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BREAD lyrics - Bread

Anyway You Want Me

Original and similar lyrics
Aubrey And Aubrey was her name, A not so very ordinary girl or name. But who's to blame? For a love that wouldn't bloom For the hearts that never played in tune. Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing, Take away the words that rhyme it doesn't mean a thing. And Aubrey was her name. We triped the light and danced together to the moon, But where was June. No it never came around. If it did it never made a sound, Maybe I was absent or was listening to fast, Catching all the words, but then the meaning going past, But God I miss the girl, And I'd go a thousand times around the world just to be Closer to her than to me. And Aubrey was her name, I never knew her, but I loved her just the same, I loved her name. Wish that I had found the way And the reasons that would make her stay. I have learned to lead a life apart from all the rest. If I can't have the one I want, I'll do without the best. But how I miss the girl And I'd go a million times around the world just to say She had been mine for a day.

Writing You A Song

JONNY DIAZ "They Need Love"
With this first line I should catch your attention Say something 'bout your hair or maybe mention That I love your big brown eyes or are they blue But does it really matter cause you know I'm writing this for you I could sing like the beach boys and call you a betty But I'm sure you own a mirror and know that already Should I tell you in my mind I call you dear Maybe that would not be wise cause maybe you would think it's weird I'm writing you a song and don't know what to say Do I have writers block or do you take my words away But you're the kind of girl that loves that sort of thing So I'll put it in my song to make you fall in love with me This isn't easy but at least it can't get worse I'll just do my best to win you in the second verse Well it's almost over and I haven't said a thing I just hope you can figure out exactly what I mean to sing (girl cause) Here is where I'll bridge the gap Of both the song and our two hearts You should appreciate the pun Cause that might be the best part Things aren't coming out this time I don't know what the difference is But all I know is that you leave me speechless

Things Will Never Be The Same

Try to fall asleep tonight I lay awake and dream of life When we thought we could make it Wasted all our time But I wouldn't change A single thing I know [Chorus:] We get closer and closer again But we're falling apart I'm losing, you're losing a friend It's always over before we start You're asking for love and I wish That it could be the way that it was But it's over, there's no one to blame It'll never be the same Two wrong don't make it right Too hearts are on the line Maybe we could've made it I've waited countless nights In the end I'm a friend But that's all I am to you [Chorus] No it'll never be the same [Chorus] No it'll never be the same No it'll never be the same [x4] It's over there's no one to blame It'll never be the same

This Far From The Sky

Awaken - I am reborn - seeing - calling - roll away the stone - rising Pacing through the ashes, holding fast the rope Finally believing in love and life and hope Beauty - Sky, earth and moon - always moving - beating in tune - turning around... Reaching - drawn to the light - wanting - shooting into the night - glowing Getting ever deeper, closer to the core The purpose and the meaning, the essence of it all!

Endless Summer Nights

And now you're looking back at me Searching for a way that we can be like we were before Now I'm back to what I knew before you Somehow the city doesn't look the same I'd give my life for one more night Of having you here to hold me tight; oh, please Take me there again Oh, oh Chorus And I remember how you loved me Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye I remember every moment of those endless summer nights I still recall the walks along the beaches And the way your hair would glisten in the sun Rising in the afternoon Making love to you under the moon, oh Do you remember all the nights we spent in silence Every single breath you took was mine We can have it all again Say that you'll be with me when the sun brings your heart to mine Oh, oh Repeat Chorus There's only so much I can say So please don't run away from what we have together It's only you and me tonight So let's stay lost in flight Oh, won't you please surrender Chorus out


You've been so good to me I must admit When I think of Your goodness It gets hard to sit In times like these Some people just don’t get How I manage to smile How the fire stays lit And my mood Doesn't go up and down With the world And my life isn't based On money or girls Economy’s down But I’m still livin’ blessed They don’t understand how So I try to tell them that It’s ’cause You are my ev-er-y-thing You are my ev-er-y-thing A song has never felt So if You would allow this I want to tell You, Father ‘Bout Your love There’s nothing like I Heart and soul You somehow make me whole I just want to get up in the flow I’ll take the risk of sound And a little cliche But Your the piece in my night The joy in my day You’re the air that I breathe The song that I sing You’re all that I need Jesus, basically, You are You are my ev-er-y-thing You are my ev-er-y-thing You’re my love My peace My joy Everything I need You always find a way To put a smile on my face I couldn't make it without You I’d be a fool to doubt You And even though You already knew You are (You are my ev-er-y-thing) Don’t need no one else ’cause you are (You are my ev-er-y-thing) I just want to take the time to say that (You are my ev-er-y-thing) You are my ever...

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