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On My Way To Work

Original and similar lyrics
There's a car parked where the block begins And these people singing praises Say it's all because of him And there's a bird perched on a frayed wet wire And his voice sings out for a lover But it's covered by the choir Of voices reaching way beyond the rafters With devotion they perform these sacred tasks They cross themselves and offer up their checkbooks Slight suffering is not too much to ask Besides, we all are making money And we're all fucking alone And we don't know what we're doing Maybe just buying us some hope Because we know that we are lonely Well, yeah, lonely that's for sure And the older ones are coughing Yeah, the older ones they're dying Maybe we're all dying I pass a graveyard on my way to work Today I saw two dozen white roses on a fresh new mound of dirt And I wondered about the occupant When the darkness finally swallowed him was he calm and content? Or was he sweating in a struggle to keep breathing Ripping apart the sheets that dressed his bed Crying out loud for someone to help him Then collapsing on his back all pale and dead Maybe it's me who's this unstable Always obsessed about the end Why can't I let what happens happen And just enjoy the time I spend? Oh, how I wish it was that easy But when there is no point to anything You know it gets a bit confusing Why it is that I keep going Why is it that we keep going?

Air Force Ones

NELLY "Nellyville"
[Intro] Big boy.. Big boy.. Big boy [Chorus] I said give me two pair (cause) I need two pair So I can get to stompin in my air force ones (Big boys) stompin in my air force ones [Nelly] I like the all white high top strap with the gum bottom (Big boy) theres somthin bout dem that's dirty why I got em (Big boy) I leave um strapped and laced and come up out um (Big Boy) the last person who touched 'em I damn near shot 'em, (big boy) [Kyjuan] Now if you looked, and seen lime green forces and kiwi (Big boy) you couldn't get this color if you had a personal genie (Big boy) you now I keep it hip-hop My niggas flip flop (Big boy) yea my force ones and tip top (Me) now form a flip flop, (big boy) [Ali] I like the limited edition to kaki and army green (Big boy) patent leather pin stripe you should see how I do the strings (Big boy) size twelve with the strap Red and white with a cardinal cap (Big boy) all flavors well it just depend on when and (don't get me) where I am at (Big boy) [Murphy Lee] Don't get me wrong man And Murphy lee aint dumb man (Big boy) cuz if the shoe is on the shelf you should have some man (Big boy) you can not sit up and tell me that you have none man (Big boy) you may not have three or four but you got one man (big boy) [Chorus x2] [Murphy Lee] We up in footlocker I'm looking like I need those (Big boy) ten in a half and if you got em give me two of those (Big boy) I can tell she never seen murphy lee befo (Big boy) cuz shes just standin ther as if I'm shootin free throws (Big boy) I said excuse me miss I only wanna buy shoes (Big boy) she said I love u Murph especially in the white in blue (Big boy) I said the white in blue sound nice make it twice (Big boy) and I signed an (yo) autograph (yo) 'thanks for the advice' (big boy) [Ali] I keep it real dirty, dirty you know how I do (Big boy) purple in gold with the Lakers the broncos the orange in blue (Big boy) I like em floppy with ankle socks lows mids and high tops, (big boy) Wit' the clear sole But its timbs and fat laces when its cold (Big boy) but when the winter go(blhhha) and the hot summer flow (Big boy) then its back to the all purpose wit' them lil dots in the toe (Big boy) ain't nothin stopping this dough that I'm spending fa sho (Big boy) on dem Nike air force and e behind de o (big boy) [Kyjuan] O.. k li, I treat my shoe like my ride (Big boy) chrome on the fat laces at what wood on the inside (Big boy) spray candy on the swoosh With the electric roof (Big boy) since I put a kit on the sole now I got a wider shoe (Big boy) you see them low mids with the purple coop I'm drivin them (Big boy), (Kyjuan, were you getting dem colors, are you dyin them) (Big boy) ten is my size in dem No point in tiein dem (Big boy) aint no point in tryin these on You know I'm buyin dem (big boy) [Nelly] Now don't nothing get the hype on first site like, white on whites (Big boy) dem three quarters them lows they all tyte (Big boy) the only problem they only good for one night (Big boy) cuz once you scuff um you fucked up your whole night (Big boy) whats my basis The look up sto on his faces (Big boy) this kids outrageous hes buyin' them by the cases (Big boy) cuz once I cop um I gut um and switch the laces (Big boy) they all purpose ya heard me kinda like my datin (big boy) [Chorus x2] [Kyjuan] I wore spurs at first now theres tape on dem (Big Boy) damn, when those come out so I write the date on them (Big Boy) these Louie Vuitton ones, you gotta wait on them (Big boy) I had to get em early so I spent more cake on dem (big boy) [Murphy Lee] Look I'm tryin to keep it up like a one minute man (Big boy) while Ali on the Kawasaki two head bands (Big boy) jewelry and all (Wow) fish bowlin um all (Big Boy), (I got some fifteens) security buyin shoes and all (big boy) [Nelly] Now some time I get em free some time I gotta pay (Big boy) walk in the mall and they know what I'm bout to say (Big boy) gimme the black and platinum, and leather gray (Big boy) ones in the back and (yo) tha pair you got on display (check), (big boy) [Ali] Now in da box is where were I keep mine (keep mine) You should peep mine (big boy), (peep mine) Maybe once or twice but never three times (Big boy) I'm just a sneaker pro I love pumas and shell toes (Big boy) but cant nothin compare to a fresh crispy white pair (big boy) [Chorus x2] Big boy.. Big boy.. Big boy

