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Brandon Dicamillo lyrics

Bran's Chinese Vs. Retard Freestyle

Original and similar lyrics
chinese: Doh yes do watch me cuz what i will serve you will fuck you up now hah. No burgers no fries, just chicken chow mein on your fucking thighs Have a load if you want you'll shit your ass got the aj's P's and you gottem fucking fast Horrible shit pains you feel when i serve you my general sow meal. When i give you the fucking thing you will scream and you'll think you have to ring a fucking to complain. Bitch what was your name? 'Ehren' I dont care about that you're insane. chicken chow what and beef lo mein. Got that shit so don't complain. hot daym how wow . so kung pow. spicy ass shit shitted out in a towel made of ice while my ass so twice. i give it to you all fucking nice. meow. meow like a cat and fuck a dog. i cook 'em both up and put them on a platter and give you a log, a log is a bill, a log is a cheap chinese chicken chew. Yeoww, lemme feel that flow, lemme give it to so low. And if you want cheese steak, get the fuck out, cuz we don't got that shit, we got wing wow. Yea you got the shit anyhow, egg foo yun and poo poo platter on your mom. Get it any way you want serve it up or just get the fuck out 'cwunt'. Oh. goong chow, goong tsi chu mah. lemme give a tip for you all. and when i come through, i show you how to do the shit that i serve up clean to you. ho all of the sudden i'm on the fucking cover and i feel like an egg roll's coming for my meal. i pull something out and puttin something in, and now it's pouring all over gwhite go chin. Yes wide load got it pourin down her face and we all fuckin laugh in the way that we talk another language that they just don't know and they talk shit to your ho. Hey.. look at you bitch, shut the fuck up. that's what i say now i refill your cup. with another bit of piss tea, that's what i give you piss milk from me twist my tittie. hot daym, here's a sword ma'am. let me cut off your ass, i send it to japan fed ex next day. Now your ass fucking gay. Yes you bed over and must obey, these are the words right down we'll say. Ho now, ho hey. that's why we have to give this away. retard: Deehh now i'm here and im hungry cuz you started talking bout fuckin cheese munchies. Retarted anyway but 2 plus 2 is 55 and that's what i say. reverse it, square root. here's a fuckin tree branch it grows in a square. i take off my pants and down goes there if my fucking underwear, underoos, underdudes, underexcuses i dont know what im saying but it rhymes with juices, pouring out my lip and im retarted, don't get this dumb ass retard started.. Iiiii just farted... and it smells like 'chit.' So all you preppy bitches, go to hell and think quick. Neooow you dont like the smell of my ass? chinese: no way no man, no thing now anyway no han. retard: well it's my turn... Bran: it was my turn. Bam: what happened Bran: it stopped.

Bettah Off Dead

Onyxxx....... They tried to poison the fetus We gonna check it out like this All hell the high exalted yo my mother fucking name is Fredro Starr you know what I'm saying? I'm up here with my man Sonee the money the muther fucking greasiest and my mother fucking nigga Sticky the fucking fingaz you know what I'm saying? Yo Sonee Step to your mother fucking business nigga...word up Verse 1: I'm not the type to be flabbergasted but all my doubters mastered it ain't a matter bastard rule my hazard niggaz get blasted soon as I bring what I got in store for the new order who want it? we got what your looking for fuck you gonna do now, money cause this the Sonee seeds of mister droppin wisdom like a blister I get downright deprived on them niggaz We rob Z's Gimme all these, ya'll niggaz PUSS! Whats the matter? I rush bum rush you better rise and assult and catapult like a bullet I shot shit the figure hurter word to murder rippin the master will make you back up from them further Hold up the press heres comes the mess worship the best or die like the rest you have the right to remain violent aaauuuggghh anything you say can and will be use against you to kill! I'm a tyrant strinking like a viking a knight in shining armor jumping for the sauna the rough rhymer suicidal like Nirvana the end of your world is just beginning theres no winning in my inning the dead things cannot effect the living so I trip into the wind of the ghetto bad weather I'm lost in the desert, but the storm blows me on never talk to a stranger everybodys in grave danger me and my people just shot ya anger! FUCK DAT...YA BETTER OFF DEAD! Considered less than a god, but more than a man I can knock down a mule like conan the barbarian with my mental powers and my sixth sense that can raise a dead crowd into a live audience (so get the fuck out the way) ooh, and get your ass cut cause if you go to jail they probably make a pussy out ya butt (no doubt) Heres the clip witches know its a black stone its a matter that shatter your track bone score to get to life I'm concise niggaz get done up precise cut up fine and fucked up real nice we made up mean Jamaica and die like the Lakers faking jack was mackin backwards with the front in black got tactics straight from the desert-(queens) where niggaz is desperate so I'm takin mines from the entrance to the exit (get a life) fuck dat ya betta off dead! (get a life) fuck dat ya betta off dead! Verse 3: Cover me, I'm going in move em in take em out the time when niggaz seem to always fight and lose a battle its too late to pray I'm selling one way tickets to hell no one tell is what you punk niggaz yell like-wah wah! thats the sound of your bitch ass hurtin black start attackin back-I'm still hurtin Sticky come on come on well... So all let up on the fact that I'm a nigga that can just beat your mother fucking ass to hurt your feelings cause your shit is trash too many people like me cause they're not worthy destruct my coalition its a demolition derby through all that spit you talk and make the mic smell like saliva yick! you need to retire resign I'm ahead of my time in my prime one of a kind and out of my mind! and ain't nothin in this world free so me I'ma kick a pay style I don't got no smile I was abused as a child my moms gave birth to a crazy ass wilder bust out her pussy with a mother fuckin gun started talking slang even joined a gang the suicide scums I sold jums to the bums I was the hand to hand man pullin in clubs then I started dealin robbin and stealin if not for killing then I'm known as a villain if you want problems I'm ready and willing and I'll get up in your mouth like a fucking filling FUCK DAT WE BETTA OFF DEAD Please somebody kill me before I put two in my own head...

