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BREAD lyrics - Guitar Man

The Chosen One

Original and similar lyrics
This Isn't What The Governmeant Bread (David Gates) Sure gets funny thinkin' 'bout money Makin' my daily bread, The more you make, the more they take You never seem to get ahead, You break your backs just to pay your tax Then you don't like the way that it's spent, Somewhere back we jumped the track This isn't what the governmeant... Bet my now I've made a hundred thou But I ain't saved a dime, The IRS came out best They got my money every time, It caín't be fair when the millionaire Never has to give them a cent, Sad to say we've lost the way This isn't what the governmeant ... Then the war , don't know what for Somebody said it had to be fought, I'se sposed to go but I said no 'Cause I'se afraid I might get shot, but here I am on my hands and knees scrubbin' in my dungarees I got burned but I finally learned This isn't what the governmeant


(MJG) Now I was clicking out my barrel just to see if it was loaded checking out it's bullets just to make sure it won't explode this hand around of the handle of my snub no skill I must be for real in the procedure for a kill stood around the corner while I cased out the bank busted in the door and stuck the guard wit' a shank ran up to the counter pull the gun out wit' the quickness shot the bank teller so it wouldn't be a witness fled out the door with the money in my left hand still in my right hand running like a wild man ran to the hide-a-way knowing they was after me burned out my id stole a jeep Cherokee couldn't be late for my trip to Jamaica heading to the river skeeming up on how to take a boat from a victim, rush right up and stick him with a sharp object making sure that I get him put it to the river, see, nervous as a lunatic jumped out of the veichle as borrowed me a boat quick jumped on with the gun, soughter on the break and run shot with the gat, in the back, like in Vietnam quickly making waves in the river as I ran fast got a mile in the boat ran out of gas oh no Joe! the cops can't get me... I'll never be wanted for armed robbery (Eightball) On the other side of town moving quickly rolling swiftly in da hoopty ride loading up the nine cause there just my be a homicide MJG know the plan so the shit is on by the time 5-0 come we'll be through and gone got to the area, stop then took a glance puttin' on the ski mask, stuffing the gat in my pants where I saw the right on time, now it's time for the crime do the crime waste no time then I'm going to get mine waited for the door to open shot the first trick I saw then shot the other fool I ain't thinking 'bout no law jumped in the truck put the pedal to the medal then fired up a square man doing about 1-10 looking in my rear-view 5-0 everywhere messing up my plans with them helicopters in the air headed for the airport, wait I see a road block hit the gas even harder fool I ain't gonna stop crash through the road block they ain't gonna get me yet J-Smooth waiting at the airport with a private jet jumped out of the truck with fast P's right behind my ass running trying to shoot my nine holding bags full of cash jumped on the jet now we set to hit the runway took to the air yea I got away scott-free fired up a Mac j P's didn't catch me countin all my money from a strong armed robbery... (MJG) You thank it's over but it ain't cause I can't get caught by authority the camera at the bank got me ganked so they know it's me reached for artillery, put the shank in my mouth dove off the boat to the river and I bailed out swam like a fish greeted land with a kiss did I hit or did I miss well it goes like this I put the money in the spot took the clothes that I got tied them up in the bag same place I put the mask changed clothes in between spots hands, spot-C the designated area we call spot-B see I can't be broke so I come up with a plan the man, money soon in they hand get over get up and jet bounce the set the longer u stay the quicker you get arrested MJG testing his strategy.. wit' a slick armed robbery (Eightball) Flying through the air on my way to Jamaica thinking about why I took the money for the faka me living poor and wishing to be richer and me like Picasso I had to paint a picture of people dying rapidly, trying to imprison me just because I took a little money in a robbery landed in Jamaica chilling with the dreads smoking on the gunja messing with my head the feds came behind me hit me with a billy club I fell to the ground, turned around pumping slugs jumped up quick, ditched the gun as I ran away ran to the hills where I hid for a few days no, I'm not the one that they will catch soon bought me a palace in the hills wit' a hundred rooms I got the money, got the women, got the B-U-D I plead guilty to armed robbery!

