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BUILT TO SPILL lyrics - There's Nothing Wrong With Love

Distopian Dream Girl

Original and similar lyrics
can you make it real Make it more than will More than just feel We are on a ride We're on it all the time It's at the front of your mind My stepfather looks just like David Bowie But he hates David Bowie I think Bowie's cool I think Lodger rules I think my stepdad's a fool Without me there's nothing I'm the only thing that dies If it came down to your life or mine I would do the stupid thing And let you keep on living I'm alright, said the man to his wife Waking up to a head full of bed Full of what she said She hadn't thought of it for a while And when she did She thought of it differently Than she thought she should be thinking Just the thought of it's enough To penetrate my comfort zone

I'm Down

Hollies "Another Night"
(Clarke / Sylvester / Hicks) Shook my head out of dreams Reality's calling The early bird's been up all morning but I've got no notion of moving from where I am Though my legs won't move I feel disabled I'm on a shelf an article labeled waiting for someone to fetch me from lost and found I'm down No one to hear me calling I'm down No one to see me falling I'm down Had my ways with days of sunshine Life came easy it all fell in line But then again I didn't realise When you're used to one thing it's hard to accept another Like the woman who brought you up well she ain't your mother How do you cope with a thing like that chorus I always thought it was my dad who went to war Thought it was my sister who fell off the wall My pseudo-brother Billy emigrated long ago Someone went through pain to have me someone I should know I'm down I'm down To the folks who brought me up I'm not ungrateful Kept the secret from me they thought it was shameful It hurt me so to be the last one to know Maybe someone's out there looking for me Left on their own couldn't afford to clothe me And I I don't even know my real name chorus I'm down I'm down I'm down

It's All Bad

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
Intro: Yeah, crazy ups and downs you know what I'm sayin'? Crazy how the world runs, word up. Check it out. Bring it on. Hook: Lord I try to keep positive, but this life is full of strife And I'm tired of trying to conquer it Lord always thinking negative what will go wrong will go wrong Until the beast in me vanishes Verse 1: First of all I was born under a bad sign, confinded to torcher Never saw what life had to offer Time slips away like pop singles on the radio Chino never had the doe, I was determined though Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle My aspirations from every angle From a street corner to a demo deal from Warner Hardcore performer, crowd warmer, thought it was on but it wasn't I never got no budget, stuck like a glue trap It goes to prove that Being the greatest lyricist can't paint the full picture It's a full mixture, I can't get no, no satisfaction Like being blind watching a movie with no closed caption I need some time to ease my mind, I'm bested Fuck Mr. Wendal my Development is Arrested All I wanted to do was rock with my fast ass And blast past the mass, collect quick cash Did what I did best create, but began to hate All these flake music people makin' artists wait But I'm a be up there one day And soon to slam wax innovate rhymes that my fans consume I view this world through my notepad Thus expanding my vocab to win, till then, it's all bad Hook (x2) Verse 2: When I was merely a sophmore, went to Atlanta on a false tour This ain't what I prayed so hard for Dreams broken into individual particles like porcelain Figurings attached to me like barnacles Now I'm suppose to be happy like Bobby McFerrin Keep faith, the only thing holy is the drawers I'm wearin' 89' I aimed to graduate, no exaggerate Evaporating positive energy from inside of me To the point where my love for God no more provides for me Of course lost pride, obviously the force rides To paradise nobody invites but puts the Bill Of Rights 1430 SAT proving ya, I'm a spick that'll die respective like Rahoul Julia So cease with, all that street shit Expect MC from Chi kid, you gets the wicked priest shit Until I see fit, to open my life strife like the pearly gates of heaven For ? entertainment this is my expression Prepare wealth and I'll share self, maybe I can help But I'm lost but I be large anywhere else The ill eagle, twisted, war novelist The problem swallowed us, it takes an activated mind to follow this And true to realm to be ourselves, not to follow a fad or give in to trends Till then, it's all bad Hook (x2) Verse 3: Unanswereed prayers plays the background, I pull my baseball caps down I hide the tracks of my tears from rapping peers I finally got on and soon he wasn't a moment to I lose my mind, I lose my friends, my daughter and a coma too I'm going through a strange tug of war inside my mental wall Record just went platinum, I'm slapping 'em, I'll show you all Cover of Rolling Stones, Vibe even TV Guide Was filming my first movie in L.A. when I heard my baby died Shook it off without a thought that she was beautiful Soul Train Awards I go to not my daughters funeral I stay drunk and high like I'm imperial Surrounded by more white groupies than a Rakim video Now life's a tour to me, except the way I was rejected formally Disrespected neighborhoods I know supported me It's eating me, suicide attemps repeatedly What I worked so hard for, ultimately is defeating me I'm paranoid my own mom can't avoid being a tabloid So she wasn't shocked when my baby flopped Caught in the industry, spending money feverishly Now I'mve been robbed, I can't believe my laywers did this to me Next album was filled up with tragedy and despair Fans with smiling faces with no real purpose for being here I call the dear Lord when in Billboard I plummet from 3 to 10 I guess failure is my new trend Thought I was all that, now I just fall flat, splat Vails of crack, my old friends won't let me call back So where in mind can I find myself a misty storm invisible to God I'm falling off like TJ Swan Hook (x2)