Roll Somethin

CRUCIAL CONFLICT "Good Side, Bad Side"
I dont know bout y'all man but im ready to get my motherfuckin smoke on I want some of dat green shit, hell yeah, Let's burn, all the ghettos, hey wassup kid? Chorus: Crucial Conflict Roll somethin, roll somethin them niggas aint talkin bout shit (bout shit, bout shit) Roll somethin, roll somethin just cause you just cant hang wit dis (wit dis, wit dis, wit dis) Verse One: Wildstyle Yall niggas aint shit, nothing to fool with, we too swift giddy up and get down all you niggas aint do shit one rap down round two chop it off like cool whip(whip) rowdy runnin rodeo can't ride fronting in two clips shocking like shocker evertime I pop you knock out the box, better move quick flick comin out of the back in this motherfucker yall disgusted bustas cant be trusted for nothing fucking with this hillbilly wild westside C-H-I-T-O-W-N and it's on for life nothing nice, no ice, you chase we fuckin niggas up across the nation wit no lubracation dick is thick and coming at them like Hitler (fuck you) act like you dont hear me then, wake up high we in your chin we embursted with a curse and be worse first and kick first now vice-versa two feet first they kick first and worse reimburse the winning cuz I'm first at somethin Chorus Verse Two: Never Put it on your ass motherfucker we kill them up bad (kill em up bad) Hold that one shit when you fucking with the flick you was talking that shit but you couldnt last bring to you hoes knockin down your door tryin to knock some chunks out yo rump, at night to the broad daylight if you wanna gang fight droppin yall one by one, coming at them with the quickness with the flickness, gonna sign your death wish cuz you gonna get dealt with, slappin you hoes makin sure your eyes closed take em out by mouth and blindfold with the foot on your chest you know the rest nigga got us pissed off die for mine, raise up get blazed anyways get sprayed your laying in the grave, pop em, drop em, re-cock em, then squeeze them we deceased to be the defeated, repeat em and treat em like read em rights I aint finna brag but the man cant hang with the bogus man treat like a punk ass trick, put a row gonna be closed casket serious nigga fuck that laughing try to fuck with us we be blasting, smashin Chorus Verse Three: Coldhard Buck buck, pump pump, drop drop, we drop, bluck, hit you wit da teck what da deck? run up your debt wit no sweat and we dont regret disrespecting your click, fuck you bitch, pull out the shit that got yo dangling picture with a nigga now hangin figure let you big up (?) got me strapped in, bust a cap, but I'm warnin ya, dont want none start shit that you just cant finish, be the end, and the family ended sorry it gotta be this way but I'm sick get a gangsta plate so now i got a rodeo, one warrant then blow me up, up, up and away, with my team it aint no thang, spoil your dreams, a murder theme we dont want any crap, I'm bounty clean, snatch that hoe and take them dividends I mean I'm gonna fuck you, what can i do about me? Hennessy you inferior to the new king what you hollerin? a silent scream Chorus Verse Four: Kilo Come, (Come) ride her ass and cum(?) and be up send the same aint buy not shit where motherfuckers came from (????) shit that can get you straight knocked the fuck out knowing you a bitch, a person, just stop cursin' thats why I'm refrainin from hurtin yo ass punk nigga,trick nigga, bitch nigga, fag, say somethin smart and watch you get tagged wit a motherfuckin bat, who got so scared when soem tellin yo ass nigga act like a bitch start to cry (?) ready supplies, get em rawhide fight to the death and I won't be denied your life like Pete's eye mother fucker on rye them thangs'll die, touch me I'm alive, why set yo ass to fire bitch (?) snap off your two nuts right quick niggas aint talking bout nothin slick and shit to deal with, roll somethin Chorus 2x


