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BRYAN ADAMS lyrics - Reckless

Please Forgive Me

Original and similar lyrics
Still feels like our first night together Feels like the first kiss, it's gettin' better baby No one can better this... Still holdin' on, you're still the one First time our eyes met, same feelin' I get Only feels much stronger, wanna love ya longer You still turn the fire on... So if you're feelin' lonely don't you're the only one I ever want I only wanna make it good so if I love ya a little more than I should Please forgive me, I know not what I do... ...I can't stop lovin' you Don't deny me this pain I'm going through... ...if I need ya like I do Please believe me every word I say is true... ...our best times are together... ...touch, still gettin' closer baby Can't get close enough... Still holdin' on, still number one I remember the smell of your skin...everything ...all your, yeah! ...the nights ya know I still do... ...One thing I'm sure of is the way we make love And one thing I depend on is for us to stay strong With every word and every breath I'm prayin' That's why I'm sayin'... ...Never leave me I don't know what I'd do...

Bedda At Home

JILL SCOTT "Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol. 2"
[Verse:] You're that kind That turns my head and makes me look Whoa whoa whoa uh uh uh...uh You're the kind That makes me pull single dollars Out my pocket book, ooh baby You're sexiness and vivacity makes me Wanna cook my favorite recipe And place it on your table, baby Your intoxicating and so divine You're the kind that stays on a sista's mind [Chorus:] And I know you'll think this is crazy But, I got something better at home Ooh whoo oo woo woo Hey hey I got something better at home [Verse:] He's the kind that breaks it down And curls my toes, woo woo woo baby ow He's the kind that loves my mind and feeds my soul And I love it baby His intellect and utter respect, makes me wanna grow And be my best And I know... He loves his baby He sense of self and silliness Makes the hardest things The simplest and I look but don't touch Never know baby [Chorus:] Cause, I got something better at home Ooh ohoo ooo Cause, I got something better at home Ooh ohh woo wooo [Bridge:] Baby I know you love me And your love is wonderful You help me feel free I wont betray you unintentionally, or intentionally I got you babe You can rest your shoulders and sleep at night Okay [Chorus:] Alright cause I know Cause I Know know know, I know, I got something better at home Oh I know I got something better at home I know oh oooh woo woo wooo I got something better at home Ohhhhh oohhhhhh

When You Think Of Me

ERIC BENET "A Day In The Life"
(feat. Roy Ayers) Hello baby how ya' been, nice to see your face again Strange to see you coming 'round, when you're the one who put me down We were such a happy pair, but then another man was there So forgive me I don't understand, just what you want from me As you can see my life's been good I moved the family out the neighborhood And all my dreams I've realized, to think you said it was a waste of time It's never hard to make new friends, when you're making Benjamins Now did I hear you say again. . . You're still thinking of me [Chorus:] Do you feel like dying, do you break down crying Do you fall down on your knees Don't want to go on living, does your world start spinning When you think of me All I had was love to bring But you was on some ol' material thing Looks like you're still trying to drive them mad But it's not easy when your credit's bad I didn't know that I could feel so blue It took some time but girl I'm over you Would've gladly gave my life for you You should have thought the whole thing through All those nights with your girlfriends Was just a front for you and him Y'all was s'posed to leave for Honolulu Leaving yo' ass was 'bout the best he could do Dry your tears now baby it's O.K. I'll introduce you to my fiancee Now tell me baby say again. . . You been thinking of me [Chorus] [Bridge:] Do you think of me in waves that pull you under From my memory is there nowhere you can hide Do you close your eyes, see my face and wonder How could a love so strong be nothing but a lie [Chorus]

Feel Your Love

Baby, I've got this thing for you I'm thinkin' there's somethin' goin' on now A wicked imagination A serious kind of somethin' new It's drivin' me right out of my mind now It's gotta be desperation Can't feel no pain when I'm thinking about you Dreamin' isn't black and white Can't make no gain 'til my vision c-comes true Give it to me like I'd like to give it to you [CHORUS:] Love I wanna feel your love Right from the bottom of my heart to your hands (now baby now) Love I wanna feel your love You know this waitin' for you boy I can't stand Bein' just who you wanna be and doin' whatever comes to mind now I gotta get information Never knew what to do with you You're givin' me sometin' to hold on to My newest infatuation 'People Power' means I gotta believe you Can't you hear the voices callin' Keep your flowers cause their colour will turn blue Give it to me like I'd like to give it to you [CHORUS:] Love I wanna feel your love Right from the bottom of your heart to your hands (now baby now) Love I wanna feel your love You know this waitin' for you boy I can't stand [CHORUS]

