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Brandon Dicamillo lyrics

Skeletor Vs Beastman

Original and similar lyrics
arrr uhhhhhhhhh guhhhh Who's there? ah uh ah *grunt* Now get outta here. huuh, you fool get the fuck out! mmhhhm You ready? You Goddamn better believe it. Then take your drawers off, and work your legs. Open your ass up like a keg. Let me tap it, I must have it, hmm. Furry fool, you are mine. I'll drink your ass like wine, and when semen pours all over your head you know you must be dead. Skeletor I knew ya groove, and shake it so damn good and when you cum on through my hood I'll give you a piece of wood. You furry fool i know, and i will not disagree, but there's one thing we don't like and it starts with He- man, oh no I don't know which way to run or turn. Don't worry Skeletor, your pants on fire my cock will burn. My cocks on fire, for more dick! You know Skeletor... Yes, my head is so damn thick like yours. No brain inside, just a lot of fucking fur, and if i ripped it off, you'd find a boy and call him her, right? No Skeletor, that's not what I'd do. I'd bend you over and shoot, hhhhhaaa, chocolate goo.. in your asshole. Lemmie lie. Lemmie tell the truth. Now who are you? I don't know. Let's break it true, now, shake your ass c'mon beastman, shake your furry fur off. I can't it's made of fur. Bitch well then whack me off. Grab your hairy palms. Hairy, hairy indeed. They're hairy as fuck. Rake some leaves. Ahh, what ever you need. Now we're drunk, *snarl* we'll be in jail. But, I'll rape you master. It never fails. He's always got my ass on his mind, and it's sure in fact. When he waxes me, he waxes all night long and that is that. Now, Beastman, Beastman what do you know about taking off your clothes? You're just a slut from down below in Castle Greyskull, c'mon. ahh Skeletor I shaved my legs for you tonight, and if you see my cock I hope you dont bite. ahh Skeletor you made me do some coke, ahhh I'm up all night and its no joke. Furry fool, break dance, take off your furry pants, take off your high heels, and put them in your ass. Now somebody is tip toe-ing, and someone just came in. And someone's pretty fat. Beastman's pretty thin! I've got AIDS, Beastman AIDS, and I'll spread it into every good boy and girl today. Watch me give you cum stains in your fucking drawers. Beastman watch your mouth, we don't need that language any more. C'mon Skeletor, don't you wanna see me work it now? Beastman show them how you're going to get my ass and plow. Now stick your cock inside, like Rake Yohn fucking said. That faggot fuckin' douche bag only knows how to give head. Two men, in bed, his face is getting red. Ahh listen to everything i fucking said. *grunts and snarls* ah Beastman, do you, know how

Thick As A Brick

Really don't mind if you sit this one out. My words but a whisper -- your deafness a SHOUT. I may make you feel but I can't make you think. Your sperm's in the gutter -- your love's in the sink. So you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick. And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in the tidal destruction the moral melee. The elastic retreat rings the close of play as the last wave uncovers the newfangled way. But your new shoes are worn at the heels and your suntan does rapidly peel and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick. And the love that I feel is so far away: I'm a bad dream that I just had today -- and you shake your head and say it's a shame. Spin me back down the years and the days of my youth. Draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth. Spin me down the long ages: let them sing the song. See there! A son is born -- and we pronounce him fit to fight. There are black-heads on his shoulders, and he pees himself in the night. We'll make a man of him put him to trade teach him to play Monopoly and to sing in the rain. The Poet and the painter casting shadows on the water -- as the sun plays on the infantry returning from the sea. The do-er and the thinker: no allowance for the other -- as the failing light illuminates the mercenary's creed. The home fire burning: the kettle almost boiling -- but the master of the house is far away. The horses stamping -- their warm breath clouding in the sharp and frosty morning of the day. And the poet lifts his pen while the soldier sheaths his sword. And the youngest of the family is moving with authority. Building castles by the sea, he dares the tardy tide to wash them all aside. The cattle quietly grazing at the grass down by the river where the swelling mountain water moves onward to the sea: the builder of the castles renews the age-old purpose and contemplates the milking girl whose offer is his need. The young men of the household have all gone into service and are not to be expected for a year. The innocent young master -- thoughts moving ever faster -- has formed the plan to change the man he seems. And the poet sheaths his pen while the soldier lifts his sword. And the oldest of the family is moving with authority. Coming