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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN lyrics - Disc: 1

Bishop Danced

Original and similar lyrics
Bishop danced with a thumbscrew woman Did a double-quick back flip and slid across the floor The Catholic traffic flowed freely 'cross the river And fiddlestick fiddled quick out the front door Oh baby dumpling, mama's in the back tree If the bow breaks mama might fall Little sad and only, baby don't be lonely Mama knows 'rithmatic, knows how to take a fall Mama knows 'rithmatic, knows how to take a fall CHORUS And the kids are crying 'Flapjacks, make'em fat, early in the mornin' Little Jack, grab your hat, hear the breakfast call Muskrat, bat a cat, kick him in the fireplace There's someone in the kitchen blowing 'Dinah' on their horn There's someone in the kitchen blowing 'Dinah' like they're born Well maverick daddy got one-eyed bridge She glides like a monkey-mule kicking on the back slide Over hill, over hill, daddy don't you spill now Papa got a switch stick, he's pumping little Bill Papa got a switch stick, he's pumping little Bill And Billy, he's crying 'Tomahawk, tomahawk, daddy better duck now' The Mohawks, the Mohawks, they're still out there in the woods Monatuk, Ocanuk, runnin' through my dreams now With fire on their fingertips and indian screams With fire on their fingertips and feathers made of moonbeams Well early in the morning the cannoneer cried 'I seen the sailor's warning in the western sky' Well mountain man, if you can, cut me down a fir tree Branches full of candlesticks for baby and me And my darling cried, she said 'Honey, the weathervane lately it's been pointing the way to heaven Scatterbrains, scatterbrains, watch out where you fall Champagne, champagne, a round for all the old choir boys They're busting off the altar chasing Dinah through the hall They're bustin' off the altar chasing Dinah through the hall CHORUS

Klap Your Hands

Das EFX "Dead Serious"
Verse One: Dray Well uhh, ???? is macaroni and cheese Before I start, I gots ta umm fart, no I gots ta uhh sneeze not, I gotcha trippin, yippity-doo-da-day Shucks, I'm makin bucks so umm hip-hip-hooray and then some Cos I'm a powsy wowsy ace boom coon so shout Wa-bap-a-loo-ba-bawa-bam-boom! Drayx up for sure dang, now that I'm flexed My a-EFX'll quote, when the bridge fell down and I'ma good ship with the lollipop Left town so yiggity-yack, you booga-loo black Oki doki, oopsy Daisy, cos I'm Krayzie like that But it's the cat got snuffed, or Mr.Red and his crew so roll a spliff and rub-a-dub and then ya make beef stew Troop, I got the hoolahoop, baby woop, dooby-doo Lassie boy, you made a mess, now go and get the pooper scoop Oops, I wibble-wobble-wobble-wee while I make but hocus-pocus and yippy-yi-yo, yay for Dray and...... Hook: Klap your hands now (x3) Verse Two: Skoob Bon voyage, look out below cos umm I got my socks on, the popcorn, the Hubba Bubba, yep gum Skippity bum, you think I don't know the time Well it's half-past a cow's ass and I'm a real bad ass Yeah, shitty-bang-boom-bang, yo who rang? Abra-cadabra, jimminy crickets, set the wrists to my slang I got the knights all sniffin, sneezing, yes Stuffy-head, called for ???? and fever, sow you to rest Tight rhymes, ???? catch the fever for the flavor of a spliff or a Uzi, be careful who you choose, could choose a Marvin, choose a ship Lickity split, cos flippity-lips can sink ships And yo, a sandwich isn't a snadwich without the miracle whip in the morning, yawning as I stand for group check To back up, I slap up, r-r-rut put you're boo deck Yep, so what the heck, you gives rhymes like a cheque Because the A is for apple, the J is for 'ja back to book bets' and then S-K-double O-Be on *?mansel?* So if ya happy and ya know it, klap your hands Hook (x3) Verse Three: Dray Well uhh, woopty doody, abba doozy, it's time I'm on the yabber dabber, scribber scrabber, shimmy sham flam So, heavens-to-Betsy, golly wolly, gee whiz My lickity split got splat, the diddly squat was hot Oh yeah, dapper doodly do, you don't know Mr. Magoo? You heard I'm loco, well yo, I'm despicable too So umm, hi ho Silver and away we go The Lone Ranger got pissed and shot Tonto in his toes, so holy toledo, cowabunga, what gives I heard you shot my borough til *?blow at twins?* The name farmer's up in me, need no give me no more cos that soul lock ya stands, I can't stands no more So zippity doo, da day, woops I gots stuff See I'm sneaky freaky peaky plus I'm chock full of nuts But yo I am enjoyed for the clamp in his chest So hey, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck? If a woodchuck could chuck, fuck you know the rest So seizin it, seizin it, seizin it I shall Cos it's the Krayzie Drayzie wit the Books, that's my pal and...... Hook (x3) Verse Four: Skoob A diggity-cap, my slipp'ry style is ???? ???? I got the mics, the back pop, crackle and snap and all that, me and a gang of PING PING bang zoomer To freak ya outcha sneakers and knock your granny outta roomers Yo some say I'm Brooklyn bomber, some say Brooklyn boop but don't consider me as no follower, no runner or no poop But just rock, a by, rock, a by booboo Let your fingers do the walkin, hey I'm talkin, yoohoo Can ya, can ya hear me? Checka, checka 1-2 Aiyo, sit Booboo sit, shit cos I'm the one who kick a rhyme in singular, so son, you're used to it Cos Poof the Magic Dragon, I'll kick a rhyme in duplicate or triplicate, can't forget my boogaloo big jaw Umm, listen everyone as I kick the jigsaw M-I-crooked letter, crooked letter, I crooked letter, crooked letter, I hump back hump back, I, you can't touch I cos I's gots dem and dem is bound to make ya...... Hook to fade

