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BREAD lyrics - Anthology

Baby, I'm A Want You

Original and similar lyrics
We're so much alike I could spend my life loving you But you tell me it's wrong to feel so strong When we've been ffiends for so long And after all this time (after all this time) You should be mine (you should be mine) No question about it But you're afraid to cross that line Well listen baby *All I wanna do is take you home tonight And massage the places that will make you feel right Whatever it takes Chorus What does it take to make you feel the way I do I don't want no one else, I just want to be with you What does it take to make you feel the way I do I don't want no one else, I just want to be with you I look in your eyes and fantasize how things could be Touching me so nice and slow Working me easy So I'll sing you this song Until you belong to me You don't have to be afraid to come my way Just try me Repeat * Repeat Chorus Bridge Every night will be special Love unconditional So take me home I don't want to be alone tonight (never be alone) And once you get started I got a little treat for you 'Cause I'll do anything to please you tonight whatever it takes Chorus What does it take (what does it take) What does it take (what does it take) What does it take (what does it take) What does it take (what does it take)

You To Me Are Everything

The Real Thing
VERSE 1-ohhhhhh, I will take the stars out of the sky 4 u, stop the rain from fallin, if u ask me 2. I'll do anything 4 u, your wish is my command, I could move a mountain, when your hand is in my hand. Ohhhhh, words cannot express how much u mean to me, there must be some other way 2 make u see. If it takes my heart and soul, you know i'll pay the price. Everything that I possess I glady sacrafice. CHORUS - Ohhh, u 2 me r everything, the sweetest song that i could sing, oh baby, oh baby. 2 u i guess i'm just a crowd, who picks u up each time your down, ohh baby. oh baby. BRIDGE - You give me just a taste of love, to build my hopes up high, u know you got the power girl, to keep me holding on. So now u got the best of me, come on and take the rest of me. oh baby, oh baby. VERSE 2 - Emmmm, though u close 2 me, we seem so far apart, maybe given time time, you'll have a change of heart. If it takes forever girl, than i'm prepared to wait. The day you give your love 2 me, won't be a day 2 late. REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS UNTIL FADED

Someday We'll Know

Daryl Hall John Oates "Do It For Love"
She plays a superstar She flies into your world from so far Then she spins the records She plays the music here You #8217;ve got to get with her beat, tonight Ain #8217;t no way to fight it (chorus) She #8217;s got a groove that will make you feel funky She #8217;s got a body you wanna to take home She licks the lips that you gotta know better Hey Miss DJ, how do I get you alone? She knows the leeches here They spy into her world it #8217;s so clear When the needle #8217;s on the record, yeah She drops the beat one time The crowd just falls at her feet tonight And they don #8217;t know how to fight it -Repeat chorus- You #8217;re not the only table turnin #8217; tonight Ya know the beat is pumpin #8217; from inside Put down your headphones and come dancing with me Let the vinyl go free -Repeat chorus-

The Real Thing

Don't want your picture in a frame on the table Don't want your notes on the wall Don't want your voice on the phone machine baby Don't want your stuff in the hall Don't want your smell on the pillow next to me No roses at my front door No dedication on the radio station So substitutions no more Chorus: I just want the real thing that's how it is Your tender touch baby, your sweet kiss No imitation darling, that's not my business I'm talking 'bout the genuine thing The real thing Don't wanna hear about how much you miss me And wish you had a little more time But if you really want to try and convince me Try with your lips next time Repeat Chorus In my arms, in the flesh A little old fashioned tenderness No ruby rings, no Taj Mahal I just need you and that's all Repeat Chorus

Part Time Lover

Double You
Do you believe in me I said I love you but you don't care I see your face and it's everywhere my soul is drowning in the sea of flame memories shout to release the pain love is dead and there's no escape nowhere to run nowhere to hide now I'm standing here in the dark and silence is my friend Chorus I You belong to me, I belong to you better leave before you leave me standing rapping in the rain Repeat Chorus I Chorus II Part-time lover I won't let you go part-time lover I don't know what to do part-time lover I'm down on my knees part-time lover do you believe in me Remember the times when we talked about this remember the times when you used to kiss we tried and we missed your showing me the door I tell you I won't die and maybe I won't cry I'd better be gone before I break the door anyway I'll move and I'll stand tall I better be careful I don't wanna hurry we gotta forget it let's do it again Repeat Chorus II Repeat Chorus I (2x) Repeat Chorus II (2x)

What Would It Be Like

oohhh Verse 1: You know I had a few Girls I thought would do, but They were there just to please me Ohh You know I had my share A true player, I didnt care I only wanted to do things my way, baby Bridge: Oh... I gots to get a chance with this Oh... Work somethin' out so I can get with this Oh.. I cant believe she's as hot as this Gots to wonder if I got with this Chorus: What would it be like If I was wit ya girl What would it feel like If we met tonight And we kissed and held ya tight Babe And what would it be like If you was in my world If you was my baby girl That someone is hanging right What would it be like Verse 2: I never felt like this, like honeys got me on a trip, cause Im feeling like I need someone to be with, yeah She gots them pretty eyes She wears that skirt so right She bodied up tonight Shes making me so high (Bridge) (Chorus) Baby come take a ride (come take a ride baby) And maybe tonight and maybe tonight will be the night (will be the night) The night that you and I (you and I will find out) what its like to be together (what its like to be together) o yeah... (Chorus) What would it be like If I, had you be my side And, What would it be like If I had some time with you and I What would it be like Can we make it right All together tight I'd like to know (Repeat till fade)

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