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Cave-In lyrics - Jupiter


Original and similar lyrics
the metronome was wrong again my heart has surely gone and skipped a beat now the rhythm is all right and i can understand your point of view jupiter this city is so bright the kind of light that spots your eyes with white jupiter your beauty doesn't mind to be the center of my universe jupiter you're seemingly so right for me your blood is sweet like wine and until i run out of vine i'll keep my seat on the edge of your mind dead in the vine of love well, visit me in my dreams tonight i keep my seat on the edge

Apprentice Song

Ian Campbell
APPRENTICE SONG by Ian Campbell Come on lad and bring your tool bag Keep your eyes peeled, use your head Fetch your footprints, spanners, chisels From now on they'll earn your bread Keep your eyes on the older fitters They're the boys who know their stuff One day you will do their job If you're smart and keen enough Come on boy and take your place Among the men who serve the trade Scalers, cokers, valvesmen, stokers This is where the gas is made Keep your eye on old Fairweather Mind your gauge, you're on the town Turn her out bang on four fifty Or else you'll let the housewife down Wake up, son, and mind your setting B-range is the one to watch Number three is due for scaling See she don't get too much ash Mind your eye with that red hot poker Read your heat and see she's right Leave your range in decent order For the lads on shift tonight recorded by Ian Campbell Folk Group

Sleeping Giant / No Way Back / Reprise

ASIA "Phoenix"
Push forward again, I reach the Point of zero return No condemnation remains No more bridges to burn A hell of a deal, to keep what I feel inside There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide, And there's NO WAY BACK, NO WAY BACK NO WAY BACK A progressive disease Takes me out of the door That's when I grab the keys, and I, I slam my foot to the floor Step on the gas, smash through the barricade I'm closing my eyes, cause I don't wanna see, 'cos there's NO WAY BACK, NO WAY BACK NO WAY BACK Keep on working the room And the end is in sight Something unknown propels me now Leading me to the light I got to be free it's life on the edge for me The harder it gets, the harder I try...and there's NO WAY BACK, NO WAY BACK NO WAY BACK You're going too far, way over the line You're raising the bar, no soft landing this time We stand on the edge, this time is sink or swim We're spreading out wing and we're learning to fly ...and there's NO WAY BACK, NO WAY BACK NO WAY BACK NO WAY BACK It's life on the edge for me


Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
This is poetry in motion Try to catch on, stay close to the host and MC's try to make the road rough but I'm coastin Ladies hear the rhymes rub em on like lotion Hit spots soothin, can't stop movin Go ahead bust a sweat and you can bet I'm still coolin When I detain it's a brainstorm never the same form, every brain I rained on is warm Takin a trip through Memory Lane to Melody See if you could tell if these thoughts to fell MC's could do you justice, but you can't touch this Some kid just tried to bust this but he just missed I'm universal and much more merciful So versatile with the style it's reversable I get away even if I say a curse or two First, let me bust another verse for you Your arms too short to box with Ra so quit You don't want no kind of conflict Or you'll get stripped as the rhyme is ripped Pick up the pieces now ain't that peace yeah I'm hip Everything I said flows since my intro I plant a thought extend and then grow Holdin my pen tightly it might be Controversy at first when I write the chords of research don't just take it for granted When I'm gone my mind remains a planet If I keep buildin, and teach the children So when they read in between the lines it's filled in I break to meditate, not a peep, concentrate till I'm deep awake, but not asleep At the same time risin and advertisin what is true, keep advised and you can stay wise and I'm untouchable Comin over the bridge take a peak at the skyline Cause that's how I shine not only when I rhyme My culture's makin me stronger, mentally Physically I'm powerful poetry now that could be labelled as art placed in a museum Style'll make scenery, now you see 'em Exhibit a knowledge that's packed and filled with nothin illiterate it's facts I build with My mind's untouchable which means intangible Contents never dense it's understandable I study life so I can live it the right way No time to hear what another brother might say Why sell a capsule of crack I don't have to I rhyme and sign million dollar contracts to put message on records that's graced with hard bass Smugglin microphones, this ain't Scarface Whoever talked that talk, I wanna hawk And don't try to Escape From New York Cross a 110th Street lookin for a problem It's Hell Up In Harlem, watch Ra solve em I hear the music clear as I get near the hundred and twenty fifth street Apollo Theater Take a step back when I rap I step up to you... I'm untouchable Put on my thinking cap pump the track Test your reflex relax but in contact you fold and lose control so hold your partner closer you're supposed to keep your composure But you hear the drum said go then it gets so hype it's like nitro opponents get petro Remember the trademark left by the R that's never soft or smooth it's comin off the hardest in effect, you could die-tect the imposter Takin my props, Rakim is still proper I'm a prophet, you can't stop it, when I drop it Everything I say, coincide with the topic Thoughts bounce around till my skull is fractured Inside my brain it's all manufactured As we go deeper it's hard to find Don't even think about it, cause you can't read my mind It's clear so therefore you need a ear or inclined in the mind with some kind of idea for the style I'm advertisin what is true Keep advised that you stay wise and the mind is untouchable

