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BOYZ II MEN lyrics - Christmas Interpretations

A Joyous Song

Original and similar lyrics
Love over flows around this season Our hearts find pleasure in the simplest of things It brings joy to a child When he sees all the decorations hanging all around The birthday of our king We sing praises to you People gather around to see a tree Light up the sky for all of the world to see Of all the holidays that exist None makes more happier than this one Chorus: I see love all around this world In every man, woman, boy, and girl The time is so right and I'll say Thank you Lord It's so great to be alive Because it's all about love As we sit around the fire place Windows fill with snow as it flutters down and gives the ground a glow I feel your kisses Your warm embrace Kneeling as we pray To thank our Lord for what he's done for us Time stands so still As I touch your hand it says things to me words never will I feel it (it's easy to feel) peace all the way inside Joy from a stranger as he walks by and says Hi, Merry Christmas to you and yours May you receive everything you wish for and more I see love Chorus (repeats five times)

When Can We Date

Dem Franchize Boyz
-ay -huh? -see dat gurl right there shawty -Holla at her -Go get her, go get her -She so fine, I don't know what to say -What should I say to her - So when can we date? -Naw, Naw, i'ma say something gangsta to her like... -So when can we date -I should tell her like this Chorus: I got good taste and I like your shape Them Itty Bitty shorts and your micro braids Your thin in the waste , extra cute in the face Do you gotta a man?So when can we date? I got good taste, and I like your shape Them Itty Bitty shorts and your Micro Braids Your thin in the waste, extra cute in the face Do you gotta a man? So when can we date? V1:I gotta stay fresh, you supposed to be Man it ain't my fault if ya hoe chose me I snatch up every broad standing close to me She can be with me if she wanna be I spotted her, she had me froze, she make my mind freeze I ain't kno what to say, this chick was a dime piece She might not be my type And then she might be I stepped quick, thinking to myself would she like me I want her, so I hollered no hesitation Spoke quick she started diggin my converstation My blood racing,you play the docter, i'll be yo patient My heart had a safe, i'll give you the combination Lock it and give me love It'll be me you be thinking of I said it was straight game But all that I said was Chorus: V2:I'm thinking you look good Must be ya style Coke bottle shape, or ya million dollar smile Like a trial you the judge, or i'll quit it I'm waiting on your verdict Come on and tell me if you with it I'm willing to take you out and show you some nice thangs Reserve us a dinner, and listen to kelly sang Step , step, in the name of love I can tell you about books, or I can tell you about drugs The average college thug, it's just the way I be living I need a miss thug, I believe it's you I been missin Picture us, come when she grinding beat for beat Hugging and Kissing after massaging your neck and feet Chorus: V3:I need a slim girl, with a little tiny waste One who love the dick, and even of the taste So when can we date,it don't matter where the place You know I keep my tool, gotta keep my baby safe You know you got a soldier straight gunning out the bass Now I walk the block all day, doing what it takes And when I give you money, yeah dem girls gonna hate We can hit the ring, I know your size in roller skates Or roll up swishers and fire them up by the lake Or take you to a restaurant and eat a couple steaks Now my friends say I can't On the phone when we straight I'm thinking she's my mate, so whe can we date? Chorus:

Take Her Out Of Pity

Kingston Trio "Close Up"
Bob Shane/Nick Reynolds/John Stewart I had a sister Sally, she was younger than I am. Had so many sweethearts, she had to deny them. But as for sister Sarah, you know she hasn't many. And if you knew her heart, she'd grateful for any. Chorus: Come a lands man, a pins man, a tinker or a tailor; doctor, a lawyer, soldier, or sailor. A rich man, a poor man, a fool or a witty, don't let her die an old maid but take her out of pity. We had a sister Sally, she was ugly and misshapen. By the time she was sixteen years old she was taken. By the time she was eighteen, a son and a daughter. Sarah's almost twenty-nine, never had an offer. (Chorus) She never would be scoldin'. She never would be jealous. Her husband would have money to go to the alehouse. He was there a-spendin'. She'd be home a-savin' and I leave it up to you if she is not worth havin'. (Chorus)

Now That I Found You

I can still remember When all I had was time A time when I had nothin' But this empty heart of mine When I needed inspiration When the night was all I knew You were the light shinin' into my life The reason for all the love I'm feelin' CHORUS Now that I've found you I don't know how I lived without you I don't know how I survived without your love Now that I've found you I only know I'd be lost without you I found the love That I'll never find again 'Cause all I ever needed And all I ever wanted Has come true I found it all now that I've found you I could've searched forever And never realized The treasure of a lifetime Was the love inside your eyes When I reach for inspiration In your touch, it's always there Givin' me faith every step of the way Givin' me all I ever needed CHORUS And every step of the way Gonna dedicate my heart to you Promise you my world forever Pledgin' my love my whole life through

Things Of This World

DC TALK "Nu Thang"
70 years is all we got To accumulate goods that seem to mean a lot For the first 20 years, you're off to school Learnin' principles and learnin' the tools To make lots of money, the ultimate goal Gain the whole world and yet lose ya soul Huh, humanism is on a roll 20 gets the the knowledge, 30 years to apply and just 20 years left for askin' why I didn't realize what it was all about And, was there any use in this rigorous route because (chorus) Things of this world are passin' away Here tomorrow, but they're sure not here to stay Things of this world are passin' away So lay your treasure above And start to live for Him today All done for self in this world will pass And all done for Christ in this world will last Sounds like a simple task... But everyday life seems to get in the way No time to serve, barely time to pray Our focal points lost and we get tossed In the wind, cold facing the cost Of fallin' without stallin' or even callin' the Lord While you were blackballin' He was waitin' for you to see the light And find for yourself, these things are trite (repeat chorus) (vamp) Our mind transforms a want to a need A simple process that we call greed Ya say ya like to have money, well I do too The problem starts when the money has you Workin' overtime to keep up with the pace A lifestyle that you want to embrace But it's 2 steps from where your needs are met You're keepin' up with the Joneses, but your all in debt Which will lead to stress, not meeting the bills While ya sportin' a Benz with all the thrills The domino effect's gotcha life in check A temporary stitch and ya livin' a wreck (repeat chorus 2x) Don't lay up your treasures upon this Earth They'll soon pass away And all return to dirt [4x] Things of this world are passin' away Here tomorrow, but they're sure not here to stay Things of this world, things of this world The things, the things, the things of this world Don't lay up your treasures upon this Earth They'll soon pass away And all return to dirt [2x]

Seven Years

Ambuscade Undeclinable
We're looking at each other with our discontented eyes. We're both waiting for that moment to arrive, when things wont't be so fucking boring and we're not fighting for hours on end. Why can't it just be like the days we first met. Just like 7 years ago. Those 7 years, you just don't throw them away. But if that's the only reason for our love to survive, then maybe it's better to get on with our lives. But you won't say it and I am too scared to even think about anything like that. Why can't you just hold me, so I can lay my head on your sholder. Just like 7 years ago. The magic's gone.....I slowly close my eyes. They try to hide my tears. Ocean blue turns to grey on this heart-rending day. Words I'm about to say. I thought that the heart was just a muscle, how can it possibly hurt this much. I've got so many questions, so many things that we must do. Who will love me when you're gone.

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