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Ceaser lyrics - No Rest For The Alonely

I Took It Home

Original and similar lyrics
When the lightning struck in the family Kinda moved them to the cemetery now I looked out for some information And I can't sleep with the agitation going down Yeah going down There's an angel down in 2nd street He's got a whole lot of damage, but it doesn't bleed It beamed down for some integration But it can't leave for the gravitation keeps it down Into the streets and out Back on its feet and down Lookin at me alone I took it home I'm a nightmare boy of the 1st degree Used to fall down from the highest tree I dream a lot about the constellation Where I came from, till the great damnation brought me down Yeah brought me down There's an angel down in 2nd street Who's got a whole lot of damage, but it doesn't bleed, no It beamed down for some integration Now it can't leave for the gravitation keeps it down Into the streets and out Back on its feet and down Lookin' at me alone I took it home Long for the constellation Long for the constellation Doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo Doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo Yeah, going down Into the streets and out Back on its feet and down down down down down Flyin at me alonedown down down down Into the streets and outdown down down down Back on its feet and downdown down down down Into the streets and outdown down down down Looking at me alonedown down down down I took it home

Soho (Needless To Say)

AL STEWART "Past, Present & Future"
Rainstorm, brainstorm, faces in the maelstrom Huddle by the puddles in the shadows where the drains run Hot dogs, wet clogs clicking up the sidewalk Disappearing into the booze shop Rainbow queues stand down by the news stand, waiting for the late show Pin ball, sin hall, minds in free fall Chocolate-coloured ladies making eyes through the smoke-pall Soho (needless to say) I'm alone on your streets on a Friday evening I've been here all of the day I'm going nowhere with nowhere to go Football supporters taking the waters They're looking round for the twilight daughters Non-stop strip club pornographic bookshop Come into the back and take your time and have a good look Old man laughs with flowers in his hair Newspaper headline "Middle East Deadline" Jazz musicians are down on the breadline Soho (needless to say) I'm alone on your streets on a Friday evening I've been here all of the day I'm going nowhere with nowhere to go Soho feeds the needs and hides the deeds, the mind that bleeds Disenchanted, downstream in the night Soho hears the lies, the twisted cries, the lonely sighs Till she seems lost in dreams The sun goes down on a neon eon Though you'd have a job explaining it to Richard Coeur de Lion Animation, bar conversation, anticipation, disinclination Poor old wino turns with dust in his eyes Begs for the dregs from the bottom of the kegs, man You've never seen a lady lay down and spread her legs like Soho (needless to say) I'm alone on your sheets on a Friday evening I've been here all of the day I'm going nowhere with nowhere to go Soho (needless to say) I'm alone on your streets, or am I dreaming I've been here all of the day I'm going nowhere with nowhere to go

Take It To The Streets

Keith Murray "The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World"
Intro: You better recognize what. Snatchh your fuckin' head from your neck. Word up it's the cold blooded sin. Strickly murder. Legion of Doom 94. Word 'em up this is how we do that shit. Techs to your record son. Shit. Fuck that shit. Word 'em up that how we're always been. 50 Grand: Yo check it, I feel the vibe like Shanet Collaborate on niggas brains and bend you ass like a Sinse' My death sentense is danger I black out like Joe Ripken niggas hittin' the floor like the chamber The sick authorist transmits for no repent And activate the plan the Pentagon inelligents So listen close like musical chairs The L.O.D. is deep then the niggas Under The Stairs I crack million dollar script like an archetict And execute like the chair when I inflict death I got the creepiest slang in this galaxy And wreck the industry so mysteriously Coming with the funk from beneath I creep straight for juggelars And twist rap caps for all you motherfuckers Walk the bloody streets with 19 shots in the lueger Niggas be scared to face 50 Grand like Medusa The shit I produce is like gin and juice when it blend Scenes from Toni Braxton you'll Never Breath Again I rhyme without ability to reason, niggas is guilty of treason Who's to blame but the Legion to the Doom Hook: With punk niggas we got beef so (L.O.D. about to take it to the streets) On the mic we definatly got beats so (L.O.D. about to take it to the streets) Ron Jay: Roy Jay go the wickedest mystic magestic flow From a homicidal clique, Yo E make that psycopathic mix I hits for the hecks or the shit that causes conflict in the script Beeotch my style set on fire to touch Venus My soul seeks the universe while I'm sleepin' I'm creepin' makin' myself develop with the chronic Electronic Million Dollar Man the mic bionic So you can feel it in your nerves when I blast off into the suburbs Conduct like ? with electrofying words I freak to them suicidal tracks break backs Niggas scarred fakin' fuckin' heart atttacks Oooh when I'm comin' through the crowd Niggas want static yo I got the gun pazoow, wizoow, word up 50 Grand: I got the slaughter for your brains drive you insain Fuck that shit News Interlude Keith Murray: The moderation incobation of my creation Is instantaniously with my vocabulation accumulation Trust me as I bust thee, lyrical homicidal shit from Keith Murray If I had 24 hours to live and one wish I wouldn't wish for no damn lifesavers I'd start going wild like Larry Davis The funk speach vigalante from the L.O.D. Gets funky freakly and freaky fluently And deep as Greek mythology on level Z Theres six million ways to die And eight million stories in the naked city and all them shits are lies So I keep my wittiest ironist hidious Psychosis bloodiest flow decitious Comin' from out this orbit deep space 9's wiggle my shit Meltin' crew down like synthetic acid Come half steppin' fession' through a section And get the midsection of your brain drain With mad man expression, no quesion and no second guessin' Outro: Yo 40 dreams and blunts for witches. Yeah that's what we got for them niggas. Yo lets get on it get off it. L.O.D. we won't forfit. A-yo check it out. L.O.D. is the niggas man. A-yo put your money where your mouth is at nigga yeah. I have you rockin' dazie dukes and Reebok pumps nigga yeah, yeah. L.O.D. style for 94 yeah and it's on

