his that was found in his truck Prosecutors, shady lawyers, mane who can you trust All this palm greasy shit, mane it's bigga than us Make you wanna be like fuck it hit the trunk of the car Deliberation it was time for the jury to star Killa Klan [fade out]

Sinister Tech

You're the one nigga Who's a dumb nigga And a bum nigga You're a slum nigga Better run nigga When I come nigga With a gun nigga You're a bitch Buck you Never trust you Never loved you Never was you Imma touch you Imma bust you Imma crush you Mother fuck you (Verse 1) That's my nigga Aaron Yates Style lee killa Norman Bates Holla at me like I'm Ollie Gates Imma put the milli to your face The nerve of ya yellin you're a murderer But ain't nobody never heard of a Killa killa doing damage off up in suburbia Sinister rhyme minister TECH N9NE be the menace (yes, yes) Diminish ya finish with the dementia I'm the grimmest I done told y'all I was comin' Better start runnin' Or bust like a cannon Cause Imma leave hella destruction Mental breakdown and famine I would advise you Not to slide through Cuz I will oblige you With a rhyme flow That will demise you How can I bow down To a broke rapper with a foul sound? How can I flow rounds With an MC that can't chow down? Where would you be If you didn't copy off me lil' boy? This type of shit that I enjoy I sum you up with Bitch flows, punk foes Sluts hoes, case closed (Chorus) If you ain't got shit to fuck with this Take that dead shit home And if you're bitch in the club with ass on me I'm gonna take that home. By the sinister TECH N9NE By the sinister, by the sinister By the sinister, TECH N9NE Vill-on y'all know me by the Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, Hmmmmm. Everybody say KC's in the house what (2nd Verse) Bounce, rock, skate or fight, shoot, hate We so chilly they call us abominable Everybody know we phenomenal Get ya money, get ya women If you're getting nothing Your living is comical Simon bar sinister Climbing star finisher Swine and lard vinegar Rhyming hard blimisher Realistic Heathenistic Killer with a vengence Breathing this shit Your whole facade's punkish, I'll make you kneel before Zod Biblical hits, flippable kickable spits Niggas with critical lyricals Never no mythical shit Step into the evil fickle abyss Wiggle in pittifulness Swivel this and get pistol whipped It's been a long ride Tecca Nina just won't die ei ei ei eiya Better feel it when I drill it (trick) Real is when I kill it (Mitch) Hit it hit it Never ever tell a millimeter killer Quit it, Bitch! (Chorus) (3rd Verse ) Off the hook, stalking in clubs Tossing em walkin' in blood Barking that rogue dog shit Dirty devils better hold y'all lips Nina ripping, ill beast flows Yeah we know it will reach gold Platinum, feel these flows Comin' off of kill creek road Say my name five times TECH, TECH, TECH, TECH N9NE I will appear in your mirror Thru your chest ripping out your spine Hungry like an Ethiopian Living off the blood in your veins Alias Donny Kevorkian Never were you ready for the pain What do ya get When you cross TECH With a hard ass track? Innovative, twisted Psycho, thugged out What do ya get With Rock, Will, Phlaque and Dynomack? Nitwits, misfits, sick shit, Nutt Howze What do ya get When you cross tech with a fine bitch in the club? KY, 'bou Lou, motel, sex time. What do you call a rappin' ass Rogue dog villain pretty mother fucker? Donny Quest, Azmo, Sinister TECH N9NE (Chorus) TECH N9NE's in the house

Bounce Back

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
(feat. Baby) [Chorus (Juvenile X2):] I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] Look, Look, You ever had corns on your finger from squeezing a Mac too much Nigga be robbing the dice game, while me and lil wack you up, Tripping, stole and stripped cars for a living, Stayed away from home whenever they was bitching, We used to rush the customers for sales when they pulled up in cars, Until the undercovers started putting us behind bars, Menace to Society is all we watch In the back seat strapped with the throw away glock, I got some partners in the business never seeing the light, Ya people would have gotten Cochrane if ya cheese was right, You know I hold it down player, you a dog, I'm a real nigga I ain't gon' stop accepting your phone call, I'ma blow and toss a hoe for you like I'm supposed to do, I'm serious and focused too, you know I'm overdue, The first nigga to park a Rolls-Royce in the bricks, While I fly a private charter out of town by a bitch [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] Try to be here to see my seeds, when they have they seeds, As long as I breathe there ain't nothing in this world that they can't be, Yeah I done fucked up, slipped and sniffed that coke, Started tweaking and broke into the people's house next door, Shot a nigga for smoking rocks on my mom back porch, Damn near graduated and got on that dope, My, work is in part, I am better than smart, Homie, I hustle with a strategy that has never been taught, I could make a coke flip, I can make a hoe strip, I can spray a whole clip, I takes nothing from no bitch, I got the money in the case, .45 on the waist, Pitbulls in the yard so stay away from my gates, Could you believe a nigga feeling like he still ain't ate, Huh, y'all don't understand, you should have seen my plate, I'd love to give you some credit, but even you said it, Your serious about your money, and right now I'm trying to get it [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 (Baby)] Yeah, CMR, Black Connection, I'm on a mission Lil Daddy to put this paint on the caddy, Riding through the hood and we blowing them candy, Stay G'd up from my head to my feet, I was raised in the 3rd thats the heart of the streets, Saw death and crime from the first same time, Them rims on shine just a vision of mine, Put this shit back together cuz I stay on the grind, Niggaz know I gets me, I stunt all the time, For the dead and the gone, the young and the grown, OG mother fuckers who be getting it on, Niggaz stunt'n and they shining, Bling Blinging all the time and, I hold my hood down for the shit that I'm driving, Nigga thug till' death remember the projects , Juve done came back now you bitches upset , Niggas know how we getting it, cuz we getting it on, Keep em' coming, keep on gettin it bitch my money is long, [Chorus X2]

I Don't

MASTER P "Gameface"
Yo, this for all them niggas and bitches that thought it was over for No Limit And now y'all wan' holla cause y'all know it's back on and poppin' This what I got to tell y'all (UUUNNNGGHHH!) [Chorus] I, don't, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggas I, don't, fuck witchu, bitch, ass, uh, niggas I (for my real thugs!) don't fuck witchu (for my real thugs!) bitch, ass (for my real thugs!) uh, niggas (my No Limit real thugs!) I (for my real thugs!) don't fuck witchu (for my real thugs!) bitch, ass (for my real thugs!) uh, niggas [Verse 1] The New No Limit so how you love that The girls be jockin us wodie we all that The Ghetto Bill Gates so you know I got dollas I'm flippin CDs from tape, to 'cane we got power Hit the block big Bentley, rollin with the top ball Niggas jumped cap so wodie they fell off Now wodie can't hustle, and wodie can't eat I had paper before I met you boy you can't beat me Now wodie cryin like a broad that mean wodie fake The only reason wodie wanna sue cause wodie got replaced I mean, wodie be sayin all that, wodie raps wasn't all that And wodie trippin, the house and the car at [Chorus] [Verse 2] I got my Gameface on, my name plate on If it don't say The New No Limit then be gone, huh I'm a couple o' years ahead of you cats I mean the big wolf is back and I'm eatin the pack How you trippin on me, but my papers too long While you focusin on me, your girl is gettin boned Why you worried about me Is it catch 22 And that word love, it only come with loop I know you wasn't real from the first time I met you I was waitin for you to step out of line so I could wet you And if you play with fire then you might get burned But if you a real Soldier you can make your own turn [Chorus]

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