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Cathedral lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
(Lehan/Dorrian/Bianco) Adorned daggers, ruby hilted swords, unfailing crucixes, striking mortal cords, huge violent serpents in volumes rolled, all holy poisons poured in cups of gold. Ooh these instruments so blessed and old, here lay death¹s sceptre - truth untold without mercy or Chorus : Love, forgiveness - exile me, blades of goodness set me free, madness my destiny, alone forever exile me Sharp swords, bright lightnings set brave souls free, past God¹s blind eyes through infinity, of all these vessels transformed to clay, rich ashes blown to dust - swept away ! Now take me steel to the gift of skies, deliver me from weakness from this flesh that rides. Without pity or Chorus Ooh to think how pleasant your touch would be, in that all my lovely limbs would fall away, and drop to nothing in their soft decay. Unto my frail heart, the worms shall find a door, enter the weary pulp - into the core ! As all of my flesh lay soft on the floor, released this soul from me, forevermore ! Into the loud tide screaming silent words, out of this dreary world in screeching awe, without earthly : Chorus

Who Run It

THREE 6 MAFIA "Hypnotize Camp Posse"
DJ Paul: Who run it (x15) Chorus: DJ Paul (4x) These bitches ain't runnin'(runnin'), shit but y'all mouth Cause the first hater step, the first hater get tossed out DJ Paul: These niggaz got plenty ammo, but they ain't got plenty guns I'm bustin' out of these cars, got the hoes on the run I'm hearin' plenty of words, but ain't no actions to boot We can do some straight war for war, we can do some stickin' and movin' We can meet in the middle of these streets or in the middle of this rain I can pop your chest, blast the glock, or pop your jaw diamond ring Bitch don't hate me hate the bank, or snatch the G's that I take Or hate my shiny wristband, and big ass rims I rotate See people flip when I'm comin', got some of 'em sick at the stomach They wonder what I brought in, they wonder what I got comin' Niggaz I'm comin' like this, off in your mouth like a bitch Test me when you think I'm in, I'm bringing water, I'll start it Juicy J: What's this It's that player that you love to hate, always see come out the bank Always have to mention my name, when you high on that drank Catch you with this boy you can't, cause you know I'm holdin' rank When you see the platinum Rolex with the ice it make you faint Through the streets now have you heard, out the Mafia droppin' birds Runnin' from the nazi cops, tossin' out the bags of herb Ain't afraid to pop the steel, hollow tips to make you feel If you wanna punk me out, pop these niggaz in they grill Chorus: DJ Paul (2x) Crunchy Black: I can't take any more, I'm bout to explode I'm bout to overload, I'm bout to kill boy All I wanna know is where the G's at, where the Ki's at Keep it easy, you don't want to get speedy All on this muthafuckin' boo, nigga boo Get on your back so we can get up soon Stab you in your heart with a hard fucking poon Nigga boo, nigga boo Lord Infamous: Scarecrow's on it, I'm still hungry, stoppin' for a platinum supper Wipe it easy, some black founded, crooked ass set'll be eating rubber Casue if they skit-skat, gun 'em all down, even ghost towns Splish-Splash, brains on the ground, with a cannon round Ball bat, bash him in his back, beatin' bitches down Battle like blaze from the cross, that he never found Catch a close encounter from the anarchism of these A-bombs Chemical reaction cause the venom shot in to his arm Chorus: DJ Paul (3x) Gangsta Boo: Here we go, all you weak ass hoes In my face like you my friend Triple Six dropped in again, time to make ends Dope game , my game, hoes lame, it's a shame How that Gangsta Boo is runnin' the click up on you bitches man Fat cat, what I be, packin' how you love that Fuck a platinum plaque, gimme money, where the dollars at (Blap, blap) We dare them to stack it for 10 G's (Where you from?) Black haven is where I be on my P's Koopsta Knicca: Parents beware, watch out for your children This the one that'll lock 'em in the basement Some of them talkin' so rugged, some corrupted ugly pussa-pussa Cause the fuckin' all my niggaz, Koopsta tryin' to tell ya somethin' Peter-Peter, pussy eater, one of them fucked by Koopsta Knicca Lord, I done some sins, cause she married, but I don't know that nigga Figured he is a killa, so he figures he'll watch us fuckin' Put them muthafuckin' slugs upside that thug, cuz, oh my Chorus: DJ Paul (til fade)


Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
Don't you know it ain't what you got y'all it's how you use it Any way you choose it, baby, yes I doos it Laying it out with swift vocabulary I hope you hear me, here comes the Brooklyn theory At your service, got you shook and nervous Now, what you gonna do when Black Caesar comes to surface My purpose is making sure you bless me right So I can climb aboard that money train with Wesley Snipes Daddy love how I get down ain't no secret And every night, my backyard is just like the freaknik What you mean from hot sexy mamas to cool prima donna's Easy pickings on the chickens got them up in the camp It's that old tramp, the one who keep your pum pum's damp I see the honeys in the frontier looking for what you want dear Yes, there's a lot of game run here. Chorus All the playas in the game Another year And ain't a damn thing changed We get together and we do our thing Repeat Verse 2 On stage at arenas or a show in the park I shine so bright my black ass glow in the dark If you're ready or not, if you're petty or hot Here comes the reign of Kane about to get in your spot Your tough talk's monotonous, beware as I be droppin' this Lyrical apocalypse all through your metropolis Sexual Chocolate the velvet smooth voice That be the people's choice and get the girls moist No time for timid fear, cause there ain't no limits here Got the world in my hands you ain't even found the hemisphere It's real scary how rap skills vary bringin' dollar bills near me Making dough rise like Pillsbury Now get this it's time we start stepping to our business I come as living proof so bear witness Not to contradict myself but see really I'm untouchable but making sure you people feel me Chorus Verse 3 I talk that talk from the gutter my game don't stutter I can tell you why white milk be making yellow butter Some cats, they be shifty, some cats they be iffy So I move swiftly, play the field like Ken Griffey Because, I be the all mighty, relax like Tai Chi Making it irie I flow over tracks when the beats are mean Girls I go downtown when the streets are clean Make it happen all my peoples More chips than Doritos I know we all trying to see those So I return to give you more again Because my name dates back until the game's origin See what the fact is, is you need practice With girls I just mack this, stick em in just like cactus Watch me now, baby it's all right I got bunions on my game from it being too tight Chorus


Boogie Down Productions
[KRS-One] Easssssssssy mahn! It's impossible to take out Boogie Down Productions SEEN? Yes.. come mi say Intro/Chorus: KRS-One Come to the t'cha, come mi say come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha come to the t'cha come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha, come mi say come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha come to the t'cha come to the t'cha [KRS-One] Me bus' upon the scene around 1986 A few hit records got me started real quick I represent the Bronx, but I am a New Yorker All vegeterian, never eat pork or chicken in a battle yes my brain starts clickin Just like the gears of a watch, tock-tickin I never lose time cause the rhyme is all digital For suckers like you, I turn the power up to critical On every playlist, waxin that anus Suckers or professionals, BRING DOWN THE DECIMAL point every time you subtract an emcee People look at me, a P-O-E-T teachin suckers like you about the I.C.U. And the KRS-One, sounds like arithmetic Very psychological; why are you on the dick? Well, my evaluation is sudden Takin me out, is somethin closer to impossible You could try your best but frankly I don't think it's logical This is yes the DJ writer superproducer Kris God gave me a talent, so let me flaunt the gift Chorus [KRS-One] Push up ya han-ds, if you out here gettin PAID Push up ya han-ds, if you don't have AIDS, biddi-by-by Push up ya han-ds, if you out here gettin PA-AI-ID Push up ya han-ds, if you won't be delayed Boogie Down Productions at the head of the raid Always gettin brighter while the suckers will fade Life is very serious, it's not an arcade So everything you're hearing, KRS has made MC's grab the microphone but don't know what to say So DJ KRS has come to show dem the way I always call you females by your name, not Hey! Cause Hey will only make a real woman turn away, GWAN Unless the woman is the freak of the yearrrr Well then you know that KRS don't carrrre Unless the woman is the freak of the yearrrr, biddi-by-by And then you know that KRS don't carrrre You always call a freak, by the garment they wear Instead of call it clothes they always callin it gear Big derriere to make the next man stare Attracted to the man with jheri curls in him hair Always puffin cheeba with a forty of beer But to a re-al wo-man freaks-a can-not compare, GWAN Hold up ya han-ds if you a real wo-man, BO! Hold up ya han-ds, if you do underst-and The style that I'm sayin, without no delayin is Blastmaster KRS-One, just playin It's really kinda easy for me, to do a style like this It's kinda primitive, so please don't miss the way I do this on the microphone, cause I was never shown My mother wasn't into b-boyin at the Home No one out can compete And not another DJ rocks this type of beat Come mi say Chorus [KRS-One] Come mi say jump up when ya high, and jump up when ya low-ah Boogie Down Productions make the lyrics just flow with M-E-L-O-D-I-E and Manager Moe We'll wrap up any MC in a ribbon or a bow People takin pictures of me everywhere I go Take out three MC's and call it Tic-Tac-Toe YES! ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, da-dum ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, zhiggi-zi ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, da-dum ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, come mi say Chorus

Big Shots (G-unit Diss)