CAM'RON "Confessions Of Fire"
What up on my Harlem niggas My BK niggas Back uptown baby Lennox Ave. My Oyas on Broadway all day Aye yo you love the way I rep black Step the f back 'Fore I bring out the guns And chest check Respect that Any girl I met that Hit that Love the way I spit that I don't kit kat Push your wig back Get you shit snatched Get your ribs cracked Got a friend Have me kick that Get that Sit back School shit skip that Learn how to flip pack For the big stacks And the big act Now I got the big gats Click, clack, uhh Since day one been in a ditch Came with a snitch Now I'm in the pen in the mix Friends sending me flicks Girls sending me kicks Been in some shit Had to tap a chin with a fist When the Begin with a stich End in a kiss So yo so I blend in the mix Now a day don't go by I ain't been in a chick 8on the dope ask Dominican Rich Winning and rich Eating on cinnamon grits Grinning and shit How a nigga spin in 6 See they all see the 12 But you see me in it TVs in it BBs kinted Ask who it is You see me tinted I did drive-bys Now I take you on top of a high rise See if you can sky dive I'll bring it to you at your local gymnasium How 'bout the Palladium Fuck it Yankees stadium uhh Play people Jumped up and sprayed people I got dudes that'll jiggle with the A's legal You not a threat You want it you got it bet I'll leave your momma and your poppa wet Nigga wait now I'm set I'll go another route Kidnap your family make you brother eat your mother out After I done dug her out Needles to jug her out Pillows to smother out You don't give a fuck about Un would've about I'm through wit' it Your crew ain't even true wit' it I see your man he's like umm nothing to do with it I know you pack like that But Cam why you act like that SHUT UP nigga clack clack clack Pat pat pat Rat tat tat Put fear 'fore envy Nigga I'm not in fear of any I'll leave a nigga black and blue Like a pair of Pennys While me and Betha Throw fiestas By alma queta Chicqueta Monero Nieta Don't ever fuck around with the Don's cheddar See Jimmy Jones frontin' in the Jon Cletta Or the black boots Jumpin out to act cool Cars never lease 'em Girls 'em My man and his wifey want me down with the threesome Niggas tease 'em Bitches please 'em When I'm out of town yo my pants got a crease in 'em All calls valid Never hard mallet Dallas Been up in you favorite star's stlyus Coward Bite on my hoes like Marv Albert But you should thank Un though Coulda made you run though Been at your front door Gun hold for fun though [Guy] Yo, yo, yo, yo (Cam- What's up) what the fuck is wrong with you [Cam] Fuck that it's not a game [Guy] Yo, you ain't gotta be rythmin for niggas like that [Cam] Man fuck them niggas B [Guy] Yo, you know what you do [Cam] What [Guy] Tell these niggas the real deal [Cam] Aight check it Aiyyo I'm Cook up the crack Everytime you look up a gat Got you shook up attack huh Look in the back, nah The guns I had put in the back I want the hook up in check On this work of the rap Now I'm not saying what I like Or what I dislike But get the fuck out my face til' your shit's right See baby boy I carry guns You know the big type The kind that might give you a 10 year fear of life And I was just like y'all flippin' hundred pack But nowadays I'm the only You a running back You got to understand baby I'm done with the crack I get pure white coke from Columbian cats Or the cocaine plan Leave your whole brain dead Light this herb Don't mean to disturb Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a big bird And I know stealers and they not from Pittsburgh No kids rapping or ostriches Just kidnapings and hostages So, y'all better obey We shoot pro way Mess with us no way Now go 'head go play

