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BREAD lyrics - Bread

It Don't Matter To Me

Original and similar lyrics
Yours For Life Bread (David Gates) In this day and age where changes happen twice as fast Sometimes I get wonderin' if anything will last People changin' partners like they change their underwear Maybe I'm old-fashioned but darlin' I still care. CHORUS And I'm yours for life Come and be my lifetime Come and take the love I have for only one Yes I'm yours for life Come and share my lifetime Share the world until our day is done. Time that I first saw your face I loved you where you stood In your eyes a kindness - told me you were good And if the world could share your heart there'd never be a war And darlin' if I tried and tried I could not love you more CHORUS Sometime I pray that you will always be the way you always Are to me 'Cause if I lost you to the winds of change then I would cease to be.

Run Away

i would give my life for you, you mean the world to me, baby,baby,baby,baby,ohh you know i love you, and i wanna get together so we can run away, just me and you ,you and me will you run away with me, The day i wrote these words for you i cried, i could have died that day, a happy and complete man, cause in the palm of my hand, had everything I dream for and more, and you know that i'm down for yours forever in life, the reason i made you my wife, is cause you see me for me the real me, and love me unconditionally, even with the circumstances I was handed you still gave me a chance, and that's why i live and breathe for you and the kids, and you give me more than what this thing could ever give, and now my life is satisfied and complete, visions are comin true yeah of me and you, placin rings on each others fingers sayin i do , you stuck with me through my thick and my thin, to go back and live life over again naw this is my destiny, it was worth the agony to get the ectasy, chorus: we can run away and spend some time, i'll always be the one right by your side, tell the whole world you belong to me, you are my everything, ohhhh i wanna run away with you, do do do do do do i never met a shorty that was quite like you, and even though it was wrong i fell in love wit you, and now we sit here not really knowin what to do , but i'm sure that you know i'd give the world for you, if i could run away wit you i wouldn't even think twice, i promise girl i put it all on the line, i know forever seems to be a long time , but thats what i'm seein when i look into your eyes, and it don't matter what your friends might say, cause i know deep inside you feel the same way, you can tell me what you want,but i can read your mind, so quit lyin to your self and put your hand in mine, i get excited everytime you come close, and bein right here wit you is what i love the most, so anytime your feelin lonely inside we can run away together and leave this world behind, (chorus) wakin up in the morin and your still not there, can we run away and escape somewhere, missin your soft touch your lips next to mine, holdin up your hands as u look in my eyes what must have happened to the love we both felt inside emotions were strong and the feeling was right but we dont speak anymore, you went your own way If thats what love's about then i was mislead go ahead and take your time if that's what u need My love for you's forever my heart for you bleeds things happen for a reason so i ask myslef should i be strong to wait or move on to someone else I know u still love me i can feel it inside u always kept it real no games no lies if u ever feelin lonely feel the need to get away call me up ill be there together well run away girl Chorus

Time After Time

CHORUS time after time, find i question my life how i went wrong will it ever be right? will i rise? will i fall? stand tall continue asking, but i'm knowing only God knows VERSE ONE growing up in the hood as a hard knock i never knew nothing too much about young my only concern was making my money and running these streets as a thug instead of the birds and bees, i always talk to murderers and G's that coldness inside me, but I ain't trying to hurt nobody temptation is keeping me steadily going under and I wonder, if i could make it through the thunder cause i done caused so much hurt and pain to some that ain't deserve a thang if i could change that, it would all be rearranged but what's done is done and i paid the price and now i'm like, help me lord, to better my life, my life just give me the chance to prove the world that i can be the man that i am and i plan, on keeping it realer, really slow and steady CHORUS VERSE TWO so now i'm headed to the chapel and i'm fin' to try marriage it's goin' down yeah, yeah, but what do ya know? who woulda knew that would make situations worse and my curse, nothing i've tried seems to work and i drop to my knees and I pray, yes I pray and i wonder if i'll ever see a better day (i need a better day) i've seen much in my time and i think it was too much for my eyes the wickedness pulling me closer to failure everytime i think i'm rising, yeah but you live and you learn and try to make better, gotta get control then follow the Lord and who knows where you'll go, for sho' i can see how i've been sinnin' i'm asking the Lord for a little bit of forgiving, giving CHORUS Repeat 'til fade...

Just Another Day

KEITH SWEAT "Still In The Game"
Yeah (Another day) Just another day (think bout this one) Layin in my bed I think, Constinin on you and me you could neva know girl what I'm going through everything I see and do reminds me girl when it was me and you boy sometimes when I use to make sweet love to you (come on) [Chorus:] Every night I get on my knees and pray (every ni-ight) Hope that you will send your loving back my way, (ooh oh) but for now girl here alone I lay just another day that's gone away [2x] Family portraits on the wall, thoughts of love will conquer all (conquers all) Hope that time will lead, ease all the pain I feel cant neglect the love we share (love we share) I remember girl when you would stay Give me all my body baby u told me c'mon [Chorus 2x] yea yea yea yea yea yea (yea) no no no no no no (no) yea yea yea yea yea Just another day... thats gone away (another day) yea yea yea yea yea yea (has gone away) no no no no no no (and you are not here) yea yea yea yea yea yea (Just another day thats gone away) ye-ea [Chorus until fade]

What Would I Do

I haven't herd from you lately We never went past a day with out talking Now it's like your somewhere else Wish I knew what its about We used to hang on to each others words Nobody else existed in our world 'cause you opened up my life Showed me paradise Now Im giving you this heart until the end of time CHORUS Do you hear me when I tell you that I love you Do you listen when I tell you that I need you You're all of my life Don't leave me without a clue Cause I don't know what I'd do What would I do (o yeah) In these four walls there's a thousand memories If I close my eyes I can hear you laughing There's nothing we couldn't do Was no pretending with you Some one once told me fate could be unkind I always thought that love was on our side But if you decide to leave and get on with your life I promise you this heart untill the day I die (CHORUS) So maybe this song is my way of getting through I know there only words But there words from me to you (CHORUS)

Run Away With You

BOSSON "Rockstar"
I wake up in the morning while you're still asleep I wipe away another tear from your cheek This is not the first time you've been crying in your sleep I know that you're affected by what people say But I can promise you there will come a day As long as we're together our love will find a way [Chorus] I would love to run away with you I wish that I could run away with you Without a trace, a secret place Where nothing stands in our way I would love to run away with you I wish that I could run away with you To someplace far, shinning star The two of us all alone We were born and raised in two different worlds Separated by our faith and belief Our love was not accepted but we were meant to be And even if they tried to tear our love apart You and I will always share the same heart There's nothing they can do cause this is our destiny I'll give up my life just to be with you I'll take you where ever you want me to [Chorus] You, and I love belongs to you, You and I, love belongs to us, I'll give up my life if you want me to I'll take you where ever you want to go, where you want to go [Chorus x 2] Run away..

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