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BREAD lyrics - Bread Retrospective

Yours For Life

Original and similar lyrics
In this day and age where changes happen twice as fast Sometimes I get wonderin' if anything will last People changin' partners like they change their underwear Maybe I'm old-fashioned but darlin' I still care. CHORUS And I'm yours for life Come and be my lifetime Come and take the love I have for only one Yes I'm yours for life Come and share my lifetime Share the world until our day is done. Time that I first saw your face I loved you where you stood In your eyes a kindness - told me you were good And if the world could share your heart there'd never be a war And darlin' if I tried and tried I could not love you more CHORUS Sometime I pray that you will always be the way you always Are to me 'Cause if I lost you to the winds of change then I would cease to be.

Just Another Day

KEITH SWEAT "Still In The Game"
Yeah (Another day) Just another day (think bout this one) Layin in my bed I think, Constinin on you and me you could neva know girl what I'm going through everything I see and do reminds me girl when it was me and you boy sometimes when I use to make sweet love to you (come on) [Chorus:] Every night I get on my knees and pray (every ni-ight) Hope that you will send your loving back my way, (ooh oh) but for now girl here alone I lay just another day that's gone away [2x] Family portraits on the wall, thoughts of love will conquer all (conquers all) Hope that time will lead, ease all the pain I feel cant neglect the love we share (love we share) I remember girl when you would stay Give me all my body baby u told me c'mon [Chorus 2x] yea yea yea yea yea yea (yea) no no no no no no (no) yea yea yea yea yea Just another day... thats gone away (another day) yea yea yea yea yea yea (has gone away) no no no no no no (and you are not here) yea yea yea yea yea yea (Just another day thats gone away) ye-ea [Chorus until fade]

A Tale That Wasn't Right

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I"
If you're out there all alone And you don't know where to go to Come and take a trip with me to Future World And if you're running through your life And you don't know what the sense is Come and look how it could be, in Future World We all live in happiness our life is full of joy We say the word tomorrow without fear The feeling of togetherness is always at our side We love our life and we know we will stay Chorus Cause we all live in Future World A world that's full of love Our future live will be glorious Come with me--Future World You say you'd like to stay, But this is not your time Go back, find your own way to Future World Life can be for living Just try and never give in Tell everyone the way of Future World One day you'll live in happiness With a heart that's full of joy You'll say the word tomorrow without fear The feeling of togetherness will be at your side You'll say you love your life and you'll know why Chorus (Solo both/Kai/both) Scream it out Chorus

Hope For The Runaway

KENNY LOGGINS "Back To Avalon"
Out in the city strees Alone and weak from the cold and hunger, Trembling hands unfold a photograph. Mom and Dan and Ann Marie, Smiles from a distant sunrise, The only smile you've seen in days. CHORUS Come back to me Come back my darlin' Come back to me Or I will fade away Come back to me Come back my darlin' I still believe in you My runaway. Jesse and Willy Lee Play in the street while their mother wonders, Why won't they listen to a word I say? I sing a lullaby To the baby in my arms And the laughter fades away. CHORUS Come back to me Come back my darlin' I'm sending hope For the runaway Somewhere a flash of light Cuts through the night Like a lighthouse callin' All of the lost and forgotten. I made a vow I will continue 'Till i find you. I'll never stop, I'll never stop believein' I will wait for you forever Sending you Hope for the runaway.

Best Intentions

Russell Hitchcock
(George Merrill/Shannon Rubicam) I am not what I seem to be I mean no harm I'm not a fake There's a world alive inside of me Got a heart that beats And eyes that see So don't tune out this frequency CHORUS Best intentions don't guarantee Only love will set you free Makes no difference long as you live and breathe Like you, like me If I believe only what I see I kiss the dark I am the thief Stealing light from all of us in need Causing grief Ignorant conceit So show me love, give me some relief CHORUS I came from nowhere like this city street Everybody's walkin' to a lonely beat I don't know what they're saying But I know what they mean And all their good intentions Will only chain and fetter me Take me home To where I want to you, like me, like you, free CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Beautiful Emptiness

AFTER FOREVER "Invisible Circles"
You're the worst of all with all your accusations and compunction I can't suffer this duress from someone so depraved and selfish You embody all that I've been trough without you I am sure I will be loved My existence conforms to your distress Your ambition,the cause of mine A disruption,I'm nothing,even less Misforunes never come singly,and I was there to stay You don't allow me a single place nor any love into your lives An unpercieved,annoying presence you'd rather ignore But in m life you know you'll leave a beautiful emptiness Where you used to be impotent screams will turn into the love of silence my liberation,then silence will be perfect and pure It's all in my dreams I'll remove you and all our mutual disgust In my dreams,I solve the problem by removing it My wish is to see you grovel like you once forced me to! There's no other way,here's my course of life a path without the sickening trace of you I need the beauty of a cleared,pure world this eternal interruption of your rash life can save me You don't allow me a single place nor any love into your lives an unpercieved,annoying presence you'd rather ignore But in my life you know you'll leave a beautiful emptiness It's sad to feel you don't believe in love it's sad that you're so cold and I'll be the same if you keep on poisoning my life Drowning in self-sacrificing visions when you're gone,than we will all be released It's sad my life has been like hell so far it's sad that you're the cause and I will be cured in this beautiful,empty world Floating,floating away with your perilous visions and hate When you're gone,silence will fill up the emptiness When you're gone,we all will be released In my dreams I shall rinse my body and soul My wish, the accomplishment lies here before me in my hands I will be released from your accusing eyes and torrents of verbal abuse You'll know the causes are your own mistakes while life flows out of you and exempts me forever

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