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BREAD lyrics - Bread Retrospective

London Bridge

Original and similar lyrics
I know the times the times are hard to bear It's hard to find someone to really care But before I went down and out Here's what I used to think about, think about: London Bridge is always fallin' down, But there it stood within the heart of town Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come The changes taking place are everywhere The centuries past have nothing to compare Where they stand, where they trip and fall Watch the writing on the wall, on the wall London Bridge is fallin' down at last, And so another memory of the past Has fell beneath the blade, but soon the dead may be repaid I know things just can't evolve for all eternity The thoughts will leave, will never die, and now so you can see London Bridge is finally fallin' down, It packed it up and shipped it outta town And though the horror's gone, the memory will linger on London Bridge is finally fallin' down, It used to stand within the heart of town Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come London Bridge is finally fallin' down.....

I Once Was Blind

Bane "It All Comes Down to This"
Welcome to the day that you opened your eyes So wide that it nearly took your life away And you are finally seeing all the things That you have been missing Could it really be that you have been so blind Or just merely looking the other way Today the world comes into focus And the hardest truth that you have ever known Grabs you by the throat There never was a light at the end of the tunnel The tunnel you have been trapped in all these years And one simple answer cuts down all of your questions And two and two suddenly makes five And it's a revelation that you can no longer hide from You are falling, sinking, drowning, burning in lies (There is nothing left for you to hold onto) You've found the landmine with your foot And your world is about to flip upside down Falling lower than you've ever been You will have to fight to ever get up again It's uglier than it's ever been This World But it's yours now and you finally know What you are up against It's up to you to take it This World You stick out your tongue and taste the rain Because there will be no going home again This is the hollow point The truth that you've been searching for All these long years All the horror that you've uncovered With you now and forever more The bullet that tears right through you Leaves you broken Scarred for life All the lies that your teachers told you All the things your parents said Soaked through with gasoline Gun shots echo through your head This world will run right through you This world will run you through

She Loves To Hear The Music

CHER "Cherished"
She's just a secretary At a small recording firm When it comes to music There ain't nothing she can't learn And everything she lives and breathes Is written on an album sleeve She can tell you who's hot Who will make it and who will not [Chorus:] She loves to hear the music She's got every lyric down She loves to hear them say She's got the greatest ears in town Hangs around a studio Ain't a rock star she don't know Sometimes they take her home But she always wakes up alone Men that want to marry her Never satisfied In rythms that she hears All that keeps her high So they turn around and go And leave her by her radio She didn't love 'em anyway Not like she loves the men who play [Chorus] She's there at every studio The first to come, the last to go Sometimes they take her home But she always wakes up alone Years will not be kind to her Her world is for the young Bands that played so tightly and knit Will soon become unstrung She'll be just another face Out of town and out of place When the songs revive again She'll come to life and tell them when [Chorus] She could of been somebody's wife Music men destroyed her life Each night she took one home But she always woke up alone

Black Rainbow

See them lying on the seats in the park living alone is a life in the dark their blankets are the News of yesterday they can't go on another way Bridge: With their homeless hearts they have no place to go, to go Refrain: Black Rainbow is their friend until the day, when life will end Black Rainbow in the night you know it isn't right When it's cold and you are going home you can see them all alone and if you look at their lives you can see it's a fight to survive Bridge / Refrain So many things for them to do can't other people think so, too if Black Rainbow comes to them what will be done then Bridge / Refrain

Chevy's Life

VERSE 1 The very first day, I knew what my life would be like, I wished i could fly away, Fly away from this life. BRIDGE: So maybe ,just maybe I might fly away to some random place One random day. CHORUS: Its not these words are the giving, But the life thats not worth living. Just throw me down,treat me like dirt. Its not as if i will ever excert. VERSE 2 The smile stops at me Which blocked too much happiness, From reaching hopeful people, It seems im a body living lifeless. BRIDGE CHORUS VERSE 3 You cant see things from my perspective, Dont be rude, irrispective, Of what u think, how youd cope, When i was 11 i had my first smoke. BRIDGE CHORUS You dont know what ive been through, What lengths i will go to,

Beast Mode

Yeah It seems like the world is testin me Will I conquer or will it get the best of me Half of the world sees success in me The half other is second guessin me But I kid you not don't mess with me Cause I think I got something possed in me No matter what I'm gonna give whats left in I didn't choose this life it was destiny Now I'm feelin like I might go psycho Stand back cause I'm feelin like I might blow Slim chance but I'm puttin up a fight though They tell me this the wrong path but I know its right though I'm Bout to pick up the world and shake it Throw it to the ground and laugh as I break it Let the whole world know that I'm gonna make it And if you don't give it to me then I'm gonna take it BEAST MODE I'm IN BEAST MODE Gunnin for the top cock back reload I'm a new man with a new attitude But don't get me wrong I'm still me though I'm all in now, I ain't bluffin I risk everything regret nothin My determinations disgustin So everyday my ass I'm bustin Lemme take ya back, break it down Just a couple more months then college bound Got a scholarship, my bags were packed Then my world turned upside down When I got that phone call so shockin I thought my heart was stoppin Are you serious? this a one in life time opportunity knockin But wait, what now? I thought I had my life figured out Everything I was once sure about was now skepticizim and doubt Almost lose control lost sanity Meanwhile my friends abandoned me I felt lost in the world for a little bit I had nobody but my family But I bounced back and got in the zone Last nights just me and the microphone My friends were off at college while I was right here sittin here at home They were partying I was cuttin tracks They were goin out I was makin stacks This the road I choose so you know I'm gonna walk it proudly and never look back Now fast forward a couple years Most of my fears have dissapreaed After the blood the sweat the tears I dedicate this right here To all my nonbelievers and haters You'll doing me nothin but favors Keep talkin, I can't hear you Someone go get me a translator It used to get to me, to the old me Think you can do it better? then show me Those who know me least have the most say Don't judge me if you don't know me Whether I'm a billioanire or flat broke You think that matters? is that a joke If you ain't got talent, you really think the money will get you anywhere? nope Oh you wanna play music monopoly Ive mastered the game no toppin Takin over the world why the money adds up I'm just passin go theres no stoppin me I worked so hard, I earned it Its mine now and ill never return it Ima do it, Ima do it so damn big Everyday my fans confirm it So blast off I'm outta here Outta this world to the atmosphere So long, I'm gone Beena hell of a ride what a year This just the start the beginnin The top of the very first innin No need for a call to the bull pen bottom of the 9th and ill still be winnin What I went through, it was worth it all All the times being pinned up against the wall Tryin to please my family friends and fans When its all said and done after all I gotta do whats right for me I gotta chase after this dream I'm so proud of us how we far came Me and my whole damn team Yeah I'm just doin my best For real I feel so blessed I think somebodys watchin over me Tell me world did I pass your test Did I do this right? please tell me I need you now, please help me Cause life don't come with no manual I played the cards that you dealt me My life is on the line, everytime I rhyme Always on my grind, 24/7 So much on my mind, someone please remind Me that I'll be fine, where am I headin To da fans, my life I owe you So close to my heart I hold you But to anyone who ever doubted me Im so proud to say that I told you

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