Freestyle - Mobb Deep

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter"
Prodigy: The illustrious, ashes to ashes and dust to dust If you fuck with us, it' a must we bustin If you stand with us, nine times out of ten son He might get bucked Is we marked for death? maybe marked for life Cut by the gem star, razor tight, try to avoid that Get this money up, live right, then it's put right Anybody standin in the Mobb way, the hard way To get his ? feet and the extra ? never lose sleep Never roll less than two deep Cause we mobb deep roll silent on this hard street Talk the ? only eat dog meat we was stompin on Have your mind baffled like an unknown phenomenon Chop shit up like it's time for some ? Havoc: And all you bitches that you hittin' we done ran through that Plus ? that's why the king's stand will crack Big Noyd: I die from the causes Dive in these streets of New York kid I'm dyin to find who the informer is You know the fam strictly biz So what the deal is dude Think you got a little confused Comin out of QB not DC Any problemo then see me Bring it to the T-O-P Rapper Noyd baby comin at ya Holdin it down gettin around Constantly comin at ya Right back at ya with thug shit Sit back relax you'll love this Slim Jim, brown skin and rugged Timb's unfastened pants saggin fuck it We can do it however you want it Even E J or either blunted Catch me sober Peel a heat out of the holster and mini rover It's the new Noyd order I slaughter with Havoc and P Funk Flex Final Chapter Volume 3 nigga (Funkmaste Flex shout outs) Prodigy: Meditate to this Celbrate my shit Here's a toast to the most loved rap cage niggas Entertain the thought Of the grain being crossed And the pain is brought, cuz in vain you talked This be the rapture they spoke of in Revelations Reveal the truth to the nations, it's only basic Public relations so real you could taste it Bitter to the mouth of those that hate this shit Calico: Face off, Jake's tryin to slap me in bracelets My rap papers is so major Base a wager that Timax won't pull out first Calico's verse fire, can I disperse Max like ? sax and A-blac ? Dun burn that, put it all in they ear don't hold back In the Ac with the rest of my type, only my kind Niggaz that'll take you to war, you outta line Prodigy: You crossed the fine space between love and hatred Entertwined with the rest of my elite clique Countermoves get plenty steps ahead of you Men'll do all type of shit just to prove They militant but get knocked the fuck out the box quick They must have forgot how the mobb drop jewels and take spots Y'all dudes don't deserve to eat Mic check nigga, drop it like it's hot and bleed

We Right Here

DMX "The Great Depression"
[DMX] Uh, uh, uh, uh [Chorus] Bring it! What We right here We're not goin anywhere We right here This is ours and we don't share We right here Bring your crew cuz we don't care We right here Uh, uh, uh [Verse 1] One mo' time, I gots to hit the streets off, make the streets talk Let 'em know it ain't a sweet walk This gone be The only joint made this year that'll knock 'til 2003 And y'all gone see That the hottest nigga out there, was, is, and will be me Just like that I can go away for a minute, do some other shit, but bounce right back And when it's on I'm comin strapped, with some shit that'll spit from dusk 'til dawn And when you gone Ain't no comin back in the morning, like that shit was a dream Nigga you gone That's for real Creep niggas like a seal, totin steel, stick a nigga make him squeal Oh my God Those can't be the last words of ya man, damn ya man was so hard Come on! [Chorus] [Verse 2] Here we go again How many million did my last one sell Fuck it, I'm goin for ten It's never gone stop And ever fuckin time I hit you, it's goin straight to the top of the charts The champion I'm a thoroughbred, my blood is strong, and I scratch 'til you done Cross the line And ain't no more scratches after that, straight up, niggas is dyin Yo, what the fuck Is you cats doin runnin around like this, like you won't get stuck Yo, that's my word I stay givin it to niggas, and I stay not really being heard But, y'all gone see That the same things thou done to them, will be done to thee And then you'll know That sometimes though you come thru the front, you leavin out the backdo' Come on! [Chorus] [Verse 3] Bring the noise And you better come with niggas you don't give a fuck about, Cuz you gone lose your boys Cuz we don't play And the silencer will silence any cocksucker with somethin to say Dog for life Whether I'm on or off the leash I bite, streets are my life Click click boom [gunshot] Another life taken too soon, another mother had a funeral Still waters run deep And the pain is forever alive inside, makes it hard to sleep But I keep goin, goin Shit I'm always careful when I walk, I'm always seein, knowin The dog gone live Stay walkin the wire, over the fire, when I can I give The dog is good And how it's stayin dog gone fuck with the hood The dog fuck with the wood [Chorus 2x] [DMX] We right here Uh, uh, uh [Repeat until fade]

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