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BUSTA RHYMES lyrics - When Disaster Strikes

Turn It Up

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] We grind ya'll Bounce back, open your mind ya'll Grind your whole ass till you twist your waistline Ya'll know the time Hey yo feel the base line Stack the overdrive Bounce, baby feel the incline So geniune, everytime, Busta redefine The wicked knew the dime Makin ya'll press rewind Hope you feelin fine Watch me combine and intertwine The bounce rock skates make you cross the foul line Shine a nickel nine On all kinds of little swine Stick the worst of porcupine If you tryin to take mine Yo, pick up my nigga Splif In the blue 5S's Sportin out tan, interior blue head restses Move, baby no time for second guesses Been articulate the right bounce as the flow finesses Yo we gettin papers spreadin love and happiness's Shit blazin so hot DJ's scratch the test presses Like make it mo hot baby *chorus comes in* [Chorus:] Turn it up, I wanna hear it real loud, just Turn it up, so we can party in the loft, baby Turn it up, we need to tear the roof off, so just Turn it up, I need to make it mo hot, baby (repeat first three lines, finish with 'Turn it up') [Verse 2:] Yo, word is bond Baby let's get it on I never say it wrong Yo baby girl take off your thong Let me put it in your spirit like the holy Kyron Got the mega song Sweet like honey chicken dijon Movin along Yo, honey body look real strong Watch your ass swing Hangin like a medallion Exercise baby let me see you spread on the floor What you askin for Relax, I'm bout to give you some more Where the liquor store Hit you with some more metaphor The raw, hot to def shit you never seen it before Hit the deck, on your mark, get set, we bout to jet Spark it like ingelet, chickens breakin their neck Yo we play to win Such a shame, shit is a sin So hot baby body heat bubble your skin Everytime I flow speak I caress the whole beach Just like the body guard Les straight walkin the street We get down [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Yo, come on baby just feel my heat wave A lot of hot ones ready for niggas that act brave Chill son, you better off if you behave Flip money while broke niggas tryin to save Lay low, I say so, my pesos Import my cheese stack by the castros Make clothes Or stay fly a chase hoes Equatorians soft lips and straight nose Makin dough When we rippin the paid show Get the money and dip, we in the Range Rove Now we makin grands We name brand We make plans, change plans Then we expand across land Do it properly Yo, I said open sesame The recipe, be the hot shit, it's got to be Yo, landscape We arrange a whole shape Rock the fly tape Then I continue to skyscrape Like blah!!!!!!!!!!! So hot [Chorus]

Long Kiss Goodnight

Notorious Big "Life After Death"
[CHORUS] TIME, TIME FOR YOU TA DIE AS I KISS--YO--ASS--GOODNIGHT I make yo mouthpiece obese like delawese When I release, you loose teeth like Little Cease Nigga please Blood floods yo dungarees And that's just a half of my warpath Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater than the average playa hater, and spectators Buy my CD twice They see me in the streets they be like yo he nice But that's on the low doe' be the cats wit no dough, tried ta play me at my show I pull out 4-4's, and go up in they clothes Short-change niggas snort-cane niggas extortion came quicker Bought the Range' nigga Ya still tickle me I used ta be as strong as ripple, till Little Cease crippled me Now I play hard-like my girls nipples be The games sour like like a pickle be Ya'll know da rules Move from BK ta New Jerus Thinkin bout, all the planes we flew Bitches, we ran through Now da years new I lay my game flat I want my spot back, take two Muthafuckas mad cuz I blew, niggas envious Too many niggas on my dick, shit's strenuous When my men bust, you just move wit such stamina Slugs missed ya I ain't mad at'chya (we ain't mad at'chya) Blood rushin, concussions, ain't nothing Catch canes, come out frontin Smokin something Sippin White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin I laced it wit the basic 6 TV's, a system, knockin Mase shit, face it We hard ta hit Guard ya shit, for I stick you, for ya re-up Wipe the 'P' Mix shots, 'work ya seat up' Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up LONG KISS [CHORUS X 2] UH-I flamin gats, aimin at, these fuckin... Maniacs put my name in raps--'support them' Games dat Like they hustle backwards I smoke backwards, and Duchees Ya can't touch me Try ta rush me Slugs go, touchy-touchy Ya bleedin lovely, wit'chyo, spirit above me or beneath me, ya whole life ya live sneaky Now ya rest eternally, sleepy, ya burn when ya creep me Rest where the worms-n-the weak be My nine flies, baptize, rap guys Wit the holy ghost I put holes in most, you hold ya toast shakey Slip-n-tryin ta break me Look what'chyou made me do, brains blue My team in the Marine blew, six-coupe Skiid it out, weeded out, clean it out The block for distance is, given long kisses bitch [CHORUS X 2] Frank White the menacin, craw-craw's demenacin I got the lettuce in You turn green like cucumber skin got the new hummer in the summer when I was a new comer then drugs and mac-10's Hug from fake friends Make ends they hate'chyou, be broke girls won't date'chyou That's why I relate to, choke yo ass till ya face blue, make you Open the safe too No matter how ya call it(how ya call it) This 'bralick',alcoholic Like his weed green'd out like his brick solid Distribute to kids who, take heart like Valentine, drink Valentine, all the time Slugs hit'chya chest tap the spine Flat-line Heard through the grapevine, ya got fucked foe times Damn that three ta nine, fucked you up for real doe' 'Slink steal slow' As you remorse we feel no [CHORUS X 6]


