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Nothing Has Changed

Original and similar lyrics
I met you through a common friend in the attic of my parent's house And though I didn't know it then, I soon was finding out You are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place Each time the faults it opens words are spoken the water runs away And I hear your name No nothing has changed There was this book I read and loved The story of a ship Who sailed around the world and found That nothing else exists beyond his own two sails and wooden shell and waters held within all else is sure to pass we clutch and grasp and debate what's truly permanent When the wind starts to shift, well there's no argument I sing and drink and sleep on floors and try hard not to be annoyed by all these people worrying about me So I'm suffering through some awful drive occasionally you cross my mind It's my hidden hope that you are still among them. Well are you? Oh you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place each time I curse you know and sunlight pours in A lifetime melts away And we share a name On some picturesque grave...

Running Man

AL STEWART "24 Carrots"
Before the phone hits the receiver You're halfway to the door The voice said 'get out while you can, There's just ten minutes, nothing more' Time only for the essentials Better gather them and run The false name inside the passport, The gold bars and the gun And once again they've come out of the past And though your mind is cool your heart is beating fast You've been through it all before Each time you wish a little more that you could ask What do you want from me? What do you need from me? There's no rest for the running man Why can't you let him be?' It's a long and twisting journey From the sweeping northern plains To the outcrops of the jungle Bowed beneath the tropic rains In the customs hall the officer Takes you to one side And his eyes reveal no feeling As you hand over the bribe And once again you've bought a little time And once again you're fading out of sight Still the fox is growing older As he calls over his shoulder to the night: What do you want from me? What do you need from me? There's no rest for the running man Why can't you let him be? Here, come over here Beneath a sympathetic moon We'll sit and talk over old times without a fear Another beer, from the cafes of the night The tumbling rhythms of guitars ring loud and clear One by one they've nailed the others But you always got away What it is that keeps you just that step ahead No one can say In one last raid the agents Of the dawn break down the door Of a house where you were standing Maybe just an hour before And still the thread continues to unwind You take the hidden roads that only you can find And should they come upon your tracks There's just a question hanging back you left behind What do you want from me? What do you need from me? No rest for the running man Why can't you let him be? What do you want from me? What do you need from me?

They Are The Children Of The Underworld

Deicide "Once Upon The Cross"
In the creation of Anu were spawned Born of the Earth before they're known Evade destruction in their world below Their hands reach for our place outside Bestow their suffering on human life Nothing will stop them from re-entering Return to hatred in the heart of man They are the children of the underworld Before the heavens they were on the Earth To desolation and were never heard 'Cry rebirth' Lords of the plague, seven are they Born in the mountain of Mashu's magic Spirits of hate, they have no name Withered and wicked, the liars in wait In the creation of Anu were spawned With deadly vengeance from the ancient gods Their place on Earth, their race unknown Beyond the knowledge of the elder ones Provoking with our blood to rise The seven offspring for the sacrifice Reclaim the power of the crown of death Enter the body from the temple dead

First Redneck On The Internet

Cledus T. Judd "Did I Shave My Back For This?"
Well, Lordy, mercy, I's in a mess, My wife run off with my TV set, Didn't bother me none that she had to go, 'Cept I's gonna miss all my TV shows. So I looked up to heaven, got down on my knees. An' I cried: Dear Lord, will you help me, please. I need a TV by tomorrow night, 'Cos Rick Flare's involved in a talent fight. Well I guess my tytheing finally paid off, 'Cos early next mornin' shoulda seen what I saw. Reached in my overhorse for my inhaler, 'Cos there's a big brown box there, right in my trailer. I used my truck keys, cut open the box, I was hopin' for a Sony or a Microbox. I looked at the name and thought: Oh my gosh! This must be a new one called Macintosh. Well my last TV was a whole lot wider, But this'n here come with its own typewriter. It had all the letters from A to Z, I guess you just type in what you wanna see. Well I thought I punched up: You Done Help, But the TV Screen said World Wide Web. Then I broke out in a cold, cold sweat: I's the first redneck on the internet. He was the first red neck on the internet, A bona fide, countrified, cyber-threat. He went on line just one time, And now they won't forget, The first redneck on the internet. It was all so new, I shoulda taken my time, But I slammed that mouse up in four-wheel drive. Last time I did so much pointin' and clickin' I had a .22 rifle shootin' at chickens. Then, all of a sudden it occurred to me, The power I had with this fancy TV. I could get back at my ex-wife, With the touch of a button, I could ruin her life. So I got the number off her Mastercard, I bought a new lift kit and four new tyres. Then, I got on line to her bank account, Went ahead and closed that sucker out. I had her power and her water shut, slap, off. The I sent an to her dead plain boss, Lettin' him know that she told me, She'd have his job by the end of the week. He was the first red neck on the internet, A bona fide, countrified, cyber-threat. He went on line just one time, And now they'll never forget, (Won't forget.) The first redneck on the internet. Now the moral of the story, as a matter of fact, In a couple of days I got my TV back. She said she'd like to come back, as well. I told her to go straight to AOL. Now, thank the Lord that the UPS, For droppin' that box at Cledus' address. If they ever wanna find him, it won't take long, Type To reach the first red neck on the internet, A bona fide, countrified, cyber-threat. He went on line just one time, And now they'll never forget, (Won't forget.) He was the first red neck on the internet. The first red neck on the internet. Hey Buck, p'preciate your help. You ARE the man. World Wide Web, population Four Zillion. Cy hoot

