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Cash Johnny lyrics - Sings His 20 Best

A Boy Named Sue

Original and similar lyrics
Well, my daddy left home when I was three, and he didn't leave much to ma and me, Just this ole guitar and an empty bottle of booze. Now I don't blame him 'cause he run and hid, But the meanest thing that he ever did, Was before he left he went and named me Sue. Well, he musta thought that it was quite a joke, An' it got a lot of laughs from lots a folks, Seems I had to fight my whole life through. Some gal would giggle and I'd get red, And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head, I'll tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Sue. I grew up quick and I grew up mean, My fist got hard and my wits got keen, I roamed from town to town to hid my shame. But I made me a vow to the moon and stars, I'd search the honky-tonks and bars, And kill that man that gave me that awful name. Well, it was Gatlinburg in mid-July, and i'd just hit town and my throat was dry, thought I'd stop and have myself a brew. In and old saloon on a street of mud, There at a table dealin' stud, Sat the dirty, mangy dog that named me Sue. Well I knew that snake was my own sweet dad, from a worn out picture that my mother had, and I knew that scar on his cheek his evil eye. He was big and bent and grey and old, And I looked at him and my blood ran cold, and I said, My name is Sue! how do you do! Now you gonna die! Yeah that's what I told him. Well, I hit him hard right between the eyes, And he went down but to my surprise, Come up with a knife a cut off a piece o' my ear. I busted a chair right across his teeth, And we crashed through the wall and into the street, Kickin' and a gougin' in the the mud and the blood and the beer. I tell you I've fought tougher men, but I really can't remember when, he kicked like a mule and bit like a crocodile. Well I heard him laugh and then I heard him cuss, He went for his gun but I pulled mine first, He stood there lookin' at me and I saw him smile. And he said, Son, this world is rough, And if a man's gonna make it he's gotta be tough, And I know I wouldn't be there to help you along. So I gave that name and I said goodbye, I knew you'd have to get tough or die, And it's that name that helped to make you strong. Now you just fought one hell of a fight, And I know you hate me and ya got the right, To kill me now and I wouldn't blame you if you do. But you oughtta thank me before I die, For the gravel in your gut and the spit in your eye, 'Cause I'm the son of a bitch that named you Sue. yeah, what could I do, what COULD I do? Well I got a choked up and threw down my gun, Called him a pa and he called me a son, And I come away with a different point of view. I think about him now and then, Every time I try and every time I win, And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him, Bill or George anything but Sue! I still hate that name!

Self-righteous Spics (Anthem)

Arsonists "Date of Birth"
[Q] Forever united, we walkin this planet of gasses True to all my niggas till my life span passes [S] With the (shhh) sound of the pyro camp You's a fool if you try to get the Psycho amped [J] We could stomp, give it a loud clap {*clap clap, clap*} Champ chomp the competition, full back tackle ya quaterback [Q] We tight like ten virgins in a Porsche double parked car, Miagi's wax on technique couldn't block ours [S] Like dark scars, my fam stays on my skin beginning to never end there's many different ways I'ma win [J] My brain jiggle in pickled jars Brooknam phenomenan, Worf a lush in bars, black fingers splittin cigars [S] Shittin in bars with a crazed smell Lord praise Swel! 'Cause time is 11:34 when I'ma raise hell and truly I'll react and you will get attacked world-wide My crew is on the map, yo Q! You got my back? [Q] No question, like, like.. The Roots without their drummer You step up in a relay, son you got ya'self a runner Targeting the government, you got ya'self a gunner We breakin through the surface 'cause we tunneled through the under [Chorus 2x:] In the club, we got it locked We, WOOOOH! Only if we should, then we rock We, WOOOOH! Rollin through ya hood or ya block We, WOOOOH! Louder! WOOOOH! Prouder! WOOOOH! [S] Remain calm, ladies on line because we gettin our game on, and anybody breakin up the hustle and they gone [Q] Like Schwarzenegger biceps, the family stay strong Nothin you can say wrong, we righteous speak the same slang Microphone spit unite us, love to all the fam and give a fuck who don't like us [J] We thorn coated our hearts, so I rock invisible horns Sworn heat raised deceased, got niggas screaming Ya dead wrong! Snatch the hoochies ice she's twice the chicken I am You ain't a playa, trade ya foodstamps Tell ya baby dad to buy 'em [S] Rollin with us, ain't no need to keep a low profile We could all go wild and keep the po-po out We can liven up the party, drink all up the Bacardi Dance and move ya bodies with hotties to Ladi-dadi [Q] +We don't cause trouble+, 'less you want the bubble popped double, what you gonna drop? Zepplin kid We gonna rock, Arsonists fam, global relatives connecting world-wide, thanks for pyromaniacs investin [J] Somebody gonna fry in here tonight! Too many niggas that like to fight, hang tight and that ain't right! (Chorus 2x) I bet you made that up by yourself


