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Carson Jeff lyrics - Jeff Carson

Not On Your Love

Original and similar lyrics
We both said some things, we don't really mean, Sometimes love can be like that, Right now, they hurt, But they're only words, they're nothing we can't take back, But every time we don't see eye to eye, You worry I might say goodbye, CHORUS: Not on your love, not in this life, Could I ever leave, I wouldn't think twice, Of letting you go, by now you should know, I need you too much, Not on your love, no way in this world, Could I ever live without you girl, When times get tough, I'm not giving up, Not on your love. When we started out, we made a vow, Not to sleep till we settled the fight, And there have been times, we've seen the sun rise, But it always worked out alright, Even in the darkest dark before dawn, I've never thought of moving on, CHORUS When times get tough, I'm not giving up, Not on your love.

Leave Me

i know it comes as no surprise that i am so in love with you when i think of us 2 i start feeling blue something that ive gotten use 2 but lately i must admit times have been hard putting strain and pain on my heart as much as it hurts to say these words i think its best for u to leave me (chorus) live ur life dont worry ill be alrite in no time youll find someone whoes better than i go now dont u cry ill always be right by ur side maybe someday we will get another try it seems as tho everytime i speak ur name i get weak cuz i imagine before i go to sleep that you were right here with me somebdoy told me you cant appreciate what u got until its gone but they are so wrong because i cherish you but im just not the one you need chorus deep down inside you mean so much and i dont even feel like im appreciating my girl it feels like we have fallen apart and i dont know if we can handle the troubles if not, its gonna hurt me to see u leave me chorus

I Can Love You

BOYZ II MEN "Full Circle"
If I ever had the chance To be the king of this whole land I wouldn't do it if you couldn't be beside me On your love you have me strung You are the breath of life in my lungs And I thank you for the love that you've shown me Before I go to sleep I pray And thank the lord for another day with you You're my dream come true [Chorus:] I can love you the way That you want me to My love, the things I do Are for you Girl you're all I ever need And you're mine exclusively When we're all alone I wish the time Remains the same From the time the sun appears 'Till the moon's reflection is clear I think about your love And hope that it stays near I'll take you all around this earth To show you just how much you're worth To me, you're my destiny [Chorus [twice]] [Bridge:] You're all the reason that I live And all the love that I have I'll give To you, you're my dream come true And I promise [Chorus ]

Thank You

KEITH URBAN "Defying Gravity"
There were nights where I was sure I wouldn't see the morning sun And there were days that seemed so dark I couldn't wait for night to come I couldn't stand to think about how My life used to be And how without a single warning It all slipped away from me Like a fool I thought I could fight The shadows on my own To the dark I was no stranger But this was stronger than I'd known And by the time I knew that I was in too deep I'd gone too far And the light that used to guide me Had faded from my heart And I found myself in places I thought I'd never go Surrounded by stangers I was so far away from home And I don't know how you found me All I know is I owe you everything Yes I do [Chorus] And I thank you for my heart I thank you for my life And I thank god for grace and mercy And that you became my wife I'm seeing for the first time The stars, the sun and moon But they've got nothing on the power Of this love I have for you And I thank you, thank you Now people say they'll stand beside you They swear they'll never leave But when the rain started falling You know it only fell on me And it was hard to keep believing in myself When all I felt was so much pain and guilt and shame I couldn't even ask for help I don't know if I believe in other lives But when you came There was something so familiar About the way you said my name And the whole world started turning And I swear that I'd been born again brand new And it's all because of you [Chorus] And I've seen so many things That I just can't explain But the miracle of miracles is how With your love I was saved [Chorus] And I thank you for my heart I thank you for my life I thank god for grace and mercy And that you became my wife The day I started breathing Was the day you took my hand And 'til the day I die Baby I'll forever be your man And I thank you, I thank you

After You

JIMMY WAYNE "Jimmy Wayne"
This old four-way stop I've been here a lot More times than I can count Right goes to Mama's place Left to the interstate Straight ahead goes straight through town It's good to be back home I waited way too long A part of my heart has never been gone CHORUS: 'Cause I'm not one bit closer to being over you It's almost like the hands of time haven't moved 'Cause everywhere I look I see your memory Hanging round They ought to name this town after you There's where we used to park The night my truck wouldn't start We gave into love the very first time There's where you said you'd wait Till I came back someday Too many some days slipped on by That's where you live now Elm Street, second house I can't blame you girl for settlin' down CHORUS You, after you Things will never be the same But then again after you Everything is still the same CHORUS

What Kind Of Love

Chris Eaton
written by Chris Eaton Amy Grant Tell me a secret Tell me something I don't know Pour me some coffee I've got an hour before I go Oh, in this life I need you more than you could know To hold my hand To be my friend To hear you tell me once again Chorus: What kind of love Is a love that won't break down What kind of love Honestly knows no bounds Hope all things Believes all things Never ever lets me go What kind of love I've got a new job You've got a baby on the way Time keeps on moving Seems like nothing stays the same Oh, in this life It can be hard to keep the faith Some truth you hold Some you let go But in the end you've got to know (Chorus) What kind of love will still be here When everything else has disappeared And what kind of love is strong enough To stand the test of time (Chorus) Age to Age Music, Inc./ PSO Limited

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