from across the sea, he challenges the son who puts him to the run. What do you do when the old man's gone -- do you want to be him? And your real self sings the song. Do you want to free him? No one to help you get up steam -- and the whirlpool turns you 'way off-beam. LATER. I've come down from the upper class to mend your rotten ways. My father was a man-of-power whom everyone obeyed. So come on all you criminals! I've got to put you straight just like I did with my old man -- twenty years too late. Your bread and water's going cold. Your hair is too short and neat. I'll judge you all and make damn sure that no-one judges me. You curl your toes in fun as you smile at everyone -- you meet the stares. You're unaware that your doings aren't done. And you laugh most ruthlessly as you tell us what not to be. But how are we supposed to see where we should run? I see you shuffle in the courtroom with your rings upon your fingers and your downy little sidies and your silver-buckle shoes. Playing at the hard case, you follow the example of the comic-paper idol who lets you bend the rules. So! Come on ye childhood heroes! Won't you rise up from the pages of your comic-books your super crooks and show us all the way. Well! Make your will and testament. Won't you? Join your local government. We'll have Superman for president let Robin save the day. You put your bet on number one and it comes up every time. The other kids have all backed down and they put you first in line. And so you finally ask yourself just how big you are -- and take your place in a wiser world of bigger motor cars. And you wonder who to call on. So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday? And where were all the sportsmen who always pulled you though? They're all resting down in Cornwall -- writing up their memoirs for a paper-back edition of the Boy Scout Manual. LATER. See there! A man born -- and we pronounce him fit for peace. There's a load lifted from his shoulders with the discovery of his disease. We'll take the child from him put it to the test teach it to be a wise man how to fool the rest. QUOTE We will be geared to the average rather than the exceptional God is an overwhelming responsibility we walked through the maternity ward and saw 218 babies wearing nylons cats are on the upgrade upgrade? Hipgrave. Oh, Mac. LATER In the clear white circles of morning wonder, I take my place with the lord of the hills. And the blue-eyed soldiers stand slightly discoloured (in neat little rows) sporting canvas frills. With their jock-straps pinching, they slouch to attention, while queueing for sarnies at the office canteen. Saying -- how's your granny and good old Ernie: he coughed up a tenner on a premium bond win. The legends (worded in the ancient tribal hymn) lie cradled in the seagull's call. And all the promises they made are ground beneath the sadist's fall. The poet and the wise man stand behind the gun, and signal for the crack of dawn. Light the sun. Do you believe in the day? Do you? Believe in the day! The Dawn Creation of the Kings has begun. Soft Venus (lonely maiden) brings the ageless one. Do you believe in the day? The fading hero has returned to the night -- and fully pregnant with the day, wise men endorse the poet's sight. Do you believe in the day? Do you? Believe in the day! Let me tell you the tales of your life of your love and the cut of the knife the tireless oppression the wisdom instilled the desire to kill or be killed. Let me sing of the losers who lie in the street as the last bus goes by. The pavements ar empty: the gutters run red -- while the fool toasts his god in the sky. So come all ye young men who are building castles! Kindly state the time of the year and join your voices in a hellish chorus. Mark the precise nature of your fear. Let me help you pick up your dead as the sins of the father are fed with the blood of the fools and the thoughts of the wise and from the pan under your bed. Let me make you a present of song as the wise man breaks wind and is gone while the fool with the hour-glass is cooking his goose and the nursery rhyme winds along. So! Come all ye young men who are building castles! Kindly state the time of the year and join your voices in a hellish chorus. Mark the precise nature of your fear. See! The summer lightning casts its bolts upon you and the hour of judgement draweth near. Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armour or the wiser man who rushes clear. So! Come on ye childhood heroes! Won't your rise up from the pages of your comic-books your super-crooks and show us all the way. Well! Make your will and testament. Won't you? Join your local government. We'll have Superman for president let Robin save the day. So! Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday? And where were all the sportsmen who always pulled you through? They're all resting down in Cornwall -- writing up their memoirs for a paper-back edition of the Boy Scout Manual. OF COURSE So you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.


