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Bow Wow Wow lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus] They're playing basketball We love that basketball Now basketball is my favorite sport I like the way they dribble up and down the court I keep it so fresh on the microphone I like no interruption when the game is on I like slam-dunks that take me to the hoop My favorite play is the alley-oop I like the pick-n-roll I like the give-n-go And its basketball Bow Wow lets go [Chorus] I got the rock in my hands There ain't no tellin what i'm gonna do wit it When i got possession i'm gonna have to fool wit it I might cross you up and fake one way Turn around and hit you wit the MJ fade-away I throwin down passes like J-Kidd Taking cats to the rack And I'm dunkin over them like T-Mac When I'm in the paint I play wit that Alonzo style I'm like Darius cuz I can shoot 2 miles Don't too many players get offers like me I'm back-n-forth likely Shake the checks off your nikes They almost had me in a suit at the draft Cuz it look like a freethrow When I be shootin from half The first step like Iverson, blow pass you He'll leave nuthin but net, but i can go blast too When I'm in the paint the defense so shook They don't know if I'm gonna put up a slow hook or dish up a no-look See my game consist of whole lotta..... Moves you would think I learned from the Harlem Globe Trotters JD gonna lead us to a ring Fab and Bow Wow is the only players that makes the cheerleaders wanna sing [Chorus] Now tell me were you in the joint The night MJ scored 63 points When the Lakers won titles back-to-back Didn't give nobody no kind of slack When Vince Carter came Stuck his arm in the rim Everbody went crazy in the whole dang gym Dikembe Mutumbo standing tall Playing D wit desire Its Basketball [Chorus]


[Hook:] Fuck 'em up You don't like me nigga, then fight (Fuck 'em up) [x6] Y'all niggas can't do shit (bitch) I said now, y'all niggas can't do shit [x8] [Verse 1: Trinidad James] I'm in DC with them Clipses Cali, call up Nipsey In Philly, I know Meek I know Meek and Omelly I call up Bigga Rankin Nigga down in that [?] Shout out to them bad bitches KOD Miami Salute to them Haitian niggas Hot down in Little Haiti Salute to Jimmy nigga Harlem going crazy I'm good nigga, even in Texas Better watch what you rap about I call up the Prince boys I know you heard about Rap-a-lot [Hook] [Verse 2: Gucci Mane] Guwop or doo-wop I'm a trap nigga, I'm not hip-hop Jumping out a Phantom with the Louis flip-flops My clip long like tube socks If you say something, I'm a spray something Wanna fuck some and I'm a pay something Had a threesome with your BM And my young niggas'll take some Take money to make money I'm a great ape with this AK Banana clip for these monkey niggas I'm a millionaire, but a country nigga Half a mil on a dice game Three mil on my ice game Was all good 'til your wife came It's Gucci Mane, you in my lane [Hook] [Verse 3: Young Scooter] Quarter million dollar worth of jewelry [?] You haters sittin' plottin' Y'all niggas ain't gonna do shit My name ringing bells cause I done took a lot of bricks Independent major label deal, I'm filthy rich Little Mexico lingo We got a home where we make kilos You say you move kilos But nigga, you still stuck on zeroes Fake rappers, I don't like All I rap is white VVS my ice Nigga, fuck your highest price [Hook] [Verse 4: Alley Boy] Alley Boy don't play Little Trouble don't play Bitch ain't gonna play, Little Ricky don't play Get you take, new face in the A These young shooters gonna do what I say New king of the south, they can't do shit Atta boy, 2Pac in '96 But I ain't get shot, I'm a chill me a bitch Get Zone 6, I'm a wrap these bricks [?] eye for an eye War cry nigga, these bullets gonna fly From 1 to 6 dare nigga to try Pussy went black from all that fire With my gold grill and my gold Bentley [?] father [?] Y'all niggas can't do shit Fuck 'em up, you better stay red [Hook] [Verse 5: Childish Gambino] Pull up in an Audi, they don't know shit about me These rappers are so inventive Your Maserati is rented, my second house is in Venice 3rd in Kaua'I, I got a bird cause I'm fly, I don't wanna brag These niggas wanna break my neck They could, I'm a buck fifty when soaking wet My hood got a clear port and an ocean deck I made a hater eat words, watch him choke to death Back for more, fuck it, I'm a rap some more I got some white girls with me like I'm Macklemore My back is sore, from whippin' in the Jaguar I'm the goat like a motherfucking Capricorn Yeah, I hate whack niggas, that's my fucking problem (Tru!) I'm too turned up like like the fucking volume These niggas get dropped like my fucking albums Eastside, Stone Mountain [Hook]