Her First Mistake

LYLE LOVETT "The Road To Ensenada"
(Lyle Lovett) Once upon a time ago Way up in the land of sleet and snow How this fairy tale would go I could not have known I had searched around this world so mean From Livingstone to Palestine Trying to pursue my dream Of love It was then I met this girl so fine She made me think so fast I left my thought behind And I tried to pass for a sophisticated Northern man I said why yes my dear I know exactly what you mean Because there's not so much I haven't done or seen And may I say your eyes are the loveliest Shade of jade I said come on baby Come on baby Come on baby It was then I knew I had made my first mistake She did not even start to wait And as she turned around to walk away This is what she had to say She told me man I come from way down South I've got a picket fence with a picket house And I don't need no fast talking Northern man Like you around I said well come on baby Come on baby Come on baby Honey I don't know what you just heard But Alabama is my favorite word And Birmingham Is a long way from here I could see the light began to shine She turned back around her eyes met mine And suddenly the whole world became A better place Even if it was only for an instant Because it was then I knew I had made my Second mistake She told me man that was a real good try But Alabama's not where I reside I come from where the river is wide And the crawfish hide I said well come on baby Come on baby Come on baby Honey I don't know what you just heard But Louisiana is my favorite word And New Orleans Is a long way from here She just looked at me and shook her head Your lines are pretty sad she said You are a lonely, weak, pathetic man If this is doing the best you can It was then I knew I had made my third mistake Yes three strikes right across the plate And as I hollered honey please wait She was gone I said well come on baby Come on baby Come on baby Honey I don't know what you just heard Bartender set 'em up are my favorite words Because the love I need Is a long way from here Oh the love I need Is a long way from here Yes well there I sat so all alone Like a king who sits upon his throne And whose kingdom may have just gone home With another kingdom So as you can imagine much to my surprise When the door was flung back open wide It was a miracle She walked inside And pulled her chair up next to me And that's when she knew She had made her First mistake Honey I don't know what you just heard But come on baby Are my favorite words And where we're going Is a long way from here And where we're going Is a long way from here So like I said before I could not have known How this fairy tale would finally go Still the only certain thing for sure Is what I do not know So like the years and all the seasons pass And like the sand runs through the hour glass I just keep on running faster Chasing the happily I am ever after I just keep on running faster Chasing the happily I am ever after

