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BUILT TO SPILL lyrics - There's Nothing Wrong With Love

Twin Falls

Original and similar lyrics
christmas Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory She was only two it was the first time she felt blue Cafeteria Harrison Elementary Beneath a parachute I saw her without shoes 7UP I touched her thumb and she knew it was me Although she couldn't see unless of course she peeked My mom's good she got me out of Twin Falls, Idaho Before I got too old you know how that goes That's where she still was the summer she turned 17 In 1983, two weeks after me Last I heard was she had twins or maybe it was three Although I've never seen but that don't bother me


Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening"
Lookin out my window hypnotized by the rain In a trance reminicing bout the soldiers slain Fighting wars in the brain trying to maintain Hoping mama won't have to feel the pain Looking at a closed casket or a picture frame Even shorties that you banged won't forget your name Still feel strange how times do change We doing our thing and in our minds you remain As I uncap a 5th of Henny for my soldiers that's a memory Thinking 'bout the fun times we had together Blazin' 'till the sunshine Drinkin' the cheap wine I know I never find a ? of the same kind But at the same time, I'm constantly writin' eulogies For my big homey locs and my loco g's Since '73 it seems death followed me to my man ?Tyshan Wells? Rest in Peace Chorus Oh why oh why oh why It's always the good ones that have to die Oh why oh why oh why Bob Marley die, ?Jacob Miller? die (repeat) Another day another burial Got you wondering 'bout the day when he bury you Tear drops stain the wally's that you rockin' On the block candles burn guns popin' I just came from the cemetery where my dog was buried Drop some buds in the earth to grow in they memory Thinkin' 'bout the fun times we had as fam Remembering the beef we got into but never ran I seen a kid get ate up by his own man one time Hid behind a car now look and duck and bust a ? On some Harlem Nights script But this some real life shit Heard his scull split when you seen the slug hit I watched the vultures swarmin' Prayin' on his garments They stay robbin' dead men cuz they don't give 'em problems Heard the good die young be it by God or gun Paint my mural on the wall sayin' my job was done I shed tears when I hear news from my peers That my nigga Shawn Crady was no longer here Had me mad at my girl ready to take it to the world Drinkin' liquor 'till I'm damn near 'bout to 'url Got a jewel from my dog locked up in jail Told me son is in the essence resting All is well While you still here: accomplish your deads Cuz you never know when it's your time to leave Repeat chorus several times

Sons Of Summer

CARLY SIMON "Playing Possum"
(Billy Mernit) It makes me smile To think of what we dreamed of Where are those sons of summer now With their wild-haired women in their patchwork gowns Who could laugh the lights away Nights on the beach and bay The course on farms And the course in the bar Sweet smokin' in the back of the car Always the first time shines to last like a morning star Like a morning star It's been a while since the last time we were dancing Where are those sons of summer now With their long-limber ladies who all knew how To chase the blues away I've got the blues today Your ivy days and your clubhouse ways Wine mug nights when the music played Love that is real will not fade away like a morning star Where are those sons of summer now The winter has come And you don't know how to turn your Dreams into coal Your books won't hold you The woods get cold And I feel too old I begin to question your schoolboy soul Clever remarks that once won my heart When the fire won't light they lose their spark And I can't help but get a little bit blue thinking about the precious nothing we Once knew


AMANDA MARSHALL "Amanda Marshall"
Virgil Spencer's got a nineteen-inch Hitachi And many demons lingering Friday night he pulled a gun to change the channel Something that he picked up from the King His wife remembers well the man she knew Seems the dreams she had have all turned black and blue She's wasted years No time for tears Chorus Cause there's another chance and a someday soon Shining like the Alabama moon She's looking for her promised land Out beyond the lights of Birmingham It's three a.m. and Virgil's passed out on the sofa A fifth of Jim Beam on the floor She's packed a bag she slips the keys out of his pocket She's careful not to slam the door And as she drives she rubs her rosary She's never been so all alone she's never felt so free She's got miles to go Blind faith and hope Chorus As the rain falls down upon the interstate Any doubts she had are all but washed away One long look back At Birmingham Chorus repeat Written By: D. McTaggert, D. Tyson, G. O'Brien

Apple Pie Moonshine

JAKE OWEN "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"
Well I apologized when I picked her up Said this old truck is just a fixer up She smiled and said hey that's ok just a couple letters missing from the Chevrolet I pulled out of her country club neighborhood She was over there looking so damn good And I was feeling every bit of my side of the tracks But she took care of that when she pulled out that moon shine Tasted like an apple pie We were wishing and kissing and sipping that stuff Sho' nuff messing me up Till I couldn't tell the moonlight from the stars in her eyes I never felt so fine caught up in a good time between her and that apple pie moonshine well we were dancing around in the high beams her hands in the back pockets of my jeans the radio playing the perfect song I still think about her every time the thing comes on And I never forget that first kiss When a country boy got to hold a real princess I can still taste the cinnamon on her lips Every time I reminisce Its sweeter than moonshine tasting like an apple pie We were wishing and kissing and sipping that stuff Sho' nuff messing me up Till I couldn't tell the moonlight from the stars in her eyes I never felt so fine caught up in a good time between her and that apple pie moonshine yeah, I couldn't tell the moonlight from the stars in her eyes I never felt so fine Caught up in a good time between her and that apple pie moonshine Apple pie moonshine

Talkin' Return Of The Great Folk Scare Blues

John Wesley Harding "Dynablob"
Well I was born in 1965 That was a hell of a good time to be alive Except that by the age of ten The music had turned crap again Now people say they wanna bring back the 70's I say hey give the bad music of today a chance Punk came round, that was pretty scary It was like a contemporary Peter, Paul and Mary Shocking! And before the 80's got too far It was time for me to pick up my guitar Picked it up Looked good! All my friends turned up their noses At Freewheelin' and For The Roses Preferring image over substance A hairstyle for a musical influence All those Ultravox records, they're gathering dust But me, I'm still listening to Live Rust And if the 90's are the 60's turned upside down Then the 80's were the 60's the right way up Only with half the top cut off? If you think about it! And in the town where I did live There was no-one I could do hoot night with So I sat alone with my six strings And I learned how to play and sing Woody Guthrie's guitar killed fascists and crime But in Hastings, East Sussex, South of England My guitar killed time? And I got gigs opening for bands And things would get outta hand Cos big men would yell out their derision So I developed humor as a defense mechanism? The main band of the night would be?.. And I'd go on first and I'd get carried away? Literally And I moved to the big old smoky city Just after University And I got a gig opening for a friend of mine Where I happened to be playing my ace in the right place at the Right time? So I gave up my PhD To become a dustbowl folky That's Phil Ochs not Phil Oakey And then I learned the Folksinger's Prayer and it goes like this: Our Father Who art on Folkways Ramblin' Jack be thy name Thy Folk City come Thy will be done On CD as it was on vinyl Give us this day our daily gig And forgive us our protest As we forgive those who protest against us And lead us not into electricity But deliver us from commercialism For Prine is the kingdom The power of the story Forever be clever A minor? So hey everybody the time is near The Folk revival's coming here But it's a tough thing to revive today Cos it never really goes away That's cos it's a good thing So everyone it's time to come and claim your share It's time to re-iron your hair It's time to relearn Scarborough Fayre And in 5 years time you're gonna look back You're gonna say 'I was there' At the return of the great folk scare

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