AESOP ROCK "Skelethon"
Don't fool with his cool I turn a staff to a snake and back, evade crack Shake a 5150 in shades and a fake stache Dirtbike made of 5 worse bikes, uphill Tabletop frames on dutch tilt, crush kill MakerBot coin-op arcade punk Talkin' arcane science, dark age pulp Four eyes card face, bark Aes iron on [?] Pork rinds orange age, Jarred brains die alone No Mulligans, crow bars bird cage Cold, colonize Mars on Earth day And surface from the cellar door like worms into the petrichor Messenger, better get a vessel for a Tetris score Zilch, cowabunga homies call me "press ignore" Devastating energy exploding off his Tesla coil Farm baited breath and tempermental tremors That taught a man to wave with 10 percent of his fingers And I never lost tic tac toe to a live chicken For the footage, I'm off cam dynamite fishin' For diamondback rattles in his holy grail Evoke colony collapse via gross betrayal 3 wolf moon shirt, two shoes one sock Wore the same hoodie everyday like Mumm-Ra Buh-dum-bum, follow the regenerated rebel flesh [?] Out of sorts, out of water, suicidal tetra fish Who stood by the conviction in his we should be together less forevermore Before we are the severed heads of civil war And basing [?] radio ricochet off the silver foil Trash can fire looking for a kill to grill or spoil Quickly, purveyors of fine hijinks I know, this is why we can't have nice things I prefer to skip the pleasantries Flip the diner table, dip in time for final jeopardy No shit Oh and don't fool with his cool Ma, can we get a pool? ... Is that a no? Okay, magpies, Hoarders, and allied forces Who lick zig-zags being dragged by horses Transcribe stories in patterns of pins dropping Skinned boars and exaggerated limb-lopping Slow Mozart, no I've never heard a knocking Might've burst in on it, splits or skin popping [?] Opt out, sober on the eve of no saints day Locate and aim for the token propane tank Bang! Followed from a pulling of hair To a homecoming sullied by a skull on a spear It spun a human resources issue to public affair Reciprocity is a pestilent compulsion to bear And ultimately unfulfilling, concurrently that rigid upper lipping grudge or crippling [?] The wonder twins are bitching Armchair hater, I wouldn't piss on your coffin But when I see your picture I draw dicks on it The ozone breakaway tux Holds chicken wire ribs and paper mache guts Pipe cleaner mustache, fork hands, google eyes Macaroni gas face, no plan to humanize You are now rockin' with the worst Nothing up his sleeve, nothing here is what it seems Paranormal weather, mysteriously disappearing bees Not to mention the collateral delirium it breeds Jeez, forgive him and he dicey past He from a tiny town called Deaths Icy Grasp And he don't get out much but when he do it's beetlemania Do not be asleep at the feet of his feelers radius Too charitable, offerin' the average joe some real estate Between the big mouth billy bass and jackalope Cozy in a moment of bliss Snatch the food off your plate, snatch a goat off a bridge No shit

WTF Collective 2

JON LAJOIE "I Kill People"
MC Confusing back in this bitch With a parking sandwich and a chicken ticket I got a liquid face lift from a fig with big tits And my wrist got twisted by a Brit with fake spit And you don't understand it, 'cause you're not supposed to Like a candy cane snake in a jealous cartoon And I'm gonna leave soon, but first I need to Drink a Chevy chase face and rape Robocop 2 Yo, I'm MC Historical Inaccuracy I drop lyrical bombs like Hiroshima in '73 I write rhymes like Shakespeare when he wrote Ann Frank's Diary Which is about the civil war of 1812 in Germany I'm like the Spanish inquisition when they killed Jesus And Abe Lincoln's suicide was the theme for my thesis Like Moses when I focus I can split the Red sea Like he did in 1950 with the Chinese army I'm MC Don't Know How to Pluralize Word I got so many rhyme and I sleep with all the girl When there's more than one of something you're supposed to pluralize But I never learned that through all the year I've been alive Hello, I'm MC Canadian Stereotype I'm about to get started, so let me get off the ice But I don't want any trouble, and I am always polite Now