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BROTHA LYNCH HUNG lyrics - Loaded

1 Die 1

Original and similar lyrics
(chorus) x2 DIE!!!, I choose before you one by one we will pick you you will DIE!!! (fuck it....psychological) verse one: siccmade music comin up out yo seat catch the reeper night crawler creeper dig a ditch get a bitch nigga dig a ditch deeper I'ma take yo head with this street sweeper leave yo brains on yo speaker smash off in yo jeep do the bitches I'ma get real hostle get the signal model in stroddle smash down on the throddle more scratch than lucky luciano serve more mutha fuckas than gronnup creep up on ya like dunnup send on to ya forehead and then like they said I fled cause I'm the type of nigga that'll leave a horse head in ya bed take ya wife rape her no caper tie the bitch to the bed don't push me cause I'm close to the edge real lunatic and sicc-fed and thats some sentimental shit I just might drip cream from my dick when I'm off that Smirnoff Gin mix with O.E. I'm hard and wet O.E. kept tellin' me no but this Smirnoff Gin kept tellin' me YES mess maker raper all about my paper throw yo hands over yo eyes as yo thoughts intensify yo will (DIE!!!) (chorus) x2 (deep voice) greetings..have a seat let me be the first to actually greet you to the basement we've heard you've been busy AHAHA we've heard you've been busy we've learn from above that you've been doin' a little bit of this doin' a little bit of that stealing peoples scratch stabbin' in the back we don't think its FAIR ! when we found you you were nothing now you are our nothing is there room for unrest die.... YOU WILL !!! (chorus) I promise verse two: I'm Wes Craven on paper so plug yo pussy clips cause I get sicker than a sifilous dick and yo mama won't like my shit nigga admit if you was sittin up in yo room hi loaded up in yo tape deck ready to write yo tape next me I do hot sex razor blade and alcohol swarzanigga ceremonial ripsneck then I write my shit next so feel yo insides and yo intestins when you mix me wit the wisky tell'em situation risky wit a nailgun through yo eye you will I got this endo suckin me dry I got this slut bitch suckin me dry bout to wet the bed up it was the perfect setup bloody sheets (bloody sheets) no body (no body) no murder weapon I got this endo suckin me dry I got this slut bitch suckin me dry it was the perfect setup bout to wet the bed up bloody sheets no body (no body) no murder weapon (chorus) x4 thats why we die x8 thats my name don't wear it out you don't know about my whereabouts

Remember The Alamo

Kingston Trio "The Kingston Trio at Large"
Jane Bowers A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die. A line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh. The man who would fight to the death cross over but he who that would live better fly, And over the line stepped a hundred and seventy-nine. Chorus: Hi! Up! Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know and remember the Alamo! Jim Bowie lay dyin', his powder was ready and dry. From flat on his back, Bowie killed him a few in reply, And young Davy Crockett was smilin' and laughin'. The challenge was fierce in his eye. For Texas and freedom, a man more than willin' to die. (Chorus) A courier sent to the battlements, bloody and loud. With words of fare well in the letters he carried were proud. Grieve not, little darlin', my dyin' if Texas is sovereign and free. We'll never surrender and ever will liberty be! (Chorus) Remember the Alamo! Remember the Alamo! Remember the Alamo!

East Bound And Down

Hit the clutch, shift to the gear Mash on the gas. You're soon to see me Right by the lake just like a bass (kid) Burn these sticks like a native, gold potatoes, cold tornados Ashes like I roll [?] But never play, though, tryin' to get that Play-Do To have the whole team creamy like alfredo The mozzarella, basil, oil, and tomato The thirty year balsamic laid up on that table Next to me, a cigarette and drug lay There in my lungs, that's why [?] never dropped weight In the taxi shorty blessing me with tongue play Ditch the cab, gonna twist it up the one-way She lost a shoe, I bounced - dipped on her Just a victim of the cold world to get warmer Then I did with my spic friend in a quick Honda Pick up a package from Juan down at the ship harbor Sell it off in the crib, making the shit marble [?] taking chugs outta the big bottle Dick sucks disappears thanks to a thick model Her ass is fat but the coconut is a bit hollow No point in asking if the motherfucking bitch swallow Absolute, like the shit that's in the clear bottle Straight from Sweden, see me counting money cheesin' Ducks get shot out the sky, that's when it's huntin' season Phone rings fiendin' for stuff, Danny Tanner I handle business like a man, you're just a tranny dancer I'm going down, kid East motherfucking bound and down, bronsolino Bon appetite, bitch

