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BREAD lyrics - On The Waters

Comin' Apart

Original and similar lyrics
Could I Bread (James Griffin and Robb Royer) I could I could keep you company could I could I could keep you so happy can I can I can I make you feel really fine We could we could we make love this time We could we could we make love so fine You're old enough to know from where we Come and where we go. And what we're here for What do you fear for It's hard enough to hear the though in mind That now you're there And then you're gone Let's get in (Repeat first verse) You're never really tried let yourself be satisfied Now don't deny it Until you try it You're played the game so long You think that life goes on and on You better use it Before you lose it.

Got To Get Your Love

Cathy Dennis
We've been talkin 'bout this thing for far too long Watching the world go by Afraid that one of us would button up and change their mind But still you know we've gotta try Won't you ever think of asking me to be your girl Or making love to me Better make your move Maybe then I'll start to show how I really feel Got to get a little bit of your love baby Got to get a little bit of your love baby Repeat 1st verse Got to get a little bit of your love baby Got to get a little bit of your love baby There'll never be another all my life Still I keep waiting to say that you're mine There'll never be no-other on my mind Cos all these things I've been missing They just keep me wishing Just a little bit Just a little bit yeh Got to get a little bit of your love baby Got to get a little bit of your love baby

Soundcheck Intro

AUDIO PUSH "The Soundcheck"
[Oktane:] People please... Are you listenin to my vision that I am livin Ever since I was just a kid I knew I was given A talent that nobody else was given So my division was exactly that, but I never knew if I was the difference Between good and great Because all everyone does around my is hate And tell me everything I'm working hard that's a mistake And we're the ones who didn't listen, now look at us today We came from battle rappin, clappin the gats, cats attackin us and mad us because we doin what you couldn't But now you back at us and you clap for us, all I see is people been waggin us because they seein what they should've Well you a couple minutes late You're try to bring your fruits to me, but I already ate I'm not hollywood my vision's just clearer I avoid conflict and it's not because I fear ya I just decided to choose I got too much to loose And besides that my only competition is the mirror So, pardon my? estab?, but you waggin when I'm walkin my by and I don't look your way it's simply because I don't hear ya All I hear is the fans, and ya'll understand their screams are deafening, they all waitin for the boss So you can pay for your ticket, you can't walk in with us because you didn't believe in us, now go and take your loss Cause now everybody is seein past the image That he has just hit it, the limit That he is not a gimmick The people admit it They see him and he is who they scrimmage They shoot at my head, I popeye, and he is out of spinach Take it in I'll give you a minute Sean and Kadis told me to go in, I hope that they meant it Lots of money and time had went in I spent it Now I'm paid in full every show, back to business Of course they're gonna hit the three, even if they foul him I'm here to sell more than a couple thousand I've worked too hard to be looked at as lousy I stand unamused, only music can arouse me Lyrics sparks songs I' m nice with em Mr. Hi I'm Him can really write venom I be happy to sent these rappers, out ice with em Point proven and I'm movin, I bruised em now Price get em [Price Tag:] Ever since the moment that I took a sip of life, I knew my kryptonite was to get on stage and grip the mic I see my dreams in front of me had to grip it tight Grew up with no dad, I guess that makes me a victim right? Wrong, I'm on my throne with my feet up You headed to the same destination, we can meet up My book is in the sky, which means you gotta read up Only the game is in the oven, let's turn the heat up Pull the seat up, sit in the row Get on the map, sick of the thoughts, sick of the flow Pickin the shows, the quitters will stop the rippers will go We hittin them low, Price T and Okt we give and we go Whoa, my life I feel out rested My brody Bread shot in the head, show me the justice And ever since my cousin Pooch got killed I've been spittin fire untill the booth got grilled Who's not real? Audio the next in Punchin every letter in the game, no textin Teachin the class the wrong time to end the lesson Sittin alone on this road, no intersections Just me and destiny They waitin for the new livin legend, the next is me So feel the power of the truth when you're next to me I'm on the desktop, the trash is where the rest'll be So fear as the beat drops They prayin that I fell, and I just put my faith in God Let me say it again, I put my faith in God Chase the dollar Fix my collar Let them know that it's the rise And it's my job to release what I got in Loser from the Inland Empire, I am not him Me, I refuse to get in the game and not win If Okt is missin the three, I be tippin the shot in The only way that I'm going is right, no lefts Doing what I please in this game, no refs We the force that give you reports, no F's Me, I'm tryna make this money stretch, bow flex Oh yes, at show time I'm the town rep Gimme a flannel, some skinny jeans, and a brown vest The grand finale is us, we'll put it on next Just turn my mic up, I think it's time for soundcheck

