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BRIAN MCKNIGHT lyrics - I Remember You


Original and similar lyrics
For once, in my life I finally found what I was looking to find When I first, saw your eyes I saw right through your heart And climbed into your mind I never thought I would ever have the thing I believe other lover do Now I do Chorus: Baby with you All my life I've been waiting for you And there ain't no mistaken it's true I've been saving forever for you Girl my only desire is you Baby I'm so on fire for you It's not hard to believe, I love you There's no war, I can't fight There's no river to wide There's no mountain to high With you, by my side From the moment I wake up, till deep in the night I never thought I would ever have the thing I believe other lovers do But now I do Chorus Oh, I said it couldn't be done We played one on one And that's when I saw your hang time Oh baby you came to play And then I traded away My heart for you

The Way It Is

Lee Kernaghan
its a plume of dust down an old dirt road and hanging off the rails at the rodeo a back verandah with creaking boards and the dark range of a thunderstorm its the stockmans bar at an old bush pub and chasing mickey's though the scrub its planting seeds and praying for rain and the red dust runing through your veins CHORUS: its the way it is, its the way it goes when my wheels hit the gravel road it feels like home its the way of life, its the life i live and im right where i want to be thats the way it is its a corrugated iron shed and work boots on a backdoor step scones in the oven and preserves in jars talking prces at the saleyards its long straight roads and one horse towns and sheep dogs bringing the mob around its she'll be right and having a go its good on ya mate and what do ya know? REPEAT CHROUS its the eerie still in the grey of dawn feilds of wheat and rows of corn a rusty tank and flaking paint a weary digger on ANZAC day its the dreamtime land and uluru aborigine didgeridoo its batterd hats and calloused hands the spirit of a hard won land REPEAT CHORUS

If I Only Had The Heart

HUMAN NATURE "Counting Down"
Never want to be alone at night Need someone there to hold me tight That's the way it's always been, yeah May be you that I been thinking of Doesn't mean I want to be in love No matter how it seems babe So hold it right there Give me a chance to explain Baby don't be thinking I'm in love with you Chorus If I only had the heart to tell you the way it is If I only had the strength in me to resist I would have told you baby right from the start Could have stopped you then from falling If I only had the heart You say that I been on your mind Baby I don't want to waste your time You got to face the truth yeah Every little thing we do together Don't mean we're gonna last forever And there's nothing I can do, no So hold it right there Give me a chance to explain Baby don't be thinking I'm in love with you Repeat Chorus I can't imagine why you're holding on Cause I'm not the one and I would have told you If I only had the heart Baby don't be thinking I'm in love with you If I only had the heart If I only had the heart I only had the heart I would have told you baby right from the start Could have stopped you then from falling If I only had the heart Chorus to fade

Everybody Needs Someone Sometime

JEWEL "This Way"
Mary heard boys talking in voices low Said she weren't no spring chicken Like she didn't already know So she called up Jack from a few years back She turned him down once in his one room shack She said 'Now baby, you don't look that bad' [CHORUS:] Cuz everybody needs someone sometime Everybody needs someone, can't you see Everybody needs someone sometime Spivy Leaks was a drip of a man He looked like a potato shoved into jeans He recollects it wasn't that long ago That he could walk by Make the young girls scream But he thought he'd just let it all slide Let it all pass Cuz he thought love was best on the run He said 'Now baby, it don't seem that fun' [CHORUS] [BRIDGE:] Hey there honeybee Will you give me...sugar And if you shake real cute I might give you some sugar I was doin' alright on my own Now I might just take you home sugar Sister Mary used to be a nun She thought that she'd retire and have her some fun Mr. Joe of the Philadelphia Joes Well he walked in the post office one night He said 'Hey sweetheart, you know you look alright' [CHORUS to fade]

Next Big Thing

Things are changing in the modern world it makes it kinda crazy for a boy and girl an awful lot of noise on the radio it really don't rock; it really don't roll Well a kid'll come 'round make the young girls swoon they'll all put his picture in their pink bedrooms all hail the brand new king everybody's ready for the next big thing chorus: big cigars diamond rings ridin' all around in a limousine when you finally hit the top man you know what that means everybody's ready for the next big thing for a little while you can do no wrong well live it up son cause it don't last long there's always somebody waitin' in the wings thinkin' they're gonna be the next big thing chorus I'll get a cowboy hat some real tight jeans lose a little weight and get a belly button ring you'd better stand back I'm a lean machine baby I'm gonna be the next big thing chorus

Life's A Bitch

[Everlast] I got the complex subtext The rough neck statue, the jury factor results in bone fractures Manufactured sounds and images Got me scramblin like football scrimmages Johnny Unitas (unite us) god I trust I don't need to get paper every time I bust Maybe, I'll do it for charity Now my label wanna jerk me for my royalty I guess that's what you get for loyalty Life's a bitch, don't take the shit personally Chorus: Life's a 'bitch', don't take it personally Life's a 'bitch', don't take it personally Life's a 'bitch', don't take it personally Life's a 'bitch', don't take it personal [Everlast] Beatch! Call me a visionary advissery Known to bust cherry on a young berry Now tell me how much weight can your back carry And tell me how far have you come now? I'm sick of all these fake rock b-boys who think they down Cuz they have a tattoo and turn they hat round They call my sons, just call me Sam Recognize who I am boy, we ain't fam This ain't the Sopranos, know I roll with the Rhythm Cubanos And millions get McDonalds So get the fuck on before I give you a tray And even I drive thru the valley in my blinged up whip I don't fear no evil, pumpin full clip Cuz you ain't nuthin but a bitch to me By 2002 you'll be history Chorus [Everlast] Beatch! Yo I motivate to propogate my oral linguistic Mystical science, act up defiance Bitches get slapped for a nine compliance Catagorize me with industry giants I'm callin shots like my man Chick Hern I can't mix your burn, while you wait your turn I get respect in this hear, and that's hard to earn I don't do it for the paper, I got money to burn My soul motivation is rock the whole nation Make a roll scholar, out of dust pation And all you drug addicts with your thug tactics You might go to jail if this hards really stick Chorus 2X

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