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Brown Jennifer lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
I know that I could be a tease. You know that all this smoke is just a screen. But in this world today, with all the games we play. This one's not so bad. Do you really want to be alone tonight? I can't help myself, I can't help myself. CHORUS When I take of all my clothes, and you're standing very close, I want you to touch me and we fa la la la... When I'm naked I don't care, as long as you are standing there when I take of all my clothes. We fa la la la... I can dress up like a queen, if make believe is what you want from me. But any role I play will just be tossed away each time I'll make you crazy. Do you really want to watch the show? If you help yourself, you can help yourself. CHORUS Chemistry is not a crime. Just for people who keep it all wrapped up inside. Who needs formality in sexuality. (CHORUS)

#1 Fan

Yo this is what happened: Yo I woke up late it was like 10 in the mornin' I was still half asleep and sleepy eyed, still yawnin' I checked my voice mail to see who'd been callin' I turned on my computer check my email logged on it Junk mail, junk mail dog-gone-it Everybody just tryin to sell me they product But there was one email that just caught my optic It said sucidal, took the mouse and clicked on it She said ' Dear KJ you don't know who I am, You probably don't care cause im just another fan. I doubt you ever read this, now but if ya can Sometimes I slash my wrists and even cut my hands And I feel all alone like nobody understands And I'm gonna end it tonight I got the whole thing planned Pop pills, leave a note on my night stand Signed sincerely, Your Number 1 fan Chorus: Can someone now please help me Will someone now just please help me Can someone now please help me Will someone now just please help me Verse 2: My heart is poundin as I start to type back Why do you feel this way do you mind if I ask? Whats the source and the cause of the pain that you have How did you get this way, is it something from the past God cares about you, I hope you understand that Please don't end your life, I beg ya please write back I finished typin', I sent the email quite fast I bowed my head and prayed with all the strength that I had She said 'Man KJ I didn't even know you would write me. Let me explain why noone could ever like me It all started when my father used to strike me Raped and confused every since 1990 He's gone now but I can't put it all behind me I tried to run away but my pain would always find me Is God really the one who can help me (yes He is) Signed tonight your Number 1 Fan Chorus Verse 3: Dear number one fan I gotta lot to tell you But with the email there is only so much I can help you See I know a Father who could never ever fail you He'll give you a love when nobody ever cared to I know you might feel like everybody hates you And you feel like you got noone you can relate to But death feels like the best place to escape to But thats a lie that Satan, he just wants to tell you I'm sorry that you were abused, your father raped you But you gotta get some help cause nobody can make you I know its hard to face but God will give you the strength to I know you gots a lot of things you gotta work through But with this help I know that you can break through I seen it myself all the times He came through Tell me what you think of what I sent you I'll be prayin', Sincerely KJ-52 Chorus Verse 4: Yo, I'd be pretending if I said this story had a happy endin But after that night I never heard from her again That night I tossed and turned lyin on my bed en Cryin and prayin with these thoughts runnin through my head en Did she do it, take her life, or wind up dead en Or did she not choose it, just listened to what I said en Maybe she never got the last one I was sendin Was it my fault was it something I shoulda mentioned Every mornin I would just check my email Checkin for any detail, hopin an prayin that shes well My emails came back sayin that they'd failed No such address for Number1Fan@hotmail Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months en Time would pass and I just heard nuthin No letter no email no not even just somethin What happened to my Number 1 fan I'm still wonderin Chorus

What You're Missing

CRACKER "Forever"
What You're Missing (Colton, Redlands....) (protegido por monos) (various town names, neighborhoods, mostly unintelligle) North of Broad... (peli roja, protegido por monos) Mentone, Yucaipa The name is MC Cracker D. The singer in this band. (listen up) Thats Cracker with a C not a K or uncle understand. And if you?e got a problem With your geometry I can help you out with that Cause I have a mathematics degree CHORUS Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing What you?e missing Hey, hey, you don? know what you?e missing Now. (c?on peli roja) [Brandy Wood] Here I am the only girl So I get my own room Unless somebody needs the phone And then I get the broom (huh) Checking out the haircuts Not making any fuss I ask one up for tea But David throws him off the bus. (he was a drummer!) CHORUS (give me some room) (I smell something) (you call that a guitar solo?) (i? trying) (you call that a guitar solo?) CHORUS (watch me break this chair) (Professor Raagini) [Kenny Margolis] Me and my boy Sammy We?e hanging in the park (his science is strong) There? plants and birds (mysterioso!) And rocks and things we Best be home by dark Climbing up, sliding down Tumbling with the tots Swinging sounds of laughter Does anyone remember laughter? (yeah that was Uncle Led Zep right?) CHORUS (okay throw that chair Johnny) [Johnny Hickman] They call me Lonesome Johnny I helped to start this band (yeah right) Came up with MC Cracker D But was not in Camper Van (he was in ?icked Scepter? I play the lead guitar round here But Sometimes it plays me (your pants are too tight) And I don? look like Richard Grieco That pendejo looks like me. (ohhh) (protegido por monos) (play it professor) (his name is Professor Raagini) (when he don? play keyboard He plays tambourini) [Frank Funaro] (heavy brooklyn accent) If you need some riddem den i? the man for you. (is he from England?) (what happened to the Mexican guy who used to play drums) If you got a sister well ... I? da man for her too (dream on brother!) I may not be a singer But I play one on TV I wrote myself deese lyrics Wid a rhyming dictionary CHORUS (protegido por monos) We have lots of friends In our extended family Of freaks and geeks and wierdos That keep it quite unique So if you think you?e one of us I?l tell you what to do Step over have a listen Then you?l know just what you?e missing.