let's hop on my snowmobile, and I will tell you what I like But first I'll turn of curling and turn down Avril Lavigne Et j'vais dire une phrase en francais, parce qu'ici on est bilingue Oh boy, I fell of my igloo and I hurt my knee Let's go to the hospital, don't worry, here in Canada it's free, eh MC Fatigue, did you miss me I'll be awake for five minutes, 'cause I had a coffee I'll try to get through my verse, but I really don't know I drank that coffee about five minutes ago (snoring) They hired me again to sing this motherfucking chorus I haven't found a fucking job yet so I gotta do this bullshit (I can't take it, I'm done) I don't think I can sing another fucking chorus I think I'm gonna jump off a bridge, or shoot myself like Kurt Cobain did (I think my dad has a gun) I'm MC Knows Too Many Facts About Bees 15 miles per hour is their average speed A queen can lay up to 3000 eggs in a day Just because I know a lot about bees doesn't mean that I'm gay I'm also MC In the Closet Homosexual I hide it 'cause it's easier to be heterosexual We can't even get married in most states here in America It's fucked up Gay marriage is legal here, in Canada I'm MC Homophobic Fucking Asshole Being gay is evil and it is unnatural Jesus said to love thy neighbour, but only if they are straight Penises go in vaginas, anything else is just insane I'm MC Extremely Inappropriate Rhymes I shake things up like J-fox when I get on the mic And I drop my enemies just like Christopher Reeves' horse Then I put them to sleep, like Heath Ledger of course (woah) I'm MC Extremely Politically Correct I disagree with the previous MC's lyrical content It's offensive, insensitive and in very bad taste Just like that guy who wrote that song when Michael Jackson passed away Yo, MC Final Verse here to end this song One was enough, we didn't need a sequel Jon Make a fourth Show Me Your Genitals or another Normal Guy But for now let's end this stupid song with a suicide This is the last time that I will ever sing a chorus My dad's gun was in his closet and I'm gonna end this bullshit (I had a good run) I'm gonna pull the trigger as soon as I finished the chorus Sayonara and farewell, I guess I'll see you all in hell (Four, three, two, one)


INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Carnival Of Carnage"
featuring Esham Intro: Violent J The Time has come for the blood to run into the streets paved with gold We have lived in the zoo of the ghetto for so long And like animals we kill each other for the hatred of others We must move into the suburbs and punish the rich for their ignorance For the horror of death, that is part of our life in our neighborhood And give them a taste of the same And when we kill the governments children And the streets smell of death maybe then we will see our situation in a new light And put an end the the chaos in the ghetto and an end to the killings Verse one: ViolentJ Heard whats going on in the free world Broke out the asylum and killed a girl Just ta warm u, just to get it on Cause im gonna be cutting throats till the break of dawn Can't nobody get me I've always been a psycho now they coming with me That's straight when we team up cause I believe every throat deserves a good cut Look in my brain its fucking insane roll around naked in the acid rain Rich bitch fucka took me for a sucka Now we killing you instead of killing each other Walked in the house, shot him in the mouth Leaned back the head, and pulled the brains out My list are strong its only a saw The government fronts like they dont know what is going on Fuck, ill take the matter in my own hands Cut ya down cat, cut ya down Cause i know the rich go jogging And im waiting in the bushes,axe to the nogging About 30 or 40 times,psychodelic sick with the psycho psycho rhymes But ya keep the killer in one place, But I'm at ya door, motherfucker have a taste! Verse two: (Nate The Mack) {Shaggy 2 Dope} (Fucking you up wont let you pass, fucking you up, shot you in the ass) {Jumped out the alleyway with a muthaphucking battle axe} {12 dead bodies on the muthaphucking train tracks} (Im sick of this shit i see on the TV,they showing psychopathics and i see me) (And ya calling me a homeless hobo, while