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Carol Bayer Sager lyrics - Carole Bayer Sager

Come In From The Rain

Original and similar lyrics
(Carole Bayer Sager/Melissa Manchesler) Well hello there Good old friend of mine You've been reaching for yourself for such a long time There's so much to say No need to explain Just an open door for you to come in from the rain It's a long road When you're on your own And someone like you Will always choose the long way home There's no right or wrong I'm not here to blame I just wont to be the one Who keeps you from the rain ] From the rain And it looks like sunny skies Now that I know you're all right Time has left us older and wiser I know I am And it's good to know My best friend has come home again 'Cause I think of us Like on old clichà But it doesn't matter 'Cause I love you any way Come in from the rain Come in from the rain UNTIL THE NEXT TIME (Carole Bayer Sager' Johnny Vastano) I'm not supposed to feel this way You'd think I'd know a whole lot better But it sure feels good lyin' here next to you, babe You make me do all the things I've wanted me to And I'm not supposed to call your name You'd think by now I'd realize it But I cant hold back on these feelings inside And sometimes I want to shout 'em up to the sky You're not supposed to be the one that I'm needing But I'm not strong enough to do what I should do So I'll lust close my eyes and hold to the feeling Until the next time-until the next time And I never knew I'd feel like this Stealin' hours in the night But just like a child who found some candy in the store I tasted your love and now I keep wantin' more I'm not supposed to be the one you're dreamin' But I'm not sure dreams don't keep me alive So I'll lust close my eyes and hold to the feeling And I won't let it go Until the next time You're not supposed to be the one I'm needin' But I'm not strong enough to do what I should do So I'll just close my eyes and hold to the feeling And I won't let it go Until the next time

