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Buck O Nine lyrics

Falling Back To Sleep

Original and similar lyrics
Eleven O'Clock Too late for cartoons I'm going back to bed There's nothing to do I've got my dreams on my mind They seem so real I m gonna try and bring 'em back Cuz they were sick as hell I was first in line I had all kinds of time All the drags of the world Were far far behind I had a peaceful tone With everyone I know Didn't have to take a number Just to get a coffee Here I go I'm falling back to sleep Yesterday morning I slept until noon Cuz when I woke up at eight I wasn't done what I was doin; I had a dream going on It seemed so real So I fell back to sleep To have another feel She wore a silky dress She wore her hair a mess When the time was right She didn't make me guess She had the Maxwell on It was her favorite song Not about to get up To see this moment gone Here I go I'm falling back to sleep

You Know My Steez

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
[Guru] That makes me know that, we we we we're doin We had the right idea in the beginning And and we just need to maintain our focus, and elevate We what we do we update our formulas We have certain formulas but we update em (oh right) with the times, and everything y'know And and so.. y'know The rhyme style is elevated The style of beats is elevated but it's still Guru and Premier And it's always a message involved The real... hip-hop MCing, and DJing.. from your own mind, ya know I, I guess right now we should start the show [Guru] Who's the suspicious character strapped with the sounds profound Similar to rounds spit by Derringers You're in the Terrordome like my man Chuck D said It's time to dethrone you clones, and all you knuckleheads Cause MC's have used up extended warranties While real MC's and DJ's are a minority But right about now, I use my authority Cause I'm like the Wizard and you look lost like Dorothy The horror be when I return for my real people Words that split wigs hittin like some double Desert Eagles Sportin caps pulled low, and baggy slacks Subtractin all the rappers who lack, over Premier's tracks Severe facts have brought this rap game to near collapse So as I have in the past, I whup ass Droppin lyrics that be hotter than sex and candlewax And one-dimensional MC's can't handle that While the world's revolvin, on it's axis I come with mad love and plus the illest warlike tactics The wilderness is filled with this; so many people searching for false lift, I'm here with the skills you've missed The rejected stone is now the cornerstone Sort of like the master builder when I make my way home You know my steez... You know my steez -- gt; Method Man Let em know, do your thing y'all Keep it live To the beat y'all -- gt; Flavor Flav The beat is sinister, Primo makes you relax I'm like the minister, when I be lacin the wax I be bringin salvation through the way that I rap And you know, and I know, I'm nice like that Work through worldly problems, I got the healing power When the mic's within my reach, I'm feelin more power Stealing at least three minutes of every rap radio hour It's often easier for one, to give advice Than it is for a person to run one's own life That's why I can't be caught up in all the hype I keep my soul tight and let these lines takes flight The apparatus gets blessed, and suckers get put to rest No more of the unpure I got the cure for this mess The wackness is spreadin like the plague MC's lucked up and got paid but still can't make the fuckin grade How many times are wannabe's gonna lie Yo they must wanna fry, they can't touch the knowledge I personify I travel through the darkness carrying my torch The illest soldier, when I'm holding down the fort ( You know my steez -- gt; Method Man) You know my steez... Let em know, do your thing y'all Keep it live You know my steez -- gt; Method Man *repeat 4X with very last line modified as follows* The mic... On the microphone you know that I'm one of the best yet Some punks, ain't paid all of their debts yet Tryin to be fly, ridin high on the jet-set With juvenile rhymes makin fake-ass death threats Big deal, like En Vogue, here's something you can feel Styles more tangible, and image more real For some time now, I've held the scrolls and manuscripts When it's time to go all out you be like, Damn he flipped Now I'm sick, fed up with the bullshit Got the lyrical full clip, giving you a verbal asswhip Don't trip it's the gifted prolific one Known as Bald Head Slick -- why is the press all on my di-dick My style be wilder, than a kamikaze pilot Don't try it, I'm about to start more than a friggin riot Styles unsurpassable, and nuccas that's suckas, yo Them motherfuckers are harrassable For I be speaking from my parables and carry you beyond The mic's either a magic wand Or it gets tragic like the havoc of a nuclear bomb Then I grab your palm, no pulse you're gone And if you thought we'd lose our niche in this rap shit you way wrong I stay up, I stay on, shine bright, like neon Your song's, pathetic, synthetic, like Rayon Fat beats, they play on, want dope rhymes, put me on Word is bond... you know my steez


