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BROOKS & DUNN lyrics - Hard Workin' Man

Rock My World (Little Country Girl)

Original and similar lyrics
She's got a T-Top Camaro with a scoop on the hood And two big speakers blasting Johnny B. Goode Looking so sweet it oughta be a crime She plays with my heart and messes with my mind Acts like Madonna but she listens to Merle Rock my world little Country girl She wears snakeskin boots made by Calvin Klein And cheap sunglasses from the five and dime All the other girls in school they give her dirty looks She got an 'A' in math and never cracked a book Sure looks good in her denim and pearls Rock my world little Country girl Chorus: Rock my world Drag me out on the floor Dance with me till I can't dance anymore One-step, two-step, get in a line I gotta find a way to make you mine I tell her that I love her but it ain't enough She says I got to learn to loosen up Get a little wild on Saturday night But make sure she's home before the mornin' light Sunday she's all ribbons and curls Rock my world little Country girl (Repeat chorus) Rock my world little Country girl

K-rock's The Man

MC LYTE "Act Like You Know"
[K-Rock] Is it a crime - because it's my time to bust a rhyme A dope line to make the crowd behind me climb and then twine to a tune that Milk produced to make the party people get loose on the dancefloor, so don't try to hide Cause I designed the rhyme that make your back-bone slide to the music, cause it's uplifting Some may try, but they can't get with this But it's nothing for y'all to compete with It's just some smooth shit that's legit to make you get up when you're at a party and move.. your.. sexy.. body Up, down, side to side, around Come one, come all, come see what we found A way for y'all to work out y'all frustrations and groove with the band.. K-Rock's the Man Now hurry hurry, step right up to my sideshow, and watch how my rhymes flow I let my galant talent illuminate So give three cheers for, K-Rock the Great Don't debate, the votes are castin This is one race that I could never come last in Boy you know that the K don't play You can't step to me, don't sleep on a DJ K-Rock, because blockheads I knock and rock the sock into a state of shock That's how it's supposed to be and that goes for those who step close to me So when you see me, show respect Cause I met get upset and cold strip and snap the necks of all of those who don't understand that K-Rock.. K-Rock's the Man


98 DEGREES "98 Degrees And Rising"
Chorus: Baby I gotta ask you Do you wanna dance Because I'm in the mood I've been watching from across the room The way you're moving I could get into you Tonight is the night I wanna dance with you My heart is beating faster than I want it to 'Cause the music is right and the groove starts to move Can I find a way to get down with you Put your hand in mine Let me look into your eyes Let's not waste any time girl 'Cause this feeling's so strong that I can't deny Chorus I look in your eyes and my world starts to shake Intoxicating me with every move you make Come and get down with your favorite tune I feel the need to get with you soon Ooh your looking so fine And I'm liking the way that you move Girl you're making me high And there's nothing I wouldn't do to you Chorus x 2 So what you wanna do Do you wanna dance So what you gon' do Do you wanna get down So what you wanna do Do you wanna dance So what you gon' do Do you wanna get down I gotta know if you can Get down on it Girl I love the way you move, baby Get down on it I gotta dance with you Get down on it Girl I love the way you slide Get down on it Won 't you dance with me tonight Chorus x 2

Shake Sumpthin'