Drought Season

ANDRE NICKATINA "Andre Nickatina"
I let the weed be the reason I’m gettin' high and barely breathin' I ain't never felt the affects of a drought season Born winnin' cus sinnin' be my best friend How can it end when I can't even say where it begins You in the kitchen, birds move 'cus of prohibition Above suspicion, if you listen you can hear em wishin' My new watch the roundtable of Camelot Dark as the clock that got you got after you got shot Materialistic, cursed man, but still gifted You should see the way I throw away my parking tickets Statement mavis, eyes just like Betty Davis Tryna cheat on every bet I do to make you have to pay it Brain storming, Decpticonin' and transformin' You’ll be just like you got stung by a bee swarmin' Man this is vicious, selfish, and repetitious All about Kahn and the money because its so religious Man it’s the Mecca, light up the Train Wrecka Hot as a pepper when the heroin’s a straight steppa' The cogniac’n, Hennessey is how I'm actin' If you makin' money let me break it down in true fractions Dictator, shootin at the spectators I don’t do favors and I damn sure ain't a life savor Think you can love it, tackle it, or even hug it Rap cat for real bitch, and I ain't ballin' on a budget I’m Jessie Jamin', talking loud and PF Changin' They ain't told me to leave yet, I’m just sayin' I’m top rankin, whatcha broke ass thinkin? Money makin' I'm bakin and I ain't done yet drankin' 4-4in, Shere Khanin' and Fillmoein' San Anton’in, foul you like Bruce Bowen Fast livin', weed rollin' and blunt blowin' Like Mickey Cohen, take what ya not knowin' and keep goin' No regrettin', mixed with the no forgettin' No hellos, no goodbyes, its just good riddance Darryl Mackin', Adidas and my leather jacket All in ya city, all the time just like a drug package 7 sinners, lined up with 7 liars That’s 14 lawyers, which one I’m gonna hire? Check the tires, no rims and big beats Call the dealers 'cus my talents are in South Beach

But Not Enough

Agent Felix
you busted up my pride with a hard shot I'm bleeding from my eyes still you wont stop my hands did the best they could but not enough so talk down to me again remind me how pathetic I am and how perfect you were disappointment offends and I could really use a friend but your not listening I cried my eyes out begging for you to reach down still you watched me drown its never good enough for you I'm not enough for anyone I'm not enough for anyone don't let the direction of your finger blame me I'll break it off and shove it back through your teeth so now its pointed it you if I could have anything now what would it be I'd make sure that I owe you nothing then I'd spit in your face laugh and walk away and I'd never look back once it all be said and done all you ever take the time to see are the smallest faults that I didn't mean to have with me so don't say I didn't try cause that's not too fair to do cause all I did I did for you what's the point in trying when its never good enough

4 My 1

She knows, she knows She knows, she knows I wish she, was ready to make up I can see you smile You have been a wild child for a while, baby The black and white is tiles Got me for a mile Landing on my high notes Falling into cycles The macros and the micros I can't feel you through them tight clothes But, I can feel your love it might grow -angelo is after Michael Baby you can be my Sistine Sixteen [Hook:] You're all I need, you're all I need You are all that I need Oh yes indeed I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees I am on my knees Oh yes indeed [Bridge:] The funny thing about life is I forget it when I write this Getting famous from my high kick Tell you what's right there Nevermind that's frightening Then I strike like lightning I write, then I light them Won't say it again Sayin' I'm famous we flying to Vegas again And they say that they pay for this If your okay with them taping this Man, I'm debating this I didn't grow up an atheist But man it gets so clear who's Satan is And man I'm not doing your interviews Cause CNN doesn't have better news I do all the things that I said I'd do Open your eyes I'm ahead of you L-E-X is the Avenue I will not stop until I am incredible The center of all your attention is me in the room when I'm doing my center fold Imma go XXX And I would be so surprised if your crew was eligible Well I just put my whole clique on a pedestal Kick it with models but sleep in my bed alone Young upper echelon I stay with my clique like a metronome click Had a few friends at the crib And the PoPo came through to come shut down the festival Had a new chick at the crib she respectable That's unacceptable, give her flowers ahead of time She said that she go to Pepperdine cryin' at 9am Homie I said I'm fine She said she hate when I'm in her mind 'Long as I make it to dinner time then I can ball out Then we can fall out What is you talkin' 'bout? What is you talkin' 'bout? I'm talkin' 'bout reading a book up in London And walking around 'till it's dark out That vision I saw it now I'm not a scientist Go read a hieroglyph Go stay where Osiris is I'm clearing my sinuses [Hook] [Bridge]

The Spiritual

Some walk quiet and some walk loud Sometimes people yell but they don't know what they're yellin' about I've said things I didn't mean but I'd already said them out loud Forgive me if you can find out how You could rise or you could sink Some get filled up with the secrets that they think they need Oh, what-ever would the others think That you're human like the rest of us, weak Lord above me to my knees bring me It's a call I don't often make This is the rarest of pleas, fair enough Again you got the best of me Now let me go, let me go in peace I should've left but for you I stayed (for you I stayed) There's a part of me that likes it when it burns that way I put my finger time and time through an open flame Going slowly so the burn reminds me That we might have kissed a bit too soon I could feel what was coming and I didn't mean to hurry you I just knew that time would find our fingers linked through and through Forgive me, I'm human too Lord above me to my knees bring me It's a call I don't often make This is the rarest of pleas, fair enough Again you got the best of me Now let me go, let me go in peace I walk the night As the rain turned to sleet then to ice The roads became cruel and left me to my vices (to my vices) So I drank, stood, stared, and then walked out into the street Singing come on "chorus line" take me Lord above me to my knees bring me It's a call I don't often make This is the rarest of pleas, fair enough Again you got the best of me Now let me go, let me go in peace NO! Let me go, let me go in peace

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