Sex Or Weight Lifting

ADAM SANDLER "What The Hell Happened To Me?"
[Adam Sandler]: Hey how ya doin'? My name's Barry Lakin and I'm here with the man on the street quiz. This weeks's show is a doozy man, it really is. I went around the country with my tape recorder and I taped different people having sex. I would just sit outside their bedroom windows without anybody knowin' and I would press record and these people would wail away on each other man they would really go at it and I captured it on tape. Also I went around the country and I taped people in weight rooms workin' out man. I would just sit there with my tape recorder, press record, and these people would have themselves a workout man and I got that on tape. Now I'm gonna play these tapes for people on the street and see if they know the difference between people working out and people havin' sex. Sir, what's your name? [Man]: Hi, how ya doin'? My name's Gregory Miner. [Adam Sandler]: Oh terrific. My name's Barry Lakin. [Man]: Uh huh [Adam Sandler]: And let me tell you what I did man. I went around the country and taped people having sex [Man]: Uh huh [Adam Sandler]: I also taped people workin' out in a weight room man. I'm gonna play one of the two tapes for you right now [Man]: Ok [Adam Sandler]: You dig? You tell me which of the two they're doin' okay? Workin' out or havin' sex? [Man]: Yeah I got ya [Adam Sandler]: Alright I'm pressing the play button...Now. {Moans and screams} [Adam Sandler]: What do you think? [Man]: Well that's people having sex. [Adam Sandler]: No they were doing a Military Press [Man]: But..but they... [Adam Sandler]: No you're wrong. Thank you very much for stopping by. Amazing what people will hear. When the human ear wants to hear sex, it hears sex. Hmm. Let's move on to someone else. Sir, what's your name? [Man]: Uh hi my name is Ron. [Adam Sandler]: Ron, what's your last name, quick. [Man]: Ron Johnson. [Adam Sandler]: Alright, that's good enough. My name's Barry Lakin. [Man]: Nice to meet you Barry. [Adam Sandler]: Terrific. What I'm gonna do now is play a tape for you. And you tell me if these people are havin' sex.. [Man]: Yeah? [Adam Sandler]: See how he says yeah? Or working out in a fitness center. [Man]: Uh huh [Adam Sandler]: I'm pressing play...Now. {Moans and screams} [Adam Sandler]: And what do you think? [Man]: Uh, that was two gay men having sex. [Adam Sandler]: No those were two men doing Butterfly Curls. [Man]: Sounded like two gay guys having sex. [Adam Sandler]: Well no sir, you are dead wrong. [Man]: Alright. [Adam Sandler]: Thanks for stopping by. Wow, interesting. Two men, on tape, working out, building their pectorial muscles. And this man hears gay sex. Which leads me to the conclusion that this man is either gay himself or not straight. Moving along. And older gentleman. How are ya sir, what's your name? [Man]: Uh Larry Bartowski [Adam Sandler]: And Larry, how old are you? [Man]: I am 62. [Adam Sandler]: My name's Barry Lakin. [Man]: Nice to meet you Barry. [Adam Sandler]: Terrific. Larry, I'm gonna play a tape for ya. Now you have to tell me if these two people are having sex or working out. Are you ready sir? [Man]: I think I'll be able to do this. [Adam Sandler]: Alright sir. Here we go. And play. {Moans and screams} [Adam Sandler]: Okay sir. What was that? Sex or weight lifting? [Man]: That was definitely two people having sex. [Adam Sandler]: No they were doing Leg Squats. [Man]: You're kidding me? They were not having sex? [Adam Sandler]: No sir, you are way off base. [Man]: I don't believe it. [Adam Sandler]: Alright I'll play it back for you again sir. And if you get it right this time, you the only one who did. Okay {Moans and screams} [Adam Sandler]: Okay, here's your second chance. What do you think? [Man]: Those people were definitely having sex. [Adam Sandler]: No wrong again, sir. Thanks for playing the game. [Man]: You're kidding me. They, they... [Adam Sandler]: Alright sir, I'm moving on, I appreciate it. [Man]: They were having sex. [Adam Sandler]: Alright that's in your head. Bye bye. Well we learned a lot about men today. Let's move on to women. How are you? [Woman]: Okay. [Adam Sandler]: My name's Barry Lakin. [Woman]: Hi. [Adam Sandler]: Hi. What's your name? [Women]: Uh Jessica Sanders. [Adam Sandler]: Okay Jessica. What I'm gonna do right now is record something, not play, but record. [Woman]: Oh okay. [Adam Sandler]: I'm gonna ask you to close your eyes now. And I'm gonna record something. Then I'm gonna play it back to you. And you're gonna have to tell me if these to people are having sex or working out in a gym. [Woman]: Okay. [Adam Sandler]: Okay, close your eyes. I'm hitting record now. Pay no attention to what's going on. [Woman]: You're unzipping my pants. [Adam Sandler]: Yeah that's right. Keep your eyes closed I'm recording something. [Woman]: Oh that feels good. [Adam Sandler]: Mm-hmm, yeah it feels good here too. Alright. Okay, I'm gonna slow down or I'm in trouble. Ahh too late I'm gonna blow it here we go [Woman]: You got shit all over me. [Adam Sandler]: Alright. Okay let me hit stop. And let me rewind that one. Alright now I'm gonna play it back for you. Are these people having sex or are they in a weight room. Here we go. {Playback} [Adam Sandler]: Now what do you think? [Woman]: That was you having sex with me. [Adam Sandler]: That's right and thanks for stoppin' by. Okay. Well, until next time this is Barry Lakin sayin all the world is schlach.