Alabama Wild Man

JERRY REED "Alabama Wild Man"
Alright, watch out Now my daddy was hard shelled Alabama preacher My momma was a dedicated Sunday school teacher My brother went to college and got a PhD Daddy said the only dud in the family was me He said, "Boy, you ain't never going to amount to a thing You set around with that silly looking guitar and sing You hang around them juke joints all the time Making music like some wild man done lost his mind" Going sock it to me Well, what's that supposed to mean Boy, you just a wild man Well, then one day Daddy told me "Boy, I've had enough now you just Pack up that guitar, you just pack up your stuff" So I left home and organized myself a band Called myself the Alabama Wild Man Well, I worked all them joints from the east to the west Never making no money and a starving to death A living on coffee and cold sardines Soda crackers and pork n beans But I finally went to Music City USA Said I'm the Alabama Wild Man and I'm here to stay Took my guitar and showed 'em what I'm talking about So we made a little record and we put it out With me going Sock it to me, honey Haha, hook it, boy Play that guitar Well, now I'm driving, the Cadillac's a city block long The Alabama Wild Man could do no wrong 'Cause I'm selling them records And I'm working them shows And people love me everywhere I go But a funny thing happened about a week or so back I was a showing my hometown and the place was packed Guess who was sitting on the front row seat Was my daddy grinning up at me batting at me Yelling "Sock it your daddy, Wild Man Hook it boy, hook it Play that guitar, show 'em, son" "Yeah, that's my boy, alright Taught him everything he knows Bought him his first guitar Ah, sock it to your daddy, son" "Go ahead put it to me, put it to me Keep them checks coming in, boy We going to pave the drive next week"


JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Pigs with the heads of men, spat acid That lasered my third eye closed, like lasik A midget in a casket like a baby in a bonnet with a bottle and a basset Horn playin the theme song from children of the corn Oh I must be dreamin A lady in a night gown puffing kush dreamin Signaled me over "psst you with the waves I seen you from the catholic church steeple diggin graves, I got your number sonny, So ain't no use in fightin yellin or running from me" I never ran mam Well then you ain't a clever man sam Listen, the two faced king from britain and rome Had a baby in the bush on the grassy knoll Where the peeled back the orange head peel of a gnome He said he mc, I know you like killin them You terrorize the skies for twenty-five milleniums Now you settin fire to land You the lion you the savior the messiah the lamb You need backup he movin on the youth at dawn Call badu and get tyrone on the megaphone Tell em I sent you and your codename is megatron If trouble come use your brain like a telephone Hell take you to the chocolate city Where two face and the prince of darkness have they commitee of snakes Drill em, let the skin peel off the reveal them Then spray em with them rhymes you like spillin Hit em up real real good but don't kill em We only wanna burn em to the point that they willin To give the location of the blank faced villian Who split atoms and gives mushrooms to civilians Hiroshima never recovered And all the evidence was smothered Under a thick cloud of rubble The pope is his brother The hillsides is his mother The statue with the torch and still eyes is his lover Shes a harlet who stood still like time while new york turned scarlet And the levee monster sucked up new orleans While they was playin man vs man in afganhistan With they mind of iran, iraq and sudan Let em recruit you He will try to use his powers to seduce you Just let him think that the feelin is mutual Cause if he finds out that you already knew The atom had a positive a negative and a neutral Hell probably salute you Then wait til you turn your back like a coward and shoot you Man this is shit is crucial, You from the thirrd ward right, Very treacherous, Play where they kidnap assassins and bury specialists

When Mama Prayed

RANDY TRAVIS "Rise And Shine"
For you I am praying For you I am praying For you I am oraying I'm praying for you Daddy never went to church on Sunday he said that's one thing I'll never do Mama never gave up she said one day He'll be sitting here beside me and you I can still hear Mama softly talking Her tears falling on her folded hands So that Easter Sunday Daddy walked That's when I began to understand Chorus: When Mama prayed, good things happened When Mama prayed, lives were changed Not much more than five foot tall But mountains big and small Crumbled all the way when Mama prayed Seventeen and wild I hit the bottom Doing and thing I dang well please Burning down life's highway at full throttle While Mama burned a candle on her knees Then one night I came home half sober I saw Mama kneeling in the den As I listened, she and Jesus talked it over And I knew my restless days were 'bout to end Chorus It isn't like every one of them got answered But the times they weren't seems to me were rare You almost felt sorry for the devil Cause heaven knows he didn't have prayer Chorus

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