Chick On The Side (Remix)

SALT 'N' PEPA "Hot Cool & Vicious"
Don't touch me! Get away from me! Homeboy, you better stop it, keep up you're gonna get it Your mouth is gettin' sassy, don't make me have to hit it Cuz when I heard about you my teeth just gritted You told me that you didn't, but I knew you were with it [CHORUS] Bet you got a chick on the side Sure you got a chick I know you got a chick on the side (Love bandit, love bandit) [Repeat] Don't worry, boy, cuz I won't complain, no need to explain I seen everything through the window pane You and your other lover, that's really insane And another thing: Please take off my gold ring I got another finger I can put it on You blew the deal so now I'm all gone I was prepared for just in case you messed around On the side you could be replaced But you could have found a better way of lettin' me down Instead of running around with every girl in town I heard you on the phone the other day Don't you say it's an old friend all the way from L.A. I finally caught onto your little game Your lying and denying is a cryin' shame You took me for granted, this is the end, dammit You're playing the field like you're some (love bandit) [CHORUS] Oooo my, oooo my so-called fiancee listen to what I say Whatever game you play I play the same way So if you wanna go mess around and cheat And you wanna romance between another girl's sheets Go ahead sweetheart, I expected that Cuz you're nothing but a cheap, little, stuck-up brat Wherever you're at you want this and that You dirty rat, I'm not a welcome mat I got another lover, and I know he cares So smile child, but keep your crocodile tears Go ahead, go, go boy! I'm going steady In loving arms this teddy is ready He fixed the table for his and hers And while the dinner simmers he served the hors'doevres Then munch-out time, hit the wine, get mellow Cleared off the table and his hello-jello I can't express the feeling that I get So I just lay back and light up a cigarette And try to be cool, collected, and calm He tells me my fortune and reads my palm With a suave taste I cannot embrace In a feeling of desire by the fireplace Love bandit, I'm makin' it clear See ya later, gator, I'm gettin' outta here, yeah [CHORUS] You're at the window starin' at the sky Birds fly by, you start to wonder why You're not by my side sharing the dream That one day you'll be my king, and I'll be your queen I call you every day, ask to get into your home I tell you I'm alone, but you hang up the phone You're like a hot flame getting ready to burn You say you're concerned, baby, you don't earn

Crashin A Party

[DJ Tedsmooth] Yea Yea uh huh And when we come in da club wit 2 stepin like [DJ Tedsmooth] Hands in da air like [N.O.R.E] What What [DJ Tedsmooth] Uptowns up in here like [N.O.R.E] What What [DJ Tedsmooth] We tear up da club and we dont wait all nighters V.I.P insighters [Repeat From Begining] [1st Verse:] Baby its saturday night and im feelin hype dont wanna let this weekend pass me by so I called up my girls Like Yo lets meet a 12 cuz we out to night I've been waitin for this night all day me and my girls gonna show this boys how to play cuz I know its gonna be tight but I aint waitin on no damn lines tonight. [Chorus:] I feel like crashin a party V.I.P dont try to stop you can like my stlye but dont copy Ladys let me know if you got me. [2x] [2nd Verse:] Im up in the club the whole hood is there all eyes on my yes im aware so you kno I loves my thugs Remember mike show some love now the croud is jumpin so I make my way to the floor were gonna rock it in every way cuz I dont do this all the time but im feelin the whole vibe tonight [Chorus: 2x] [N.O.R.E:] You see its summa sunshine its summa rain its some love and some joy and some pain Yo some get lucky really make it in the game while others get locked up for --- my slain see when we come through see they gotta check us You and your lil tetas I'm in my chanchletas and shit my mami chulo love me like menudo who need a pillow Ima sleep on her coolo shit pop that rock that who wore my socks hat yea my own J.LO who could top that im smokin --- still feelin on your --- if it aint a private jet least be first class and uh im always chillin with my lady and dem I got them living hood rich like baby and dem the go woah woah we still together baby we gotta hit up da clubs thats like forever baby [Chorus: 2x]

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