We MoViN

AZ "L.O.D.B: Last Of A Dying Breed"
Fresh fruits out the juicer Since juvi jail taught well, I'm a trooper If she can tell it's a louie smell like a scooper And the black blue is your cell, bumping new fuck Same lusual, linen shorts and loafs Been in forced to coast, contenders call me the ghost Why crope, when women open they throat Sophisticated the dope, with stimulating results The soul still afloat, still a mill in the vote Still appeal to the real when it's wrote Proper approach I play, check the resume Fuck what the records say Only a few of the fire could really rap this way Chick fetish, I ball with the bricks bedded No daughters the dick's leverage It's nothing to discredit, embedded Born with it, my vision was all vivid I'm living and all did it Decisions is more digits More explicit, more deliberative More 'so what is it Son of the starter, my aura is the adora A storm can lead the slaughter on quarters, deep on waters Seek on co morals, speak, speech are farer 2 neat to lauder, 2 at peace for' I applaud you, fold the pressures and duck your broads Tryina destroy your hords of the Pandora Or cam corder, caught with a gram short up Mandatory 5, that's when nan was alive Rap is in danger man, necklace is saying that shit Give her no dick, that's how you really restrain a bitch I'm no husein to this rap, hool is who gassiness For every tale spittin, that others claim nigga is crazy with Up in Mercedes whips, new Gucci glue lady kicks Here wavy, stay fly in that 80′s tip What can they say to this Let em pray and wiss At any minute, the nigga can hornicate the wrist Slight risk but speak truth the great zeus All I do is just fuck noth and eat food From v troops to Venezuela Sent the tell up, it's all done for the century So it's in the cellar Hey fella, only few can measure Taking papers pleasant, they invitation vanilla The arm legger, arm head with don craig I'm no one to be whack rap know I'm celeb From magic city to miss America pageants Got me passing on pussy never imagine And swiss crashing, eating from leets laughing Sneak a freak, keep up with feet fashion They keep asking how is the shine lasting I'm too ahead of my time to be a husband Rhymes craft that come from fine interaction So niggas passing it's just a mind of distraction Dinner napkins tuffed in the button up Which mean any medallions ding is covered up Sleeves cuffed, and sippin the tea cup And c money's like key money, we reeing up.

Love Me

CHUMBAWAMBA "Anarchy (Ger)"
The first world's got greedy, we're consuming it all The third world's got hunger and military control This unequal balance is a master plan One gets rich from the other's land They've got it all worked out - and we give our consent They've got it all worked out for Central America They've got it all worked out for Africa And in our naivety we believe myths and overconsume And give them our consent Dying in the shadow of the USA Let them eat bullshit, make the land pay Make a fast deal with the local elite Then substitute cash-crops where once grew wheat Build a cycle of dependence on a starvation-diet With food as a weapon, workers stay quiet And multinational names have blood on their brands From taking an interest in misused lands Del Monte, Tate Lyle, Ralston Purina Coca-Cola, RTZ, and Unilever All packaging lifestyles for the glamorous west Expand the company, exploit the rest We are not isolated by distance But by greed and our racist history Just a wall's width away Still impossible to see across This space in front on me It's we who write this history We who guard the money-tree We support the companies We stole the colonies And when the system starts to crack We'll have to ready to give it all back See the space which lies between the rich and the poor How the space increases as we keep on taking more Keeping that space between us all Is how the west can keep control... With a mission and a chequebook promising aid Posing for the camera the United Nations man came He talked of control and the terrible drought And the way that the west would bail them out They he stopped smiling and talked conditions Of mutual aid; of American wishes Sending in aid with sewn-on strings If they won't buy arms - then it's pulled back in Feeding the world American style Col Sanders has an empire behind his smile Back up the investments with a military regime Then cleverly say: It's to keep the world free! But the multinational myths are beginning to fall The poor don't want aid, they want control And if we really want to see the Third World eat We've got to see through the wraping on the high street Past barriers of culture that dictate our lives We're busy consuming as the other half dies And the answer's not a question on charity - Not whilst profit's still the top priority - So let the glossy shop-fronts know what to expect And you Bosses of Companies... ..and the cycle of hungry children Will keep on going round Until we burn the multinationals to the ground

Feel It Boy (Feat. Janet Jackson)