I'm laying on my suede couch listening to mojo) {Snipe ya in the head from a tower, or chase ya naked ass clear out the shower} {Finally catch ya on the block, take this here gat and shoot ya in the eye} (Who ya fucking wit governer E? Don't ya know I'll hang ya dead ass from a tree) {Then swing ya by ya foot} {Mister drumma looking bald headed punk bitch} (Stroll to the banquet party) {Drank all they brew} (Then shot everybody) (They set it up wrong, created the ghetto and thought it wouldn't last long) {Thought we'd kill each other off, didn't think we'd come to the suburbs.jackoff} (The clowns stick this knife in ya Face) ({Motherfucker, Have a Taste}) Verse three: Jump Steady In Detroit doing time, time being done Without not another solution Without nothing but wicked men How many muthaphuckas ive know through the years Got they necks blown off or crippled in their fear Now iull tell ya cause i been in many Schools for this Cause im drawn by the vision and close my hand into a fist Raised in the crime with nothing to eat So my natural instincts to kill in the street Im going to war and i sent you caution JumpSteady stepping over the governments brainwashing (Take it, Take it farther, take it far) Dont let them even judge ya, cause you know who you are Seems they dont even know about the inner city crime war Moneys on the jews in the desert but what the fuck for Damn the're stupid,The mine are surrounded Think i like to pay a lesson to a gallon And save a human life or two End this ghetto war for the homies that i once knew ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes (Ya peeping out the barn with ya closed eyes hoe) I got a mind killing rage waiting on my change On the holes on my jacket i craddle my gage What ya gonna do if i show up at your place Try to ignore it this time, motherfucker have a taste Verse four: Capitol E / Esham Ya need a spoonful, another wants a little taste So let me feed you the city like in a steady pace Ya wake up to gunfire thining it was a dream Till ya hear ya neighbors holla and ya young child scream Everyday thang, thank it to ya Just wait till you see that cracka at ya front door naked Begging for money, acting like he know ya Ya slam the door in fear, but some day he'll show ya Catch ya at point blank range ya getting jacked (come up wit it bitch) Now ya dont know how to act But that's the life and the experience of a mother Happends everyday, one another the other But the suburb living is high class With a high class leather city trade with ya ass And show ya the rough times Hungry homeless people commiting crime after crime And bitches working the pike for dough Then they run to the rock sella to buy some rocks slow And i hear ya making fun of that... ICP (What's up E) Gets ya bats It's time for you to crack some necks And if they dont know now, show them what to expect Cause it dont matter the race or the place Capitol E giving the inner city Taste Interlude: Violent J Yea! We heading to Birmingham,gross point and beverly Hills I thought you knew, cause we in a devilish mood Verse five: Esham Guess who's rolling with the ICP, That black devil comming straight from the D Im heading out to birmingham,to tip off a german And looking for the governer to kill him and i think i can Violent J know the way so im gonna getcha If ya standing in my way im getting wit ya The black devil, that devil ya dont know Getting more pussy than Bel Biv Devoe Hey man do you know my name? (Esham) Im down with notics, nuts on train So give me mine cause it aint about black or white It aint about wrong or right on Devil's night I burn a cross in ya fucking face Now homicide's got a new case So give me a taste


D12 "D12 World"
