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Carpenter Mary-Chapin lyrics - Come On Come On

I Am A Town

Original and similar lyrics
I'm a town in Carolina, I'm a detour on a ride For a phone call and a soda, I'm a blur from the driver's side I'm the last gas for an hour, if you're going 25 I am Texaco and tobacco, I am dust you leave behind I am peaches in September and corn from a roadside stall I'm the language of the natives, I'm a cadence and a drawl I'm the pines behind the graveyard and the cool beneath their shade Where the boys have left their beer cans, I am weeds between the graves My porches sag and lean with old black men and children My sleep is filled with dreams, I never can fulfill them I am a town I'm a church beside the highway where the ditches never drain I'm a Baptist like my daddy, Jesus knows my name I am memory and stillness, I am lonely in old age I am not your destination, I am clinging to my ways I am a town I'm a town in Carolina, I am billboards in the fields I'm an old truck up on cinderblocks, missing all my wheels I am Pabst Blue Ribbon, American, and 'Southern Serves the South' I am tucked behind a Jaycees sign on the rural route I am a town I am a town I am a town Southbound

Diesel Driving Daddy

AARON WATSON "The Honky Tonk Kid"
Well my truck's wound up and it's ready to roll I got a good buddy workin' for the Highway Patrol So if I get a ticket or two, It's gonna be alright But the sheriff and his boys they're in Estilline Unless they're out to lunch at the Dairy Queen They'll be itchin' to turn on those red, white, and blue lights Well just like my daddy I was born a drifter I got a rebel heart and eight - ball shifter Horns on the hood and forty channel CB Well some things you never leave home without Like your Bible, log book, and your drivin' route And your Best Of Dale Watson on CD [Chorus:] Cause I'm a diesel drivin' daddy Don't you get in my lane Puttin' the pedal to the medal Bringin' eighteen wheels of pain I've been in love Broke some hearts Settled down long enough to replace the parts Kicked a little Asphalt along the way There's a lonely life livin' on the road When the only friend you've got is the radio And even he fades in and out every now and then But maybe someday you'll find the right one That'll shift the gears and let ya ride shotgun Knows how to get that big ole rig to spin [Chorus] I'm a panhandlin' manhandlin' Post holin' high rollin' dust bowlin' daddy I ain't got no blood in my veins I just got them four lanes Of hard Amarillo highway [Chorus] Up and down that honky tonkin' highway

Red Licorice

Act Fast "Act Fast"
This is it We're all going down What would be next What unsuspecting town Trajedies have come and gone What horrors lay in the dark The echo of another shot Another psycho makes his mark *Chorus* This is when we all fall When everyday kids Are dying in HS halls Children lying dead It seems that everyday Another hate filled kid Another trajedy What a way to end it With drug dealers and gangs Living amongst us Causing Violence and Hate With ignorant Parents Missing every sign Another kid with a gun How many more have to die

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