JOE BUDDEN "Mixtape Kings"
its that on-top music!.. (Chorus)(Big Shot) ..Yea Yea its cha boy boy listen to'em I think finally the steroids is gettin to'em or maybe if people believe in all his hard raps, or maybe its the tangtops with the bra straps maybe he's really believen he's a heathen like the dude he stole his name from, dude ain't the same none nothin's hard body about'em, he's like pudding, so here we are beat the floor it's dwight goodman so i can sit and wait while ya team gets soft, or i can go get u picked, no screens involved I can get you offed for a clip no fiens involved, or we can take it one further and get Queens involved Where they no he went to jail, never over a banger He went to boot camp, not to pop wit the gangsters sorta like Yayo who staid in D.C. and you can ask anybody up in J.D.C. so i guess he's a tough guy now that he's free, but doin that kind of jail time is easy but it's not beneath me, really i gives a fuck I can put the whole unit on the next flip and tuck, BUT! If he keep his dudes in check, I keep it real wit'em punch Banks in the face if he still wit'em i don't worry bout puttin the clips in the 40 (why?) pistol whip Lloyd when Fifty'll do it for me (chorus) Far as the kid Game, he's lame lets say the least Mad he's from the west so he converted to the East Always talkin about him n' his mans that'll blast pounds but when you see him, he's just dancin in the background I tore Game apart, i thought by now the asshole would have a change of heart Especially since i got the tape, but it's gangster on 'change of heart' Teary eyed cause his shorti had a change of heart, But i smell somethin fishy theirs a con in the air slacks, his tongue peirced, streaks blonde in his hair Who's he playin wit? Keep sayin shit and ya body'll take the same tour Regan's did Still tryin to get a buzz, embarrased, the kids hurtin Reachin, he's losin his head, he's Nick Birdman And as far as Banks and Buck i'm done discussin'em I only beef wit niggas who own publishin Curtis your a bum and your almost done Same artist that you were dissin, is exactly what you've become Saw'em at Summer Jam and all he did was stare Walk off stage and all you heard was 'Geah!' (They through the chairs at'em!) Dont be seen no more, he's a Queen no more and he can't even step foot in Queens no more Sellin his soul, Banks I hope your proud of your father Now we all see the 'Power of a Dollar' (Chorus) ..fade out with quarter drop..

Ruggish And Raw

-Bizzy Bone-Intro- Yeah. Uh, uh uh... What? C'mon. -Bizzy Bone-Chorus- You think you want it but you can't, you can't, you can't... (Let's go make some money man) You think you want it but you can't, you can't, you can't... (Let's go make some money man) ...You think you really want it -10,000 Cadillacs- Fuck the supoena, my demeanor's got me fucked up, bring the heater/ Cock and load, ride a Tech torpedo/ Got The Reaper on my shoulder/ Hold up, now I know ain't none of y'all gonna take me out, gon' make me shuffle, squash that shit, where there's no diggity, there's no doubt/ Down, down, to the depths of hell/ Dwell, nobody can hear you yell locked in your cell/ My clique rebuilds it, rebells/ We movin' on up like George and Weezy/ Eternally blessed, so God bless Eazy E, Tupac Shakur, and B.I.G./ I gotta say peace/ G's up, hoe's down/ Showdown from Cleveland to Motown/ Midwest is 'bout to throw down, we gunnin' for you town, stay down/ We about to bust rounds, you move fast as we move past/ We put the fuckin' glock in your face, if you don't wanna see us, roll out/ Bizzy rolls up in this Benz, Rolex flexin' on his hands/ Mo! Thugs screamin' demon singin' fuck it, let the law end/ These clowns can't contend, so load the clip, my clip's equipped/ You know y 'all can't get with this, can I get a witness Mr. Ripsta? -Chorus- -Bizzy Bone- Get out the limosine, enemies look for the Benz as they bustin' at my friends and gonna do it again/ Stockin' K's cause nowadays we can't even ride rims/ Forty Four, automatics keep bustin' on 'em/ Rough, rugged and thuggish ruggish/ Money to spend, some of my homies changed/ I'm a toast it, and most of my friends keep posted the program/ Aw! I'm sicker now, lick it out/ Fuck these niggas, I'm on my own/ Pitch my tent, ditch my friends and I'm sorry/ And if I die on the curse of it all in the worst of it all/ Was my pride, God forgive me, be my guide/ And if I fly through the worst of it all in the curse of it all/ Was my mind, God forgive me, be my guide/ Proudly marchin' through battlefields, standin' up in Lamborguini's/ Take petty cash, and last but not least you don't see me/ Experiences through trenches, heavily heated, ready and load til the next episode/ Better take pictures cause I'm gone, I'm gone -Chorus- -10,000 Cadillacs- Stick with the team, triple beam/ On my team, 7th Sign Regime/ Makin' cream, hittin' trees, sip my forty ounce cantine/ Soldier, we marchin' hard, break off the yard in high reguard/ Battlescars in catacause, and bombs supplyin' hard/ Pledge alligiance, analyze, got me thugged out enterprise/ Wizards and the warlock fighters; Got that shit down to a science/ Gotta get paid, laid, made, grenade retaliate/ Canibusiva, put to sleep/ I got the other in the grave, wake up/ It's time to roll, ho, duckin' from them Po po/ Bitch, don't ever slip, because you know that shit's a no-no/ We keepin' it real, can't conceal our appearence for the steel, kill, kill/ Gimme your presidents, world war deal/ I'm callin' the troops if y'all is cool, if not i'm laced up in my boots, and when I get the shot I'll shoot/ Motherfucker duck, duck, goose/ Here's a revelation/ Troops get to your battle stations/ Contemplate the devistation of this playa hatin' nation, hatin' nation -Chorus-

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