Pay For It

[Hook - Chantal Kreviazuk:] Ain't no game, I'm taking all you have And you're gonna pay for it I don't know if I can stop myself And you're gonna pay for it Oh, you'll never learn I touch fire, little burn This ain't no game, I'm taking all you have And you're gonna pay for it [Verse 1 - Jay Rock:] It's a heavy load, I stroll on a bumpy road No jacket when I was cold, becoming one with my soul Stand toe to toe with my foes, these wolves in sheep clothes No weapon on me shall prosper, nigga, you better watch it You playin' with fire, burning you slow, hold up I hear the whispers wishin', it's all cheap voodoo I keep it cool to keep from going coo-coo With a cal, aiming at fake smiles and turn them upside down Came too far for my feet to fail me Lord, if I'm wrong you can help me now, hold up Wait a minute, what am I sayin'? The Devil he busy, tryna get me everyday in every way I won't let up, I won't shut up You can't stop me, you won't knock me, ten-four now copy Live almighty, my declaration been written In hieroglyphics on top of the highest mountain, now listen [Hook] [Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar:] I tell 'em all to hail King Kendrick, resurrecting my vengeance Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine This ain't no warning shot, this a relevant henchman See my opponent then, cease your existence Endin' our friendship, baby I'd rather die alone Your diaphragm is dietary, what you eatin' on? Capture your audience with these words, boy The holy Chapel, the tabernacle The book of Matthew and Jesus starin' at you, take your turn, boy See it's going to take a whole lotta ya'll to kill me See it's going to take a whole tribe of ya'll to kill me I never die My pedigree apparently only to idolize Ahead of me is only my future and idle time Longevity, I gotta get used to making you mine You tellin' me I only get used to livin' if fine You can never live in my shoes, permanently paid from God [Bridge - Kendrick Lamar x2:] When the sun goes down, I scream loud: "I'll sleep when I die" But I will never die, my legacy is alive [Verse 3 - Jay Rock:] I die to get it off my chest, push words just like weight I got to eat, 'till it shows on my face Tragedy turn to triumph, I'm tryin' just to relate Jumpin' off of them towers, I'm takin' that leap of faith Playin' at high stakes Now when I speak, they pupils, they'll dilate Through speakers'll vibrate Know you feelin' the vibe, that vine couldn't relate This next clip is long, a son of a gun, big numbers Do the math, now cover the sum I come from the slums, we come for the funds Like runnin under the sun where niggas livin' they life blunted Countin' the ones, but truthfully nothin' like hundreds Keep it 100 Roadblock in-front of me, look I'm runnin' through it Stick and move it, sippin' that Hennessy, this my gutter fluid Nothin' to it What we lost we gone make it back Like it wasn't missin', now listen, you bout to pay for that [Hook]