Letter For Pun

Cuban Link
[ Intro - Cuban Link ] What up twin ... Im just sittin' back man Thinkin' bout all the good times we had It's a lot of things been goin on since you been gone I just thought it was time for me to sit down and write you a letter Nahm' sayin, a letter from the heart I miss you [ Verso 1 - Cuban Link ] Before I take a shot I always make a toast to the sky Blow some smoke in the air, so we both can get high At night I hold my roseries tight And hope to get by Close my eyes and ask the lord Why he chose you to die Though I believe in god I chose my own road cuz of pride I dont apply to no bible cuz most of them lie Lifes like a roller coaster ride Just try to hold on and drive Its all about surviving, one day we all gon die I try to hide all these feelings i was holdin inside Cuz they always told me thugs aint suppose to cry And show their emotional side But theres soak in my eyes Cuz I never had nobody really close to me die Couldnt understand it at first Yo how did this work? You was just here full of cheer Now im followin your hearse Since out of this earth I felt like I was damned with a curse Had to light a candle at church To handle the hurt And retrospect I always respect the man that you were A man of your word That always put his family first With talent superb All you wanted was to be heard And you got your chance All your fans are proud of your work You made it out the dirt And got on top of the world But u still stood in the hood With your son and two little girls You in iced out chains Your wife is rockin them pearls You lived the ghetto fabolous life The bronx is your borough And when the fame came You never changed You kept it so thorol We did the same thing Poppin champaigne till we hurled You shocked the world twin Every time you rapped on a track You had cats like 'how dis fat duke could flow like that ? Is he black ? Is he packin a mac In the back'ada' act ?' The only spanish rapper To snatch up a platinum plaque Thats a fact Its been written in stones From here to Rome When it comes to spittin in poems You sit on the throne I wish u was home Life is so different alone Spoke to Liza (1) and the kids Lil' Chris is so grown Hes your own spittin image Its like u was cloned You kno I treasure Amanda and Sha-sha like they were my own Liza still tryin to get it together She had yo back thru this stormy weather For that i'll never forget her Times are tougher than leather As for me, things could be better Needed to clear up my head up Thats why I had to write you this letter Since u been gon Joe's (2) been stronger than ever Still with Lorena How can he go to bed Knowing he stealin your cheddar About a mil or better To me he just real as pleather (3) We built this together Still and all, he had me set up (4) I shoulda' known better I let it ride for too long Let it slide for too long Let it hide for too long Now im tryin to move on Without trying to do wrong But my pride is too strong Ima ride through the storm With a hundred troops strong The bullet proofs on Glocks cocked and locked And ready to shoot for him Im just tryin to put you on twin To whats been goin on A lot of backstabbin since u been gone A lot of wack rappin comin from the so-called don A lot of black ballin happenin (5) No matter twin, im still goin strong Tony (6) still singin songs Tryin to swing it along Hes no longer 'Foundation' Sayin Joe put him on Hes dead wrong Armageddon still aint on Prospect (8) back in the projects living with moms Words bond, Remys' (9) da realest She know what da deal is Feelin like theres still chance Wishing u can come and heal us But the thrill is gone Im no longer part of that Im back where I started at Thats where my heart is at Cuz god knows how hard I scrap He tried to keep her from this I been a team player He chose to play at his own risk Sunkiss (10) still come around We still get down We puff a pound Whenever Chuck and C come in to town Tomb is illin Hes down in orlando makin a killing Buildin his own army With soldiers ready and willin Me and Seis (11) still be chillin Hes fine as well Still rhymin, still grindin Only time will tell (12) Gilly (13) stressed out Tryin to figure out his next route Feelin left out No more T.S. He checked out X'ed out his tattoos but he still got you Bee still with me Full-a-clips (14) our old school crew He stayed true Always been the coolest nigga we knew Boobi's up in them videos With you know who You was the glue to the puzzle The key to this struggle The reason why I even chose to be in this hustle Twin I love you No matter what or who tries to judge you Theres nothing worse than family and friends tryin to *fuck* you I stuck through it all And this is what it all led up to Its the closest ones to you That'll stick it in and cut you So much for being humble Im comin through with the shovels Tombstones and all And turn them hard rocks to ruble On the double So you could be at peace with your troubles Cuz even after death you stressed from all these scuffles Guzzled the liqour Snuffin walls Till theres blood on my knuckles Watchin the devil chuckle Hopin I break down and buckle In this jungle its all about survival of the fittest Though you died You never bid us twin You still alive in spirit I can feel it I know you up in heaven right now Hangin out in thugs mansionz You and Pac wildin out Livin the kings lifestyle With platinum wings iced out Bet you and Biggie In the angels lounge poppin Crystals (15) Getting high with Freaky Tah (16) Lighting up white owls Thuggin it out with Big L (17) Rolling dice on the clouds Aaliyah (18) smilin down, Lefteye (19) is still type wild Bugging out Partying Everybodys up in the house You kickin freestyles while Master J (20) hypes' up the crowd Aint no fights breaking out Its all love right now Im just writin down how I feel Hoping you hear me Puttin my heart and soul in it So you can see it all clearly I hold you dearly in my thoughts Cuz like you theres no other Sincerley yours Cuban Link Your twin, your brother Baby I love you ... [ Outro - Cuban Link ] Still got your back twin Your brothers here ... You even got your own day up in the bronx We on top of the world ... Yea, Ima ride with you baby Ima always ride with you Till the day I die ... Thats my word ...

Willing To Fight

ANI DIFRANCO "Puddle Dive"
The windows of my soul Are made of one way glass Don't bother looking into my eyes If there's something you want to know, Just ask I got a dead bolt stroll Where I'm going is clear I won't wait for you to wonder I'll just tell you why I'm here 'Cause I know the biggest crime Is just to throw up your hands Say This has nothing to do with me I just want to live as comfortably as I can You got to look outside your eyes You got to think outside your brain You got to walk outside you life To where the neighborhood changes Tell me who is your boogieman That's who I will be You don't have to like me for who I am But we'll see what you're made of By what you make of me I think that it's absurd That you think I am the derelict daughter I fight fire with words Words are hotter than flames Words are wetter than water I got friends all over this country I got friends in other countries too I got friends I haven't met yet I got friends I never knew I got lovers whose eyes I've only seen at a glance I got strangers for great grandchildren I got strangers for ancestors I was a long time coming I'll be a long time gone You've got your whole life to do something And that's not very long So why don't you give me a call When you're willing to fight For what you think is real For what you think is right