Pharrell: Ladies and gentlemen Justin: Huh Pharrell: It's my pleasure to introduce to you He's a friend of mine Justin: Yes, yes I am Pharrell: And he goes by the name... Justin Whoa-ooh-ooh All the way from Memphis, Tennessee And he got somethin' special for y'all tonight He gon' sing a song for y'all About this girl Justin: Come in right here? Pharrell: Yeah Come on... uh Justin: On that sunny day Didn't know I'd meet Such a beautiful girl Walking down the street Seen those bright brown eyes With tears coming down Pharrell: So he said to himself... Justin: She deserves a crown But where is it now Mama listen... Chorus: Señorita, I feel for you You deal with things, that you don't have to He doesn't love ya, I can tell by his charm But you could feel this real love If you just lay in my... Running fast in my mind Girl don't you slow it down If we carry on this way This thing might leave the ground How would you like to fly? That's how my queen should ride. But you still deserve the crown Why hasn't it been found? Mama listen Chorus: Señorita, I feel for you (Feel for you) You deal with things, that you don't have to (No, no) He doesn't love ya, I can tell by his charm (He don't love ya baby) But you could feel this real love (Feel it) If you just lay in my... Ah, ah, arms... (Won't you lay in my) Ah, ah, arms... (Mama lay in my) Ah, ah, arms... (Baby won't you lay in my) Ah, ah, arms... When I look into your eyes (Just listen baby) I see something that money can't buy (Just love me baby, oh) And I know if you give us a try (I want you girl) I'll work harder for you girl (Harder) And no longer will you ever have to cry (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Chorus: Señorita, I feel for you You deal with things, that you don't have to (Deal with things you don't have to) He doesn't love ya, I can tell by his charm (No, no) But you could feel this real love (Feel it) If you just lay in my... Ah, ah, arms... (Whoa) Ah, ah, arms... (My baby) Ah, ah, arms... (Oooh, yea) Ah, ah, arms... When I look into your eyes (Dance with me baby) I see something that money can't buy (Dance with me baby, oh) And I know if you give us a try (I want you girl) I'll work hard for you girl (harder) You won't ever cry Spoken: Now listen I wanna try some right now See they don't do this anymore I'ma sing something And I want the guys to sing with me They go It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave with you? And then the ladies go I don't know but I'm thinkin' 'bout, really leavin' with you Guys sing It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave wit you? And ladies I don't know but I'm thinkin' 'bout, really leavin' wit you. Feels good don't it, come on It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave with you? Yea, ladies I don't know but I'm thinkin' 'bout, really leavin' with you. Sure feels good to me Sing it one more time It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave wit you? Ladies I don't know but I'm thinkin' 'bout, really leavin' wit you. Yea, yea.. It feels like something's heatin' up, can I leave wit you.? Ladies I don't know but I'm thinkin' 'bout, really leavin' with you. Gentlemen, good night Ladies, good morning (laughs) And that's it

Busta's Lament

[Phife Dawg] Fuck the car-jacking, Phife Diggy is rapping Got dawgs with love and plus dawgs that's packin So what's the deal Captain, if it's time for some action Watch me roll with hon, try to push her back Which one of these niggaz, think they fuckin wit dis? Put your money on Queens, yo these cats is pissed Meanin hot green and stinky, see shorty there winkin? Hit her off so hard, that her eyes start blinkin Then massage her down, with the word serene It's the Dawg For Pres, new star on the scene And I'm here for the battle, right down to the letter If it rains today, then it's a double-header Range Beemaz and Benz, 1100's and Jettas Phife Dawg for whatever, just get it together (Just) get it together (Just) get it together (Just) get it together [Q-Tip] Just get it together No matter the weather, or where you at This is how we gon' do it, cause we keep shit fat You gotta (yo yo) do it (yo, yo yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo) do it * a lot of yo from Busta Rhymes * [Q-Tip] Didn't you read the news, did you heed the alarm It was good overall, it said that we was the bomb I'ma make the call, and I hope you respond We the stars y'all, and everyone beckons far You a star and you shining, I'm one and I'm rhyming Let's get together, start intertwining Yo you coming with me, somewhere where you can't see with his bonafide joints, underneath the sea Of confusion and glitter, nobody's a quitter Try to front and get ripped, from your ear to your shitter Gon' put it on harder than anyone did It would benefit you to keep a wide open lid Makin sho' shot shit, makin sure you shine Takin shows for sure, takin hearts in time Do it all for the rhyme, and the rhythm and things When we do it we bangin, like we inside the bang Ain't doubtin nobody, when we inside the jam But I'm proud overall, and I know who I am As the constellation gets brighter this writer's goin (yo yo) do it (yo, yo yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo yo) do it (yo yo) do it (yo, yo) do it


