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BOYZ II MEN lyrics - Christmas Interpretations

Do They Know

Original and similar lyrics
Do they know That Jesus was born on this day to save our lives Do they know That he carried the sins of the world upon his heart So that you and I could live And we'd have an alternative In this life Do they know what this day means Do they know where we've been and how it should be Tell me do they know Do they know we should love one another Do they know The world will be alright only if they know Do they know That sharing love to each other is how we all should live Do they know That the reason for giving is more than what you give And to you and your's this day On a very special holiday Give your love Chorus And Lord if they know Keep them in your care Keep them inside your heart And help them spread the word Chorus (repeats to fade)

It Must Be You

JIM BRICKMAN "Simple Things"
There's a rumor going around that suddenly I've been freed. That I'm no longer on the ground cause on my My world turned upside down, and I know this much is true. Everywhere I turn, I turn to you (Chorus) It must be you that saved me Tell again that you'll be my baby, yea It must be you that's turning my world around and I'm finally learning to love again, it's true and it must be you. Thought I'd giving up on love like my heart would never heal like an angel from above you showed me how it feels to be alive again to learn to trust my heart and now that I've found you we'll never be apart Oh Baby chorus I don't know where we are going but I do not care cause baby it is all I need having you here for eternity Oh Baby chorus

Where's The Love

LIL' TROY "Sittin' Fat Down South"
Where the love at...Momma told me ther'd be days like this But I didn't listen Never question the woman's intuition My ambition is to give you what you missin Sweet love Take off your shoes, come and get your feet rubbed Us in the tub Taking bubble baths That'll be the shit Anybody that don't believe this can eat a dick I think we soul mates Cause we got so much in common You make them hoes wait When you find the proper woman Then next to me Put your head on my chest Attraction stimulates me But it's not all about sex I respect you got a mind And you... self sufficient Opinonated... yet know how to listen Now what's mine is yours If I'm ballin' you ballin 'Tell that other nigga He can stop callin 'Check this out Chorus *background* repeat I want to be your man *along with background* I want to be your man baby I'm talkin' about Providing you with all of life's securities I mean, I think the first step is Going to pick out some rings What you like Baggets and pistol skirts Can't I spend a night Without giving you my answer tonight Cause I gotta catch a early flight What you yellin' about The simple fact that I'm bailin' out I'm makin' moves My albums sellin' out I need some affection Love can't you teach me a lesson I might be sittin' fat down here in Texas But the thugs ain't mean So how deep is your love for me How real do you cut for me If the laws came and got me How long would you be stuck with me If not long then don't fuck with me I want you down on my team And support When I'm tryin' to make my green It's for real I'll throw some karots in your ring I'll make it last forever Cause you know had that cash forever We can ball till we pass together baby Where the love at Chorus *along with background* yeah... that nigga Lil' Troy Short Stop Records Puttin' down like a G yo That's how we get our groove on Recognize the mobb I bet you co-working star When they see the flowers that I'm sendin' to your job Read the cards Stick it in your purse Let's keep it rosey Cause everybody so nosey So you can't believe what people say Misery, loves company tell them keep away It'll be ok If you trust in me to make it right Before I hit you I'll freak ya That's on my baby's life Will you be my wife Please take this ring And a service to token To make you realize baby I ain't jokin' I'm coping But my advisaries got me not I need a god-fearing woman Who understands my heart Leave your baggage from past relationships Out of the picture I put my old flames out I done changed All of my digits And that's real Chorus *along with background* I want to be your man Sober Ain't really no need to question me It'll make no difference to us For my loyalty or my commitment life You know my presence But you alone To let you know You don't want to mess with me You need to spend time with me I bring the heat You want to play It ain't a thing to me You say you changed You look the same to me Eat and ball too much On the real, cause I done stall too much Girl I want you all too much Ain't no way in the world Me and you can ball too much Imagine having cabbage Straight lavish Friends wish they can have it Cause I push a rolez, sip crystal glasses I'm all wet Don't listen to your friends about me cheatin' They dont' know that Your best friend want me Tell that hoe that For show that You know she want the kids You should have knew this True this Two real niggas left I'm one of the fewest Holla at me girl I'm all this We can do this Do that love thing girl So I can prove that Chorus... till fade


If there's a prize for rotten judgement. I guess I've already won that. No man is worth the aggravation. That's ancient history been there done that. (Muses) Who'd ya think you're kidding? He's the earth and heaven to you. Try to keep it hidden, honey we can see right through ya. Girl you can't conceal it, We know how you're feeling- who you're thinking of. (Meg) No chance, no way, I won't say it, no no! (Muses) You swoon, you sigh, why deny it? Uh-oh. (Meg) It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love. (Muses) Shoo doop, shoo doop, ooo ooo ooo. (Meg) I thought my heart had learned it's lesson. It feels so good when you start out. My head is screaming get a grip girl. Unless you're dying to cry you're heart out. Ohh... (Muses) You keep on denying who you are and how your feeling. Baby were not buying, hon we saw you hit the ceiling Face it like a grown up when you gonna own up? That you got got got it bad. (Meg) Ohh! No chance no way I won't say it no no. (Muses) Give up or give in check the grin you're in love. (Meg) This scene won't play I won't say I'm in love. (Muses) Your doing flips read our lips your in love. (Meg) You're way off base I won't say it. (Muses) She won't say in love (Meg) Get off my case I won't say it. (Muses) Girl don't be proud it's okay your in love. (Meg) Ohhhh. At least out loud I won't say I'm in love.

Heart Half Empty

There's some left over wine the cupboard About a half a glass left for the road Here's a toast to the time we were lovers-then I'll go Should I laugh, or should I cry? Love you, hate you, live or die? CHORUS Is my heart half full or half empty? Is our love like the wine in this glass You drink like there's no tomorrow So sure, it would always last Will the memories tase sweet as they linger Or the bitterness stay on my tongue Is my heart half full of the love you gave me Or my heart half empty cuz your love is gone Your bags are all packed in the hallway The boxes are stacked on the lawn You kissed me goodbye just like always And you're gone Trembling hands or nerves of steel Someone tell me what to feel chorus

Do They See Jesus In Me?

Is the face that I see in the mirror the one I want others to see? Do I show in the way that I walk in my life the love that you've given to me? My heart's desire is to be like you in all that I do, all I am CHORUS: Do they see Jesus in me? Do they recognize your face? Do I communicate your love and your grace? Do I reflect who you are in the way I choose to be? Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me? Well it's amazing that you'd ever use me, but use me the way you will Help me to hold out heart of compassion and grace A heart that your Spirit fills May I show forgiveness and mercy the same way you've shown it to me CHORUS Well I want to show all the world that You are the reason I live and breathe So You'll be the one that they see when they see me CHORUS Oh, do they see Jesus in me?

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