by Jason Mraz Ariel Quirolo Running to catch up again, jumping higher and flying more often than not Your trampoline has got holes in it but I can still see the top Let me climb aboard and sample some of next years fashion I'll wear the coat if you can put the hat on, I will wear the coat, Just let me clear my throat so I can say what's been delayed away Let me crawl into your lap and just lay here for awhile Satisfied by your seduction like a handshake would do the job Never know how long I have waited, anticipated your smile to be pressed against mine Well I feel it. (oh boy) and I'm gonna settle tight She could pour me over this sugar hill or mountain Until I get hat cool breeze, tight squeeze, I'd do it over again And I drink from her ever flowing fountain And then I wake up I comb my hair and I hurry it up But I arrive late I pack my things and I pick it up Well I put down a good amount of deodorant this morning And I found that I could drown a little bit of peace of mind Cause it's no secret that to some degree they're gonna have to see you sweat Strong enough for a man just do what you can to keep me soft and dry, I stink awhile I don't know anything about those things I almost don't wanna know anything about those things And I don't care anything about those things Cause if I did you know I'd share myself on those things, and I feel itÉ And I'll be here all night, I'll pick up the pieces and I put them back together now They may not be the right way but that's okay as long as they're all the same I wish you well that you'd get better, and I know you'll find that it's a wild world And if you had noticed well would you have thrown the towel in Before I missed out on all this love, and watch me roll away again Watch me disappear under my skin I don't believe it that things could get any worse than they did that time You must have seen it I mean how could we get lost running in a straight line Your cries of why's and why not's, may it all get back to you And trickle and dance upon your headaches, years of biting cheeks are through So I don't believe in it. But I feel it.

Bitties In The Bk Lounge

DE LA SOUL "De La Soul Is Dead"
Part One: Yo man let me make some Cpt. Krunch man alright Yo man we have any milk? Yeah, what time is it? I don't know, what day is it? Don't know, well I'll tell you. Well it was a Wednesday me and Boss Hog was kinda hungry like two eggs, and a slop beef slice of lettuce and a glass of milk and some cookies. Spotted in the mist was a BK logo what we said - well what do you know this chick thought I was trying to play fly cause I had a pair of blue jeans on. Young girl, won't you take my order? she said, Yeah, but right now I'm kinda busy... can't you see I'm trying to put this band aid on my finger? Lingering, I could tell she's a B-K mademoiselle Ripped uniform and bottom bell and some Jelly stuff on her sleeve Look to this cause I had no name tag on my collar could be pissed cause she's clocking 2.45 an hour And then Boss Hog hollar Girl you better make this quick! She said, I ain't your girl and I ain't your chick! I had an idea and lickity split took my hat off and that was it Dread locks fallen all over me and then I said Yeah now we'll see! And o' with quick velocity honey was mesmerized Ain't you that guy? Aint you that GIRL! De La Soul, right? No Tracy Chapman! Why don't you come over to the counter; and write me out an autograph? Ha ha ha, I had to laugh She was quick with the Bic just to get that autograph But me and Hogg just laughed, and laughed What's the name of that song you sing? Living in a fast car, I said Forget about the order I made I'll go get a slice of pizza instead. Chorus: repeat 2X Bitties in the BK lounge, All they do is beg and they scrounge Bitties in the BK lounge (2x) Part Two: F - female P2 - Posdonus F - Excuse me, would you take my order I have to go Shashawna's got a real job, dag don't you know! P2 - Oh yeah, Now I recognize The real real bitty with the fake fake eyes Yo, can I interest you in some burgers and fries? F - Yes you can, but you can keep your lies cause you know you can't diss me but your pissing me off I know where you live and I know that your soft You're as booty as they come [booty?] and you dress like a geek my shoes cost more than you make in two weeks P2 - Look, you don't have to play fly in here I can tell your fly by the weave that you wear! But you must be aware that a fly can be swatted by a BK tray By the way yo, here's yours F - I know your just sweating me to kill the noise of your polyester pants and thier o' so high waters Look at what you do all day but take orders You bow tie wearing, clocking and staring I know your just upset because you cant get the rat/wrap I think you Chubby for my man is living slack P2 - Yeah, I know your man, the biggest punk in school selling devil rock to the fiends and the fools! With one hand that punk I could snap- the kid is so skinny... F - But we be livin fat P2 - Speaking of fat, would you like a diet soda? Cause less fat on you would spare us all the odor Better yet pour it down the pants and let the acid kill the smell that should have been left to Masingel! Let me make you a deal, take the soda free and jet I got to much family to heed your threats F - Are you a family man? [Word booty!] Well I shouldn't be surprized your sister's flipping burgers and your momma's frying fries P2 - Don't even try that shit! F - Oh damn look! [What?] F - Here comes one more It's your father he just finished mooping the floor Now give them a hand, its the BK clan So you can't talk garbage about who I am P2 - well, arn't we living foul Speaking of foul how bout some chicken for the cow? Ops I meant you sorry for the mix up but your stomachs always big from the sexual slip ups! F - I could buy you and sell you for pennies, young man! {You'd better!} I think theres something you should understand I try to be nice and help the poor make money And since I know you need it, I'll go elsewhere dummy! Now B-K workers is too damn rude I think I'll go get me some Chinese food