100 Guns

Boogie Down Productions "Edutainment"
Verse 1 Am I supposed to stand here? These bright lights I'll probably get a tan here Scott turn up the master So I can hear and talk faster I'm the Blastmaster cos I'm blasted I know a lot of y'all are shocked that I've lasted But Blastmaster is a subtitle KRS ONE is more vital And more lethal and more vicious As the suckers always say He just dissed us! He got a problem, yo, he's conceited I'm not conceited, they just couldn't beat it Cos when I'm in a club I like to mingle Seconds later they're playin' that single Loud as a collision and pumped up dramatically So the people in the place will automatically Time it, and dance right behind it Those that have it on tape will rewind it It's not surprising, we rock parties Anywhere, anyone, anybody Some sound shoddy, like cardboard But I'm blessed, praise the lord You see I like to study, I like money I like eatin' wheat bread with honey But to none of these am I addicted I like to remain free and unafflicted With the sickness of attachment The material road of entrapment Those that walk this road become weak They can't think, they can't speak Unself-sufficient, cos they're leeching I'm not dissin', I'm simply teachin' Well if you notice, not once Have I said Scott's name to gain fame See it's a shame that they're blinded If they had a piece of paper I'd sign it That's called an autograph, this is called a class I've only come to educate the mass Of young people, to this there's no sequel Just a message, be peaceful And loving, but not a sucker And stay away from negative motherfuckers They only pull you down with their hate But wait, here's somethin' to meditate... Verse 2 Downratin' statements you always seem to make You never wanna create cos b-boys you don't affiliate You're self-whipped cos you claim it's not a gift To execute the rhyme on time without a shift You only utter negativity, never productivity For the b-boy talent or b-boy productivity Yet when all the currency comes in tax free You wanna see me? My name is Kris and now you guessed this I got X-ray vision and I'm lookin' through your game It's the same, what a shame, now take aim on what I shall obtain Absolute respect from you, con, cos now you know it I'm Blastmaster KRS ONE, short for poet I do not read the paper, I read the dictionary Cos nuclear destruction, yeah, AIDS just doesn't scare me The girls be lookin' sweeter, the cops be lookin' meaner Carryin' bigger gun, shoot the people for fun If you could realise this you won't be called a toy But yet a b-boy, and I know you'll enjoy Just coolin' out without a doubt, livin' life a little different Yeah, different, never innocent, with a little dilligence I am only 20, yet here's my present level Just one of the Boogie Down Production crew rebels Our reputation grows as the music gets vicious I will succeed while you suckers make wishes Time and time again I prove to be exciting But time and time again you prove to be biting I need no judge, no jury, no lawyers With DJ Scott La Rock, better known as The Destroyer!

Gorilla Pimp

PROJECT PAT "Mista Don't Play"
(feat. Namond Lumpkin) [Verse One] If you thinking I'm straight then you better think twice And you ain't got no cheese then I'm jekyl and hyde 'Bout to click on this bitch cause she need to learn me Beat her with my pistol when I thought she burned me it's the first the thug one you can call me Sambo I'ma dick this ho down cause I like to gamble In her purse I ramble On her head I trample Where the hell the damn doe Old silly ass hoe You gon' bring them go go And I like to chew snow Sippin' 'nac with your cap is the perfect convo You can be a Jane Doe if you call the po-po (female voice)I'ma call ya momma a Bitch that's a no no Don't get personal, I'll never let go If you did wanna run you'll get beat to the flo' I'ma go-rilla pimp you can call me great ape knockin' teefus out ya mouth need to get ya shit straight [Chorus] I'ma gorilla on the hoes did that I'ma Pimp nigga you ain't know did that I'ma a mack mane on the stroll did that I'm out here trying to make a ho did that Cause I hustle on the low did that I ain't tryin' to go for broke did that So bitch don't try me ho did that If you do I'ma cut ya throat did that [Verse Two] Talkin' smart to a pimp you done broke the first rule I'ma come on your job I'ma act a damn fool When ya boss walk in I'ma play it off cool If he step in our biz I'ma slap his ass to All that loud talkin ho need to gon' settle down 'Fore you friend have to pick ya ass up off the ground I got love for ya purse meaning that I love you Married to this cheese first and I'm screamin' I do No money for a mack mean drama for a ho Paramedics toting you through the trauma center do' Busted lips broken leg but I got my bank roll Tried to put a struggle up so she got her eye swoll Buying you Taco Bell but a pimp eating Steak Corn Bread Collard Greens Chit-a-lings on my plate Always late for a date and she always trippin' She can hate my fuckin guts but she lovin' my pimpin' [Chorus] [Verse Three] Mixin' game with some 'nac is a deadly potion If I hit it from the back bitch I want devotion In ya pussy strokin' Ho a pimp is spoken DOA if you try to play my emotions I'ma crack a hos dome I ain't broke the damn law Another nigga (on) my phone so I broke the bitches jaw You done quit ya damn job and you need to start hoin' Boostin clothes playin tricks cause a pimp ain't goin In the club shakin ass they can bring plenty cash But ya get mo' loot with a VIP pass Say ya ass got robbed when ya shoulda got a hundred Now you get the fuck up out of here go and get the money you dummy tryin' to pop phoning me a get ya killed Bitch I ain't the chargee I'ma charge you for real So don't get it twisted I'm the pimp you the bitch Either bring the loot quick or you get ya throat slit I'ma Gorilla on the hoes...


