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BREAD lyrics - Bread

Look At Me

Original and similar lyrics
I'm driftin' down the street Asking of all I meet Don't you know me from somewhere Hazel eyes and curly hair Have you seen me anywhere Look at me I'm blending into the wall And I wonder if I'm really here at all Time goes by So do I But no one blinks an eye Mirrors aren't reflecting me Laws aren't protecting And no one's expecting me On the edge I feel like I'm going to fall And I wonder if I'll never land at well Loneliness comes and stays Torturing nights and days People stare but cannot speak Hearts are strong But tongues are weak Maybe all our minds are meek Look at me I'm fading into the floor And wonder if I'm living anymore.


Turn the mirrors face the wall Don't you feel a little weak And I'd catch you when you fall But you're falling all the time Do you need it anymore Or do you need a little more Living your life like a bull in the trade He doesn't know how it feels Under my thumb like a bone under nail She's in the know, how's it feel Live your life under machine guns Canary down the mine Maybe I'm on the lever Spoiling my broth like a radio kid Programmed computerised minds Waving my luck under your nose Like I found a four leaf clover


I feel the eyes All stare at me Nowhere to hide They see into my mind Know they're alive Look not glazed Like he who died In the picture frame My photo too will be a ghost in time Ugly thoughts Betray to them They see all All they see A fool Kneel on the floor Take from them The power held My whole life shared Plunge the knife so deep Bathe in the pool Turn out the light Still they stare Drift into sleep Meet them there Thriving on the endlessness of dream Running Footsteps going nowhere Fall hard into the bed And wake I opened not my mouth They heard me scream.

Song For The Ladies

Good Clean Fun "Positively Positive 1998-2002"
Don't settle for second best, don't follow all the rest You say you want the same things well let's put it to the test Because talk is so cheap when you are screaming at a wall And it is really hard to hear when you're the loudest of them all If you want to change the world, quit all your yapping If we don't start it here, well then it's never going to happen There is evil in this world but it begins right at home So let's clean house, then let's cast the first stone You think equal rights means equal hits (We're sick of all your tough guy shit) As you leave the show with the people you've hurt (You wonder where you left your shirt) Your a big tough guy and your dance moves are great (Strong as an ox, dumber then slate) Your new tattoos they look first rate (You wonder why you can't get a date) Sexism sucks! It didn't end in the 80's And hardcore still needs another song for the ladies Girlfriends are great, please don't get me wrong But it's time to put down that coat and come sing along Because I can't hear your voice from the back of the crowd Move to the front, and shout it out loud Keep your eyes on the prize, you know what I mean If we can't change the world, then let's change the scene Second class kids in the scene where we all live I'm angry as hell, but I still stay positive We'll fight this fight and I know we can do it If there's a wall in our way, just watch us go through it Because it's time to realize that we're all in the same boat If you think you're so tough, then here, hold your own coat Get it through your head that I don't want your chivalry Get it through your head: I'm not here for you to fuck me Times have changed, but you would never know Not from looking at the people and their places at a show So raise your voice, join the struggle for equality My dream for the scene, one word: UNITY!

Transylvanian Concubine

Marilyn Manson
If you want to know how To fly high, then go now To the place where all the concubines... Meet and converse with them Marvel at their pale skin Wonder how they chew on their pointy... Teeth and hair are beauty They know it's their duty To be countess in their hearts and their... Minds that have to whisper See in them a sister Look into their eyes and you'll become Transylvanian Concubine. You know what flows here like wine. Stay here with us, it's just time. Transylvanian Concubine. Sorrow is their master Cackling with laughter Now he's having just one piece of... Cakey is their make-up Catholics try to shake up All the things that form their lives, but they're... Dead, their sighs, their songs They know what they do is wrong. Stay here with us, it's just time. Transylvanian Concubine. Candelabra's lighted Satan has been sighted Never has there been an evening like... This is what they wanted Always to feel hunted You can never be too rich or too... Thin. The blood has run out. Fangs ruin any cute pout Morning has come now they've flown What have you learned from what has been shown?

Now The Change

Gas Giants "From Beyond the Back Burner"
Been coming for a long time Been heading for a rewrite Revolving in the limelight Its alright... Living in the meantime Avoid the social landmine Everything is key lime In my mind... Loosen up Come along Is it enough when I say Now the change is over Right now, the change is over Intimate and so blue I like the way that you do Lying like we all do It's so true... Dangerous and cheap friends Their cottonmouth and split ends I like it when the line bends It all ends... Everyone loves a liar This time I mean it when I say Now the change is over Right now, the change is over Going down the wrong street I like it when you come around Living in a fantasy Never what you want to be I love you anyway Though I like it when you fall back down Going down the wrong street I like it when you come around Playing with my fantasy Get me where you want to be I love you anyway Though I like it when you fall back down Right now, the change is over...

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