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Buck O Nine lyrics

Here We Go Again

Original and similar lyrics
They had a seaside suite on the weekend of the 4th of July He had a chocolate treat for every tear she cried Then she fell down by the hand of him As she fell down She said Here we go again and It's not my fault this time. As if it ever was before He's got her where he wants In the palm of his hand He's effortless In the palm of his hands She's helpless, but She feels safe when he's around But she knows it won't be too long (Until she sees this side of him again) She's been down this road a thousand times before He always seems to come through before she's out the door But not this time she said, I'm gonna take my life back from him


DEAD PREZ "Lets Get Free"
Intro: I was born, in a dump My mama died and my father got drunk They left me, to die or grow In the middle of Tobacco Road I grew up in a rusty shack All i owned was hangin on my back And Lord knows, how I learnt This place called Tobacco Road Tobacco Road, you're dirty and you're filthy Tobacco Road, gonna get me some dynamite and a crane I'm gonna blow it up, Lord knows gonna start all over again My mind is the place where I make my plans The world is the place where I take my stand The beauty of life is mine today They cannot take my mind away [M1] Fuck what you heard, I'm from Africa This ain't no act it's mathematical Past the black radical I choose the M1, because it's practical Nothin was changed, we ain't protected No names, it's all factual They push the wrong buttons, count down to detonate Brooklyn blown away and the world will have to speculate This is what we learn in the streets, fuck a degree Believe in none of what you hear and half of what you see [Stic] It's like watching your own father smoke crack I have nightmares on shit like that No way in hell I'll ever get like that I seen a lot of shit in twenty-two years It's like a tour of duty My life is booby-trapped, it's hard to see the beauty When your heart is turning ice cold Cold like your hands exposed to blistering winds My mother keep her eyes closed, she say she prayin I listen close to what she sayin When she speak of Jesus I ignore it But when it's practical I'm all for it You got to think like a soldier I'm training myself to snatch pistols out of holsters Discipline keep the mind focused This whole world is a corn field son Look out for flying locusts Chorus (x2) Don't let 'em get in your head, they try to probe you Figure your thoughts so they can try and control you And through you, control your whole crew It's psychology boy, now what the fuck that make you wanna do? [M1] You can't walk the streets with no state of mind Blind to the ways of mankind And if you know the time, give me a sign Tell me where we draw the line I got your back if you got mine My enemy's enemy is my man One dreadlock is stronger than one strand while the crackers got the upper hand My comrades stand on lands stolen Every tooth a golden opportunity Who holdin my community hostage? 10% ransom, costing us time we lost and some This is how the plan runs Thinkin with a fugitive brain What we do to live is insane Holdin the weed, healing my membranes Just like crack, you know it all boils down to the dollars-and-cents of it Niggaz commence to get ? to sentenced to serve terms Jumping the fence, the black germ is loose When will they learn? Psychology [Stic] We piss on walls and smoke reefa in the halls No respect for their laws I cut your face with a kitchen knife In gladiator times, man against machinery The tree bark fatigues help me blend in with the scenery boy Life is a series of serious choices Theories is formed from experience, never mysterious forces Various courses of life can lead to failure Too much of anything is a trap My mind snap Guerilla warfare for two grand They say karate means 'empty hands' So then it's perfect for the poor man... They say karate means 'empty hands' So then it's perfect for the poor man Chorus (x2) Bridge [M1] When you think of us think of pyramids and pistols And glimmering gold teeth that shine like crystals The mind is like a jewel son Only a fool wouldn't grasp it Wisdom is a tool, you get blasted When you think of us think of pyramids and pistols And glimmering gold teeth that shine like crystals The mind is like a jewel son Only a fool wouldn't grasp it Wisdom is a tool, you get blasted Free your mind, and the rest will follow Seize the time, no-one is promised tomorrow Repeat until fade


Bill Anderson
I can't ever go back to the little cafe With the candle light That was our cafe and to go there without you Wouldn't seem right Besides I don't want to touch that part of life That meant so much The days the world belonged to us just us And I'd telephone at three in the morning Just to say hello And all sleepy eyed you breathed and sighed I love you so And sometimes we just talked for hours Dreaming dreams and building towers All the world was filled with flowers for us And I'm gonna miss you for a long long time I can't ever go back to the cabin there On the mountain side Where I built a fire and held you close While it snowed outside And remember you let me sleep all day So we could love the night away Oh it just find yesterday and us I've tried making new friends Walking new streets and finding new thrills But nothing new replaces you and it never will I'll just live my life in memory grateful you once loved me Thankful that there used to be an us And I'm gonna miss you for a long long time


SR-71 "Now You See Inside"
All she's asking is for a little more time, To walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behind She won't talk about it...she's made up her mind But as the front door shuts behind her she whispers 'give me a sign.' Feels the power of the engine as she climbs to 65 Every piston sounds like freedom, every white line says goodbye She'll find strength in her anger and the truth in his lies When the last scar finally fades she'll have a new life Say goodbye to Mr. Right Lock the door, turn out the light Pack your bags, leave this trap Run away, don't look back See another day with each new sun Your life has just begun She can still feel the touch of his hand Not just the violence but the warmth of her man The night she never felt so alive even though it feels so cold outside It's the first time I've ever seen her smile.


JAMES OTTO "Days Of Our Lives"
I wonder where she is tonight Is she alone or did she find What she needed from me I guess I got what I deserve How could I do on hurtin' her that way And think she'd stay I found it sittin' on the stove "It's over" written on a Post-It note And that was all she wrote [CHORUS:] SHE'S GONE LIKE THE MIND OF A MAN INSANE GONE LIKE THE SNOW WHEN IT TURNS TO RAIN AND RUNS DOWN THE ROAD AND DOWN THE DRAIN, SO LONG LONG GONE LIKE THE MONEY WHEN YOU'VE PAID THE RENT GONE LIKE THE TIME THAT I SHOULD'VE SPENT AT HOME WITH HER, TOO BAD, ONE WORD GONE Then out of nowhere she showed up For a minute I didn't know what to say I was blown away This time I'm gonna do things right Gonna show her every night I care This time, I swear As I reach out to touch her face That's when the whole thing starts to fade Then I hear the sound of my alarm clock And it hits me like a Mack truck doin' ninety Down a one way dead end road bound straight for hell [REPEAT CHORUS] Long, long gone like the money when you've paid the rent Gone like the time that I should've spend at home With her, too bad, one word Gone Gone

Used To Be Alright

I MOTHER EARTH "Scenery And Fish"
It's pretty good, the wine The way that we look at Ten to eight in the morning Just talking, still awake in Dawn and dew drinking, thinking Always... Remembering the laughs, the time We got high for seven days down In New Orleans and it seemed like No one else knew we were just The moon and sun in fog before the Heat burned it away and took The sleep from tired heads on Beds of reaching hands, of road trip Breath and long tall freedom And then you long For the days of trippin' down The long road just reading the Signs that show you the way to A higher place you meditate to Feel the quiet of the earth That was back When we used to be alright Another shame, the way The city smells worse on A hot day in August...2 PM Right before us good movers Move and us shakers break Our hearts getting home to Country love and the garbage Dump by the dried up creek Near the forest that once had life And then I turn on the news Somebody shoot me soon I'm tired of over heating, falling Quick to bending knees and Broken veins, of always needing Faith to get to shore and break All the vows I've made No time or presence Of mind to wonder why No time for questions of Why I wonder why Something's wrong...again The noise shakes the ground There's a rage in The crowd and I'm a face In the crowd, what's your name You're sinkin' in the sand Standing next to me, a river Running through your pants, afraid To trust me when my hands Are helping you

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