JON B "Stronger Everyday"
[Verse 1:] Positions might be perplexed but flexibility is a necessity Come on girl, join me in this ecstasy Meet me in a place where your moaning ain't no faking They comin' back to back cause with me there ain't no waiting It's running down your leg, you're crawling out my bed I see your eyes roll into the back of your head Girl, I swear right now, you feel like heaven, oh [Chorus:] How many ways can I love you And how many times can I do it to you Step one, kissing you, you came two more times Off three soft touches between your thighs How many ways can I love you And tell me how you like it done to you Is it fast, is it slow, can you reach three or four We can go on a journey called multiple [Verse 2:] All you wish is my responsibility to keep it real for you Let you get the best of what I can do Make sure you can't get enough And tell me boo, is it good to you Spin around, break it down So I can hit it the way that I really want to girl And you're gonna get it all tonight baby girl Once the job in done you're gonna feel heaven [Chorus] [Bridge:] If I kiss my favorite parts of your body, just like you like I can pull your ponytail hard and soft, play your favorite tracks And in a minute I'll be back, make some breakfast, hey All the different things that we can do So many positions that I want to get to And all I'm trying to see about you Is how many times I can do it to your body baby [Chorus]


ANDRE NICKATINA "Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll"
[Mac Dre:] Backwoods got me congested, ain't rested in 2 days I'm gettin paid been on niggas head like toupes I'm a thug cuz wipe the blood out yo gaze Cutthoat nigga bitch I scam on 'em fo days In school days I blew baze got ripped and fucked up In new jays on 2 ways I scritched and scratched up I beat that bitch up when I found out she lyin Who she think I am? Saving Private Ryan? [Andre Nickatina:] I make the town move just by walkin on your block Take the keys to yo city but I still picked the locks Buy a car and a glock put the cash in my socks put the beat in the trunk so ya hear the shit knock To hell with the law the freeways mines so is yo freak, radios, and alpines Coke wit a little bit of cherry lemon lime Ya think of me ya think of big money everytime Kennel Cole shine like the trigger of a nine Orca was a whale but pisces is the sign [Mac Dre:] I got split personalities I'm bipolar Ya might see me wit my Italion stallion or my chola Rap rock n rolla I'm dope as yola If you dont pimp her, I might like ? I'm ridin in a big boat like Noah Wit 2 women of each races boy I control her A ho a ho stable I'm a Mac and a medic No do ho debt it, thats right I said it [Andre Nickatina:] I treat my dolla bills like my Caddy steering wheel I'm not a chill pill freak do what ya will Heart ticking like a timebomb eatin spicy prawns Man its the God of Khan check it baby right or wrong man look but dont stare its the crime rhyme king wit braids like a juvenile ca na mean? bruce springsteen in my anchor blue jeans o yea im in yo city man whats up wit the weed? man call all the g's and tell em all freeze Andre Nickatina sayin nigga what ya need? hit the corner so narrow in a fly blue camaro a sparrow dodging arrow but not a double barrel [Mac Dre:] We in a 7 series beema its me and nickatina ready to sexually harass a bitch like ? commitin felonies and hella misdameanors a dog in the yard where the grass is hella greener rap singer pimp thatll slap Tina I mack Nina from black to latina clean as noxzema quick to pop the nina got the money from the broad as soon as I seen her Will I meet a Tina and Trina? got dick by the bay on the berkeley marina dont mean to the point the finger but uh (but uh) she got pancake syrup but uh (but uh) [Andre Nickatina:] man the way i smoke weed is like death of a genius reappear roll up rise like a phoenix this is not a remix nino felix put it in a capsule seal it deal it how you want it nicky baby? 4 times 5 a quarter ounce of weed and some cherry pot pies excuse me if Im greedy cuz I'm caught up in the lust Ill lie if ya want but Im a tiga you can crust cuz Im on Fillmoe in a white velour suit in a blue kangol in my wu-tang boots wit a back like a cobra cursed by the mail my manicured nails touch a triple beam scale baby is a athlete body like a star ya talkin real bad freak meet me by the car

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