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Dayton Family "Fbi"
Yeah I want to dedicate this song to Jonathan Myers Horace Peterson Gemini Smith and Matthew Hingle. What's on yo mind? [Shoestring] No demonstration on this nation as a murderfest Got us locked in the jailcell the others they was put to rest I had no teacher it was like my pops had passed away Bought me a sweet and snapped his fingers he was gone away My house is hell I used bail down there on ?Acre? street Whole hood on ABC, pops in penetentiary Caught in the system, he's a victim of his shorty's past His son's a killa on the for reala, you best to watch yo stash What's on my mind, is my brotha's name Rodney King? Coulda been Shoestring, instead the devil chose Malice Green Can't go to sleep, not too deep cause I be hearin shots, Down on my block bodies drop, it'll never stop The ghetto drama for yo mama is a wicked sin God save her soul, don't wanna say it but my mom's a fiend Stand in the rain, can't take the pain, the stress is kickin in Mack's in the pen cause it was all about his dividends Life was a struggle, had to hustle, and sometimes buckle A swollen knuckle, lockin up was the ghetto couple Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell me what's on yo mind Chorus: Tell me, tell me, what's on yo mind? (2X) (What's on my mind, what's on my mind, Was it the chrome, too ??? the crime?) [Bootleg] Apply the pressure, drastic measures made the victim's fall One shot to the head, before they fled, they made em beg and crawl Can't stop the thunder in my mind, so who controls the storm? I fill my body full of drank and dank to keep it warm Please stop the killin, Lord a killa's what I'm born to be My mind's on murder God, homicides are all a see Please set me free from all the enemies that haunt my mind Why do the righteous, poor, and black suffer all the time? My mother talks to me, and tells me, Stop the violent killin Workin hard all day, tryin to make my pay Now how you think I'm feelin? What's on my mind, it's sad, look so small in kid's faces Knowin their daddy's doin 20 for some drug cases Never knew my daddy so I never could respect a man Learned to cook up drugs and hold my ground while other yougsters ran Gotta be a man, so my plan is to pursue my dreams My family's gotta eat so I'm gon keep on feedin fiends Know what I mean, the same routine almost everyday Law's pushin me, so I'm gon keep on stackin hay Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell me, what's on yo mind? Chorus (2X) [Night and Day] Try to stop these fires, but they got me trapped inside the fence Wanna represent his death, cause murder's what I'm up against It makes no sense to me, the troubles that run through my head Wakin up in the mornin, knowin the grave might become my bed I shoulda fled, but from my problems, I can't get away No matter when or where I go, they're with me everyday I'm shootin the dice and drinkin the liquor to set my mind free And tryin to find a piece of my mind, where problems can't find me No matter what, I'm stuck, my mind is trapped inside the sin So I release my anger through a chamber, gin, a pad, and pin Your so called friends ain't really your friends because they don't stay true Besides the smokin and drinkin, now tell me, are they there for you? Cash or credit, gotta get it, can't be po no mo Some gangstas roll into the heaven's say no roll no mo Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime, My future's blind, now tell, me what's on yo mind?

Drive U2 Suicide

ESHAM "Closed Casket"
We probably gonna get killed by tryin' to be like somebody else (Repeat) Yes yes y'all (y'all) And you don't stop (stop) Once I start up my mind, get in let's take a spin Lemme drive you to suicide I'm gone with the wind I'm out my mind, and in my mind I travel through space and time If you find me you see me, you can't 'cause you blind I decieve like Adam and Eve, you can't believe That I made the rhythm breathe, your eardrums bleed In time, you will find I'm out my mind But you don't know 'cause if you knew me You would know for sure, so let me drive you to suicide (CHORUS)(4x) Keep it on, keep it on and shockin' the place Keep it on, keep it on and shockin' the place Let me drive you to suicide Once I decide that I don't wanna live no more Well I guess I gotta do what the devil told me to Voodoo, it's kinda wicked, really wonder how I'm goin' under Can you feel the pain when it rain and it start to thunder I don't really know where I gotta go Heaven or hell either or it don't matter once your brain's scattered Once ya cock the hammer come along for the ride I'll see you on the other side and let me drive you to suicide (CHORUS) Pop goes the weasel, shot gun blasted Hole in my head, funeral, closed casket Dead body layin' on the bathroom floor So I don't gotta worry 'bout the pain no more

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