You Used To Love To Dance

Lying in a city night A million fingers tingling my skin Out thee in the sea tonight I thought I saw you clutching your sin You rolled me over long ago And told me you were strong enough to go You needed more than this lover's dream You need the steel and the concrete beams in your life In your life We laughed and drank in the jukebox light And we tore the rug in that downtown dive Every Saturday night For fifty cents we'd dance all night long And each new tune we said that's our song Oh it felt so right Well ecstasy ain't free But compromise is chance I remember how You used to love to dance They told me you have found your love You moved in locked up and put out your blues Well all God's children got to grow up And play house make vows to hang up their shoes Do you sit and talk over coffee cups Do headline mornings satisfy and fill you up I kept your eyes and your cigarette kiss You couldn't keep the lies the adrenalin bliss in your life In your life We laughed and drank in the jukebox light And we tore the rug in that downtown dive Every Saturday night For fifty cents we'd dance all night long And each new tune we said that's our song Oh it felt so right Well ecstasy ain't free But compromise is chance I remember how You used to love to dance I'm gonna go out tonight I'm gonna drive up to the hill I'm gonna dive on into those city lights And I'm gonna dance, dance Dance till I get my fill We laughed and drank in the jukebox light And we tore the rug in that downtown dive Every Saturday night For fifty cents we'd dance all night long And each new tune we said that's our song Oh it felt so right Well ecstasy ain't free But compromise is chance I remember how You used to love to dance

Poppa Was A Playa

NAS "The Lost Tapes"
To My Nigger who brought me in this world Taught us right Nigger My old dad imported to the family structure Provide her God My moms a queen at university civaliza My pops maybe was late but always came home My moms would put us to bed and she would wait on Soon as he walk in the door she barking I turned out the Jonny Carson Jumped out the bed We grabbed both his legs Me and my brother Not knowing the pain he gave my mother Night after night, fighting yelling at each other My papa played the street all day Mama was either home, at work, while we played inside the hall way She sacrifices all she got to feed us When she was alone she cried by the phone pepping out the window heeding But still I didn't see it Mama hid it from us We was kids younger Till we got bigger, on to Bigger things that we knew what the time was That daddy was leaving the crib and moms love Papa was player, player wasn't papa Papa loved the ladies Never got enough of Pretty brown round Running round town (Shhhhh) Don't tell your mother what's going down [Repeat 2x] So many kids I knew, never knew what Pap was That's why I show my pop love He was still around when I fucked up He could have left My moms pregnant shock to death but stayed Watch me crawl till I took my first step, to the first grade To my first fist fight Right behind me he would stand No matter how big or tall he made me fight you like a man Throw dirt in your eye, swing my right scoop your ass and slam He watched me so I wouldn't get jumped by shorty's fam Roaches and weed all over my crib him and moms relaxing Next thing you know he packing So then I asked him What's this white shit on that plate and your facing Papa why you butt ass from the waist And who's this lady I'm facing Dark skin you're not my mommy He grabbed me up to run some smooth words by me Promise things that he would buy me If I kept my mouth close and don't tell mommy He said one day I'll understand little me Was in you to side me Papa was player, player wasn't papa Papa loved the ladies Never got enough of Pretty brown round Running round town (Shhhhh) Don't tell your mother what's going down [Repeat 2x] Pop's told me hold my own Pop's told me value home Could I help it papa was a rolling stone Who loved the pretty brown round Out of town bound Jumping in his jazz Benz he touring At home I play his latest recordings And it's strange now how, I do my thing now I'm in the game now And heard of it his brain pow To pull strings and gain power From weed habits are same now No white lines to trumpets to tight rhymes And beats that be pumping Before he left he taught me something A child's young years the most important time to be there That's why he stayed till we grew up, respect is still here I'm older now see what having a father's about One day they can be in your life next day they be out It's not because of you, you know the deal Him and your moms feel If they stay together then someone will get killed I love you still Always will Cause that's my nigger Although you felt you was wrong I still feel you kid Life gose on

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