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Brodiepunk lyrics

Stupid Bastard

Original and similar lyrics
Kick back sippin on a cold one Just chillin out in the hot sun When you stepped in front of me And it was very plain to see You're the girl that every guy dreams of Make up, its not a must for everyone You're living proof of that cause you've got none (chorus) I might not be the king of fashion But I know that plastic girls with drawn on faces melt out in the sun Yet I might be a stupid bastard But I know that everyone, everybody needs someone like you So I sat and watched you just walk by Didn't have the balls to even say hi 'se-you might turn out to be a bitch And that would ruin my image of this perfect girl that I've been dreamin of So I sat and thought about you one last time And how I'd love to have you by my side CHORUS CHORUS ---like you, like you, everybody needs someone like you, like you, like you 'se everybody needs someone like you

The Day You're Mine

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live the Kane"
Talk about ever meeting Ms. Right But one thing I know is this girl is hype Not a crab I see but such a lovely female And if looks could kill, she would be in jail For raving all over with exotic beauty And to captivate her love is my only duty There's not a single feature that this girl lacks Sweetheart, you're my aphrodisiac lt;Straight R amp;B Chorus gt; You've got me waiting for you day by day Fantasies of you has got me drifting away And I know, a love like yours would be so hard to find So I'll just keep on waiting for the day you're mine Now I've talked to young girls and sophisticated ladies But I swear my dear, none appear on your level baby Maybe, it's just me imagining Then again, I probably just haven't been With the right female and in detail I'll probably never will be, girl if we fail Cause every time I appear to be pleased You know what happens I just get skeezed lt;Straight R amp;B Chorus gt; The girl that I admire, one that I desire And no one can stop the feelings that you inspire The way that you leave me in this obsession With the chambers of my heart in your possession We were meant to be together, always and forever For that engagement, I shall endeavor Pray for the day that we combine And I can say for sure that you're truly mine In benevolence and reverence As soon as our relationship commence But for now, I wait impatiently For the day that you can give your all to me lt;You've got me waiting for you day by day gt; The moment of truth is what I really should call it I worked so hard for it so please don't spoil it Yeah it's a lot that I'm asking you to give me That's only because I need you with me Side by side, hand in hand You as my girl and Kane as your man Bust it, ever since the first time that I seen her I wanted her to step inside my arena I'd be the champion of love, wear the golden glove And show you what a real man is made of My feelings I'm sharing because I'm caring My heart'll tell you why I am so endearing For a chance at romance I would love to enhance I would be your man under any circumstance Just as long as I can say that you're my own Your feelings for me and mine alone We can cherish every moment of the time we spent Try to take our love to the full extent The point that I'm trying so hard to get through Is girl, I'm in love with you lt;Straight R amp;B Chorus gt; A dramatic fanatic for our relation Cupid has me stupid with infatuation And a fashion of passion so tenderly With vibes I can't describe you send to me This personal attachment in which I feel To you my dear, I will try to reveal All over and over, I'll try and try Because to see you with the next man makes me cry I feel that I should be the only man to side you Cause no one can love you the way that I do No one deserve the love you can give So allow me to show you how I'm out to live With something very special, palliative and pure And anything that you want, I can give you more I'll be calm and gentle, loving and sentimental Oh so much emotion, I'm talking devotion Cause when I get involved, I get involved so deep That you would know that my love is something special to keep But for now, I guess I'll be fine And keep waiting for the day that you'll be mine

It's Over

DnH "Drop N Harmony"
It's Over Here we go again Fighting over who started the argument Now why can't you and I just get along?? Its unfortunate, that its hard for me to even give you compliments When all you do is bitch bout what is wrong. Wrroooonnnggg I wish I didn't have to say¡­¡­. Chorus Its over, but believe me girl its better this way Too many second times around, Too many times we let each other down. Its over, I never meant for us to end up this way And all though it hurts like hell, I'd rather you save tomorrow For someone else. Now don't you get teary eyed And act in disbelief like its ah big surprise That one day you use tah threaten to walk out on me And then one day we'll both look back and laugh at the stupid Things that made us mad And maybe decide to give our love yet another try I wish oh I wish I didn't have to say¡­¡­.Repeat chorus Do you¡­¡­.Do you think I'm enjoying this I'm trying not to cry I've had it up to here I'm tired of living in misery And I hope that we could still be friends Once we put aside all this bitterness Cause I still care about you Yes¡­I wish I didn't have to say¡­¡­¡­¡­.Chorus I'd rather you save forever for someone else.

Ain't Nobody Home

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, wherever you'd lead me, I would surely follow Girl, you put me through some pain and misery And now you are standing on my doorstep, telling me how much you need me Baby, ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) How many times I begged for you to come home, but you laughed at me and said let me alone Through my falling tears I saw you walk away And now you're beggin' me to forgive you, but this time, baby, it's your turn to beg Baby, ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Girl, I used to love you, in ways no one else would love you Gave you everything that I own Girl, you can't come back here Ain't nobody home (Chorus: nobody's home) Once upon a time, when you went on your way But, girl, I hoped and prayed, that you'd come back some day But time has made some changes, turned me upside down So, you can beg me to forgive you, but this time, baby, you can turn right around Ain't nobody home Ain't nobody home Girl, you hurt me once (Chorus: ain't nobody home) I hear you knockin' (Chorus: ain't nobody home)

Perfect Girl

Tik Tak
Chorus: She says: I like Fundays better than Sundays Don't like Brandy, I like candy Hey don't tease me, just try and please me You know she's a Perfect Girl She is a perfect girl With morals on her side She went to church and went to school And never ever lied And she is daddy's little girl With hair all up in curl A twinkle in her eyes And a smile just like sunrise Chorus You've heard about those girls In girly magazines Well I'm sure you won't find her On the pages in between She never smokes and she won't drink She's perfectly unique And if she has a crime It's her phone bills outa line Chorus She says: Maybe I might let you hold me Just don't think that you can ever own me! I know that other girls Are looking for a guy Well she was never raised that way She's reaching for the sky So you can take your fancy things And take your diamond rings As funny as it sounds They don't make her world go round Chorus

Only Love

(Cetera Peter) One more sad tomorrow And I'm not very good At hiding my sorrow It's not the same without you So alone and so afraid I thought we had it made What about us What about the way We were so in love When we were together I thought you'd never leave Now I know this time you're gone, forever (CHORUS) Only love can break your heart Fill you with desire And tear you all apart Only love can make you cry Only love knows why One more night without you I'm just trying to pretend That you're coming back again You know I never meant to doubt you (Oh no ..) We were young and we were free Now I can't believe this could happen to me What about us What about the way We were so in love When we were together I thought you'd never leave Now I know this time you're gone, forever (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Tell me who will I turn to When I get in trouble Oh babe I don't want you to go Tell me who can I turn to When I get in trouble Baby please don't leave me Can't you see you must believe me (CHORUS) What

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