Mysterious Ways

Just when I thought I had it figured out Just when I thought I had the answers You came along so full of promises Full of grace and second chances For awhile I tried to shut it out For awhile I tried to fight it But now I see that there just ain't no use There ain't no reason to deny it Oh - ya just never know, no you don't The world is full of mysteries Full of magic and of wonder There's so much more than what we see Can't explain the spell I'm under Everytime I look upon your face I'm constantly amazed And love moves through my days In mysterious ways They say the heart is shaped just like a fist Holding in its feelings I say the heart is like an open hand Holding out and healing Oh wherever you go - don't ya know

She's Inflatable

Cledus T. Judd "Juddmental"
(Parody of Unbelieveable by Diamond Rio (Al Anderson/Jeffrey Steele, Al Andersongs (BMI)/Mighty Nice Music (BMI), Administered by Blue Water Music Corp/My Life's Music (BMI)/Yellow Desert Music (BMI)/Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) New lyrics and music by Cledus T. Judd/Scott Rouse/Ronnie Scaife, Cledus Crap Anthems (SESAC)/Shaboo Music (BMI)/Universal Music (BMI) She's so squeezable Please-able Unbreakable She's inflatable She's an arm full of sex appeal Can't wait till I get her home Yeah She's incapable Of being difficult Down to earth-able Biodegradable Shania Twain Ain't got a dad blang thing On my tease-able Squeeze-able Please-able She's inflatable Most folks think I'm full of baloney I'm never lonely Never thought I could buy someone not Flammable Air brain-able Recycle-able No I ain't full of bull Didn't need a down payment on that pretty little plastic thing It made my mama cry When we ran off one night And caught a Vegas flight And I made her mom whine She blew her mouth still when I gave her a ring My flexible Patch-able Washable Yeah inflatable (Oh Dang lady you give a new definition of taking a man's breath away) Makes me feel so proud that I'm her feller I'd never sell her People get your mind out of the gu-gu-gu-gutter She's blonde-head-able Re-head-able Remediable Interchange-able I didn't need a down payment On that pretty little plastic thing She's incapable Of being difficult Down to earth-able Biodegradable She blew her mouth still when I gave her a ring My please-able Patchable Washable Bio-degradable Air-brain-able Squeezable Washable She's inflatable That Diamond Rio song had way too many syllables


Attica Blues "Test don't test"
Reality has checked my me Time is expecting what I've been rejecting for so long My body is calling, energy level is falling, And I've found I'm not as strong as I used to be Is it all about security? I need to provide to stay alive, Build a future,build a home 10 years from now thime will run out Just want to slow bad time down But 10 years ago felt like yesterday, Now a family seems so far away want to fit more in But don't get me wrong - responsibility isn't a bad thing Am I judging men by how they'd father my children, Rather than for who they are The only thing I'd imagine hasn't really worked out the way I thought, And the only thing my life has brought is uncertainty Is it all about security? Thought one day I'd wake to be a woman Thought one day I'd wake to be a woman Thought one day I'd just wake to be a woman Is it all about security? Security

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