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Buck O Nine lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Not long ago there was a time when everything would blow my mind. Then I learn a bit more, it cancelled everything I learned before. I say hey (hey), I don't know what I'm doin'. I should have planned on my class reunion. I been workin' on my vision and clarity. This is how it was meant for me. Well anything is possible. Anything and everything is possible to me. When I was nineteen I thought I'd seen everything I was gonna see. Then I see a bit more, it cancelled everything I seen before. I say hey (hey), I thought I knew it all. I'm settin' up for a hell of a fall. Writin' down my philosophy songs, there's one that still holds strong. Well anything is possible. Anything and everything is possible to me. With every day that goes by the less and less I wonder why. Cause I seen 'em rise and I seen 'em fall. But I'll never claim to have seen it all. I say hey (hey), I ain't seen a thing. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I been workin' on my state of mind. Brace yourself for the ride. Cause anything is possible. Anything and everything is possible to me.

The Ceiling Is Bendin

Flaming Lips
Well, it's midnight in a liquor store In Texas on Halloween Salvador Dali watches From his window in a dream Jesus is a rock star who destroys all he sees Godzilla is a cowboy Who is dressed up as a queen She isn't as depressed as she used to be Come on over here, my dear Well, I hold my head real still So I can't see very far They got all these Vietnamese Heads stuffed into jars They got all these things That make them look like they're way in They use polythene plastics On their bods instead of skin If I had someone to talk to I wouldn't mind so much But it takes so long to get there Can't remember where I was And I wouldn't mind to talk to you Even if I could The ceiling is bendin' on my telephone Everything's gettin' weird And my skin falls from my bones

Back Of My Mind

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
Well my daddy he stood at the foot of the stairs He was calling to me at the time And I knew even then, I could die for the thoughts That I kept in the back of my mind But I dared not to speak How I felt for my dad Cause there were no words to define The ball of confusion, of feelings and stuff That I kept in the back of my mind So I took to the highway And I kept to myself Just a lookin' and hopin' to find Some solutions, some answers, someway to exist All this stuff in the back of my mind So I took me a job And I took me a wife And I took me a bottle of wine And it did not take long, 'til all I had left Was this junk in the back of my mind Well the end of the tunnel It never came up 'til I came to the end of the line And I saw that the light I'd been hoping to see Was just a spark in the back of my mind And the cold wind that blew Through the hole in my heart Made a fire for the very first time From some branches of trust And a kindling of faith And that spark in the back of my mind Drivin' like rain, or a runaway train Flyin' blind, shot from the dark in the back of my mind


I've scaled over the walls of morality Not quite sure what I'd find There on the other side Waiting in a common stance Relieve me of my duty As keeper of his body Just leave me with my mind And I assure you I will be just fine Tears stream from the cheek Of a man whose body his mind does not seek A very gruelling rendition Of a human soul's indecision The qualities of a finer being Locked well within this shell Crying out to be released To a body that serves as well Malformed at birth You see what it's worth In a mirror I ask why Such a shame, wanting to die In a past lifetime I feel I've had mine Shared with no one Excuse me I must go now! Unhappy as he exits Unhappy as he came Enthralled in the Essence The Essence of life to be

All Messed Up

SUM 41 "Does This Look Infected?"
Another day wasted out of time I can't get out of this Altered state of mind I'm going overboard My conscience meets decline Into Reality I know this can't be fine [Chorus] Cause I'm all messed up Making prefect nonsense Drowning in my doubt too well Cause I'm all messed up Going nowhere fast but circles in my mind So blind Who are these voices in my head I can't go on like this Living like the dead I haven't slept so long Feeling sad I dread I'm talking to myself Forgot what I just said [Repeat Chorus] Well I hold my only enemy as closely as a friend And I sold my own reality to further my descent Selt-destruction taking over it's so eay to pretend Introduction to this nightmare may never end Can anyone help me drag my heels I'm running overtime I can't hold down my meals My mind is racing by Staring blankly feels Like pulling out my teeth While this engine winds [Repeat Chorus]

Old Pictures

THE JUDDS "Heartland"
Here's a little girl playin' dress up Somewhere under all that lace Standin' in her mama's high heeled shoes With a lipstick covered face And here's a little boy on a pony He's a cowboy all the way He used to pull my hair and make me mad At the Saturday matinee Who would've thought that I'd lose my heart To the same little boy someday [Chorus] Lookin' through my old pictures Faded photographs Some of them bring me close to tears Others make me laugh Old memories seem to come alive And open up the past again And let me dream inside Here's brother with his first automobile Thought he'd washed the paint away He took a job that took him West He's doing very well We don't see much of brother these days And this is my favorite of my papa He's dressed up in his Sunday suit A wide brimmed hat, a watch on a chain Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth It's a picture of a downright handsome man Caught in the prime of his youth [Repeat Chorus] They open up the past again and let me dream inside

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