[Baby] Baller Blockin' Nigga I don't give a fuck When it's on, it's on We got Baby, Lac and Stone In this bitch I'm a neighborhood superstar I'll cook anything from a ki of coke To a gram of that boyd Niggas scoring glocks Like brand new Hot Boy Reeboks On my blocks stepping 'em up With grams and rocks If anything been scoring from me It was ten a ki I let my l'il round hustle As long as they score for me [Lac] Look if I pull up on the block Knowing the set was mine No more hand-to-hand contact I'm known for supplying Since I opened up this set 'chere This how it's gon' be Ain't nobody selling shit nigga Unless it's for me [Baby] All I know is crack slanging and block hanging On the corner [in] front the store Doing my thang These niggas know my game How I do my thang Water whip I can't do But whole thangs I slang [Lac] Now I'ma pay all my foot soldiers And tell 'em stay focused And front all the street hustlers And keeping 'em posted That white and that blue car We call 'em the law And the dirt that my niggas do Is done in the dark [Baby] Got l'il whodie running water And we 'bout to cook these quarters The twenty under the seat For my son and my daughter The water hot enough Start cooking these quarters These niggas want it hard And I understand [Lac] If I pull up dressed in all black With a boot in my mouth Cause a nigga didn't pay 'Lac And I know that he sold out Put something in my street sweeper And run in his house Knock a hole up out his pa chest And a tongue out his ma mouth [Baby] A ki stashed up And I'm gettin' 'em all I got a stash put up For the drought in the fall [Stone] Hot Boys vacating the pop Talk can back shit up The Feds call my 'hood a Payday Cuz it's packed with nuts Ghetto rich money stashed In the mansions bruh I got them kis Ten a ki from Fresh and Atrice bruh [Baby] I know niggas think bad Cause the people ride fast I got 5 strikes I'm going out with a blast Cash in your life nigga When you playing with me I'll give you work Break ya off ya face B.G. [Lac] Cadillac's the name I run with So call me Seville Push a platinum Escalade truck With 20 inch wheels Now the Jag you saw me driving That's for everyday stuntin' Loud pipes, big rims So you can see when I'm coming [Baby] I don't give a fuck nigga Ain't no rules in the streets You know money come first The other bullshit weak I don't wanna hear no stories About my cheese You violate nigga Your family gon' grieve [Stone] Headbuster Alva Stone Ya heard me dog And everytime ya heard my name It was a murder involved I just rap to clear my name And smuggle bundles of that raw Always rap so what you lames Suburb and that car [Lac] Saratoga and I ride I represent to the fullest Ain't nobody pulling strangs here Unless that I pull it If a nigga put a hit out Believe that I took it In the cost Bible murders Was ODing and bullets [Baby] All i know is gun slanging and head banging Too many disrespected And lived to sang it Drop change like a motherfucker Fuck them niggas If a nigga outta line Motherfuck that nigga [Stone] Type of nigga who'll bat a bitch And then wait on her pa Type of nigga who'll do a snitch Broad day in the park I'm one of them niggas that don't bring it Still buy up the bulk Like Rob Deniero, Rob Banks And bang out with the law [Lac] Look here I come from the projects And the ghetto streets I'm cooking up whole thangs 'Till they hard like concrete I fronted the O.G.s A bag of that olzes For niggas that don't know I got something whodie [Baby] The same ol' nigga Just a different game Fuck bitches, tote heat Things never gon' change I'm the number one stunna Nigga, Baby's the name I like cooking crack And watch how quick it come back [Stone] I rock a oyster-faced Roley With the crust out bang Ice cover the wrist whodie Like I sprung my hand I sport Prowlers, whips With the T.V.s playing Iceberg, Prada dick Like here come the man [Baby] I'll pull up at Washington [and] Six In a six I'll slide out quick Bet I could fuck any bitch [Lac] I push a lavender Porsche Carerra Seat sprayed leather The top goes off and on To floss with the rainy weather The seats they ain't customized They made by Ricarro A ruby red CF5 I'll cop by tomorrow [Baby] For catching me on the interstate drunk Running the law With a bitch in my lap Tasting my balls I don't like when they too much Act like they stuck up Leave Atrice nut up I'll bat that bitch up [Stone] The king of the Nolia I crowd both the wrists Lock down slanging towns Took the top off the six In the club I be thugged With ten topless chicks T-shirt, Girbauds, Reeboks In it [Stone] Killa, ain't no stopping it [Baby] Off top, can't pop this bitch You know what I'm saying Baller Blockin' you understand [Fresh] New Edition of Cash Money [Baby] Some real Hot Boys Believe it whodie

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