(feat. Obie Trice) [Eminem-intro] Whoa! Yeah! Ahh! (Mutha'Fucka's think they know us) G-g-g-g Guess whos back D-Twizze!, O-Twizzie! Doc-Twizzie!, Shady-Twizzie!, slash Aftermath! Fiftycent!, G Unit!, Here we go!, Free Yayo! Mutha'fucka!, Benzino!, They don't know we finna' blow! Someone betta' tell them so. . . [Swifty McVay] You don't me, McVay and I doubt if you understand me Why would I give a fuck about you if we ain't family I roll with a chosen few, and those of you that's behind me Witness the most potest' furocious *****s that rhyme These bitches turn they back on you, actin' like they ain't did shit When you rappin' never mix bussiness up with your friendship If you lackin' up in this jungle, then what you breathe fo' *****s's don't love you, you got habits of breaking street codes Far as static, I automaticly get medieval When i'm after people, then i'll explode you bitches with C-4 These hoe's, have no insurance, bodies get repo' Making you vanish even when we ain't got our heat close Keepin' .44's where you're hoes are swallowing deep throat If you owe me dough then you know you falling asleep, close *****'s pupils that's what I do, i'm foolish will shoot you Cuz' i'm coo-coo, But I don't think *****s can take in heat tho' [Chorus x2] [Kon Artis] See i'm a man, and a man gon' do what he gotta do And he ain't really family if he ain't loyal to you If they was really soldiers then they would do what we do And be loyal to crew and crew was loyal to you [Bizarre] I don't give a fuck, i'm quick to blaze chronic Smoke on so much green, use twelves and supa-sonic Bizarre pack guns and knives, put to dick to 'Nuns and Wifes Now who the fuck want to fight Ain't nobody fucking with me, Ain't nobody fucking with the D' They get beat like a M-P You heard about Bizarre taking all them drugs You heard about Proof wil'ing in the clubs You heard about that nine that Eminem packs You diss us, you get you're fucking face cracked I'm from 7 Mile and stout, I'll shoot up you're house Next day, i'll pee in you're mouth. . [Obie Trice] Aiyyo, loyalty's first, all the bullshit second I showed you on the record, Cheers to who respect it Most of these *****s neglect it Even though it's a known method >From the hectic hood that you slept in You wanna' be an exeption That's when the weapon is leaving you're half stepping With that 'caine in you're left hand Obie from a section that'll stain up you're flesh and Have you on bare breast Questionin' you're affection for streets D-Twizzie no question One of the best groups that done it And Obie is their reflection Lil' homey that know sowly that loyalty is reckin' D-Twizzie fo' life, Obie Trice is second. . [Chorus x2] [Proof] Which one of you *****s wanna' be boltion bump heads When I got a passion for clappin'. . .with one hand Talent's on my roster this mobster's in dump land Send a gangsta to sleep two by two like bunk beds Never leave the crib without packing my black burner On some T. Ali rapper to merk a have murda Incorporated, Hitman Herry is at you're service Reach for me one more gain' and thats closed For life as D12, no ice and spreewells Every night that I chill in, I fight by free-will Knowing I can be killed Leaving my group, pieces of proof with a reason to shoot And a liecense to ill We lost Bugz and i'll be damed if we loose another man from our clan Without forcing our hand Estorting you're family, i'll torture you're granny For my *****'s, i'm on you're motherfucking porch with a 'Cammy [Chorus x2] [Kuniva + Kon Artis] Yo its funny how *****s get caught along (and get bombed on) Knocking teeth in back of you're throat (and break you're jaw bone) (I'm on ignorant shit) these *****s is bitch Pass me a cigarrete quick (shit is finna' get thick) Yo' man i'll get split (by a brutal and critical hit) With identical dent (or bullets with identical prints) I'm wishing you if (you come you're Lutenints a snitch) You teminant fick (and we know you ain't finna' do shit) I'll stick with my clique (The Kon Artis Bomb Artist) Kuniva The Rida' (Shooting through you're fucking Long John garmets) Dirty Dozen (We deep in the street) Unbelivable heat, we'll even lay you out infront of the chief of police Muthafucka' [Chorus x2] [Kon Artis-outro] Yeah! D-Twizzie D12, Dirty Dozen Nothing but family up in this muthafucka' Loyal to everything that we do You ain't neva' gonna' catch none of us slippin by ourself 'Cuz we always together You know what i'm sayin . . Y'all *****s don't know what family means Bugz watching over our ass Thats why we still alive know Knocking yall *****s outta the clubs and shit Haha! Runyan Av. Baby! Shady Records! Where yo' mamma at *****

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