Concrete Jungle

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Yo, it definitely is a concrete jungle And yet, there's more to life than misery We have to have unity in our community We have to work together brothers and sisters (I'm from the ghetto) Yeah this is Dr. Ben, I'm with Jim Jones (Lord knows, I was on the run confused) DipSet forever (shit) We're talking about a concrete jungle (yeah it sure is a jungle) Life or Death, you have to choose life (I done seen it all, at least I think I seen it all) [Verse 1] I'm with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes (no swinging from vines) Diesel by the bundles, and the hard grams of 'caine (we on our grind) D's when they come through; it's hard to get some change Smoking weed getting drunk, in the car for a flame (slow down nigga) Yeah I see the traffic, but we dipping on the shoulder (break laws) Winter start to set in, it's only getting colder (dress warm) And I miss you all my political soldiers Most are doing life for moving bricks or doing hold-ups Damn I know we caught up in the fast life Some life a fiend when they caught up on the glass pipe (we pookie out here) Me, I'm still caught up from last night Same clothes from the club, on the block getting cash right (I'm on my G though) Damn, you know this world full of misery (pray for me) Some get tore up 'til they hurl off the liquor B (gettin twisted) Somebody told me that the girls need the chivalry (fuck a bitch) That's why I cop ice 'til they ass get the shivers B [Chorus] Ain't nothing sweet living in this ghetto (ain't nothing sweet about it) Been there, done that, running in the streets (running wild) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride I'm trying to make the most of my hustler (I gotta hustle) Been there, done that, so I can live out all my dreams (live out my dreams) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride [Verse 2] For the coke I would sleep hard But the game drove me nuts, in the streets, I'm a full-fledged retard Was the city block overseer Man your life is Chuck E. Cheese, mine is a pizzeria How many pies I done flipped? I lost count How many guys I done gave shit? I lost count Holding, but I can't ignore cheating Any day your life could be the hot topic at that board meeting They discussing who'll stretch you for your trees For your thievery, you living, you breathing for no fucking reason That's how it is when you make a man That's why your man's gotta learn to make himself Then you shake his hand Man, I'm into catching heavy clams And when Dezzy cans when it comes to dumping I got heavy hands Ain't gonna be right for your picking jet This is ours, the square is where we eat, this our kitchenette [Chorus] [Verse 3] I let my temper hit the floor I be staring through the mirror as I serenade my halls I'm fond of the juices that marinate they drawers My shorty, she bank a carrot with the four, cause If you take us out, the streets will evolve Some niggaz they live to eat, some niggaz eat to survive And my conscience keep disturbing me, fucking with my energy Niggaz that I thought was friends, really the enemy Dear Lord please grant me the serenity To accept the things that I cannot change Locked up for eight years and ain't join no gangs Been converted to true nigga, I'm as real as they come And any moment I have you staring the barrel of my gun Put my dick up in the streets, but I'm married to the slums Put the chips up in the ante and tally up the sum I'm having fun, hitting the fiends in the allies with some jums [Chorus] Alright, yeah but in choosing life, you got choices (oh yeah) The jungle is full of everything It's the mother and the father of creation (ain't nothing sweet about it) But listen up, you have to choose something for yourself Do something for yourself, make something of yourself That's what time it is (don't let go) Go strong, be strong, stand for something in life (all my young soldiers) Yeah, concrete jungle I can feel it, I can smell it (sometimes it gets hard) Jim Jones is spitting truth, the power (don't let 'em pull your car over) Now and forever more Making life the way it should be Ain't nothing sweet about it Make me want to scream and shout it But I know I got to hold on, and just roll on

Take You Out

LUTHER VANDROSS "Luther Vandross"
Yeah, yeah Here it is She caught me by surprised I must say Cause I never have seen such a pretty face With such a warm and beautiful smile It wasn't hard for me to notice her style I was fascinated, surely She took my heart and held it for me I wouldn't let her get away Not until she heard me say [1] - Excuse me miss But what's your name Where are you from and can I come And possibly, can I take you out tonight To a movie, to the park I'll have you home before it's dark So let me know, can I take you out tonight Don't care if I get rejected At least then I won't regret it Regret the fact I missed the chance for romance At least I'll walk away knowing I tried my best and I'm going I'm going on with my day Cause at least she heard me say [Repeat 1 (2x)] That's why I had to come over And introduce myself to you Cause you're never gonna know Where you'll find love, oh yeah And hopefully I found it in you, yeah [Repeat 1 till end]

It's Goin Down

DMX "Ryde Or Die: Vol.2"
(feat. Parle) Oh yeah [1] - I've been waiting Spent nights out chasing For your love But it's going down tonight It's going down I've been waiting Spent nights out chasing For your love But it's going down tonight It's going down What did you think you would do What did you think you'd say After I told you how I was feeling Never thought I'd see this day I always kept dreaming Never let failure hurt my heart I knew that soon you'd see better All I could do is hope and pray [2] - Is there a chance Or a possibility That I can get close to you I wanna get romantic with you Do all the things lovers do Finally all the things I've done To get the chance to be with you I guess it was sure enough worth the wait Tonight I'll be wrapped up in your arms [Repeat 1] I always kept wishing I always kept praying Good things come to those who wait That's what mama always said Baby that phrase stuck in my head There's nothing I won't do to please you Given the chance I'll do you right Even inside I have to know [Repeat 1 (2x)] Ooh, oh yeah Oh yeah Hey baby, ooh Oh yeah, ryde or die Walk on by Oh yeah, hey, hey, hey [Repeat 1 till end]

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