Ride The Lightning

METALLICA "Ride The Lightning"
Ride The Lightning Guilty as charged But damn it, it ain't right There is someone else controlling me Death in the air Strapped in the electric chair This can't be happening to me Who made you God to say 'I'll take your life from you!' chorus: Flash before my eyes Now it's time to die Burning in my brain I can feel the flames Wait for the sign To flick the switch of death It's the beginning of the end Sweat, chilling cold As I watch death unfold Consciousness my only friend My fingers grip with fear What I am doing here? chorus Someone help me Oh please God help me They are trying to take it all away I don't want to die Time moving slowly The minutes seem like hours The final curtain call I see How true is this? Just get it over with If this is true, just let it be Wakened by the horrid cream Freed from the frightening dream chorus

Who Killed Jane

EPMD "Business Never Personal"
Intro/Chorus: Ooooooohhhhh... (repeat 4X) E - Who killed Jane, who killed Jane? P - Not the Squad kid, I think we've been framed Verse One: E - Who killed Jane? P - Not the Squad yo, we've been framed The charge E - Murder one son for the death of Jane P - Murder? E - Yeah homicide kid time to take a ride P - Where? E - Downtown P - For what? E - To check your alibi P - Must get deep and think quick, bang a set-up Let met get my coat E - Alright move slow when you get up P - PT's in my crib, K9's in the front lawn First thought's to wild, second thought to stay calm E - You have the right to remain silent P - Cool with the roughness, I ain't violent Reached for his nine mil, partner started smiling E - Shut up Mulley, turn around and keep your mouth shut P - Peep the neighbor's starin as he reached for his handcuffs Threw on the bracers squeeze tight to increase the pain Thinkin to myself, damn... who killed Jane? Chorus Verse Two: P - They got me downtown, starin at four walls with one call Been set-up like a roadblock, can't take a bad fall E - Sit up straight, state your name and your birthdate And your whereabouts last night about eight P - Slow down E - Slow down? P - Something's missing, where's my lawyer? Cop grilled me and said E - Yo there's your lawyer Things'll get rough so don't get tough and try to play games You're headed up North P - For what? E - You know homeboy, the death of Jane P - You must be insane with no brains sniffin cocaine And if I caught a body it'd be yours and not Jane E - Or Mr. Toughy, you wish you had a nine to bust me I'm mad as hell, I don't play, my name ain't Dougie P - Cop got pissed, and stepped back, then grabbed his blackjack Swung for my dome, ducked and caught my damn back E - Ooohhhh P - Couldn't feel the pain E - Whhhhyyy? P - Thinkin bout the payback Chorus Verse Three: P - Now it's person so whassup? E - Whassup? P - Whatyou wanna know? E - Who killed Jane? P - OK I tell you first I gotta go E - Where? P - Check leakage E - Leakage? P - Yeah you know the john E - Take him downstairs and watch him make sure you're armed P - Cop grabbed me by my neck pushed me towards the damn door See my homies, locked down on the same floor E - So you wanna be a killer and run the streets bro? P - Didn't respond, just chilled to play his ego Stepped in the men's room, still filthy from the ill broom E - Hurry up and take a piss and stop stallin you damn goon P - That was the wrong move, how stupid, time to go for mine Not glacial time, but the black nine Gotta clear my name, been framed for the death of Jane Must make my move now or it's ball and chain Chorus Verse Four: P - With the iron, started firing, to let him know I'm serious black, don't play hero cause all youse get is a flag and cap E - Easy partner, chill put the gun down P - Oh now you tryin to play me out like Homey the Clown And you know homey don't play that E - Play what? *blam* P - See, see? E - Jim, come back, the mooley shot me...

10,000 Angels

Speakin of the devil Look who just walked in He knew just where to find me here we go agian I can tell he's gonna ask me to dance but that's not as far as he wants to go I need 10,000 (ten thousand) angels to help me tell him no Chorus: Lead me not into temptation heavan help me to be strong I can fight all that I'm feeling but i can't do it alone help me break this spell that i'm under guide my feet and hold me tight i need 10,000 angels watchin over me tonight it's time to face my weakness 'n' look him in the eye lord knows it wont be easy but i've just gotta try i can't let myself get lost in his arms that's how i got my heart broke before i need 10,000 angels to walk me out the door (chorus) 10,000 angels watchin over me tonight

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