Till We Meet Again

MR. CHEEKS "John P. Kelly"
(Mr. Cheeks) Aiyo my first thoughts was stop when my man left I started drinkin more thinkin of my mans death then I thought he wouldn't want to see me crumble when he handed me the ball I promised I won't fumble and I wont, stood on the field implore the real these player haters hate so much now they resolve to kill got your pictures it aint the same without the laugh I pour liquor in the grass think about the past if there was no one I could speak with I could speak with you you knew all I was into what ive been through they couldn't fuck with us kid we was off da chain blew the spot up when we came and got inside the game from street cats we brought it to the main stream it was an honor playin with you on the same team ya namely a very great deal to me its only right I step it up you kept it real with me (chorus-Stephen Marley) and when that day comes were gonna be like every children and when that day comes everyone is gonna enjoy themselves (Mr. Cheeks) aiyo im thinkin yous about to come through at any minute bless your nigga on the track, put some flavor in it just a thought, im knowin that your not around cant forget how we did it in and out of town held it down, maintained, still inside the game listen ever since you left it hasn't been the same niggaz change, fam lookin at me strange was goin on with cheeks peeps hating different things no doubt im hearing everything they say he don't live around they way, why should I stay? I play the hook but don't stay understand that bein on the block aint bringin my man back those who know me know me straight love they show me, they can't hold me in the game Aiyo wassup with oby, maintain in talkin to my lost souls see you when I get there meet you at the crossroads (chorus) and when that day comes is when I get a chance to tell you I love you and when that day comes we gonna be yea yea yea yea (Mr. Cheeks) what went wrong all I know is that my mans one that made my mens strong on my own two I stand on right along I think about how we were like the bomb right before we perform let me write a song, how you used to do, represents all you knew Aiyo taliek 21 gun salute for you on top of losing you I lost you in the worst way now that's some shit them niggaz killed you on my birthday open presents nah said my nigga tai dead celebrating birthdays with that shit in my head think about the time when we would chill, up in 1 and 2 in back in Richmond Hill yeah that shit was real, us young niggaz growin up whoever thought we would start bubbling and blowin up but we did, survived it all I wish you did, I could speak for all the boyz we miss you kid Chorus till end...


Oh oh oh, come on, check it out What is the meaning of this, oh Can I do nothing but long for your kiss To belive all you see, no, ah ah L. O. V. E. But I asure that this is all to real My thoughts are spinning around my feet are not touching ground whenever I see your face I am spellbound Everything is changed it's not the same You and I play another game. From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be Everything I know side up side down How to keep your feet on the ground From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be, LOVE (Everything is changed it's not the same, you and I play another game) Tell me why it's always the same Howcome we always end up playing the same, old game Tell me why, but he want to let go, no no So he go around just pretending to take it slow It's getting hard to play cool, I'm playing it by the rools I don't want to end up as a fool Everything is changed it's not the same You and I play another game From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be Everything I know side up side down How to keep your feet on the ground From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be, LOVE Gotta keep your mind and soul apart. Don't wanna risk another broken heart Cause we're going from the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be But every where I turn I see your face You're all I think about night and day From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be, LOVE /: (Everything is changed it's not the same, you and I play another game) :/ What is the meaning of this Can I do nothing but long for your kiss Now everything is changed it's not the same You and I play another game From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be Now everything I know side up side down How to keep your feet on the ground From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be, LOVE Gotta keep your mind and soul apart. Don't wanna risk another broken heart Cause we're going from the L to the O, V to the E That's how it's gonna be But every where I turn I see your face You're all I think about night and day From the L to the O to the V to the E That's how it's gonna be, LOVE oh oh oh ( do I have to spell it out for you) oh oh oh

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