Right On

XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Yeah, ha Ladies and gentlemen (Ha, Yeah) You got money and then bitches Power.. Ya had it, ya lost it Ya leased it, ya flossed it Business fell through now ya comin up off it He bought it, he rolled it He passed it, you smoked it Now ya fucked up off some weed mixed wit coke shit Ya love her, ya hate her Ya fucked her, ya raped her Twenty-five to life cuz ya can't control ya anger Its heavy, its deep Its solid, its weak Things people say about ya records in the streets (Check it) Be careful what ya wish for Ya fuck around and get it I did it got in it Spit it and didnt waste a minute So where my niggas at What part of the game is that I paid my dues now nobody tryin to pay me back And if they did i would probably have as much as shaq My life is the movie so listen to the soundtrack This what its all about You better stall me out And feel the aim of the name you niggas callin out [Chorus] If you feelin how im feelin And you ready and willin to come to the table I put it together who doin it better Come bounce with me (Come on) You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!) Take em out! If you movin how im movin And you chosen and proven So lose the illusion The top guns cue the confusion Come bounce with me (Come on!) You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!) Take em out! I'm tired, I'm hungry You're lazy, disgusting You're lay around my house and ya never do nothing I seen it, believed it Planned it, conceived it Missed me with the bullshit bitch I dont need it I cheated, you cheated We cheated, so beat it Eat it like a dick bitch you too conceited I broke it, replaced it I slammed it, I chased it Hands in the air if ya love gettin wasted baby! You never seen us before You betta come and get it You with it im with it I'm busy baby you fuckin with it Is it your place or mind Dont wanna waste your time And you can get it how you want it it'll blow ya mind Its over time Takin pride in the bump and grind A hit from behind to leave you with a broken spine This what its all about You better stall me out Its just the game of the name you bitches callin out [Chorus] Pop it, drink it Float it, sink it Plan to stop me then you better rethink it Drive it, use it Pimp it, abuse it Shit motherfuckers do to hip-hop music I live it, I die it I'm laughin, I'm cryin Pop two of these bitch, lets start flying I hear it, I taste it I touched it, I faced it Breakin down the bullshit back to the basics I had to kick in the door Thats how I had to get it I shitted with lyrics And getting better for fuckin credit Gettin gangsta with it The best that ever did it Hit it and quit it my nigga You shouldnt babysit it We need more emcees and less wannabes Three hundred and sixty degrees of reality Thats what its all about Kill em and haul em out Now feel the aim of the name you haters callin out [Chorus]

Suicide Letters

(1st Verse) Picture me In a casket Blasted Never nobody Knew how long The pain lasted Keep my eyes tight I'm frightened But I fights like Tyson When playin' this game of life I'm losing Longing to be enlightened Absorb my mind state Reduce the crime rate And take me out When running toward the Lord I see ‘em fake me Out shook me So from church I play hookie Listen to the words of a brother The sick stutters So you better better Get the get the bags ready Comes a killer killer Like Skagnetti My brains contaminated Hella rotten Wasn't me that killed you Who was it what was it The effects of the mildew My brain's wilted In my eyes the world is a bit tilted Lord take me away Before somebody else gets killed Blood spilled Seriously This is the letter to my homies I'll be missin' God told me to behold a pale horse But I didn't listen It's hard man My life is scarred man I'm losing my mind So now it's time Sincerely sign N9NE (Chorus) I just wanna die I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way that I feel I'm barely hanging on I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way it has to be (repeat 2x) (2nd Verse) I made your life a living hell With my infidelity Remember your telling me All I give a damn about Is weed stems and melodies Remember you Spent 30 minutes in the hospital parking lot Crying When the blood test read The baby of another woman was mine 99.99 You should've left Along time ago like Mary J. say Just let it go like Ray J. I know your mamma heard You yelling mayday Spent my life trying to R-A to the P You sick of me Always bein' B to the R-O-K to the E Now there's nothin' Else left of me I was a bum But you still wanted some Through the rain, snow and thunder Foul ups , bleeps and blunders But no man shall tear asunder Is what you said You should've put multi bullets In my head When you found that evil Instinct was a song Where the events actually went on This is the letter To my homie, my friend Who put up with me for 8 So now to take me Really quickly is my fate I'm sorry For making it hard I know your scarred I'm losing my mind So now it's time Sincerely sign N9ne (Chorus) I just want to die I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way that I feel I'm barely hanging on I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way it has to be (repeat 2x) (3rd Verse) I love ya'll The dynamic duo, my babies It ain't your fault That your daddy's crazy Donny, I miss your drumming like me One day you'll be ruling Leelee, I miss you in my face Yellin' Daddy, what you doin' You two are the reason Why I'm still standing today But I'm 1600 miles away And you get my heart sinkin' When I start thinkin' about you babies I heavily start drinkin' On a daily puffin' I'm seeing my heart I gots to toughin' Can't see me leavin' my angels with nothin' So I keep bussin' Use my pain for you two I've gotta come up in the game So one day you can do the same with yours Love you galore And I ain't playin' makin' me put an end To this suicidal mind state sayin' (chorus) I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way I feel I'm barely hanging on I don't want to wake up I don't wanna cuz That's the way it has to be (repeat 2x)


PROPHET JONES "Prophet Jones"
(verse 1) Been in love a time before but it did'nt work out right. This love for you I can't deny. I tried to run but I just cant hide.(nah, no) Girl I put my trust in you. I'm not afraid of what my boys might say. 'Cause I know that my love is real. All I'm asking for is......... (Chorus) A lifetime is all that I need. Im ready to settle down and give you all of me. (Im talking 'bout a lifetime) A lifetime is all that I need. Dont ever take your love away. I'll be here always. (verse 2) I cant believe I feel this way, I was alawys a player going hard. So many girls, so many games. I left a trail of broken hearts. But some how you came along, came along and set my soul on fire. And every since that day, my life has'nt been the same. (Repeat chorus 1x) (bridge) I never thought I'd fall so deep. The thought of your love just makes me weak. You came and turned my life around. (ohhh... you broke me down) Words cant express the way I feel. Whatever you want just ask, I will. Girl it's our time. I've made up my mind. And no one else but you. (Repeat chorus 2x's)

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