[Beenie Man] Baby Girl Alright now Ooo Lord, Lord, Lord Are you ready for this, yeah [Beenie Man] Whenever I got no money She is still my honey There is a reason to be funny Cuz, I, I I say I don't care what they say But you can say girl Keep on sayin your thing, yeah And I don't care what they do But you can do girl Keep on doin your thing, yeah And I don't care what they shake But you can shake girl Keep makin my head spin, yeah And I don't care what you kiss But you can kiss, yeah You hear this brother sing that People keep on tellin me that you are here to stay But I keep on tellin them that you will go away Cuz, wha, two wrongs can't make no right, naw Ain't nothin wrong with a rude old fight [Janet (Beenie Man)] It's alright If you feel it boy You can feel this feelin all around the world It's ok (Ooo, na na) If you feel it Forget everything and everybody Boy lets just have a party, me and you [Beenie Man] You moan, baby, moan, you call me dark man Instead of bringing joy You brought me great pain And now I really know who teach the game, game Must you bring, pain Must you stay, stay Sometimes, I thought you're love was so true, true Right on my shoulder there's you're tattoo Now I really know what drugs will do, do Forget you too, too You won your crew, People keep on tellin me your love is here to stay yah But I keep on tellin them that you will go away Cuz, wha, two wrongs ain't no right Ain't nothin wrong with a rude old fight [Janet (Beenie Man)] It's alright (It's alright now) If you feel it boy (zagga zagga zow yo) You can feel this feelin all around the world (uh, uh) It's ok (It's ok now) If you feel it (Ooo, na na) Forget everything and everybody (Yeah) Boy, let's just have a party, me and you (Wha) [Beenie Man] Whenever I got no money, no money She is still my honey, my honey Without any clothes or jewelry, yeah She is still my honey, my honey But you never calls or nothin, yeah I must lose my money But I'll be your all girl, Let me back in yeah And You'll be my queen And I forever your king u co , cuz two wrongs can't make no right [Janet (Beenie Man)] It's alright If you feel it boy (Alright now) You can feel this feelin all around the world It's ok (It's ok now) If you feel it (Ooo, Lord Lord) Forget everything and everybody Boy let's just have a party, me and you (Me and you downhill for 2 dancing together just for me and you) Forget everything and everybody, Boy let's just have a party, me and you (Let's just have a party, let's just have a party) Forget everything and everybody, boy, let's just have a parting, me and you (Let's have a party now, now zagga zagga yo yo yo)


REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six That's that shit though Get the motherfuckin Squad packed We got to pull these shoes out like carpet, word is bond Test the crew with the guns and let's get this shit on Why, must I be like that Why, must I pack the gat On my left, niggaz be rollin with the ruckus Ready to get deep bust rounds upon some suckaz Heard PPP and LOD is a bunch of crazy motherfuckers Journey to the land is on The winner of the spittin bomb marathon The fuck you up lyrathon, whatever you choose prepare to lose that title Turnin vital situations suicidal, my idols, is my Uncles who started smokin weed outta bibles Gave me a puff when I bust my first rifle Men-estration cycles, I give bitches Bring your craziest nigga, I'll give stitches Whateva, go crew for crew, blow for blow Bang your headpiece and sniff the snow off your hoe I keep it rollin... Ask yourself man How ugly do you have to be to be a hardcore MC Niggaz be fooled by my plaques and my light skin complexture My whole texture is bombin, destroyin da schools of the wack From the Land of the Lost, you get tossed Listen to my veloc(ity), my crew's comin off Yeah, more sneaky than casino switches Diggin ditches for all Moskino bitches Clockin decimal figures, I'm gettin out diggers Now my choice of truck is a Land cause a Landcruise much bigger It pack two to three more niggaz Damn I hate a golddigger Yeah, gimme that microphone I make opponents shit bricks like Tyson's home I keep the jacked cellular phone blown in three zones Love seafood and keep my nine millimis chrome So it can shine up your dome When I proceed to give you what you need and clear spots like Sea Breeze Wreckin your ass armaggedeon style Twenty four seven while My crew chin check your profile (Rollin...) I'm the master of disaster, super rhyme maker Grimy by nature, database maker Play em out like Sega, Saturn Blow your blocks in patterns for about nine acres Testes, crew wearin bulletproof and double S's Karl Kani down, camoflouge can't hide the sounds of a fo' pound (boo-yaa) Givin you Six Flags, bustin merry go rounds But my crew stay ill with that unreal appeal I be the raw water, my cheek bones outta have gills below like the opera Smooth on the trigger for all you block cockers I be the key to criminology Blast and rotate enemies at three buck sixty Pick me, as your Senator Take the dove from your battlefield son, fuck Pat Benatar Run, head for the hills Back in the day, these niggaz rolled up on me with the trunk filled with Bomber Brooklyns, sheeps and quartervilles Aiyyo take that shit, aiyyo Money snap the grill Body caught chills as he ate this nine mil Mine kills two but my nine was sign sealed And ready to deliver, but Money had me too close to reach for toast, soon as that nigga blink I broke ghost Dash back to South Orange Ave with dollar bill to smoke dope I keep em rollin... This is DJ SAY WHAT on this motherfucker Sayin the dick is long, but my time is short Before I go, just remember If your box ain't on FDS radio, you're fuckin up

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