P.O.D. "Satellite"
I wonder how clear it must look from there to here No obstruction, this selfish corruption All in this atmosphere No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath I fail to inhale Your love constricts my chest Confusion blinded me, mental and physically And it's because of you that now I can see So now can I run I follow the Son and ride on to Zion And dance this last song of freedom But only time will tell, if it's truly for real Can't change your mind, all I know this is what I feel Whether I'm wrong or right, please keep my life in sight And never take you eyes off me [chorus:] As I look up to the sky today Well I can see you looking down on me It brings a smile to my face again Satellite It's truly one of a kind, like star shine, beyond night time, are you there My eyes stare to find, just what's behind this blind notion of mine, is it genuine Cause sometimes, it plays tricks with my mind, some call it asinine But it's like love or hate, now is that real or fake Cause it's a real thin line, but that's your choice to make The question at hand, help me understand, is this your plan I think I can, can I think, then I think I can Because I won't break (nah), and I won't shake (nah) With lifted hands to this Man (Jah), I'll stand in faith I'll make it through, my trust in you Close my eyes, make a wish, kiss the sky Hey there-I see you [chorus]

She Divines Water

Camper Van Beethoven "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart"
How can I believe that everything in this world is going to be fine? How can I believe that everything in this world has its place and time? When I lay down to sleep, I feel the world spin Slightly off axis, it's shaped like a fig And when I lie next to you, I shiver and shake You tell me you love me, I dream I'm awake How can I believe that everything in this world is going to be fine? And how can I believe that everything in this world has its place and time? 'Cause when I lay down to sleep, I have the same dream Of a world-famous actress in a pink limousine And she flies through the sky in that pink Cadillac While the boys of the Press, we drink vodka in back And she tells us our fortune by crumbling leaves And she teaches us card tricks, the Jack makes us weak She divines water by dancing a jig for the boys of the Press She will whistle a pitch

Good Times (Sick Pimpin')

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
This next one goes out To all the depressed women in the house Whether you're taking the prozac the zanac or the paxil Whatever the hell they put into that capsule I want y'all to come up to the front of the stage Grab me A shot of something along the way Put A smile on the front of your head [CHORUS] Got A thing for the women that dont love themself So either loosen up your hair or tighten up your belt This time, this time is A good time Good times Got A thing for the women that dont love themself So either loosen up your hair or tighten up your belt And this town, this town, is A good town A good time. A good time You know while she's sitting by the window, she's waiting for her prince to come And here I am on the opposite side of the room trying to pretend that I'm not that dumb It goes older told and full of cold, but did I mention that it's well deserved No let's make A mess, no let's make A baby, no let's make some hell on earth Do you mind if I turn out the lights, if I'm going to be alone I'd rather do it in the dark So I stare at half of A beer half wishing that the transmission would stay in par She keeps the music down, so her neighbors don't complain Keeps the drama up, so she doesn't forget the pain I keep my ? inside the reaction And hide my pride inside of my laughter It goes [CHORUS] And I'll never forget the day you woke up To find A whole different world underneath your socks Forgot to check your pockets before you the checked the cost Yes man, I saw the sign, no man I couldn't stop Drop off, now look who got water on the lawn Whatever it takes to calm your tongue If this livingroom fills with anymore fuss I'm going to cut my finger, I'm going to paint these walls If anybody watched us They probably called the cops, cause Its obvious that neither one of us can adjust Discussion becomes disgust ? the lady I thought she would save me from the bumrush Enough is enough, but how much is too much Why am I still just A sheep to your touch Why can't I ever fall asleep at dusk Why do I need to see everything crushed It's A big map girl, it's yours if you asked If it dont wash up to the shore you wont discover it Stand to get hotter then your head with that other shit Swallow it to chase to follow the suffering But I'm still smiling, still up to no great Still trying to relocate Somewhere I'm going to find some work that matters Til then all you get is my smirk and my laughter It goes [CHORUS]

Smoke And Mirrors

ACTION ACTION "An Army Of Shapes Between Wars"
Comatose, feed my head with liberty, I've got an appetite for deceit. I'm done, well done, stick fork in me, cover me in apathy, dicreetly and distinct able. I am trying to break your heart. I'm plagued with doubt, no frogs or murdered first born. My thoughts are just a little sun burnt, dismantle all that ever was, strip it down: withdraw the blood. Something going to break real soon, who's covering whose eyes? Safety in knowing others lies pulled by the strings of time. Hold me back: I'm going to throw it all down on the table. Do you expect us to believe in these fables? Oh, what to do with you? with you, with you, with you? Hold me tight, it seems all I really have is in front of me, is the rest just a dream or a fallacy? Oh, what to do with you? with you, with you, with you? A throw back to all those 80's slasher flicks, you're a cheap killer, and I'm getting sick of it. God's dead, and all bets have waived their rights, all is fair in love and time, who win the game of war? Illusion, a delusion, a terrible secret, what one does see is another's lost prophet. Hold me close, I can see right through you, challegne all you've ever heard, incite the search and motivate. Somthing going to break real soon, who's covering whose eyes? Safety in knowing others lies, pulled by the strings of time. Please read between the lines, a simple compromise between the sands of time. Please say with me, say with me...

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