Symphony 2000

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[PMD] Yeh.. Erick Sermon.. EPMD.. check it [E-Dub] Redman.. Method Man.. Lady Luck.. Def Jam [PMD] Erick and Parrish Millenium Ducats Hold me down, hold me down [echoes] Uhh.. yo! I grab the mic and grip it hard like it's my last time to shine I want the chrome and the cream so I put it down for mine Ill cat, slick talk, slang New York To break it down to straight English, what the fuck you want Remember me You punk faggot crab emcee Get your shit broke in half for fuckin around with P Aiyyo strike two, my style Brooklyn like the Zoo Hey you, look nigga, one more strike you through Word is bi-dond, rock Esco, FUBU, and Phat Fi-darm Every time I get my spit on, no doubt, I spark the gridiron I step up and bless the track and spit a jewel We keeps cool, no need for static, I strap tools Next up! [E-Dub] Yo I believe that's me [PMD] Yo, get on the mic and rock the Symphony [Erick Sermon] Yo P! Time to rock, the sound I got, it reigns hot Makin necks snap back, like a slingshot E hustle, and muscle my way in then tussle for days in, on my own with guns blazin Not for the fun of it, just for those who want me to run it Then leave them like -- who done it Sucka duck, I do what I feel right now When I spit the illest shit, cats be like, 'Wow!' YO! I get looks when I'm in the place That's that nigga, makin you +Smile+ with Scarface Uhh, +It Ain't My Fault+, that my style Silkk enough to Shock ya Hit you with the fifth, block-a block-a If I get caught you can bet I'll blow trial Be +Downtown Swingin+, M.O.P. style Next up! [Red] Yo yo it's Funk D.O.C. [E-Dub] Yo, you're on the mic to rock the Symphony [Redman] HeHAHHH! Yo yo Did you ever think you would catch a cap Yo did you ever think you would get a slap Yo did you ever think you would get robbed at gunpoint, stripped and thrown out the car It's Funk Doc, you know my name HOE My style dirty underground, or Ukraine po' When it hits you, pain pumps Kool-Aid, through the vein and shit Snatch the trap then I Dash like Damon did Doc, walk _Thin Red Lines_ to shell shock Hairlock with fuckin broads in nail shops Hydro Got more bags than bellhops Two thousand Benz on my eight by ten PICTURE Papichu', slayin crews in ICU Battlin, usin hockey rules For Keith Murray, Doc gon' cock these tools Rollin down like dice in Yahtzee fool! I 'Just Do It' like Nike, outta 'Bama with ten kids with hammers, hooked to a camper! Yo next up [Meth] It's the G-O-D [Red] Yo yo, get on the mic for the Symphony [Method] Youth on the move, payin them dues, nuttin to lose Huh, street kids, broken and bruised, eyein yo' jewels Huh, bad news, barin they souls through rhymin blues _Hardcore_! To make them brothers act fool Hands on the steel, flip you heads over heel [sniff] Smell the daffodils from the lyric overkill [sniff] Feelin like the mack inside a Cadillac Seville [screech] Too ill, on cuts, the Barber of Seville - fi-ga-ro! The sky is fallin - GERONIMO! I feel my high comin down.. LOOKOUT BELOW! AIYYO! Dead that roach clip and spark another Chickenhawks, playin theyselves like Parker Brothers I rock for the low-class, from Locash The broke-assed, even rock for trailer park trash Yeah yeah, the God on your block like Godzilla Yeah yeah -- she gave away my pussy I'ma kill her John John phenom-enon, in Japan they call me Ichiban Wu-Tang Clan, numba won! In the whole nine, I hold mine Keep playin with it kid, you might go blind - jerkoff! Fuck them a.k.a., for now it's just Meth That's it, that's all, solo, single no more no less [all] NEXT UP! [Lady] I believe that's me [all] BASTARD! [PMD] Get on the mic and rock the Symphony [Lady Luck] Mrs. Stop Drop and Roll, rocks top the told Hot, even though dames is froze Pop close range at foes, and blaze them hoes Leave em with they brains exposed, and stains on clothes Y'all better change your flows, hear how Luck spittin Stay drunk-pissed in the S-Type, stay whippin *screech* When the guns spittin, duck or get hittin It's written, we in the game but ball different Point game like Jordan, y'all play the role of Pippen Style switchin, like tight ass after stickin MAN LISTEN, stop your cryin and your bitchin Like E and P's last CD, you're out of business

Social Disease

ELTON JOHN "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
My bulldog is barking in the backyard Enough to raise a dead man from his grave And I can't concentrate on what I'm doing Disturbance going to crucify my days And the days they get longer and longer And the nighttime is a time of little use For I just get ugly and older I get juiced on Mateus and just hang loose And I get bombed for breakfast in the morning I get bombed for dinner time and tea I dress in rags, smell a lot, and have a real good time I'm a genuine example of a social disease My landlady lives in a caravan Well that is when she isn't in my arms And it seems I pay the rent in human kindness But my liquor also helps to grease her palms And the ladies are all getting wrinkles And they're falling apart at the seams Well I just get high on tequila And see visions of vineyards in my dreams

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