The Twelfth Of Never

You ask how much I need you Must I explain I need you oh my darling Like roses need rain You ask how long I'll love you I'll tell you true Until the twelfth of never I'll still be loving you Hold me close Never let me go Hold me close Melt my heart like April snow I'll love you 'till the blue bells forget to bloom I'll love you 'till the clover has lost its perfume I'll love you 'till the poets run out of rhyme Oh, until the twelfth of never And that's a long long time Until the twelfth of never And that's a long long time

Talkin' Return Of The Great Folk Scare Blues

John Wesley Harding "Dynablob"
Well I was born in 1965 That was a hell of a good time to be alive Except that by the age of ten The music had turned crap again Now people say they wanna bring back the 70's I say hey give the bad music of today a chance Punk came round, that was pretty scary It was like a contemporary Peter, Paul and Mary Shocking! And before the 80's got too far It was time for me to pick up my guitar Picked it up Looked good! All my friends turned up their noses At Freewheelin' and For The Roses Preferring image over substance A hairstyle for a musical influence All those Ultravox records, they're gathering dust But me, I'm still listening to Live Rust And if the 90's are the 60's turned upside down Then the 80's were the 60's the right way up Only with half the top cut off? If you think about it! And in the town where I did live There was no-one I could do hoot night with So I sat alone with my six strings And I learned how to play and sing Woody Guthrie's guitar killed fascists and crime But in Hastings, East Sussex, South of England My guitar killed time? And I got gigs opening for bands And things would get outta hand Cos big men would yell out their derision So I developed humor as a defense mechanism? The main band of the night would be?.. And I'd go on first and I'd get carried away? Literally And I moved to the big old smoky city Just after University And I got a gig opening for a friend of mine Where I happened to be playing my ace in the right place at the Right time? So I gave up my PhD To become a dustbowl folky That's Phil Ochs not Phil Oakey And then I learned the Folksinger's Prayer and it goes like this: Our Father Who art on Folkways Ramblin' Jack be thy name Thy Folk City come Thy will be done On CD as it was on vinyl Give us this day our daily gig And forgive us our protest As we forgive those who protest against us And lead us not into electricity But deliver us from commercialism For Prine is the kingdom The power of the story Forever be clever A minor? So hey everybody the time is near The Folk revival's coming here But it's a tough thing to revive today Cos it never really goes away That's cos it's a good thing So everyone it's time to come and claim your share It's time to re-iron your hair It's time to relearn Scarborough Fayre And in 5 years time you're gonna look back You're gonna say 'I was there' At the return of the great folk scare

What's On Your Mind?

KANSAS "Leftoverture"
Well you told me that I was just not the one, And you left me standing out in the cold It's been a long tiime and I'm so much better now, That I'm looking back and seeing it all and for the first time there's no pain in my life Though it's a long hardroad that I've gone We had a good thing and it made me a man cause I know CHORUS You got me goin', pardon me my feelings are showing I'm only saying what's on my mind Well I found you or maybe I found myself And I think we knew it all of the time We fit together just like a lock and a key And we opned up each other's minds Yeah, I was laughing 'cause there was no room to cry There waas too much growing to do We had a good time and it ain't over yet 'cause I know CHORUS You came from nowhere and you just jumped in my life and I know it never will be the same You made me love you and now I'm home once again No, I never want to leave you no more 'Cause I'm attached to the better half of myself And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be YOu filled an empty, you fixed a bad broken heart, and I know CHORUS

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