FIELD MOB "613: Ashy To Classy"
(feat. Paparue) [Paparue] Run it Yo, you know what I'm sayin' it's the original Paparue (Original original) And I'm passin' through with my boys from Down South (Down South) The Field Mob (Field Field) And also I'm bringin' this for all the girly girly's (Must bring it) Who like to shake it at the club (Shake it Shake it) Who like to twurk it at the club (Twurk it Twurk it) And you know something this is how we rub-a-dub So Field Mob - Come Down [Kalage] I met this fine young tender named Vivian Brown-skinned cinnamon Playin' and pimpin' men Swimmin' in Benjamins Body like a Buick bumpin', jumpin', and jigglin' Butt look like big lips talkin' and whisperin' Sayin' . . . and her voice so feminine Either her booty talkin' or my Hennessey kickin' in I smile, give a grin Grab that butt with both hands Man she moved it over and started hunchin' my Jimmy then See I'm gon' hit her then Switch up and stick her friend I'm skinny built like a spoon They grits I'm diggin' in I don't be spendin' ends But they gon' givin' chin They lick it and kiss it then say . . . They pagin' and beepin', beggin' for me to come hit again I'm pimpin' plenty women, game stronger than 20 men Damn lil' momma proper halter top and knee-knockers But before I freak the senorita she gotta [Hook] Me say shake somethin' Me wanna see you twurk somethin' Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin' Me say shake somethin' Me wanna see you twurk somethin' Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin' Shake somethin' Me wanna see you twurk somethin' Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin' Me say shake sumthin' Me wanna see you twurk somethin' Lil' momma work it, work it, work it [Boondox Blax] I know a shawty, they call her Shellette I wanna holla at Dark skinned chocolate Plus shawty drop a 'llac Big breasts are proper set Her game, she on top of it She break big ballers that'll infrared dot ya head Micro's and contacts, oooh, I wanna knock her dead Vicky Secret scents in the air, why I want her pop her leg I heard in the streets that shawty give lots of head Good hot my mouth too, have you jumpin' up out the bed And plus shawty rock baguettes Chickens wanna chop her head Off cause she jazzy with more cheese than broccoli We on the dance floor, from side to side she rockin' it Toot it up and stoppin' it Then droppin' and poppin' it She said 'Oooh, you on hard' I had to stop and check Pants pokin', I knew then her number I gotta get Tipsy off of Heineken ready to shake some [Paparue] Shawty flexa Time to have sexa [Hook] [Paparue] Look a big booty girl But I bet her rock me world and me say big booty girl Diamonds and pearls Big booty girl But I bet her rock me world and me say big booty Me want a big booty girl Big booty girl Me rock her world and me say big booty girl Like diamonds and pearls Big booty girl And when she rock me world and me say big booty Big booty girl [Hook] [Kalage] Yeah (Uh), Yeah (Uh) Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce I like the ones with the weave The thong-th-th-thong-th-thongs and Capri's [Boondox] You can come home with me if you a girl on them 6-inch heels [Kalage] Or a black blonde with the natural and gold in yo grill Earring in yo tongue, you dark and you lovely Fine from yo heels up, but yo toes ugly [Boondox] Plus it ain't bubbley (What) The back part I ain't actin' hard, but you ain't touchin' me Look, them tight Capri pants be fittin' her right But her booty is much bigger, so that's what I like I know a lot of shawty's out there sayin' that's not right But she the jazziest, and that's what I'ma take home tonight [Paparue] A me say, I know a little girl by the name of Suzy She look so sweet and she really sexy I go home and she take off my shoe Say 'Ohh Paparuby, let me make love to you' On top my mind, me say 'My, my, my' The woman on top of the woman is a lesbian But the Ruby on top of woman it's a stylin' fashion Stylin fashion, it's a stylin' fashion Give me a big booty girl And I bet her rock me world and me say big booty Ahhhhhh Me say big booty girl And I bet she rock me world and me say big booty girl Big booty girl You, you know what I'm sayin' This the original crew (Original) And all the big booty girls passin' through (Pass through) You this for you and you (Whaaaat) This the original Paparue (Yeah-yeah) You know what I'm sayin' with the Field Mob And we doin' this especially for the club How you mean Big booty girl Let her rock me world Down Look, Paparue, Field Mob Yeah-yeah How you mean

Your Mama Don't Dance

POISON "1986-96-Greatest Hits"
CHORUS: Your Mama Don't Dance and you dady don't rock and roll Your mama don't dance and your dady don't rock and roll But when evening rolls around and it's time to hit the town where do you go-you gotta rock it The old folks say that ya gotta end your date by ten But if you're out on a date don't you bring her home late 'cause it's a sin You know there's no excuse You know you're gonna lose, you never win I'll say it again CHORUS SOLO You see I pulled into a drive-in and found a place to park We hopped into the back seat where it's always nice and dark I'm just about to move hinking to myself Mmm Jeff this is a breeze Then there was a light in my eye and a guy says Out of the car long hair Oowee-you're comig with me said the local police CHORUS Play me a little, C.C. SOLO 2 CHORUS OUT

Movie Star Part 2

Rascalz: Yeah Uh, Ladies...Its rascalz. And we making the hits And doing remixes..Uh Huh.. Shawn: Its the rascalz, with Shawn Desmon, and BA ya'll Some come and check it out... Shawn: CHORUS Girl you look like a movie star You the finest chick, no matter where you are, oh yeah, oh yeah. I love the way you move baby. Girl you look like a movie star With your prada dress and your fancy car ,oh yeah ,oh yeah. So girl, keep on doing what you do. Rascalz: Flow blown, genetics. Somebody call the medics. These girls look good, and somebody gonna get it. You them cats said it, but they don't get it. Cause we them cats, whos all up in it. Yo, short skrit wearing Tear off what you're wearing She don't be daring... She live life daring. And don't like sharing And them girls staring Can't hold them back Once she takes off them earings..OH OH Here we go again: girl fight. Cause, your style tight And that they don't like. When you pass through, whats like a spolight Yo kid, you rock right So let them back fight Cause I got you. You hold it down, so I got to. DJ spinning the sounds That we rock to So let him drive 'em around Just to clock you Cause how you move, Just wondered, can't stop you. REPEAT CHORUS Rascalz: Hey yo, Them girls pretty And look good pretty. So I dedicate this, I hope ya'll hear me I love ya'll dearly, So keep ya'll near me. How you put it together It never once failed me Ya'll do it dearly With or without baby You, a movie star, better yet You a lady. So I'll ride shotgun You drive me crazy Think of you nearly every minute And its scarey. Feeling you dearly And I hope that you seeing Beauty's in the eye If you defose you being I hope that you will beware So we can beware Not only my temper But you lift my spirits REPEAT CHORUS Rascalz: Hey Yo, A real fine damsel girl We should tango. You do the talk And action I'll handle Pure satisfaction We pure waxing. Though you like it rough.. So touch without asking. No one better touch Just long lasting Eventhough I'm in a rush, Can't stop blasting Even though we do what we be doing often I still want more, But You know what I'm talking, come 'ere Shawn: Everybodys talking So I gots to take a look N' What else can I say But this girl she got me shook Oooh, tell me what I gotta do Oooh, cause girl I gotta get with you Oooh, girl you make me feel this way Tell me what I got to say REPEAT CHORUS

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